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Young ThugJeffery Lamar Williams is Young Thug for the music world, a rising star, a rapper with a high reputation and even a fashion icon for millions of young people around the world. Micah: And yet here we are, five years later, hailing it as the best rap album of the decade, distraught that there was only ever one stop on the eponymous tour, and that we’ll probably never get the Part 2 that we want. In February 2015, Quan stepped away from the group to work on a solo project, Thug called him Bitch Homie Quan” onstage, and that, apparently, was that.

One problem, however, is that most of Young Thug’s peers who drop verses on So Much Fun can’t keep up with his outer-space consciousness. Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo, Lil Baby and definitely Machine Gun Kelly all struggle to stay in stride, and half of the verses by Gunna and Lil Duke don’t work either. But it’s even more of a pleasant surprise when a guest ends up going blow for blow, like Juice WRLD on Mannequin Challenge” (I got the tool, no Handy Manny”) or 21 Savage on I’m Scared” (Book me for a show, I put a Glock on my rider”).

Tha Tour wasn’t a mixtape designed to resolve the common complaints about mealy-mouthed Atlanta rappers who had the nerve to be younger than André 3000. It was a mixtape designed to prove how small-minded and tasteless the complaints would prove to be in posterity. These guys wrote songs, and those songs defied all contemporary skepticism about what mumble rappers” could musically achieve.

Complex was one of the first to recognize Young Thug as a heavy hitter of the rap game. Jeffery Lamar Williams, best known professionally as Young Thug, is an American hip hop artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He is known for his unconventional vocal style, fashion, and persona. Young Thug is set to perform at the 2017 ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA. We bring you the latest stories on your favorite artist.

NTS aired an episode dedicated to the music of Young Thug on 21 March 2019. Young Thug has been played over 330 times on NTS, first on 5 December 2013. Young Thug’s music has been featured on 290 episodes.

Young Thug just dropped his new album So Much Fun last Friday, with contributions from the likes of Lil Baby , Nav , and Future Now, he’s released a video for Surf” (ft. Gunna ), shot by longtime collaborator Be EL Be, who’s handled the visuals for such classic Thug tracks as Check ,” Best Friend ,” and Givenchy” In the new video, Thug and Gunna ride around on ATVs and shoot squirt guns at women on a beach—timeless stuff.

Thug made a brief cameo in the Juice Wrld set that immediately followed, making no reference to his previous absence and coming onstage only for a few minutes — an appearance that felt less like consolation than insult to injury. And yet, the rapper suddenly showed up again on a separate stage later, during what was Lil Uzi Vert ‘s scheduled slot, playing a partial but nevertheless fun performance.

He features his other protégés Lil Uzi and Lil Baby in a number of different records as well. Lil Uzi is most known for being influenced by Thug’s fashion which can be heard in What’s The Move.” To continue the flashiness of Thugs style, Bad Bad Bad” is another standout record that features Lil Baby flexing their foreign cars, fine women, and real estate they have everywhere.

Of course, Tha Tour de force begins with Givenchy,” Young Thug’s orgasmic introduction to a whole new musical paradigm. I roll my eyes when considering how many top-tier pop musicians open their blockbuster studio albums with grandiose kayfabe statements, e.g., Drake opening Scorpion with a knock-off James Bond cinematic theme, Taylor Swift opening Lover with clickbait, etc. These statement pieces always suck. They’re too big, too ornate, too self-consciously important and yet, ultimately, too vapid. These songs all pale in comparison to Young Thug wailing, with rising volume and disintegrating grammar, about God knows what (my toes and my bros and my hoes,” for sure).

In 2017, Young Thug officially began his own label, Young Stoner Life Records , or YSL Records for short. Its roster includes Wheezy , Lil Duke , Gunna , and Lil Keed , among others. The label released a compilation album titled Slime Language as a group in 2018.

In between songs, Playboi Carti orchestrated mosh pits throughout the crowd, barking commands like a crazed general. Carti’s aggressive mood provided a sharp contrast to the Juice Wrld set, taking place concurrently on a sister stage. Juice’s performance was instead populated largely by the rapper’s crooning, melodic, lovelorn bangers. But for the second straight night, sound issues plagued the stage — right at the moment of a surprise and inexplicable appearance from Young Thug, who failed to show up for his own scheduled set immediately prior to Juice’s.

So Much Fun is powered primarily by lead single Young London,” which instantly became a smash when it was released earlier this year. The song, which features fellow hip-hop heavyweights Travis Scott and J. Cole, peaked at No. 12, barely missing out on becoming Thug’s first top 10 as a leader.

Young Thug’s song, “Picacho”, was noted as one of the standout tracks from the mixtape, although it was not released as a single, the song was included on a number of 2013 year-end lists, such as Rolling Stone‍ ‘​s 100 Best Songs of 2013, Pitchfork’s The Top 100 Tracks of 2013, and Spin‍ ‘​s 50 Best Songs of 2013.

Cell phone cameras and small pocket cameras usually allowed. NO FLASH. Your camera may be confiscated if you use flash. No professional cameras. No 35mm cameras. No cameras with removable lenses. No high definition DSLR cameras allowed without photo pass, and then only in the pit during allotted time set forth by the band. No video recording equipment, or audio recording equipment allowed. If your cellphone camera has a flash, please turn the flash off. This policy is subject to change depending on the band’s day-of-show decisions.

Emerging through a smoked-filled stage, the two dripped in swag and performed Young Thug’s So Much Fun collaboration alongside a marching band of trumpets and gleaming lights. Oh, that’s bright.

YOUNG THUG is one of popular music’s most charismatic and crowd-pleasing live performers. 2017 was huge for him. In June, the visionary multi-art form superstar released solo album Beautiful Thugger Girls, and not to be content, followed it up with a couple of huge collaborations. First featuring on Camila Cabello’s global smash and multi-platinum ARIA #1 single Havana and secondly, hooking up with fellow Atlanta MC superstar Future on new album Super Slimey.

Jeffrey Williams, better known by his stage name Young Thug, is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, who is signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad Records, Asylum Records and Atlantic Records. Thug grew to prominence in 2013 after releasing his mixtape 1017 Thug to positive critical reception. He has collaborated with artists such as Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, Rich Homie Quan and Waka Flocka Flame.

The conversation briefly touched on his fallout with Young Money honcho Lil Wayne over Carter V and the trapateer’s long-standing beef with Rich Homie Quan before it veered toward the rumors regarding Thugger’s sexuality.

It was highly publicized that on January 18th 2014, Young Thug was offered $1.5 million to sign to Freebandz record label. It was later made a little more transparent that Young Thug had signed a management deal with Birdman’s Rich Gang. 2014, saw him record with Kanye West, feature on the cover of The Fader, release his debut single Stoner” on March 11th 2014. He later announced that the album would be called Carter VI”.

Thug’s profile was also raised recently thanks to a huge hit with Post Malone (Goodbyes,” which rose all the way to No. 3) and his own Old Town Road” remix with viral sensation Mason Ramsey.

While he had Thugger in the hot seat, Big Boy had the Atlanta native re-hash his recent comments pertaining to Lil Nas X. During an interview with No Jumper in July, the So Much Fun rapper said that he wished Lil Nas had not publicly come out to the world at large.

Charity: Musically, Tha Tour overwhelms me. I haven’t gone longer than a month since its unceremonious release five years ago without at least thinking about Tha Tour. It’s one of those albums in which musicians sound out all their ideas so profoundly, through sounds, without needing to tell you very much in explicit terms. It’s one of those albums where even beginning to explain what any given song is about” would reveal you to be an artless dweeb.

By the time 2015 came to an early start, Young Thug was under controversy because of his part of Cash Money’s prime focus, his misogynistic lyrics and “gay” music style which forced fans to riot.

Beckinsale and Baldwin appeared for interviews and a Cooler Heads” segment. Young Thug and Gunna closed the show with a musical performance. Young thug underwhelmed me compared to the stage props and performance put on by machine gun kelly. Would definitely recommend mgk but not thug.

Thug was born amongst the masses eliminating any doubt that he wouldn’t be special. The second youngest child of 11 children developed a skill for standing out amongst many, early. Young Thug moved to Jonesboro, an impoverished suburb of Georgia where his lifestyle was engrossed by the crime, drug addiction and violence that surrounded him. It was there that he developed an insatiable appetite to succeed his current situation. After discovering and acknowledging his talent and creativity for music in 2010, Thug started a new hustle that would soon mature as one of the most promising music careers in the South.

Ahead of So Much Fun, Young Thug released a music video for The London” which featured J. Cole and Travis Scott He also made an appearance on Post Malone ‘s recent single Goodbyes” So Much Fun is Thug’s first full-length solo project since Beautiful Thugger Girls, but he released an EP called On The Rvn last year, along with the YSL compilation Slime Language To promote that album, Thug sent our office a friendly snake named Digits,” and sent other snakes to Noisey, Mass Appeal, and The FADER.

Despite arriving to the public from opposite ends of the hip-hop industrial complex, Young Thug and Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton and the founder of his own label Off-White, share a fantastical quality. It is as difficult to imagine today’s youth culture without them as it would have been to predict their unlikely rises to fame. Another thing the world’s first postmodern rap superstar and the world’s first architecture-student-turned-fashion-emperor have in common is the democracy inherent in their work; even more than the things they make, their legacies will be defined by the thousands of SoundCloud rap careers and Instagram t-shirt labels launched in their image.

Young Thug is generally a snake guy. The animal appears in most Thug and Thug-adjacent media (photos, music videos, album art, emoji usage). In the music video for Just How It Is,” Thug is covered in a heap of serpents, but it’s another animal that truly steals the show.

Later, his and Rich Homie Quan’s affiliations with Cash Money Records caused trouble because of the success of their platinum hit single, “LifeStyle”, released in July 2014. After Lil Wayne filed a $51 million lawsuit against Birdman, he released a diss track, “Coco”, which was aimed towards Birdman and also imitates Thug’s style.

Micah: I’m gonna assume you’re referring specifically to deep-space dread coursing through Imma Ride,” or the sci-fi horror synths that kick in two seconds into the chorus on Flava,” mutating a wistful, bright-eyed ballad-ish song into something more maniacal, and therefore, more fun. London was, as they say, on some (alien) other shit.

That is sort of a direct repudiation of Tha Tour and the process that spawned it, or at least trying to introduce a level of control into something that needs a certain amount of volatility to be the best version of itself. Tha Tour was flawed and perfect and singular, owing to an unrepeatable set of circumstances, and a rejection of better judgement, not unlike a gold terlet At least we can say we shined—really shined—for one summer.

A style that was once frowned upon is now the standard of trap rap. In 2014 his single Donald Glover” first broke him on the mainstream scene. The following year he released a number of projects that would make everyone take him seriously as an artist. The Barter 6 single Check”, along with the start of the Slime Season series, puts his sound in a category of its own. With a string of projects that followed his positioning in the industry as an Atlanta legend, Young Thug is now getting his well-deserved appreciation everywhere else.

After some promising mixtapes, Young Thug released 1017 Thug” with 1017 Records, the first sign that the future was all his. Soon after, he released Stoner”, the single that marked his debut in the commercial universe with his remixes and also a greater attention from the coverage. The magazine Rolling Stone was already calling him as ”hip-hop’s new crown prince” in 2014.

Ski Mask the Slump God had one of the weekend’s most energetic sets, climbing dangerously high up the side of the concert stage and directing the crowd’s mosh pits. But the theme of his performance was his repeated allusions to his friend, the late rapper XXXtentacion, whose publicly violent history and accusations of abuse dogged his skyrocketing career before he was murdered during a robbery in Miami last year. Others from the Soundcloud generation — Juice Wrld, Playboi Carti — also paid their respects in their sets. Ski Mask, who shared a rocky but close friendship with the late rapper, played multiple XXXtentacion songs for a rabidly hyped crowd. No matter where we at, we dedicate our set to our brother XXXtentaxion. I don’t give a f— if you didn’t like him,” Ski Mask told the crowd. The crowd, though, showed no signs of wavering in their support.

Young Thug is currently recovering from surgery. The London” rapper updated his Instagram followers on Thursday night (Sept. 12) from his hospital bed. Although the surgery’s purpose is unknown, it’s presumed that the Atlanta rapper is on a speedy road to recovery.

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