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After spending pretty much every day of the past four years together, tensions are evident. Last January, the band’s label, Capitol, paid for 5SOS to move into the Bel Air house and write their new album for three months.

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5 Seconds Of SummerJust another boy band for teen girls to drool over. Boy bands are all about momentum. Like whale sharks, they’ve got to keep moving or they die – constantly recording and touring to stay at the forefront of fans’ minds.

The album’s first released single, Want You Back”, is the closest the group gets to their old sound. However, there are still elements to the track that showcase the recognizably different sound the group is pushing towards. The opening single introduces a groovy and bouncy vibe that is consistent through most of the album. Want You Back” is a prime example of the progression that the group has made over the past four years.

5SOS are coming off a year of what Hemmings calls relentless” promo. If I have to be asked who my celebrity crush is one more fucking time…” he says. (So you don’t have to ask: It’s Mila Kunis.) They’ve gamely imitated animal sounds on Swedish TV, and been asked to describe their new record using only emojis.

5SOS celebrate Record Store Day by giving out cassette tapes to music shops around the UK, which were free for fans who said the password She Looks So Perfect”.

Using the album’s song titles as inspiration, we put a series of random but revealing questions to Hemmings and bandmate Michael Clifford. 5sos was so amazing it was mine and my sisters first time seeing them and we were amazed they rocked.

I’d have to say 5 seconds of summer was probably the best or one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live, they put so much heart into their music and performances.

21. They toured with One Direction last summer and the summer before that. We can’t stress just how close these guys are! Maybe too close—Harry Styles once “pranked” the boys by running into their tour bus completely nude and knocking stuff over. While they pride themselves on being bratty punk kids, don’t expect to hear any cursing on the tour. “We just don’t ever say fck onstage,” Ashton told Billboard Luke Hemmings agrees adding, “At our own show we talk a lot of sh-t.” Respecting 1D’s audience? Swoon city.

Their successful grassroots movement afforded them an opportunity to tour with One Direction in 2013, which gave them their first claim to fame. At the time, the group said it was a huge risk” by leaving the comforts of Australia, where they had already built a good support base.

20. They have their own record label. It’s called Hi or Hey Records , and it’s the reason the incredible Pizza cassette exists. Their first signing is Hey Violet ( formerly Cherry Bomb ) a Los Angeles-based band that’s soon to embark on a summer tour with the guys.

The first melodic phrase of Youngblood is virtually identical to the melodic phrase from White Shadows, and the phrases are repeated four times in each respective song. It is clear that 5 Seconds Of Summer had access, means, and motive to appropriate the melodic phrase of White Shadows, and we firmly believe that any listener who hears both songs will notice the substantial similarities,” a statement from the complainants’ lawyers said.

It’s not something they could’ve done by sticking to a blueprint they successfully laid out five years ago. The band has cleverly transformed themselves from flannelette-wearing teens to leather jacket-clad men with sleek pop songs to boot.

The song opens with a brave bass line, played by the band’s bassist, Calum Hood, and carries the entirety of the song. The line Some days,” as the first few words of the song, introduces an idea that not every day the singer knows the person they’re looking at, and it’s already a complicated kind of love. With a team of co-writers including Ryan Tedder putting together these raw lyrics over such a hardcore instrumental track that features Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello on guitar, TEETH” is quickly becoming a new rock favorite.

5SOS initially planned to release an album last year but held off to perfect” a new sound. Youngblood” comes three years after 2015′s Sounds Good Feels Good.” The band’s self-titled debut was released in 2014.

The official video for Hey Everybody,” the band’s new single, premiered today on VEVO and can be viewed HERE. Directed by Isaac Rentz (Cage The Elephant, Blink 182), who also helmed 5 Seconds of Summer’s She’s Kinda Hot,” Good Girls,” Amnesia” and Don’t Stop” videos, the clip finds Mikey in a hot dog costume, Ash dressed as a dinosaur, Calum walking dogs and Luke stuck in a terrible internship.

On Thursday, Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summer released a new song and new music video for ‘Easier.’ This is the first song they’ve released since their hit album Youngblood, released not even a year ago.

The song was Most Added to Australian radio last week , and while US radio typically takes longer to gravitate to a hit song, ‘Easier’ has the legs (and sound) to make it worldwide.

1. They’re Australian. The four-piece is from Western Sydney, and Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford were all school chums before stumbling on a music career in early 2011. Drummer Ashton Irwin, who the rest of the guys knew through mutual friends, joined later in December 2011, when 5 Seconds of Summer played its first show together.

The growth Hemmings describes was hard earned. Catapulting to fame after a series of YouTube covers started turning heads in 2011, 5SOS is a group of friends who met in high school at Norwest Christian College in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, and cultivated a hardcore global fan base before they’d officially released any studio recordings. Once they did, they barreled forward, their debut album selling millions of copies and storming charts around the world. When their sophomore album also debuted at No. 1 in the United States, they became the first non-vocal group to have its first two studio albums debut at the peak of the Billboard 200.

Following a huge world tour, the Youngblood album cycle looked to be over but the band clearly weren’t ready to stop their hot run. With ‘Youngblood’ still sizzling away at radio both here and in the US, they made their first foray into EDM, teaming up with The Chainsmokers for ‘Who Do You Love’.

With the combination of their awkward teenage charisma, the experience of One Direction’s team, Radio 1’s belief that rock is due for a return and the waning popularity of X Factor-generated boybands, 5SOS could be the blueprint for the next generation of music industry success stories. For labels fatigued by the reality TV format, YouTube is the new pool for easily groomed talent, and 5SOS are the future: a social-media savvy group who hint at rebellion but create their own viral campaigns.

So many collaborations during a time of creative transition could have been a disaster. Yet, Youngblood still sounds like one cohesive record, which speaks to 5SOS’s guiding hand over the album as a whole.

The song’s music video only enhances the ambiance of the song, featuring the fab foursome—Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin—chained to the ceiling of a dark, blue-lit cave and drowning in dark alcoves. Hemmings is perfectly raw, rocking a gorgeous glittery glossy lid, and the band clearly is signaling a new era as they exit the a mansion as portraits of themselves go up in flames. It’s a narrative told time and time again, and it’ll be hard to get this earworm out of your head.

When the quartet signed to Capitol, both the label and the band scored a result: the label got a ready-made rock band with a loyal fanbase, and the band in turn got to work on an album with their pop-punk heroes (among the producers on their album are the Madden brothers from Good Charlotte, Jake Sinclair, who has worked with Fall Out Boy and Pink, John Feldmann , who numbers All Time Low among his credits, and McFly and Busted producer Steve Robson).

Fans can buy 5SOS tickets for shows in Dallas, Boston and Los Angeles. Check out the list on this page for all upcoming 5 Seconds of Summer tour dates 2019.

Wear band shirts. Most of the time, the guys are either wearing plain shirts or band shirts. Some bands that 5SOS have been spotted wearing the merchandise of are: The Misfits, Metallica, Green Day, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, The Sex Pistols, and more. Dark shirts with slogans on are also worn a lot. Don’t wear the shirts of any bands that you don’t listen to, as you will be criticised for this.

Youngblood has revamped 5SOS not only in their musical sound, but in their popularity as well. The album has beat out a number of hip-hop and rap albums released this summer to earn the number one spot on the Billboard 200 list. This achievement has earned the group a new level of notoriety in the music community and has shown that the group’s new sound is more than capable with competing with other prominent artists.

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