6ix9ine dead – Tekashi 6ix9ine Expects To Be Released From Prison In 2020

If true, that might be the only option he has: It would probably be very difficult for someone like 6ix9ine to disappear completely. The robbery was filmed by Tekashi 6ix9ine and publically shared after the items were found at his apartment last fall.

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6IX9INETekashi 6ix9ine is awaiting his sentencing date, but the judge handed down another key sentence. Tekashi 6ix9ine has become one of the most talked-about people in 2019. From courtroom memes to members of the Hip Hop community condemning his cooperation with the police , not a day goes by without a mention of the ‘Dummy Boy’ star.

6ix9ine admitted in a guilty plea this year that he joined the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and helped try to kill a rival gang member. 6ix9ine told court that Ellison and Mack grabbed him out of his car and forced him into a stolen vehicle last July amid a dispute between warring factions of the crew.

Though promised to release on November 25 2018, DUMMY BOY finally came out on November 27th, 2018, four days delayed due to Tekashi’s arrest for racketeering and firearms offenses on the 23rd. In January 2019, Tekashi pled guilty to all nine of his charges, including racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offenses and narcotics trafficking. His minimum sentence currently sits at at 47 years in federal prison, and he is awaiting sentencing (January 24 2020). These serious charges leave the future of Tekashi’s music career uncertain to say the least.

Hernandez, 22, is accused of being a member of a violent sect of the Bloods” gang, and four of his associates were arrested on Saturday: his ex-manager Kifano Shottie” Jordan, plus Faheem Crippy” Walter, Jensel Ish” Butler and Jamel Mel Murda” Jones, who were members of Hernandez’s security team. These four face separate drugs charges of selling heroin, fentanyl, MDMA and marijuana.

Finally, 6ix9ine released STOOPID ,” the final single for his first studio album which he had now revealed the title of: DUMMY BOY The song featured vocals (recorded via jail phone) of the incarcerated New York rapper Bobby Shmurda , and peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Prosecutors say Nine Trey operated in and around Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn, New York. Snoop Dogg has trolled Tekashi 6ix9ine again after the rapper testified against two members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang to reduce his own sentence.

The trial of Tekashi 6ix9ine hasn’t even reached its final conclusion and there have already been multiple rumors swirling about movies and TV shows surrounding the case. Well, one network has beat everyone to the punch and it happens to be premium cable outlet Showtime—and they have just ordered a forthcoming limited series about the whole ordeal.

Mr. Ellison’s lawyer, Deveraux L. Cannick, told jurors during closing arguments that Mr. Hernandez, who was indicted last year along with other gang members and pleaded guilty to multiple offenses, faced a minimum sentence of 47 years in prison. The sentence could only be lessened, Mr. Cannick said, if prosecutors wrote a letter saying the rapper had provided valuable assistance to the government.

In September, TMZ reported that 6ix9ine plans to reject witness protection upon his release from prison. If true, the only logical reason is so that he can continue being Tekashi 6ix9ine. How can a rapper’s career proceed after snitching? Could this have happened in the 1990s? Careers were ended for far less back then, but there wasn’t a case like 6ix9ine—where entertainment is valued over the code. We also didn’t have readily available outlets to view the clowns deemed disgraceful.

On Thursday, Mack and Ellison were found guilty of multiple crimes, including racketeering conspiracy. Mack was also convicted of conspiring to distribute drugs and Ellison — who once worked as the rapper’s bodyguard — for kidnapping him. Both were acquitted of other charges: Mack of a firearms offense and Ellison of assault.

The indictment recounts three specific incidents that allegedly took place earlier this year. In the first, which prosecutors say took place on April 3 near Times Square, members of the Nine Trey gang — including Hernandez — allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint.

Hernandez will receive sentencing related to his plea deal to the racketeering and firearms charges on December 18, 2019. Part of his plea including naming other gang members in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in crimes he was accused of. At one point he even named Cardi B in the alleged crimes, which made the rapper the subject of extensive memes.

Whether or not 6ix9ine is fit to be the new savior of NYC rap, or is even worthy of praise at all, is another matter altogether. If he eludes prison, there’s a vision of 6ix9ine’s future in which he leans into the controversial aspects of his past as fodder for his music, a DMX for the SoundCloud generation. There’s another in which he becomes the new Stitches , screaming profanely into oblivion. Either way, 6ix9ine will never escape his past; it’s endemic to his story.

During court time on Monday, the New York Times reports , it was also revealed that the FBI had this past weekend warned the rapper that there were possibly death threats made against him by members of the gang.

6ix9ine pointed the finger at Anthony Ellison, who was part of Tekashi’s management team and who is thought to be affiliated with the Nine Trey Bloods, of which Tekashi was also thought to be a member.

Rapper Tekashi69, born Daniel Hernandez, is in custody after facing federal racketeering and firearm charges. The Brooklyn native was denied bail on Monday and is awaiting a second bail hearing on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

The three-part series will trace how a New York City deli clerk named Daniel Hernandez exploded into Tekashi 6ix9ine, the tattooed face of Gen Z and hip hop’s prince of trolls, with 2.6 billion streams and 15 hits on the Billboard charts.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently being held at an undisclosed prison facility after he was removed from Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center general population for safety precautions on Thursday. The “FEFE” rapper was relocated to a different federal facility after receiving death threats during his stay in the Brooklyn prison.

As he quickly gained fans, he also gained enemies, and those consequences proved to be detrimental. He was blacklisted by media outlets, canceled by the music industry, shot at, kidnapped and arrested—and Supervillain” will provide viewers with a unfiltered look into Tekashi 6ix9ine’s epic rise and fall from those closest to him.

Because of his physical appearance, unrefined musical aesthetic, and rapid rise, 6ix9ine has been lumped in with XXXTentacion and the emergent SoundCloud crop. But 6ix9ine’s Brooklyn bona fides remain his dominant gene. In New York, validation arrives in the form of Flex-dropped bombs ; being the king” is a tangible achievement, not just an internet abstraction. 6ix9ine thus occupies the center of the Venn diagram connecting the disparate worlds of SoundCloud and NYC rap—and it’s a space he has all to himself.

For some, 6ix9ine’s transgressions are impossible to reframe. Three years ago, the artist born Daniel Hernandez, then 18, pleaded guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance The charges stem from videos Hernandez circulated on social media in February 2015 in which he appears with an underage girl and a separately charged adult man. In one, Hernandez stands behind the fully nude girl making a thrusting motion with his pelvis and smacking her on her buttocks,” per the criminal complaint. In the same clip, Hernandez is present as the other man forces the girl to make oral contact with his genitals. In another clip, the other man gropes the girl. Hernandez claimed to police that he believed the girl to be of legal age; she was only 13.

The agents brought the 22-year-old star to Homeland Security’s New York headquarters, explained the situation, and offered to put him up in a hotel, but Tekashi 6ix9ine declined the offer and returned home, where authorities kept him under 24-hour surveillance.

The rapper had been facing a minimum of 47 years and a maximum of life in prison, but he could be released by 2020 having turned star witness. Celebrities and fans took to social media this week to discuss Tekashi 6ix9ine snitching” on many of his friends and former gang the Nine Trey Bloods while on trial.

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