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After that, he said, the second man urged Mr. Ellison to kill him. Hernandez, known for his rainbow-colored hair and prominent face tattoos, charted the Nine Trey hierarchy, which he allegedly joined to advance his budding music career.

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6IX9INEDaniel Hernandez (born May 8, 1996), known professionally as 6ix9ine (pronounced “six-nine”) or Tekashi69 (also stylized as Tekashi 6ix9ine), is an American rapper and songwriter. You can watch 6ix9ine’s version of events in the 22-minute video above. In it, he says the events his charges refer to occurred three to four years ago.” Not quite. The criminal complaint, which Jezebel obtained from the Clerk’s Office at 111 Centre Street, states that this happened the night of February 21, 2015, continuing into February 22.

6ix9ine’s abilities won the favor of not only his local peers, but also his current manager, 29-year-old Christian Ehigiator, who he first began working with in June 2017. The two earned a deal with Elliot Grainge’s Strainge Entertainment, which is also home to rising rapper Trippie Redd, who publicly distanced himself from 6ix9ine after his guilty plea came to light in August. Grainge declined to comment on his relationship with 6ix9ine to Billboard.

In his time on the stand, Hernandez admitted to participating in drug trafficking and shootings. He also described being kidnapped at gunpoint last year by assailants who beat and robbed him, a crime prosecutors accuse Ellison of participating in (and which his attorney has described as a publicity stunt). Dashcam footage from the car Hernandez was in during the abduction was played for the court.

The testimony in federal court in Manhattan was a dramatic turnabout for a performer who had gone out of his way to portray himself as a legitimate gang member. He told the jury he decided to cooperate only a day after his arrest last year on a racketeering indictment naming him as a member of the gang – a move that has put him at risk behind bars and prompted rap icon, Snoop Dogg, to label him a snitch” in a recent Instagram post.

In September, TMZ reported that 6ix9ine plans to reject witness protection upon his release from prison. If true, the only logical reason is so that he can continue being Tekashi 6ix9ine. How can a rapper’s career proceed after snitching? Could this have happened in the 1990s? Careers were ended for far less back then, but there wasn’t a case like 6ix9ine—where entertainment is valued over the code. We also didn’t have readily available outlets to view the clowns deemed disgraceful.

In total, Hernandez pleaded guilty to nine federal felonies including racketeering conspiracy, firearms charges, narcotics trafficking, and violent crimes in aid of racketeering. On Thursday, three more men were charged in the case, including for the Chief Keef shooting.

More recently, Lazzaro represented another co-defendant, Faheem Walter, on his assault charge case stemming from a dinner 6ix9ine attended at a New York City restaurant that ended in gunfire. The rapper was dining at Phillipe with label executive Elliot Grainge in October 2018 when various members of 6ix9ine’s entourage reportedly interrupted the meeting and fired off rounds of shots. Walter was hit with a bullet fired by Grainge’s security guard, Complex reported.

Pitman denied Hernandez’ request for bail on Monday, saying that during a September FBI raid of Hernandez’ apartment, agents found a backpack allegedly taken during the April robbery. The backpack contained the credit cards and ID belonging to the man who had been robbed, and agents also found an AR-15 weapon. In addition, prosecutors say that Tekashi was captured on surveillance video during the April 3 incident.

During the trial, prosecutors introduced recorded phone calls, text messages and social media posts into evidence but secured the convictions through the testimony of another cooperating witness, Kristian Cruz, and Tekashi 6ix9ine, whose legal name is Daniel Hernandez.

6ix9ine hopes to get “time served” for his cooperation, rather than the 47 year mandatory minimum he would otherwise face for what he pleaded guilty to. The government’s total discretion under Section 5K, and judges’ separate ability to ignore the prosecutors’ recommendations, were brougtht to the forefront his week in the Honduras drug trafficking case in the SDNY.

Because of his physical appearance, unrefined musical aesthetic, and rapid rise, 6ix9ine has been lumped in with XXXTentacion and the emergent SoundCloud crop. But 6ix9ine’s Brooklyn bona fides remain his dominant gene. In New York, validation arrives in the form of Flex-dropped bombs ; being the king” is a tangible achievement, not just an internet abstraction. 6ix9ine thus occupies the center of the Venn diagram connecting the disparate worlds of SoundCloud and NYC rap—and it’s a space he has all to himself.

In October, 21-year-old Daniel Hernandez, under the rap moniker 6ix9ine, made his first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 with his single “Gummo.” The Pi’erre Bourne-produced record debuted at No. 58 and amassed over 29 million views on YouTube in just a month’s time. This week, it’s climbed to a new peak, reaching No. 13 on the Hot 100.

Showtime Documentary Films today announced a new limited docuseries profiling controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. Titled SuperVillain” and inspired by the Rolling Stone feature written by Stephen Witt, the three-part series will trace how a New York City deli clerk named Daniel Hernandez became superstar rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine — who racked up 2.6 billion streams and multiple hit singles but whose gang ties, which he claimed were just for image purposes, caught up with him. He’s currently in prison on federal racketeering and weapons charges , but has cooperated with authorities and could be released as early as the end of this year.6IX9INE

The indictment said each gang member was required to carry out at least two acts of racketeering conspiracy. Those acts could include murder, robbery, extortion and drug distribution, the court papers said.

His unlikely cameo as a government cooperator testifying against the same gang that gave him street credibility with hip-hop fans and helped boost him to stardom provided prosecutors with a compelling narrative. But it also prompted fellow rappers and others to label him a turncoat and a fraud.

Last February, Anderson, the second defendant, pled guilty to possession of a sexual performance by a child and was sentenced to 1.5 to 3 years in prison. Hernandez, despite his guilty plea, has vehemently denied the allegations in interviews with YouTube hip-hop vloggers Adam22 of No Jumper and DJ Akademiks , saying the alleged victim lied about her age, claiming that she was 19 years old at the time of the incident. In an interview with XXL, 6x9ine mocked his detractors about the allegations pinned against him.

Hernandez’s charges are considered a Class C non violent felony in New York State, while Anderson’s charges were labeled a Class E. Class C is considered a higher offense and if convicted, Hernandez can possibly face up to 15 years in prison as the maximum sentence. As for the minimum sentence, Hernandez can avoid jail altogether and receive probation.

No, there was. We had offers in different states, but what would happen is that the internet would almost become its own self-replicating disease. Someone would go, ‘6ix9ine can’t go to this event.’ So, let’s say 6ix9ine can’t go to Club House, hypothetically. Club House says 6ix9ine can’t come, and then people go, ‘6ix9ine can’t do no shows nowhere in New York.’ Then, they post it because his name is so viral. Every time he goes to the club, he fights. You know how they say all news is good news? That’s not always true. There’s always a good and a bad thing.

But the story will also likely probe into the emcee’s numerous personal and legal troubles, including his reported affiliation with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, a subset of the Bloods prison gang. The rapper (real name Daniel Hernandez) recently testified against two purported gang members during a trial that resulted in numerous guilty verdicts , including racketeering conspiracy, kidnapping and conspiring to distribute drugs.

HipHopDX reports that Ro Murda, better known as Roland Martin, was one of the first members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods to “turncoat” the gang. The outlet reports that he cooperated with prosecutors to get a lighter sentence than his compatriots.

According to documents, the rapper plead guilty Saturday, but court records were sealed. Prosecutors applied to unseal the documents Thursday. The motion was granted Friday. That same month Tekashi was photographed at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn with an associate, Fuguan Fu Banga” Lovick, who is accused of firing shots at gang rivals.

It is unclear when the rapper, who has been held in custody since appearing in court, will be able to record new music as he is currently awaiting sentencing. West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg has trolled Tekashi 6ix9ine on Instagram with an image of his own customised ‘snitch’ MAGA hat.

According to the New York Times , Cruz — who claimed he was once a Nine Trey five-star general” — admitted to selling millions of dollars’ worth of narcotics, including heroin and fentanyl. Rapper Daniel Hernandez, known as Tekashi 6ix9ine, performs in Milan, Italy, Sept. 21, 2018.

According to the letter, the tattooed star will also implicate himself and fellow Nine Trey Gangsta Blood gang members in a conspiracy to harm a rival who wrote lyrics deemed critical of the rapper. He has denied involvement in Nine Trey, a New York-based gang, which was cited for murder, drug trafficking and armed robbery in the federal indictment.

Prosecutors say Nine Trey operated in and around Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn, New York. Snoop Dogg has trolled Tekashi 6ix9ine again after the rapper testified against two members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang to reduce his own sentence.

Then in mid-July, the court papers said, the rapper joined three others and agreed to shoot an individual who had shown disrespect to gang members. However, an innocent bystander was shot on a Brooklyn street corner as a result of the agreement, the indictment said.

6ix9ine told his truth under oath in a Federal Manhattan courtroom, where he stood as a government witness against the Nine Trey Bloods After his November arrest on racketeering and firearm charges —which carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 47 years in prison—the boy who cried Tr3yway” shouted a different tune. The tune of an informant The one song a rapper isn’t supposed to sing.

Tekashi’s decision to testify against his former associates — and detail the inner workings of the gang in front of a judge and jury — has earned him some backlash, with other rappers like Snoop Dogg publicly branding him a snitch.

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