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He is currently signed to LoveRenaissance and Interscope Records. The actual performance was everything I could have asked for! It was after a tumultuous career start that his first album Free 6lack” finally brought fame to Atlanta rap artist 6lack.

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6LACKIn July 2011, I signed to an independent record label owned by a popular artist at the time. Rapper 6lack is helping to launch a new initiative aimed at getting young people into apprenticeships. 6lack was in Atlanta over the weekend, where he met with a small group of local music students ahead of his performance at the C3 Music Midtown festival.

6LACK makes albums to stand the test of time. One of the year’s best, his second LP, ‘East Atlanta Love Letter’, offers a fresh perspective on a city that we’ve visited through our headphones countless times before.

With love-enthusiasts like Daniel Caesar , Sabrina Claudio , and Leon Bridges giving contemporary R&B their slice-of-life, the genre has maintained a fresh kind of romanticism that teeters between the real and surreal. For example, Caesar’s Who Hurts You? ” is about a magical evening at a strip club ; he’s as captivated with a pole dancer named Priscilla as Ella Mai is with her love interest on her GRAMMY-nominated, 5x platinum single Boo’d Up” It’s how these artists document infatuation with stories of faultless interactions that make their songs dream-like.

While one could easily make the case for Atlanta as the city most influential to the sound of contemporary popular music, its increasingly familiar lyrical narratives have conjured up a caricature of a culture that thrives strictly between the strip club and the trap house. While there is no denying the importance of these institutions, the landscape that spawned Outkast, Goodie Mobb, Gucci Mane, Usher, T.I., Young Jeezy, Ludacris, TLC, Xscape and countless others is beginning to broaden once more. Artists like Donald Glover, with his award-winning TV series Atlanta, and battle rapper-turned-R&B singer 6LACK are sharing their own experiences coming up in the Southern hub once celebrated for its eclecticism.

American singer 6lack has released two studio albums and 21 singles His released his debut studio album, Free 6lack in November 2016, which featured the single ” Prblms “. In September 2018, 6lack released his second album, East Atlanta Love Letter , which debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 chart.

I love it when an R&B singer takes a stab at rapping and just snaps. Raised in Atlanta’s Zone 6 (hence 6LACK), the musician attributes his hometown as a major influence on his stage name as well as the spiritual significance of the number six.

6LACK’s latest single Switch” is out now – watch the video above. His sophomore record is set to drop later this year. Such is not the case for 6LACK The R&B playboy from East Atlanta is a writer, but he isn’t idealistic.

There’s a very specific swagger to which young artists in the middle of their moment subscribe — they’re untouchable, you’re inconvenient. 6lack, however, feels neither untouchable nor, as far as I can tell, inconvenienced. So thrown off am I when the 25-year-old singer-rapper pulls out my chair that I assume we’re in an awkward fumble over the same seat. 6lack, famous for songs so infinitely millennial Pepsi would die for the rights, is foremost a Southern gentleman, so effortlessly imbibed with old-world charm that he managed to make tracks titled in text language seem timeless.

For the rapper-cum-singer otherwise known as Ricardo Valdez Valentine, that job is to make confessionals: deep dives into embittered relationships and his quest to find a better life through music. It’s the American Dream made a mid-20s reality, wrapped in sombre production then sent into the world with low-toned vocals.

And happen it did. You can view a snippet of the video in popular YouTuber Michael McCrudden’s ” Before They Were Famous ” baby biopic of the singer. Rolling Stone named him one of the 10 Artists You Need to Know. That’s not to say it’s been a smooth ride to success for the 25 year-old. Even though 6lack’s label noticed his potential early on and began to call him back alone, 6lack says they “never really matched”. It was five years ago and the likes of Flo Rida and LMFAO were dominating the charts. The label needed a certain tempo, a fist-pumping hit, and were willing to get there by chopping and screwing 6lack into an artist he wasn’t. He eventually bought himself out of the deal, losing years of music in the process, and titled his debut album Free 6lack.

East Atlanta Love Letter” is the long awaited sophomore album of singer-songwriter 6lack. Due to many prior mispronunciations, the singer makes it a point to print on his merchandise that his stage name is pronounced ‘black.’ The 26-year-old is often placed in the genre of alternative R&B, in which he sings and occasionally crosses over into rap with a dark, gloomy sound.

6lack (stylized as 6LACK and pronounced “black”), is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. After an impressive debut in 2016, Atlanta crooner 6LACK returns with his sophomore album East Atlanta Love Letter.

It was after a tumultuous career start that his first album Free 6lack” finally brought fame to Atlanta rap artist 6lack. Characterized by his understated detachment, the 27-year-old explores a melancholic R&B which, filled with amorous sentiment and openly displaying his vulnerability, is lightyears from the clichés of hyper-virility that are often associated with the genre.

Much like on Problems” off his debut album, 6lack continues to write as if he’s speaking to one person even though many are listening. On Pretty Little Fears” adopts this conversational style and delivers undoubtedly the best feature on the album.

6lack jumped back on the road this spring, performing at Coachella, and he’s currently supporting Chris Brown on the Heartbreak on a Full Moon Tour The singer’s music was also featured in the latest season of Donald Glover’s FX series Atlanta.

6lack’s creates impressively witty lines that wouldn’t be expected in R&B music: They are as descriptive as they are clever. He uses a slant rhyme as an analogy for love love, flips names of R&B singers like Sza and Rita Ora’s better than most rappers have and consistently comes up with new metaphors, all while holding a note.

The visuals are simple and sweet as the guys’ court their partners with adoring compliments. Comprised of Leon, Malik, Terence, Tre’Von and Chris, the guys met on social media after sharing interests in legends like Boyz II Men and Chris Brown. From there, magic happened on the music and with fans via apps like and YouTube. “Easy” proves this as each vocalist is given their time to shine while flashing their unique style of pop-like R&B.

I didn’t write at all for Free 6lack. I haven’t written on paper or on phone for six years. For this one, I know at some point I want to pick up a pen. I will sit here in LoveRenaissance Studio B for 12 hours and not record one thing – not until I get a line out. There’s hundreds of songs. For this next album specifically, a lot of music. There’s always more than enough to make an album. It’s about having the sound that you want.

6LACK (pronounced Black”) recently gained recognition in 2018 with his second album, East Atlanta Love Letter,” which got to the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Top R&B Albums. 6LACK’s debut album, FREE 6LACK,” was released in 2016.

Failure isn’t sexy, and admitting wrongs and facing weaknesses aren’t themes that cause women to throw their panties on stage. But while there are moments on the album—like the title track collaboration with Future and the J. Cole -featured Pretty Little Fears ”—where 6LACK isn’t critical of love, still, neither song creates an idealistic image of relations.

This phenomenon is not new by any means. This past summer, Pitchfork looked back on Bell Biv Devoe’s 1990 smash Poison, concluding that its edgy approach to R&B set the stage for three decades of singers who want to talk, dress, and act like rappers.” Many others have followed in their wake: R. Kelly, The-Dream, Trey Songz, the Weeknd, Jeremih. Before he embraced tough-guy shtick, Drake approached the blurry divide from the other side — a rapper who presented himself like an R&B singer — and spawned a legion of clones in the process. In a world where genre lines are constantly collapsing, the walls between longtime radio bedfellows hip-hop and R&B have been especially porous. At this point you almost expect every singer to rap and every rapper to sing. An R&B stud who actually lived up the name Ricardo Valentine would be an aberration.

While 6lack can acknowledge that rappers are generally tasked with voicing the people’s collective frustration, 6lack wants singing to be taken seriously. Despite running through the rap battlefield — which provides as much traditional training as is available to any hip-hop artist — 6lack says he no longer needs to rely on the “aggressiveness” of the style to say what he needs to.

East Atlanta isn’t the only place getting a love letter from 6LACK. The song’s music video was released on October 15, 2018, which can be watched below. PRBLMS” is a song about conflict, not compassion; a song about life, not love; R&B, but from a realist perspective.

He doesn’t need to worry. One of the best aspects of East Atlanta Love Letter is that it doesn’t pigeonhole 6LACK into any one subgenre. I was reluctant to engage with his music at first because Apple gave him such an intense promotional push out of nowhere that I suspected he’d be some superficial trend-humper. To an extent, that was an accurate read; 2016 debut FREE 6LACK definitely marked him as a follower rather than a leader, and a less generous reading of East Atlanta Love Letter would come to the same conclusion. But both albums are also musically rich and sharply produced. There is more to like about them than to dislike. The new one is framed as a tribute to his hometown experience in all its complexity, and its tracklist reflects that complexity without losing the sense that there’s a defining personality at its core.

When Syx does listen back to experience her father’s document of his mid-20s, she’ll likely find her own influence in the records hopeful conclusion. Khalid joins in for ‘Seasons’, which announces the call of summer, making way for the triumphant finisher, ‘Stan’ – an unapologetic public display of affection on which 6LACK celebrates his lover, declaring himself her biggest fan. For the time being at least, the happy ending is more about manifesting destiny than his present reality, where he remains in a state of flux: a work in progress.

The 14-track LP finds 6LACK ruminating on love’s many stages and the corresponding doubt, denial, elation, bliss and fear that comes with it. 6LACK punctuates most of the songs on the album with voiceovers from people speaking about love — a large part of the album’s promotion lied in 6LACK asking collaborators like Elton John, Majid Jordan and more their thoughts on love — which makes the sonic experience of the project that much more seamless and conversational.

The concert itself was amazing! I loved it! The concert was held at the Tabernacle Downtown Atlanta but the only problem I found was that there was not enough seating for people. I had a seat number and row but was told that it didn’t matter, they let anyone sit anywhere. Me and my friend was left without a seat.

To anybody who enjoys a slow R&B sound, East Atlanta Love Letter” comes highly recommended. The singer-songwriter has collaborated with artists like Normani and Khalid, but he is keen for people to know that finding what you like might take some time.

6LACK details how she attempts to sneak in his phone, an effort motivated by her insecurities. The lyrics then turn to him, swearing his loyalty through actions and sentiments; there’s a comfort to his truth. He sings knowing there are no wrongs for her to find. All he asked of her is, What about you?”—three words that say more than I love you” ever could.

6LACK doesn’t like to make eye contact. At first, it seems the 26-year-old, Atlanta-hailing rap star might be disinterested, staring intently at whatever is over our shoulder, wishing this interview would end. But as he opens up about what matters to him, you realize he’s one of rap’s rare ones: a shy artist whose awareness of his own talent doesn’t get in the way of how humble he is.

He encouraged them to ignore discouraging or distracting thoughts, saying, When it comes to writing and performing, I let all of that go.” 6lack is also celebrating the one-year anniversary of East Atlanta Love Letter,” but he told the students he’s still learning and growing too.

For 6LACK, East Atlanta Love Letter is a sonic love letter to his friends and family at home, his significant other, past significant others and most importantly, his fans. The project features huge single ‘Switch’ , whose music video has accumulated almost 5 million views to date, including more than 3 million in the week of its release.

6lack’s debut studio album, Free 6lack, was released in November 2016 by LoveRenaissance and Interscope. It was supported by the singles Prblms” and Ex Calling”. The album peaked at #34 on the Billboard 200 and #5 on the Top Rap Albums chart. It was nominated for a Grammy Award for best urban contemporary album. 6lack’s more recent singles include That Far” and First F#@k” with Jhene Aiko. He was featured on the track Spar” alongside Dreezy and Kodak Black The Prblms” rapper was also featured on The Weeknd ‘s 2017 Legend of the Fall North American tour.

6lack claims that he’s put in more than 10,000 hours of work on his music, and this album backs that statement up. In a time where hip-hop and R&B are becoming more inseparable, the battle-rapper-turned-singer has found the perfect fusion of lyricism and vulnerability. He created an album that narrates his search for the meaning of love and wondering if he has it. He captures the things he’s currently dealing with while simultaneously making it relatable to anyone looking for the light at the end of their tunnel of love.

After the success of his first album Free 6lack, the alternative R&B singer-songwriter 6LACK (pronounced black”) celebrated the one year anniversary of the release of his sophomore tracklist East Atlanta Love Letter just last month, and fans were certainly in favor. The album debuted at number one on Billboard’s R&B Album Charts and the rapper set off to play each of his new tracks on tour in Australia. With three Grammy nominations under his belt and successful collaborations with Khalid and Ty Dolla Sign, 6LACK is having a monumental year. Just this week, the American rapper returned home from his tour adventures and shared with us some exclusive behind-the-scenes imagery.

He was raised in Zone 6, the eastern district of Atlanta, a breeding ground for flamboyant rappers such as Gucci Mane. But Ricardo was a quiet child, scared straight by witnessing a few things he says he shouldn’t have: friends sitting in prison or lying in cemeteries. Instead he dove into Sade, The-Dream, Erykah Badu and Michael Jackson. Then, in his late teens, with little money and no place to stay, he moved to Miami with some friends to hunt down a record deal.

6LACK makes albums to stand the test of time. One of the year’s best, his second LP, ‘East Atlanta Love Letter’, offers a fresh perspective on a city that we’ve visited through our headphones countless times before.

I navigated through life doing the bare minimum, as far as expressing myself went. Music was the one opportunity I got to say and feel exactly how what I wanted to feel without beating around the bush. It’s always been my outlet. Over the years, I’ve just been learning how to be more honest with it so that other people can learn from it too.

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