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Blanco BrownView photos of Blanco Brown’s halftime performance during the Panthers Thursday night game against Tampa Bay at Bank of America Stadium. The Git Up,” on the other hand, is a direct invitation. You see it in the videos. The one in which Brown coaches Wilson is one of a few circulating online where he gamely demonstrates the dance for white people. In another, he suffers the rhythmlessness of the longtime radio and TV personality Storme Warren , who currently hosts a morning show on Sirius XM.

It’s also been picked up by Brisbane country music station 98.9FM, and is primed to impact the TMN Country Airplay Chart with increased support across country radio.

The most crucial reason might be structural. Old Town Road” didn’t arrive through Nashville’s front door. It rose up from the SoundCloud murk with an arched eyebrow, fortified by the language of memes. On TikTok, where young people transformed into cowboys to its theatrically comic country boom-bap, it was a shared idiom. It leapfrogged right over the country music industry to the pop world, leaving Nashville in the cold, and resentful.

Brown teased The Git Up” three weeks ago with a short video clip posted to his socials. The song also serves as a choreographed dance that has Brown teaching the moves in the 45-second snippet. The clip quickly went viral, averaging nearly one million views in its initial three days of posting, while fans, DJs and dancers shared their interpretations of the dance in their own videos posted online. Presently, the clip is nearing 8 million views across multiple videos on various platforms.

Brown’s single fuses elements of country with elements of rap and hip-hop, creating what the artist describes, according to Complex , as something similar to “trailer trap,” with influences taken from both OutKast and Johnny Cash , among other artists. Sound familiar? The jump in popularity for “The Git Up” is similar to that of Lil Nas X ‘s mega-hit “Old Town Road,” a song that also fuses genres and got a hefty boost from a viral TikTok challenge.

Loba: With Blanco, I knew from that first meeting that he wanted to be deep in that country community. Say whatever you want, you can’t say this song isn’t country. And you have behind that song a man whose actions will show our country radio family that he intends to be there. When you look at icons in our format, they usually came from the fringes. I remember with Jason Aldean, in those early days JoJamie Hahr and everyone were tearing out their hair because people were saying, That’s not country. That’s rock ‘n’ roll.” And now Jason’s one of the biggest mainstays in country music and changed the genre along the way. It’s bold to say something like this about this so early, but I know Blanco Brown and I know his heart. I know given the opportunity he’ll be in the genre as long as he wants, and as long as the genre wants him.

On social media, though, is where “The Git Up” has found its largest audience. On April 19, Brown filmed himself performing a simple line dance to the track and posted it to his Instagram page. In the weeks since, the #GitUpChallenge has taken hold on YouTube, Instagram and, most notably, soundtracked over 130,000 videos on TikTok with fans posting their increasingly complicated takes on his choreography.

At this point in time, in 2019, people view him as the Achy Breaky guy, as well as being the dad of Miley and also hopping on Old Town Road. And yes he actually has a good catalog of music that is shadowed by that stuff. He was big in the 90s and did belong with those superstars I mentioned, although their music withstood the test of time while Billy Ray’s did not.Blanco Brown

And it looks like the crew at SHS really made a big impression as Blanco Brown, who sang the song, chimed in on the high school’s dance number and gave them some well deserved props.

You’ve probably seen a bunch of people online dancing to the viral song The Git Up, you might have sung along to the track in your car and you might’ve even busted out some dance moves.

Where Old Town Road” demanded engagement on its own flamboyant terms, The Git Up” is an extended hand of camaraderie. These videos are testaments to cross-cultural understanding, and they are premised upon a fundamental lack of it. What Brown offers here is cachet, a little confidence, an opportunity to safely transgress while not fundamentally disrupting the genre’s power dynamic.

This fusion of country with elements of rap and hip-hop is Brown’s debut single. A line-dance song, it starts with the singer urging the listener to “grab your loved ones” or “your love partner.” He then offers simple instructions on how to perform the dance.

This never happened though. Old Town Road” was never added back to the country charts. And likely one of the reasons is because if they had added it back after the Billy Ray Cyrus remix, the calls of racism would have been exacerbated, not quashed. The above false presentation of facts proves this. Add the above quote to the reams and reams of falsehoods presented in defense of these country trap songs.

Blanco Brown is from a southern trailer park and is hustling his way to success, so I give him all due props. He sings with more of a country voice than anyone in mainstream country and the sonics are more country than most of them too. I understand why some would not like the song, but I think intelligent black people who are made more curious about country music by this song will explore and find the more authentic and higher quality country music and recognize it as such. It’s a fun genre and fun song, and any vehement opposition to the song being on the charts is a waste of energy really. I’d rather listen to this bullshit than any of the bullshit coming from Thomas Rhett, Kane Brown, and Luke have as much flavor as my average sized white member.

All summer long, people have been doing the Git Up challenge, dancing along to Blanco Brown’s hit song and imitating the dance he created for the now viral The Git Up” music video. But how did that song come together in the first place? Blanco Brown recently sat down with Billboard to explain how he created the Hot Country Songs chart-topping track, as part of the How It Went Down” video series.

While The Git Up” is Brown’s first release as a solo artist, he is far from a newcomer. Brown has worked as a hip-hop and pop producer for Chris Brown , Fergie and Pitbull , among others. He also produced Goalie Goalie ,” one of the theme songs for the 2018 World Cup.

At the end of The Git Up,” Brown raps, a few times, That was not so bad, was it?” — a slyly pointed coda aimed at skeptical insiders who might be leery of a country-rap song, or a viral dance craze, or a black performer in the country music industry. Or maybe it’s just a metaphorical arm around the shoulder — an act not of defiance, but reassurance.

In the official music video Blanco takes to the streets to have that fun with many ordinary people including seniors and firefighters. It has gone to #1 on the Billboard Country Song charts and is one of the most streamed songs of the year.

Prior to signing with BBR Music Group last year, Brown had already earned a Grammy nomination for his work with Childish Gambino, provided vocals on Fergie’s Double Dutchess album, wrote for R&B singer Monica, and did background vocals and arrangements on of Kane Brown’s early demos and EPs.

We had always planned to release his debut EP the week before CMA fest. But when he brought us The Git Up,” he showed us the short video clip of himself doing the dance. We wanted to move fast, so we put that up. We knew it was going to take a couple of weeks to get it up on all the DSPs so we uploaded it directly to SoundCloud. Then it started getting picked up by creators on TikTok and Triller and Instagram and it exploded from there. I think it’s important to note that all our friends at the streaming services recognized as well that The Git Up” would probably be a phenomenon and that it would do that on its own. So when we released the EP, the streaming services have not focused on The Git Up.” They wanted to focus on the EP and let The Git Up” do its own thing.

In Ghett Ol’ Memories,” Brown waxes nostalgic about long and winding days of sugar straws with the Big League bubble gum” or playing baseball in the yard, but there’s also danger and uncertainty at the edges. He hears gunshots at the backdoor” and every night when he lays down, his sleep is soundtracked by sirens.

The second most-viewed version of Blanco Brown’s The Git Up” on YouTube — after the original, audio-only clip — is a video in which he teaches the country singer Lainey Wilson the song’s accompanying dance.

Loba then asked Brown to play a label showcase the following night in the Hollywood Hills. Unsure how his staff would react, as some are staunch country traditionalists,” Loba says the traditionalists became Brown’s biggest champions. They can hear that honesty and that grit of Johnny Cash in it. So we quickly got the deal done and have been waiting and preparing and getting it just right,” Loba says.

Tim McGraw and Blanco Brown recently met up to collaborate on McGraw’s 1994 hit song “Don’t Take The Girl”! Listen to it here. I hope the black community is proud of the two clowns Lil Nas X & Blanco Brown.

Country to Country Australia will be headlined by superstar Tim McGraw, chart-topping singer-songwriter Kelsea Ballerini (who is about to release the new single ‘Homecoming Queen?’ and Texas based trio Midland.

However, there are some significant differences between the two artists: After “Old Town Road” charted on the country charts, Billboard removed Lil Nas X’s song from considering for the genre’s rankings, explaining that the song did not contain enough elements of country music to warrant inclusion. However, the decision sparked debate over whether or not the removal of “Old Town Road” from the country charts was racially motivated.

And they don’t come more successful in country music than Tim McGraw, who with his black Panama hat and ripped physique looked the contemporary form’s archetype.

Perhaps that perception will change with the success of Lil Nas X and Blanco. The fact that these black iconoclasts are making inroads with country music fans in an era of resurgent white nationalism challenges much of what we think we know about cultural appropriation and race in America. Are Lil Nas X and Blanco Brown pirating white culture? Or is the controversy over their blackified country sounds just musical racial profiling? Let’s explore.

Not purely off ABH, he had top ten hits in songs like Somebody New, Words by Heart, Busy Man, and Could’ve Been Me. Also Wherm I gonna live is great. They were hits and Billy Ray was huge. It is ignorant to state that Billy Ray wasn’t wildly popular in the early to kid 90s. Obviously over the years he no longer maintains the status that Garth, Shania, Alan, and Tim has, which I think was your point and I agree with you there. My point was he was a big name in the 90s, and deserves some credit. I do agree with you when you say his country music legacy is nonexistent and his legacy is basically Hannah Montana and meme culture.

ATHENS, Ga. — Blanco Brown, whose debut single “The Git Up” reached the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, will perform during Georgia Basketball’s “Stegemania” presented by Bojangles’ next Friday, Oct. 11 at Stegeman Coliseum.

The Git Up” is the Hokey Pokey, the Hustle, the Macarena (which is not, in fact, about a dance, though it was popularized via a dance). It could have been a Hee Haw” sketch. The lap steel — played by Brown — is just a touch fuzzy, as if plucked off some old 78 r.p.m. record. It is warm, welcoming shtick.

Well, those little moves set off the #GitUpChallenge. Though you can find challenge contributions across social media, they’re especially prevalent on TikTok, where USA Today reports the song soundtracked over 130,000 videos.

From its modest 1979 origins up to now, hip-hop has thrived on masterly mooching. The genre’s aforementioned inaugural hit, Rapper’s Delight,” quoted verbatim from Chic’s sophisto-funk classic Good Times.” Perhaps more than any musical style in history, rap is defined by the shameless borrowing of other people’s music.

Fueling the song’s popularity is the The Git Up Challenge,” (the song, after all, is a line-dance ditty) which has featured people from all over the world concocting new dance variations to Brown’s original moves.

I feel further research about the artist was heavily needed before making criticisms about the intention of said artist and overall the seriousness and respect that one brings to the country genre vs the other who wanted to do a gimmick to emerge on the mainstream scene because he wasnt getting any hits from soundcloud.

And with trap-country trending as the Internet’s current favorite mico-genre, Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” is following Lil Nas X’s example to its own viral success, complete with an accompanying line dance that has officially become a meme.

2019 is officially the year of TikTok sending country songs up the charts. First Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ went Number 1 all around the world and now Blanco Brown’s ‘The Git Up’ looks set to do the same. The single is currently a US Top 20 hit and it’s only just getting started.

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