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This has extended, too, to the Vice office and its main lobby. When Ariyan Arslani broke his leg in 2011 while working at his father’s restaurant in Queens, he left his job as a gourmet chef and started rapping.

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ACTION BRONSONIt’s pure, it’s the extract, it’s all the goodness, it’s everything you want without the garbage,” Action Bronson enthuses with his rich New York accent. In March 2016, the Program Board of the George Washington University announced that Bronson would be the headlining performer for the university’s yearly spring concert, “Spring Fling”. Controversy soon erupted when Bronson’s song “Consensual Rape” came to light, as well as statements Bronson made that were considered homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic. Various student groups pushed for the university to cancel the performance in light of the news, sparking a discussion on the merits of safe spaces versus artistic freedom. Bronson responded in an open letter, claiming that his songs “depict a story” and “aren’t meant to be anything but an artistic expression,” condemned all forms of sexual violence, and offered an apology.

On 12 March 2012, Action Bronson released his second mixtape, titled Blue Chips, with Party Supplies. New York rapper Action Bronson is done-done. The hip-hop artist has explained his likely full departure from entertainment franchise Viceland following a social media clashing.

On November 1, 2013, Bronson released Blue Chips 2, the second installment in his Blue Chips series, in promotion of the album. On October 28, 2013, Funkmaster Flex announced he would be hosting an upcoming Action Bronson mixtape. Production was revealed to be coming from Erick Sermon, Mike Will Made It, DJ Mustard and Jahlil Beats. In a November 2013 interview with Rolling Stone, Bronson stated that he would have Kool G Rap and Mobb Deep, featured on his upcoming album.

The rising rap star has become a bigger presence overseas due to his continued success in the states. Bronson mentions recording for a stint in Copenhagen and entertains the idea of spending more time overseas in the future.

The thing is that I have intelligent fans, the people who like me are not stupid. They have a sense of humour, a sense of culture, you know what I mean? And I would feel that 100% I’d be called out, and I’d call myself out, like yo listen, I did some bullshit, I needed some money, you’re either fucking with me or you’re not fucking with me, I’ll make it up next time.” That’s just the kind of guy I am, I’m very honest, I’m very straightforward, there’s no bullshit.

A hefty Queens native and ex-chef, Action Bronson has a style like Ghostface Killah and rhymes about gourmet food—and he’s also leading New York’s hip-hop reawakening. That’s not what I’m fucking worried about, papa. I’m just worried about the music being out there and people enjoying it. The money isn’t what drives me, so that doesn’t matter to me.

With his tattoos, cannabis habit and ruddy beard that clocks in somewhere between hipster and Hasidic, Action Bronson seems like an encapsulation — or perhaps a sendup — of the Vice brand. He is a character made for this particular moment in time.

If anything, Vice may be able to deal with the Action Bronson problem in a roundabout way. According to one senior Vice source, The Untitled Action Bronson Show is likely to be cancelled due to poor ratings and a sloppy, disorganized format. According to Vice, no decision on a second season has been made. But, January 29, when he stormed into Noisey’s editorial meeting and later sparked the racial slur controversy that wasn’t, was the first season’s last day of filming. Whether the show returns to television, and brings Bronson back into the office along with it, is up in the air.

We’re sat in the rapper’s suite on the 17th floor of a medium budget hotel. Waiters, slightly alarmed by the pungent smell in the room, bring a feast that’s served on silver platters. Actually looks pretty good,” Bronson remarks, inspecting a slice of pizza before tossing the metal lid on the floor. Our interview and shoot was initially supposed to take place elsewhere, but Action Bronson has a reputation for putting on one hell of a show, and with an intense international tour schedule like this, he needs all the downtime he can get.

Inside Shady Records’ headquarters, the security guard keeps to himself, and Bes, Bronson’s everyday sidekick—on and off record and camera—gives a warm welcome. One of Mr. Rosenberg’s staff members does the same, while Bronson heads up to the roof to get some fresh air.

Even then, he said, he knew that Vice, an unconventional and multifaceted media company, could help him expand his oeuvre. At shows, when he asks who watches his web series, the whole crowd roars like Drake just came out,” he said.

The 11-track album is his first indie project he has done in a long time, Bronson tweeted. It’s also his first independent album after being a free agent from Atlantic Records and has features from A$AP Rocky, Meyhem Lauren and more.

After a hiatus, Queens MC and Television personality Action Bronson is returning to Viceland’s airwaves. The network has announced the renewals of his food documentary series Fk, That’s Delicious and his comedy show Traveling The Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens.

Nonetheless, Bronson’s presence in the office as well as his general affiliation with Vice has been a festering problem for months, if not years. According to at least ten staffers at the New York office, Bronson has used the creative latitude awarded to him for his nightly show to treat the office, including its main lobby, as what one described as a playhouse. Another staffer described the office as being held hostage by his nightly show.” Employees recounted incidents in which Bronson brought goats into the office , as well as a marching band Sometimes the nuisances were more routine, such as Bronson and his crew sprinting through the office with fitness trainer Troy Brooks According to multiple sources, Bronson recently rode a bike into an editorial meeting being held by Vice’s music website Noisey with a camera crew in tow, interrupting it for several minutes by yelling at gathered staffers, in the role of a mock manager, about raising their productivity.

In case you couldn’t tell from the name of his online cooking show for Vice called F, That’s Delicious, Bronson has something of a foul month. His interviews are filled with profanity, something that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise when you consider that the man is also a professional rapper. Bronson is all about keeping it real, and for him that means not censoring his thoughts.

What he did was make music. That same year, the aspiring rapper dropped his inaugural studio album, Dr. Lecter , and by the time his first major label release, Mr. Wonderful , arrived in 2015, he was making headlines and debuting at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Bronson’s outsize pot habit is well documented. Scenes in FTD regularly fill up with smoke as he and his co-stars — fellow rappers The Alchemist, Mayhem Lauren and Big Body Bes — blaze and puff their way through the show.

Chef-turned-rapper-turned-TV-star Action Bronson has just released Blue Chips 7000 , the third release in his acclaimed Blue Chips series. Though he’s released three studio albums, a project with Alchemist, a major label EP and more, the two free Blue Chips tapes (released in 2012 and 2013) remain his most celebrated work. Their formula was simple but effective: batty punchlines, technical feats of X-rated rapping and beats culled from off-the-wall samples. For what he says is the final entry, a slew of producers make funky loops out of wide array of grooves: Austrian jazz-rock, highlife, Eighties New Wave, Thai funk, the Fat Boys and more.

Action Bronson returns to the UK for a series of sure-to-be-rambunctious live shows next week, with the rapper seemingly determined to keep things moving following his recent skirmish with Wu-Tang Clan star Ghostface Killah this past summer.

The New York rapper went top 10 in the US this year with his second album, Mr Wonderful, whose unique appeal is encapsulated here by opening track Brand New Car Looking like a hip-hop Grizzly Adams, the extravagantly bearded 300lb Bronson rhymes over Zanzibar, a 1978 Billy Joel cheesefest, taking care to praise seasonal vegetables lookin’ exceptional”.

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