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Punctuated by live strings, Drama” sharply dissects the modern generation’s preoccupation with gossip, admitting We act like reality shows, probably cuz reality blows.” Sober Up” feat. No Max Martin co-write.

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AJRInsightful lyrical confessions, alternative ambition, earnest charm, D.I.Y. songcraft, and magnetic pop choruses ushered AJR to mainstream ubiquity just under the radar. But AJR wanted to do things its own way — the cool, independent, DIY way,” as they put it — so they walked away from interest from both Sony and Universal. Instead, they hooked up with Steve Greenberg, former president of Columbia records and current head of indie label S-Curve Records. Greenberg, who previously made magic with brother bands Hanson and the Jonas Brothers, is AJR’s co-manager, but they are not signing to his label. Instead, they’ll release their album, which they created, produced and mixed right there in the living room, on their own and when the moment is right. That record, which they’re considering titling Living Room,” is likely to come out in early 2014.

AJR ends the album with Finale, (Can’t Wait To See What You Do Next),” which informs the audience that even if this is its last album, it hopes it made everyone proud. Even with a new sound, the band knows that the true ones will stay and continue to watch what it does next. The boys end the album with the same lyric they started the album with: Welcome to the Neotheater — we can’t wait to see what you do next,” which showcases a new era to come.

FISHY BUSINESS Ryan: Dinner after air hockey is always sushi. I think that’s our favorite food in general. Jack: We go to the same sushi place, this place called Nikko right around the corner from our apartment. It’s just regular New York sushi, and Adam comes up and mooches off us. My girlfriend comes too. We always get octopus. We tried it once, tested the waters, and we didn’t get sick so we thought, Let’s keep doing this. Adam: I’m a big fan of the salmon roe. You either love it or you hate it.

On Neotheater, AJR is specific – Don’t Throw Out My Legos” sees Ryan and Jack ready to move out but not ready to leave their childhood entirely behind, as they hope their parents keep their old Lego sets. However, the intention of the song wasn’t for everyone to think about their own Legos, but rather for everyone to apply their own feelings of nostalgia and not wanting to grow up and leaving home”, whether that’s with Barbie Dolls, race cars, or any other toys or items that they miss. When choosing singles, there was a fear that people wouldn’t relate to overly specific details; but the ultimate goal of Neotheater was to create an album of songs that you can’t describe it in one sentence. It takes more explanation.” Tracks like Dear Winter” and 100 Bad Days” also take specific images to paint a picture, but at the end of the day, they’re about the feelings that surround those images.

AJR is comprised of brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met. The native New Yorkers got their start as street performers, playing covers of songs by the Beach Boys and Vampire Weekend in parks around Manhattan. The brothers released their debut single “I’m Ready” in 2013, tweeting it out to a number of celebrities in the hopes of getting discovered. The tactic worked – the song caught the eye of SIA, who helped AJR secure a management deal. As the group’s reputation continued to grow, they made their first TV appearances with performances on Good Day New York and VH1’s Big Morning Buzz show. In late 2013 AJR released the I’m Ready EP, a solid debut that earned them opening slots on tour with big-name acts like Demi Lovato and the Wanted. A rising young act with talent to the gills, AJR have ticket buyers eagerly awaiting their upcoming tour dates.

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Shortly after, the Mets appeared just as the first bass was dropping on the opening song. The brothers’ energy was palpable from the start. Jack Met’s zealous dancing as he belted the vocals to Next Up Forever” and Birthday Party” matched the recorded versions flawlessly. Longtime fans of AJR were quickly satisfied as 2017 hit Sober Up” came just three songs into the set.

Sitting in a half-circle around their parents’ sunny living room in Chelsea, the three brothers that comprise AJR clap their hands in sync for the a capella segment of their hit YouTube song, I’m Ready,” wholesome grins plastered on their faces as they croon, doo-wop style.

They continue the idea of being human through the song Karma.” This the vision of AJR’s lead vocalist Jack Met who questions all the good things he’s done the past year, but in the end, asks his therapist why good deeds aren’t coming his way. The escalating beats create the rush of trying to figure out why everything doesn’t go as planned, but toward the end of the song, the beat slows down as Met’s voice crescendos. Now, he realizes feeling good doesn’t necessarily result in good things happening to him.

That nostalgic sound is also there in the album’s cartoon artwork, and evident again on Birthday Party.” Birthday Party” is probably the weirdest song we’ve written”: here, AJR writes from a perspective that’s never been written about, imagining how someone would see the world if they just stepped into the world today. It may take a few listens to understand what’s going on as they take stances on issues – from our country’s treatment of immigrants to the side effects of social media – that they might not speak out on if speaking in their own voices.

Tuesday could be the biggest day of the boys’ career. After taking the Internet by storm with their Spongebob Squarepants-sampling pop track, they’ve released their first official music video, which Vevo will premiere on its home page. To date, their bare-bones lyric video has more than 100,000 views, and though the track is only moving 1,500 copies or so a week on iTunes, they’re seeing a 20 percent week-to-week increase, which shows interest is sustainable — and growing.

Tickets for the Neotheater tour will go on sale March 22nd. Complete information is available on AJR’s website Prior to their fall tour, AJR will play a handful of major festivals, including Bottleneck, Bonnaroo and Firefly.

In an interview with Billboard Pop Shop talked about what the song was about and what it was like to work with one of their favorite artists, Rivers Cuomo Being a huge fan of Rivers for their entire career, they were floored to when he complimented their song, Weak” They added that they thought the appeal to Sober Up” from a fan’s perspective must have been from the universal theme of simplistic times in a person’s life.

Neotheater is out this today, April 26; pre-order the album here AJR will play two release shows for the album, as well as in-store performances and several festival dates, before embarking on the Neotheater World Tour this fall. Visit for tickets.

Jack: Yeah, it actually took a pretty long time. We did it every single summer, every day for 6 or 7 hours about 4 or 5 years straight. We would actually make a decent amount of money per hour. We’d do like $100 an hour. I was very young, I was probably about eight years old when we were busking, so I think there was definitely a sympathy factor. I feel like if we were fully grown adults playing music we definitely wouldn’t have made enough to buy pro tools and all these instruments. But we worked super hard for it, it was pretty tiring.

There is no band, no song, no video, no sound, that is more now” than AJR. The band — three brothers born and raised in New York City — has achieved a startling quick level of success with I’m Ready,” a buoyant electro-pop single that’s taking off on social media. The numbers: over 10 Million views on YouTube, Gold record in the USA and Double Platinum Internationally, features in Billboard, the NY Post, and on MTV. Festival performances in front of 10,000+ people. They have also performed on the Today Show, X-Factor, Kelly and Michael and many other national television shows.

This Friday, April 26, AJR will welcome their fans to the world of Neotheater with the release of their third full-length album. The band began working on new music as soon as they released The Click in June 2017, and Adam Met is ready for fans to hear it. We’ve lived with all of this material for so long,” he says, and to see fan reactions to it – this will be the first time that they get to listen to the complete story of Neotheater, and so it’s nerve-wracking, but also really exciting at the same time.” The album is so connected” to the live show that AJR is putting together for their headlining tour this fall, and Met is eager for fans to join the world of Neotheater with them.

Jack: I think we were all musically inclined. We were really into the Beach Boys, and the Beach Boys are still our favorite band of all time. Just listening to Pet Sounds,” I have a memory of being very young, listening to the song and getting a feeling that I had never felt before like, oh I want to create that type of nostalgic, beautiful feeling.” And at some point, while we were street performing we realized oh we can write a song.” Street performing is really healthy for that because you can use it as a focus group almost and figure out what your sound is by seeing what makes people’s heads turn and figure out what you have to say that no one else is saying.

FRIENDLY COMPETITION Ryan: We do schoolwork for maybe an hour or two. Then we’ve had enough working for the day, so me and Jack go to Lerner Hall , this building at Columbia that has an air hockey table in it. It’s a little-known gem. Jack: Ryan and I use air hockey as a perfect way to make bets. Whoever loses has to pay for the next meal, for all three brothers. Ryan: Jack is absolutely better than me at most sports, including air hockey. But it’s a good competition. We get way into it. We become a little ferocious and scary.

As music from The Click resounds louder and louder throughout pop culture by the day, AJR still harbor quite a few surprises up their sleeves. From planning their next tour to going out for sushi, the Met brothers are, for the most part, inseparable.

Outside of AJR, Adam, Jack, and Ryan are all either current or former Columbia University students. Ryan has also lent his writing acumen to Andy Grammer, co-penning the gold-selling Back Home” and ”Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)” which recently scored him a BMI award. Adam received his Masters from NYU and is in the midst of working on his PHD in Comparative Constitutional Law, while Jack just completed his first screenplay.

The song was received well by their fans, and people were so touched by the lyrics that it brought some to tears. Pop-rock siblings AJR will embark on a North American tour this fall in support of their upcoming album, Neotheater.

With two albums to its name, AJR was now in the position of having to pick and choose from a larger catalog. The brothers went with the hits, deeper cuts from 2017 debut The Click, as well as some of their latest material.

Brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met (AKA AJR) dish out superlatives for each other in our exclusive interview. Select Gender ? This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace. Sunday Routine readers can follow the Met brothers on Instagram or Twitter @ajrbrothers.

We’re working on our next album, actually. We’ve been working for the last four months or so, and I’d say the album is about a third of the way done. As soon as the tour and done, and throughout the tour, we’re constantly conceptualizing and figuring out what this next sound is and how we can kick it up a notch.

First appearing on the 2016 EP and album precursor What Everyone’s Thinking, Weak” introduced The Click to audiences everywhere with a big bang. In less than nine months, the runaway smash generated over 210 million Spotify streams and counting, achieved an RIAA Gold certification, and amassed 12 million-plus YouTube views. The guys delivered a hyper-charged live rendition of the single on TODAY in between selling out the headline What Everyone’s Thinking” Tour. Simultaneously, the track I’m Not Famous” would crack 8 million Spotify streams as the aforementioned Come Hang Out” crossed the 3-million mark. All while, Billboard, Time, Paper, Pop Crush, Idolator, and more praised the group.

The observed metrics may provide valuable insights for authors and for AJR editorial staff in ongoing efforts to shorten turnaround times from manuscript submission to publication. On April 29 the band performed songs from Neotheater” in front of over 500 people for the first day at Bowery Ballroom in New York City.

Like the album, the performance was like a glimpse into their story of growth, both mentally and within the music industry. It was a truly theatrical experience that brought people to tears, as well as made people smile and laugh. Some songs were personal and some were slightly comedic, in a way that is unique to them.

There is no band, no song, no video, no sound, that is more now” than AJR. The band — three brothers born and raised in New York City — has achieved a startling quick level of success with I’m Ready,” a buoyant electro-pop single that’s taking off on social media. The numbers: over 10 Million views on YouTube, Gold record in the USA and Double Platinum Internationally, features in Billboard, the NY Post, and on MTV. Festival performances in front of 10,000+ people.

The brother trio got their start eight years ago — when Jack was but 8 — busking in Central Park until they were kicked out too many times, then in Washington Square with a proper permit. In the beginning, it was mostly covers — the Jackson 5’s I Want You Back” was their opener — but eventually the boys found more interest in creating their own original music.


AJR – a multi-instrumentalist indie pop band based in New York – is comprised of multi-instrumentalist brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met, who have written and produced hit songs including “Weak”, “I’m Ready”, “Burn the House Down” and “Sober Up”. The group combines elements of multiple genres, including pop, doo-wop and electronic music to offer a truly unique musical experience for fans gearing up for the biggest all-star event in sports.

OTHER PROJECTS Jack: When we part ways is a really an important moment. Music is No. 1 for us, but we all realize it’s really important to take a break, daily, and focus on something else. That’s pretty much the main reason Ryan and I decided to keep studying film — you have to have this moment of the day where you completely forget about the music. Then you can come back to it with a fresh mind. Ryan and I will start writing a paper about a film or we’ll write a scene for a movie. Adam goes back downtown.

Following the album’s release, The Talbott Brothers made their debut at KINK FM’s Skype Live Studio, embarked on a national headlining tour and shared the stage with artists such as Johnnyswim, ZZ Ward and Dead Horses.

AJR, A New York City indie-pop band of brothers, released the album Neotheater” on April 26 and it sounds like it came directly out of a Disney movie. As the opening notes to Next Up Forever” began, t he huge screen behind the trio of brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met mirrored the visuals of the Neotheater album cover, their most recent release.

AJR released their debut EP , 6foot1 (later renamed I’m Ready after the band signed to Warner Music Group), on December 20, 2013. They were named Clear Channel ‘s “Artist on the Rise” for the month of October 2013. By 2014, the band was already named IHeartRadio ‘s Artist of the Month for Top 40 in January, 11 and a Myspace “One to Watch” in February, 12 while “I’m Ready” officially impacted pop radio in April. There are now over 29 million YouTube views for “I’m Ready”, many thousands of singles sold each week, features in Billboard and the New York Post , while climbing the Top 40 chart. “I’m Ready” hit #1 on Next Big Sound ‘s chart in May 2014. The band performed the song on Today on July 29, 2014. “I’m Ready” has been certified Platinum, in Canada and Platinum in Australia.

New York-based brother band AJR is generating significant buzz with their unique blend of barbershop harmonies, dubstep beats, and internet-savvy lyrical references. The trio’s success with debut single “I’m Ready” has inevitably drawn comparisons to fellow brother outfit Hanson, but AJR’s eclectic sound and DIY approach put them in a category all their own. From bright handclaps and playful samples to energetic ukulele and guitar strumming, AJR have crafted an endlessly creative sound that always leaves fans wanting more on their unforgettable tours.

By some great chance of luck, wildly successful singer-songwriter Sia clicked the link. She fell in love (AJR’s cover of her song with David Guetta, Titanium,” didn’t hurt), met them for breakfast at her Soho hotel and ended up getting them meetings with some of the music industry’s biggest players.

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