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She spent her childhood in Canada, but currently lives in Europe. Looking forward to seeing her more. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and I’m trying to keep this under 250, so please, look at Alice’s promo pic.

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ALICE MERTONWith a well-travelled background and an eclectic jumble of influences, Alice Merton broke through with her infectious hit ‘No Roots’ in 2018, quickly marking herself out as an unassuming, mood-lifting, quirky, pop songwriter in the making. Mint includes Merton’s well-crafted pop hits “Lash Out” and “Funny Business,” along with songs that have been performed live and shared by fans via YouTube and Facebook over the past year. Her fans will completely fall for the charming “2 Kids,” which about starting in the music business, and the opening anthem “Learn to Live.” Listening to Mint brings together the familiar with new songs that would anticipate from Merton. There are no real surprises on an album where no surprises are really needed. Mint is an album of great songs and songwriting without trying to be anything more than what you already expect. Alice Merton is the indie pop trendsetter of 2019 and sets the tone for those to follow.

Alice Merton closes her debut album, Mint,” with Why So Serious,” a song full of questions like When did we get like this?” It’s a wish for a more carefree, less calculating spirit, sung by her overdubbed, call-and-response posse of female voices over a bouncing bass line. And it’s the counterbalance, in some small part, to an album that takes everything extremely seriously, from career ambitions and lovers’ quarrels to the placement of every hook.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and I’m trying to keep this under 250, so please, look at Alice’s promo pic. Go on, it’s right up there, don’t be shy. At first glance, it’s a typical (pop) singer-songwriter photo, no frills, just your basic portrait shot, appropriate for any occasion – promo pic, Facebook profile pic, EP cover. In fact, she does use it for all of those.

With her father being of Irish and her mother of German descent, she was raised speaking English. Only at the age of thirteen, she turned to learn German while visiting her grandmother in Munich. Southern Germany was to become the center of her life for a certain period of time, living in Munich and studying at the famed Popakademie Mannheim. Nowadays, having graduated, Alice Merton lives and works in Berlin and is about to record her first album. If her songs-to-come reach the quality of “No Roots, nothing can stand in her way.

Now that she’s grown her own international record label, Paper Plane Records Int., with her manager Paul Grauwinkel, Merton is readying to release her latest LP, MINT, on January 18. Ahead of it comes the single “Funny Business,” whose video she conceived and directed.

We’re working on a full-length album actually. So it’s going to come out, if everything goes well, beginning of next year, and we’ll just be releasing songs up ‘til then. I’d already written a lot of songs, and we’re working on productions, and we’re just going to start releasing them one by one.

The album has a quick tempo switch with Honeymoon Heartbreak,” which Merton calls the only love song you will find on MINT.” But things pick back up again immediately after when the album closes out with Trouble In Paradise” — whose name may imply slow ballad, but is nothing of the sort — and Why So Serious.” The latter served as the second single to Mint, released in 2018 following her debut EP No Roots.

Alice Merton broke through in 2018 with her breakthrough hit single “No Roots.” The track topped Billboard’s Alternative and Adult Alternative charts, and made her way as the first woman to land at No. 1 on the Rock Airplay chart since Lorde did it back in 2014. In a landscape loaded down with men’s voices, Merton is a singular presence at the top of all those charts.

I don’t feel like I’m from one certain place. I get asked a lot where I’m from. I can’t say I’m Canadian, and I can’t really say I’m European regardless of what kind of passport I have or where I’ve lived. So I definitely still relate to that feeling, which is not really knowing where your home is — just having that home with people, and the people you really love and enjoy spending time with.

Usually, she’ll start with a feeling, a sonic spark, or a name—and this usually happens when she has an emotion in mind in advance. Some of the songs preceded her writing No Roots,” and deal with, for example, the stress she dealt with decided to strike out on her own without backing from a major label. Others came afterward and dealt with a perceived pressure to create another monster hit.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Beef and onion from Alice merton is a star I saw Alice in London at Scala. She was beautiful dressed in tight black PVC. Loved hearing the stories behind the songs. Great atmosphere and she showed no signs of the nerves. Looking forward to seeing her more.

Merton moved frequently in her early life, living in Oakville, Ontario , Connecticut , New York , Munich , Bournemouth , London , and Berlin , among other cities. 10 11 12 Through her upbringing, Merton has stated she has felt connected to Canada, England, Germany, and France where her mother lived. 1 12 13 In 2013, she started her studies at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim , where she earned a bachelor’s degree in composition and song writing, 14 15 and met the members of her future band.

Alice Merton came in hot this week with a rage-filled music video for her new single, “Lash Out.” From smashing cars to vandalizing classrooms, the choreography-filled video brings the song’s statement on internalized anger to new artistic heights.

Merton: Well it’s something that I didn’t realize for a really long time, and then finally when the song was done, I looked back at the words, and I was like, Oh – that’s interesting!” And it’s the same with a lot of other topics, which I find the most interesting part of songs.ALICE MERTON

Growing up in places like Germany, Canada, London, and Berlin, Merton got the chance to discover and write music all over the world. She attended a school for music in Germany where she got her bachelor’s degree in composition and song writing. It was also there she met her band mates.

But in anything else, I’m so bad at making up my mind, and I have a thousand thoughts. I think a lot of that is part of my identity and a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’ve never been able to put my feet in the ground. They’re on the ground, but they’re never in it. And it really annoys me sometimes. I feel like I’m missing the stability that would have kept me in line a lot of the times. I have it when it comes to people, which I’m very happy about – but not when it comes to a certain place, and that then affects the relationships I have to certain people.

At the start of her career, she joined forces with her manager Paul Grauwinkel to found Paper Plane Records International and released the now-famous No Roots.”. The song steadily drew attention internationally, hitting #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 and on the US alt radio charts and jump-started Merton’s career. This early success galvanized the team, inspiring them to release the EP No Roots soon after and now her first full length album, MINT.

In addition to 7 Platinum Awards for her debut single in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and Turkey, Alice Merton has also won the Echo Award, EBBA Award and two awards for pop culture.

That track’s success alone basically turned Merton into an overnight sensation in Europe, lighting the fire for her career and jettisoning a young artist into the spotlight. 2018’s No Roots EP affirmed Merton’s fast-rising stature with its assortment of memorable and energizing songs, laying (what we will ironically call) the groundwork for her debut album, MINT.

Creating a very analog and organic pop sound, going back to the basics of drum and bass driven music, they combined their individual styles to develop a style of their own. Nicolas Rebscher’s arrangements were the perfect addition to Alice’s melodies, combining the depth and softness in her voice, with his energetic and charistmatic sounds.

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She’s accomplished something early in her career that most artists never achieve: she started her own record label. Paper Planes Records is German-based, but with Merton’s natural talents and co-founder Paul Grauwinkel, the label is sure to take all of its works international.

Songs the 5-year-old has loved in the past month alone include the Chainsmokers’ Don’t Let Me Down,” AJR’s Burn the House Down,” House of Jealous Lovers,” U Can’t Touch This,” Love It If We Made It” (radio edit), Depeche Mode’s Policy of Truth,” and Candyman’s Knockin’ Boots.” Most of these, he asks to hear again maybe once or twice. But he always goes back to Mint and Funny Business,” which Merton played on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week with a postmodern look but a sound that could’ve fit in snugly anywhere within the last 40 years.

The full-length debut is an electrifying and empowering album. MINT fortifies Merton’s position in popular music while authorizing her strength as an artist and woman. Mint houses 11 tracks that exemplify that Merton has already found her voice and style, and is soon to find her place in the music scene.

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