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I’m starting to reach other audiences of other countries. I was in Tomorrowland in Belgium. The gag landed her an audition with a local record label that specialized in funk carioca, the bass-thumping, ass-bumping music of Rio’s favelas.

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ANITTAThe Brazilian singer also talks about finding inspiration from Madonna. The 26-year-old pop sensation called on Becky G ‘s vocal talents, as well as DJ Khaled’s production skills for the song “Banana.” The 10-track album will also feature artists Alesso, Swae Lee , Prince Royce , Caetano Veloso, DJ Luian, Ludmilla and Snoop Dogg, in attempt to reach all three audiences she’s catering to; the Spanish-speaking crowd, as well as Portuguese and English speaking fans.

VH1 joined BACARDÍ in Costa Rica with Major Lazer and Anitta to talk about their new music video, their collaboration, and whether or not Diplo will ever get back into one of those giant hamster balls at a festival again.

Atención! Formacion!” sang Anitta , launching into a reggaeton girl power anthem from her current megaselling fourth album Kisses, a sold-out crowd shrieking, selfie-taking and hollering along. Two male dancers body-popped their way through Bang, one of many original tunes sung in Spanish, English and Anitta’s native Portuguese, often within the same track.

She wrote that she had felt alone for the past few years, both as a singer and a businesswoman. Anitta did say it was the best experience of her life, however, the time has come to pass the baton to a team she trusts completely. The company chosen is S10 Entertainment & Media, responsible for managing former Fifth Harmony member Normani, and a partner of Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s managing company.

The track will be featured on Anitta’s new album slated for Friday. Without a video clip, the song “Faz Gostoso”, the singer’s feature with the Brazilian performer, was also excluded from the set list for Madonna’s new tour, Madame X.

RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) – First, Anitta conquered Brazil. Now, the singer best known abroad for her smouldering, booty-shaking video “Vai Malandra,” has her eyes set on the rest of the world. I can confirm she has teamed up with Brazilian superstar Anitta, most recently seen twerking in nipple tassels, for her comeback album.

Brandon Silverstein is now the manager of the Brazilian singer Anitta. The singer chose to tell fans through her Instagram page where she posted a photo sitting next to the agent and his brother, Renan Machado, who has worked as a manager.

The new hit is part of the album Kisses”, the work released by Anitta last April including the participation of Snoop Dogg, Swae Lee and Caetano Veloso, among others, with songs in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Another international work of the singer will be released in June: a funk in Portuguese for Madonna’s new album.

Larissa de Macedo Machado (born March 30, 1993), known by her stage name Anitta is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and record producer. Anitta is managed by John Shahidi of Shots Studios, a US based company backed by Justin Bieber. Anitta began singing at age 8 in a choir from a Catholic church in the Honório Gurgel neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. At the age of 16, she attended a technical school and was called to work at Vale. In 2010, after posting a video on YouTube, Renato Azevedo (Batutinha DJ), then producer of the independent record company Furacão 2000, called her to sign a contract with the label. Due to the success of the song “Meiga e Abusada” in 2012, she signed a contract with Warner Music Brasil the following year. Currently, it is one of the best and most successful singers of Brazil.

Larissa de Macedo Machado (born 30 March 1993), 1 known professionally as Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and businesswoman. Brazilian singer Anitta and her hot surfer boyfriend Pedro Scooby are heating things up on Instagram. Check out the couple’s most romantic photos.

Vai Malandra (Go Naughty), which features Anitta twerking to the sultry rhythm of baile funk-style rap, set social networks on fire and became the first Brazilian song to enter Spotify’s Top 20 Global. The video is set in a Rio favela and celebrates the often violence-plagued neighbourhoods’ vibrant and sexy street culture, complete with women using electrical tape to create perfect tan lines and sculpted men with peroxide-blond hair and gold chains. The fact that she didn’t airbrush out the cellulite on her now famously quivering backside only fuelled the social media frenzy – and boosted her credentials as a singer who preaches female empowerment.

Singing in English and Spanish overcomes the hurdle of having Portuguese as her native language. Although Brazil has a huge market, the rest of the continent speaks Spanish – and that’s before you start looking further afield.

She’s got dream collaborations on the bucket list, too — “Drake, I love him” — and plenty of pinch-me moments to remind her that this dream is truly a reality, like the time Britney Spears casually got to work (bitch) to the sound of Anitta’s global smash hit collaboration with J Balvin and Jeon, “Machika,” on her Instagram.

I started singing in church with my grandpa. It was good because I grew up in a place that was really humble and if you didn’t have money it was really hard for you to learn things, be it music or English. The church was like school for me. Everything I know about music I learned there.

In person, Anitta barely resembles the pouting, swaggering star of “Vai Malandra.” She is diminutive, neatly dressed in black pants and a yellow sweater, and her hair falls in golden curls, rather than the dark braids of the video.

Anitta gets ambitious with the music video for her song “Indecente,” which will be shot in one take and live-streamed from her 25th birthday party. Brazil is Latin America’s biggest country but Anitta says it’s not big enough for her.

Part of the incredible London jazz scene, KOKOROKO have carved their own niche with an enthralling, modern take on Afrobeat. By far their most popular track so far with more than 30 million YouTube views, Abusey Junction is a captivating slow-burn of song. Expect to hear that and plenty more deeply soulful renditions as the band come to Meltdown.

Five years later, Anitta found fame in Brazil with Meiga e Abusada (Sweet and Sassy) and Show das Poderosas (Show of the Powerful), but her skills at navigating the online markets have been the key, helping catapult her to rapidly growing international stardom. She has 28 million followers on Instagram and her 2015 song Bang has been watched 343 million times on YouTube.

Anitta’s myriad accolades come at no surprise to her; she speaks as though her stars have simply aligned. I used to tell my family that I was going to be a singer since I learned how to talk,” she says with a chuckle. From the age of nine through her teens, she’d draw people into her grandfather’s church by singing during his sermons. I like everything that challenges me,” she asserts. I can’t accept that something is impossible.” Rolling Stone caught up with the 25-year-old star about her many upcoming projects, Brazilian TV and her whirlwind of a summer.

And no, it wasn’t just a bop for bop’s sake. “When I do my songs, and when I’m going to do a video, I think about having something more to make people think about it,” she explains. She worked on “Sua Cara” with Diplo for almost a year before it came out, she explains. After Diplo sent in backing vocals recorded by Pabllo, Anitta suggested that they enlist Pabllo for a full-on feature — for both the song and video.

While this song is gearing up to be the song of the summer, I was curious what their favorite summer bop of all time is. Walshy settles on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic record; That had the summer.” Even though it sounds kind of corny,” Diplo says that Informer” by Snow says summer to him. I remember when I was in high school,” he explains, It was the biggest. They crossed over everywhere for one summer time.” Fair pick: Informer” still slaps.

The actress and singer – who performed at the opening ceremony for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro – may have a similar relationship with Tyga, a little flirty but mainly musical. She was born Larissa de Macedo Machado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

But it was 2012’s “Meiga e Abusada” (“Sweet and Sassy”), later re-released as her major label debut, that epitomized Anitta’s pop star aspirations, from its Fame -era Gaga synth-pop sound to the glossy, glam Katy Perry-esque video shot by Beyoncé’s “Countdown” director Blake Farber and partially filmed in Las Vegas. Only 19 at the time, Anitta had to disguise herself to film scenes on the gambling floor of a casino — an indication of her tenacity in years to come.

Latin music is having a moment right now, and post-Despacito it’s 26-year-old Anitta who has world domination in her grasp. Vegan , bisexual and feminist, fiercely body positive and sharply self-aware, Anitta’s what’s-it-to-you attitude is part of a wide-net career strategy that includes acting, marketing, philanthropy, public speaking, 37 million Instagram followers and a six-part Netflix docu-series, Vai Anitta (Go Anitta).

While English is “the universal language,” she is also focusing on Spanish-language songs to reach the rest of the Latino world, recording alongside Colombian artists Maluma and J Balvin. Go behind the scenes with Brazilian pop icon Anitta, along with her friends and family, as she aims to create a new song and music video each month.

Early this year, Snoop and Anitta teamed up with Ludmilla and Papatinho for the Brazilian funk-meets-hip-hop track Onda Diferente,” part of Anitta’s studio album Kisses. The bilingual song (Portuguese and English) is accompanied by a music video that shows the two artists’ chemistry and has more than 78 million views.

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