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The fact that she didn’t airbrush out the cellulite on her now famously quivering backside only fuelled the social media frenzy – and boosted her credentials as a singer who preaches female empowerment.

anitta boyfriend now – Anitta Is Owning Her Relationship With Cosmetic Surgery

ANITTABrazilian singer Anitta went from an unknown to singing at the Olympic Games, becoming Brazil’s answer to the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, or Katy Perry, and one of the country’s biggest stars. Her parents divorced when she was young. Her brother, Renan Machado, has worked with her as a producer. In November 2017, she married Brazilian businessman Thiago Magalhães, but by September 2018 they announced their separation. She previously dated singer Mr. Thug and actor Pablo Morais.

In person, Anitta barely resembles the pouting, swaggering star of Vai Malandra. She is diminutive, neatly dressed in black pants and a yellow sweater, and her hair falls in golden curls, rather than the dark braids of the video. That chameleon-like adaptability, helped by several rounds of plastic surgery, is a big part of her rise.

The UOL news portal first reported Wednesday that the singer-songwriter Anitta earned $200,000 to perform at the coming-of-age ceremony of Moise Safra, a grand-nephew of the banker and philanthropist Joseph Safra, Brazil’s richest person and the world’s 31st richest in 2019 with a net worth of $25.2 billion, according to Forbes.

Singing in English and Spanish overcomes the hurdle of having Portuguese as her native language. Although Brazil has a huge market, the rest of the continent speaks Spanish – and that’s before you start looking further afield.

With its jacuzzi, palm trees and large swimming pool, Anitta’s three-floor house is the cliche pop star’s abode. But despite that and her large retinue of assistants, she says she keeps herself grounded.

Anitta is a massive star in South America but still a bit unknown here in the United States. If this is your first introduction to the latin star, then we suggest you take some time and check out her catalog of music videos and Instagram posts. You won’t be disappointed.

Brazilian singer extraordinaire, Anitta, is one of the most streamed, watched and followed artists online! She has just dropped a new record, Kisses, featuring 10 tracks with a stack of high-profile collaborations. So, here’s everything you need to know about this rapidly rising superstar.

Five years later, Anitta found fame in Brazil with “Meiga e Abusada” (“Sweet and Sassy”) and “Show das Poderosas” (“Show of the Powerful”), but her skills at navigating the online markets have been the key, helping catapult her to rapidly growing international stardom.

A superstar in her homeland of Brazil, Anitta is going global — meaning this is probably one of your last chances to catch her in a theatre before she starts taking over arenas. She delivers a dizzying blend of reggaeton, R&B, hip-hop and pop, with trilingual vocal skills that allow her to switch regularly between Portuguese, Spanish and English.

She began singing at age 8 in a choir from a Catholic church in the Honório Gurgel neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro At the age of 16 she attended a technical school and was called to work at Vale In 2010, after posting a video on YouTube , Renato Azevedo, then producer of the independent record company Furacão 2000, called her to sign a contract with the label. Due to the success of the song “Meiga e Abusada” in 2012, she signed a contract with Warner Music Brasil the following year.

Look, I think the internet and cellphones changed the world. For me, it’s good because I want to be an international artist, but I think we need to know how to use them properly. People are addicted. I was. But I learnt that there’s a time to be without it. We need time to rest and to breathe.

There are high expectations in Brazil, because it’s rare that someone has gone international in pop. My country is really big, and the numbers that I’ve reached in Brazil alone are huge. Sometimes my country expects the same statistical results in the U.S. that I have here. I have been working in the Brazilian market for seven years and just started working the international market one year ago. So of course things will not go faster, easier, or get bigger quickly than they have in my country. It’s a matter of putting in the work. I’m starting from zero again. It’s another beginning. But outside of Brazil, it’s amazing. Everyone asks about my country, and they try to find out more about Brazilian culture through my work.

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1993, Anitta grew up taking dance lessons, singing in church and listening to Mariah Carey , whom she calls her personal “voice coach,” while dreaming the same dreams as the contestants she’ll soon be mentoring on television. “She was the first singer I ever listened to,” Anitta recalls. “I know all her songs. I have all her CDs, everything. I really admire her taste for music.” Anitta can’t definitively name her favorite Mimi song, but “Fantasy” springs to mind first. “It’s happy,” she says.

Hours after Lizzo’s hit single “Truth Hurts” made history on the Billboard Hot 100, the Texas native decided to clear the air on a cloud of plagiarism claims. Taking to Twitter on Wednesday (Oct. 23), the 31-year-old addressed songwriter Justin Raisen’s statement that she lifted the line “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100 percent that bitch” from a 2017 studio session. The lyric was reportedly inspired by singer Mina Lioness’ tweet that became a meme, who Lizzo states recently received a credit.

In 2018, after a string of regional hits, Anitta debuted at No. 1 on Latin Airplay and No. 2 on Latin Pop Songs with Machika,” a fierce reggaetón chant with Colombia’s J Balvin and Aruban newcomer Jeon. She scored a six-part docuseries on Netflix, Vai Anitta (Go, Anitta), that touched on everything from her struggles with depression to her bisexual awakening. Her breakthrough duet with Balvin, 2017’s Downtown,” recently topped 400 million YouTube views, helping to push her to a total of over 3 billion.

VH1 joined BACARDÍ in Costa Rica with Major Lazer and Anitta to talk about their new music video, their collaboration, and whether or not Diplo will ever get back into one of those giant hamster balls at a festival again.

I started singing in church with my grandpa. It was good because I grew up in a place that was really humble and if you didn’t have money it was really hard for you to learn things, be it music or English. The church was like school for me. Everything I know about music I learned there.

Jennifer Lopez ‘s newest song may not be familiar to the English-speaking U.S., but it’s already a huge hit in Latin America: Baila Conmigo,” a brassy, hard-driving club record originally produced by Dayvi and Victor Cardenas and sung by Kelly Ruiz. Now, Lopez has given Baila Conmigo” a second chance to sweep the charts. In his latest piece, Elias Leight traces the history of Baila Conmigo” and its subsequent A-list co-sign.

Anitta net worth: Anitta is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer who has a net worth of $20 million. Anitta was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in March 1993. She gained fame after she released her debut single “Show das Poderosas” in 2013. Anitta released her self-titled debut studio album in 2013. The album reached #1 in Brazil and was certified 5x Platinum. Her 2014 album Ritmo Perfeito reached #1 in Brazil and was certified Platinum. Anitta’s album Bang was released in 2015 and reached #3 in Brazil. She has also had several #1 singles in Brazil including “Show das Poderosas”, Nao Para”, and “Deixa Ele Sofrer”. Anitta became the youngest Brazilian singer to perform at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2014. She signed a big contract with Warner Music Brasil in 2013 and her music video “Show das Poderosas” has more than 100 million views on YouTube.

The magazine describes Anitta as Brazil’s biggest pop star” and a trilingual artist capable of changing from Brazil’s hard-charging baile funk to tender bossa nova”, congratulating her on the good use of her seductive voice to place traditional Latin rhythms in a fresh contemporary context”. Also, the artist impressed the critics by singing in expressive Spanish that doesn’t need translations”.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Anitta launched her musical career in 2013 with her self-titled and highly successful debut album, Anitta. Anitta has released a stack of collaborations with massive artists. Most recently she teamed up with Rita Ora and Sofia Reyes for this sweet dose of in-your-face girlpower.

Her single Bang” from her 2015 album of the same name, topped all the charts. This pop-art enhanced music video makes a focus of Anitta’s choreographic skills and became an international viral smash when it hit over 320 million views on YouTube.

Billboard magazine named her number 10 on a list of the most influential artists of social networks last December, while this February, Vogue magazine places her among the world’s most influential people.

While English is “the universal language,” she is also focusing on Spanish-language songs to reach the rest of the Latino world, recording alongside Colombian artists Maluma and J Balvin. Go behind the scenes with Brazilian pop icon Anitta, along with her friends and family, as she aims to create a new song and music video each month.

Larissa de Macedo Machado (born 30 March 1993), 1 known professionally as Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and businesswoman. Brazilian singer Anitta and her hot surfer boyfriend Pedro Scooby are heating things up on Instagram. Check out the couple’s most romantic photos.

The UOL news portal first reported Wednesday that the singer-songwriter Anitta earned $200,000 to perform at the coming-of-age ceremony of Moise Safra, a grand-nephew of the banker and philanthropist Joseph Safra, Brazil’s richest person and the world’s 31st richest in 2019 with a net worth of $25.2 billion, according to Forbes.

Anitta is getting candid about her plastic surgery. In her cover story for Ocean Drive Magazine ‘s October issue, the 26-year-old Brazilian singer talked about her rising stardom, artists she admires and upcoming collaborations. She also opened up about the stigma around plastic surgery and how she’s accepted herself, but is still honest about her past procedures no matter what people think.

Brazilian pop star Anitta was photographed enjoying her Mexican vacation with some of her friends south of the border. The singer was spotted taking in the sun, relaxing on the beach and playing in the sand with her girlfriends in Tulum, Mexico.

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