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Filming for West Side Story ” is set to begin in the summer of 2019. Ansel and Violetta are clearly still very much in love. The Fault In Our Stars and Baby Driver star delighted his 10 million followers on Tuesday by sharing 17 shirtless selfies in a row.

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ANSEL ELGORTLove is patient. I’m a born creator with a deep passion for adventure and the arts. New York City has served as a catalyst to fuel my love for music, theater and performance my entire life – From my early days at LaGuardia and the NYC Ballet to my work today as a musician.

John Niven’s Kill Your Friends is a blistering, debauched exploration into the life of a cocaine-sniffing record label agent. It passes by in the blink of an eye, which can’t be said for its adaptation. The film, released in 2015, tries so hard to nail what Niven achieves so fluidly and it shows – the result is nothing short of embarrassing with the clean-cut Nicholas Hoult failing to convince as the sociopathic Steven Stelfox.

Hold up, let’s take a step back. The Baby Driver star has been dating Violetta Komyshan, professional ballerina and all-around BAMF , since 2012. They met while they were both attending LaGuardia high school, a prestigious performing arts school in New York City. And the high school sweethearts have been going strong for nearly eight years now ( save for a very brief breakup ).

When I read the young adult novel The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green, I tipped my hat to the author, pleased with the accurate portrayal of my lifestyle in the book. According to the New York Post , Elgort and Komyshan – a 23-year-old ballerina – first met at LaGuardia High School in NYC and have been dating ever since.

In October 2018, those Baby Driver dance moves worked in Ansel’s favor, when he was cast as Tony in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of West Side Story. Reactions were mixed, but as one Twitter user pointed out, few roles could be more on-brand for our boy.

Tokyo Vice” is one of several original series in the pipeline for the forthcoming WarnerMedia streaming service, including an adaptation of Station Eleven” starring Mackenzie Davis, the Kaley Cuoco-led The Flight Attendant,” the Crazy Rich Asians”-inspired docuseries The Ho’s,” an updated spinoff of The CW’s Gossip Girl” and a new season of the TBS comedy Search Party,” among others.

When the 25-year-old actor hinted at his emotional state, we were seated in a hotel suite at the Toronto International Film Festival, where The Goldfinch” — an adaptation of Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer-winning novel from 2013 — made its world premiere. This is Elgort’s first wide-release project since Baby Driver,” for which he earned a Golden Globe nomination.

There have been just as many disappointing Stephen King adaptations as there have been successful ones, but Dreamcatcher sits at the bottom of that list. The talent was present (Damian Lewis! Morgan Freeman! Timothy Olyphant!), but the end product never once correlates to anything at all decent. The film’s late-stage swerve into monster movie territory is nothing short of dreadful.

Ever struggle to decide which of the dozens of selfies you’ve taken to post on Instagram? Well, actor Ansel Elgort doesn’t seem to have that problem. The Fault In Our Stars and Baby Driver star delighted his 10 million followers on Tuesday by sharing 17 shirtless selfies in a row. That’s right—17. And all in the space of 10 minutes.

I don’t look at The Fault in Our Stars as a teenage movie. I looked at it like, this is a great script and a good character, and I was excited to do it. But of course I was looking forward to being part of a real” movie. If it meant working with Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm, sign me up.

Elgort is famous enough now that when he doesn’t get a high-profile role, it becomes a headline, which can’t be the most pleasant way to build out your professional life. But in Hollywood, it’s also a badge of honor. After all, it was only several years ago that he was recording an audition tape in his stairwell for the soon-to-be-troubled Divergent” franchise, desperate to land his second role after 2013’s Carrie.” If anything, he says, not booking parts was a tougher blow back then, even if he had the benefit of privacy.

Even skimming the growing library of Elgort-literature reveals a man who aspires to be a prince among Jews. Ansel has staked his claim as a tender lover, a confident sportsman, and the inheritor of a legacy of high-art and heroism.

In the meantime, fans of the two performers will just have to wait to see their chemistry on-screen when West Side Story” is released on Dec. 18, 2020. That’s tough. But if Elgort has the same reaction every time his work receives criticism, it might just be true in real life.

Mann, who is in Japan casting and scouting, has put his indelible stamp on series that include Miami Vice, Crime Story, Robbery Homicide Division and Luck. The director, who exec produced the upcoming James Mangold-directed Ford V Ferrari starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon, will be back from Japan to take part in a MOMA event in Manhattan November 1 that will mark the 20th anniversary of The Insider, the drama that starred Russell Crowe and Al Pacino. Mann will participate in a Q&A after the screening for the sold out event. Mann is repped by CAA.

It’s also not lost on Elgort that he likely has plenty of haters, or that people think of him as the aforementioned d-bag. “I’m sure plenty of people think I am one, too,” he continued. “I’m super easy to hate. But it’s fine. It’s hard to be liked and successful.” That’s a pretty pragmatic way for the movie star to deal with the flood of hate that social media can unleash on people, especially the rich and famous.

Elgort and Komyshan have been dating ever since they met at the performing arts high school LaGuardia in New York City, though they did briefly break things off in 2014, citing the actor’s busy schedule. Five months later, they were back together, with the actor saying he needed love” in his life.

Elgort, who will also star in Steven Spielberg ‘s West Side Story remake , will star in the 10-episode series as Jake. Watanabe, who’s also executive producing, will play Hiroto Katagiri, a Tokyo Police Department detective and father figure to Jake.

John Legend was an early role model for the young Elgort; electronic musicians like Avicii came into his life later. Both inspirations are evident in the R&B-style crooning he blends with dance beats in his songs like Thief,” an ’80s-inspired single he debuted in February, and All I Think About Is You,” the track he dropped last week.

News of Austin’s casting was announced in July after several actors including Ansel, Harry Styles, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Miles Teller went head-to-head for the role in full hair and makeup. Ansel Elgort , of “Baby Driver” and “The Fault in Our Stars,” has a pretty big platform.

Eventually they met through a mutual friend and got to know each other. “We exchanged numbers and became friends, and then we started dating when I was at the end of sophomore year,” she continued. And while Komyshan sometimes deals with jealous haters on social media, fortunately it doesn’t bother her that much.

So, let’s review. Elgort prefers committed, long-term relationships. He’s been with Komyshan for the entirety of his adult life. And while he’s eager to accept love in any form that presents itself outside of his relationship with Komyshan, he plans to remain sexually monogamous.

Ansel Elgort is not one to hide his true, authentic self. This is no secret, fam. I mean, the actor has posted a series of shirtless selfies with zero explanation and zero fcks given. He’s also given countless interviews in which he’s spoken about himself as candidly as possible, and in his most recent interview, he provided some insight into his relationship with his girlfriend, Violetta Komyshan. Ansel Elgort’s quote about open relationships is both revelatory and honest.

It always comes back to who’s conning who and who’s doing a better job of it than the other guy. The classic Ponzi scheme is one that people still fall for because they want to believe that they can make millions upon millions of dollars in a quick, easy fashion. The only problem with money that’s made that quickly is that it’s rarely ever real and when the check comes due the person on the paying end usually comes up short and has to either run or pay the piper in a way that they didn’t expect and certainly didn’t want to contemplate. That’s kind of what happened in this real-life story as a group of young men in the 80s were hung out to dry.

The theme was ballet kink,” so some guests came in black leather, tutus and S&M gear, but Komyshan and the Baby Driver” star, in a bespoke suit, kept it straight. As a person with a similar situation to Augustus, I feared for my way of life. I wondered how people with no connection to a handicap would treat me if the character was misinterpreted.

Ansel has been dating ballerina Violetta Komyshan since they met in high school back in 2012. OK, that’s all well and good, except for the fact that the 25-year-old Baby Driver” actor has been dating high school sweetheart Violetta Komyshan since 2012.

Let’s keep in mind that Elgort and Komyshan have been dating for eight years So, in all likelihood, they’ve built up a strong foundation based on trust and mutual respect. While some may be quick to judge Elgort’s comments on open love, the reality is, every relationship is unique — and if he and his longtime bae have found what works for them, that’s all that matters.

Ansel Elgort was born in New York City, New York, United States (March 14, 1994). Elgort’s father is a photographer, Arthur and mother is an opera director, Grethe Barrett. He has two sisters named Warren and Sophie. He took acting classes at the PPAS (The Professional Performing Arts School) in New York City, NY. Elgort’s career began with the drama-horror movie ‘Carrie’ as Tommy Ross in 2013. His next role was with the movie ‘Divergent’ as Caleb in 2014. Elgort’s big rising came with the drama movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ as Gus in 2014. He landed in the comedy-drama movie ‘Men, Women & Children’ as Tim Mooney in 2014.ANSEL ELGORT

There’s no evidence that the two actors are dating, but Elgort’s fans, largely made up of lovestruck teen girls, hit Twitter to accuse Zegler of being a homewrecker,” the Daily Mail and other outlets reported. The onslaught in turn led Zegler to announce last week that the internet has made me upset,” so she was taking a break from the social media platform.

In 2012, Elgort began dating his high school sweetheart, Violetta Komyshan, a ballerina. The couple broke up in August 2014 primarily due to the actor’s burgeoning career and hectic schedule 53 but reconciled in 2015.

This isn’t Elgort’s first West Side Story—he starred in a theatre camp production when he was 12. While discussing the experience, he sang a bit of Officer Krupke” from the Stephen Sondheim , Leonard Bernstein , Arthur Laurents , and Jerome Robbins musical.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is this: what matters is that Elgort and Komyshan are seemingly on the same page — and based on what he said in the interview, it does sound like they’ve come to a mutual understanding. As they say, live and let live. And while you’re at it, love and let love.

Elgort also asked to boost the image of the girl in the film: Originally she was written solely as a party guest, but the actor says he suggested making her a musician (a DJ ended up being more efficient for the story and budget). His other contributions to the story included handing her the car keys and suggesting she should jump off the cliff first. That and letting her also drive was about putting her character more on equal footing with mine, because they did want to pull ideas from my personal life,” he says.

The next time we will see Elgort on the big screen is in the lead role of The Goldfinch, an adaptation of Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 2013 novel of the same name about a teenager who steals a priceless Dutch Golden Age painting after his mother is killed in a terrorist attack at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Michael Mann is jumping into the world of prestige TV. After it was announced that WarnerMedia was developing the series Tokyo Vice” with star Ansel Elgort, it appears we now know who will give the drama life, as Mann has been announced by Deadline as the director of the upcoming show.

Elgort added yet another impressive bullet point to his resume in 2019, starring as the adult Theo Decker in The Goldfinch , which was based on the best-selling novel by Donna Tartt. Poised to become one of Hollywood’s most in-demand leading men, Elgort has a big and bright future ahead of him.

Ansel also told The Times that he’s found love with some of his male friends, so it’s something that he’d like to explore with women, too. “I’m in love with a bunch of my male friends who I’m not interested in having sex with, so why can’t I put the desire to have sex with women aside and let myself have love with women?” he said.

Hold up, let’s take a step back. The Baby Driver star has been dating Violetta Komyshan, professional ballerina and all-around BAMF , since 2012. They met while they were both attending LaGuardia high school, a prestigious performing arts school in New York City. And the high school sweethearts have been going strong for nearly eight years now ( save for a very brief breakup ).

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