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The final act, ushered in by the strobe of police lights, is cut to a slightly faster tempo from the beginning, then goes doubletime on the first image of what is happening to Thomas’ father.

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AntlersThe Antlers at Vail offers exceptional accommodations and is located only 150 yards from the Eagle Bahn Gondola at the base of Lionshead Village. Antlers in the early stage of growth are covered with a fuzzy skin called velvet, which contains a tremendous concentration of nerves and a vigorous supply of blood. The velvet nourishes the growing antler for about five months.

In some cases, the stresses on M. giganteus antlers were far higher than those experienced by the other deer, suggesting that the moves weren’t as feasible for the extinct species. The pushing actions employed by sparring moose, for instance, might have broken the antlers of the prehistoric creature if used too regularly.

But reindeer are the only species in which the females also grow antlers, and an explanation can be found by looking at bovids, a closely related family including antelopes, goats and sheep. Amazingly, the animal appeared to shake off the antlers quickly, despite their substantial size.

In the first edition of this text, I stated the following: ‘Two species of extant deer lack antlers altogether, the males retaining their upper canines, which are modified into permanently growing tusks. The two are the musk deer, Moschus moschiferus (Figure 8.2), from central Asia and the Himalayas, and the Chinese water deer, Hydropotes inermis, from China and Korea. Both are reminiscent of Miocene deer, which were tusked and lacked antlers’ (Hall, 2005b, p. 104).

As the days grew longer, in late April or early May, increased daylight triggered a gland at the base of the deer’s skull. This caused the buttons on the buck’s skull to produce a fleshy, bulb-type growth resembling fuzzy, fat thumbs. As June approached, the main beam began to sprout branches of the same material. The buck was growing his antlers for fall.

But that surprise may have done more than just turbocharge deer antler growth. The cancer-suppressing genes that keep growth in check also protect against cancer in general, Qiu says. Zoos, for example, have documented cancer rates in deer that are five times lower than rates in other mammals—perhaps, Davis says, a happy accident” of antler evolution.

Antlers are found in the Cervidae family—deer and their relatives. At the root of each antler is a small, bony growth called a pedicle, and every year, antlers grow out of these pedicles. Antlers are made of bone, and covered with “velvet”—a thin, soft layer of skin and blood vessels that gets scraped off the antler over time.

They rob from Peter to pay Paul, so to speak,” says Jeannine Fleegle , a wildlife biologist specializing in deer and elk for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. This process is called cyclical reversible osteoporosis, and it starts by targeting areas that do not bear weight, like the ribs.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that some scientists think antlers might hold a few secrets we could use for medicine, nerve growth and even limb regeneration. No one is suggesting growing antlers on people, but imagine what we might be able to do with those cells’ amazing generative capabilities.

In addition to sparring with their opponents, bucks also use their antlers to dig in early snows in search of food. Check-in at Antlers at Vail Resort is from 4:00 PM, and check-out is until 11:00 AM. Each studio or suite is decorated in rustic mountain style. They include a stereo and DVD player. Daily housekeeping is also provided at Antlers at Vail Resort.

Footage shows a deer shedding its antlers in the middle of the night. This is yet another one of antlers’ mind-blowing qualities, say Michael Levin , a developmental biologist at Tufts University: They can teach us about how animals that can regenerate remember their own shapes.

Pita Thomas and his colleagues have already identified three of the proteins involved in the antler’s rapid nerve production, and found that sensory neurons grow faster when all three are present in a culture. We observed that the enhancement of nerve growth was much more than the sum of their single effects, meaning that they work synergistically,” he said.

While you’ll occasionally find a shed antler, that’s not true for horns—they’re attached permanently to species in the family Bovinae, or cows and their relatives. Where antlers grow out of a bony stub, horns have a full core of bone.

Histological studies indicate that antler regeneration is a process of modified endochondral bone formation (Price et al., 1996). The growing antler branches have several zones of differentiation, beginning with a distal cap of MSCs under the velvet epidermis and dermis, followed proximally by progressively more differentiated chondrocytes (Fig. 8.34). This template is then replaced from proximal to distal with bone. The replacement process differs from that of endochondral long bone regeneration in that the whole cartilage template of the antler is penetrated from the outset by many blood vessels with perivascular osteoblasts and osteoclasts. This mechanism of ossification may be related to the fact that antler bone does not contain marrow. Eventually, the complete ossification of the antlers occludes their blood supply, leaving the antlers as masses of dead bone, ready for their function in mating contests (Goss, 1970).

Antlers at Vail has over 2000 square feet of event space on-site and is conveniently located near popular Vail wedding venues such as the Vail Interfaith Chapel, Vail’s mountain top wedding deck and the Donovan Pavilion. Our space is ideal for rehearsal dinners, brunches and group wedding lodging.

Sometimes, however, bucks actually battle fiercely and may receive serious wounds. Sometimes they may kill their opponent. Sometimes the tines of the antlers lock together during combat. Because the bucks do not have as much strength in their backward yanks as they have in their forward thrusts, they sometimes cannot unlock themselves and so subsequently die a slow death. Sometimes, the stronger buck will drag the weaker buck around for days, but it, too, will eventually die. These duels help assure the natural selection of the strongest, dominant bucks who will be able to pass along superior genes to subsequent generations.

Growth depends on nutrition and heredity. Antlers can also be found on female deer. Normally the doe has spikes that remain in velvet. The spiked doe remains fertile and can produce young. This occurs in one to every 20 thousand deer. In the Maryland deer kill, only two or three antlered doe are reported each year.

The scientists then looked for the genes underlying the evolution and development of this headgear. Qiang Qiu, a geneticist from Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an, China, and colleagues mapped out which genes were active in 16 live tissues from sheep, goats, and deer, including horns and antlers. They also assessed which genes were active in the developing embryos of some animals.

Elk, deer, and moose antlers have also become popular forms of dog chews that owners purchase for their pet canines. McElroy found the enormous skull and antlers in the same area of the lake where Kelly found the lower jawbone, and McElroy suspects the bones came from the same individual, BelfastLive reported.

At the check station, his buck created a lot of excitement. One hunter admired the “horns.” Another suggested the deer must be five to six years old because of the size of the rack and the white on the face. A Maryland Wildlife and Heritage Service biologist aged the deer by replacement and wear of the teeth on the lower jaw; it was 18 months old.Antlers

Natural circadian rhythms of the individual are responsible for the timing of events during antler growth, but experimental evidence points to the pineal gland and its response to light as being the modulator of those mechanisms responsible for gonadotropic control and hormonal control of the antler cycle and the male and female reproductive cycle.9 When the duration of daylight reaches a peak and the length of darkness is least the pineal gland responds by elaborating very little melatonin. As day length decreases and the period of darkness increases the pineal gland responds by secreting increasing levels of melatonin. Melatonin production is greatest when day length is decreasing to the lowest annual levels.

In some cases, the stresses on M. giganteus antlers were far higher than those experienced by the other deer, suggesting that the moves weren’t as feasible for the extinct species. The pushing actions employed by sparring moose, for instance, might have broken the antlers of the prehistoric creature if used too regularly.

From late winter through early spring, the habitat that big game animals rely on is usually wet, which means it’s more at risk for damage. Fortunately, you can gather shed antlers without stressing the animals or damaging their habitat, and the free antler gathering ethics course will teach you how.

Gillespie got into the horn and hide trade several decades ago after years with the Navy and as an engineer in the oil fields on Alaska’s North Slope. Now he and his wife run the Fur Exchange, where on any given day, just past the rows of wolf and opossum pelts, are piles of antlers jumbled up like waist-high tumbleweeds. On the ground are plastic bins filled with spiky tines and plates sawed down into palm-sized strips. It is an astounding volume of animal matter.

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