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Which is on the clock with the globe behind it, meaning we’ve got the globe on our back. That’s when Rakim Mayers acquired the name A$AP Rocky. So what I did was I hired somebody to be designated just for the music side of things.

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ASAP FERGASAP Ferg drops his 9-track Floor Seats EP. The project features MadeinTYO, Asian Doll, ASAP Rocky, and Ty Dolla Sign. SIGNATURE LOOK I was going to Kendrick’s concert later. And I wanted to jazz up my jeans, so I was like, A’ight, I need an outfit. I’m going to get real creative.” I’m in the middle of painting some canvas pieces, so I have paint in the crib. I just pulled it out. And I just started painting on my jeans. I went to art school, so I’ve been painting for some years now. I probably would have to say about 10 years.

United by their like-minded vision of creating high quality and heartfelt products, AGOLDE and A$AP Ferg have teamed up to create a capsule collection for spring. The collection draws inspiritation from A$AP Ferg’s favorite old pair of jeans that have seen him through tours, appearances, and plenty of BMX bike rides.

A$AP FERG: Probably not. I mean, I just — it was a feeling. I’m an artist at the end of the day. And that’s — I just felt like expressing myself through that medium that particular day, or those days.

No, because it’s really his vision and I’m pretty sure he has creative direction. Literally, he has not been designing clothes for all of these years, but it is his vision and I’m pretty sure they have a tight team of people who can carry out his vision.

In another callback to Dapper Dan’s generation, Ferg recalls how for A$AP Rocky’s Peso” music video, they were still a bunch of kids from Harlem rolling dice and hitting up the corner store, but now decked out in their own signature style. In those days, the A$AP Mob was known for wearing all-black outfits with an exaggerated gothic edge, accented by aggressive kicks from Raf Simons, Rick Owens and Jeremy Scott for adidas.

A$AP FERG: Of course. And we have to do a video interview so they can see my beautiful face. In fact, 30-year-old Ferguson started his first business way back in junior high school, he told Business Insider in a recent, wide-ranging interview.

A$AP FERG: Nope. That’s the hard part right there. It might not have a name on it. Cause that — it’s so tough to put a name on it. A$AP FERG: The spotlight on me and taking it away from other members of my crew? I never thought it about it like that because I always thought I was doing it for the crew.

KELLEY: Yeah, I don’t mean in any way that your success takes away from other people’s success. Harlem rapper ASAP Ferg is coming to San Francisco for a performance at Warfield on Nov. 26. A$AP FERG: Oh, classism, meaning like — it’s just — basically it’s not about racism no more. It’s about money.

Ferg: I’ve got a lot of influences from Malcolm X to Gandhi to RZA to DMX — Ruff Ryders, the whole movement, down to Jay Z and his movement. David Bowie, Missy, Busta Rhymes, Puff Daddy. Those are the influences, but what’s been inspiring me lately is just silence. People take silence for granted.

Ferg isn’t a bad guy, and his relative silence doesn’t mean that he thinks sexual assault is acceptable, but his refusal to denounce Bari’s alleged actions—and let’s be real, there’s video footage of him doing it, adding the word “alleged” to the sentence is just a formality—or, at minimum, sexual assault in general, only further fuels hip-hop’s stunning embrace of this growing epidemic.

And just talking and learning, you know what I’m saying? I’m not pressed to do music or nothing like that when it comes to these type of artists that I look up to because I have to — you have to understand I’m not — I have to just jump in the passenger seat when I’m with Missy or Timbaland and just learn. You know what I’m saying? Cause they got a lot of knowledge for me to absorb. So, I don’t want to just be so quick to get a song done and then just keep bouncing with life. I want to enjoy this — I want this moment to last forever.

ASAP Rocky’s release isn’t the only good news coming out of ASAP Mob’s camp this month. ASAP Ferg announced his forthcoming (upcoming, Ferg) tour. Dubbed the YEDI Tour, Ferg will uproot his catalog to Pittsburgh first November 7 and eventually make his way back to his home state for back-to-back shows December 20 and 21. Ferg’s breaking convention with his album rollout, opting to undergo a pre-album tour. Ferg’s anticipated next full-length project Floor Seats isn’t scheduled for release via RCA until November 22, over two weeks after the tour begins.

A$AP FERG: It’s going to be big. Because when I made Trap Lord I was in Harlem most of the time. I was in New York most of the time. It was very cold. I just came out of depression cause, you know, I dropped out of school like twice. I tried it and it just wasn’t working out for me. And like I just was like in a stuck place. I was probably like around 20 years old at the time. I feel like that’s one of the toughest times in somebody’s life.

Ferg: I always wanted to further my interests. That was art, since I was a little kid. All my early influences, they all came from my father who was an artist and designer. He did the Bad Boy logo, the Uptown Cats logo, Andre Harrell, and a bunch of other stuff in the music industry. I’ve always looked up to him in that way. I remember going to see silkscreens when I was a kid and being so influenced by that process. I was always inspired by my dad’s work. Seeing him making art always made me think that I could do it too. I believe it was always in my DNA to be an artist. So I took my shot and went to art school. I just wanted to be around a bunch of people that were weird and interested in the same things that I was.

A$AP FERG: They can’t take the train no more. Or they can’t even walk through a supermarket or they can’t do like — I’m pretty sure in certain neighborhoods, but they can’t do it in like Harlem — unless they with me. But, you know, just to hear my music and where I’m coming from and show that they still had the attachment to it all. It was still — it wasn’t detached from where the music actually came from.

From his debut album Trap Lord to his 2016 album Always Strive and Prosper, this list of ASAP Ferg albums also includes his mixtapes Ferg Forever and Still Striving. ASAP Ferg So I already feel how it’s supposed to feel.

In other ASAP related news, Rocky has been hinting at the next album title, which is possibly titled All Smiles. During his performance on Like A Version , Rocky covered Otis Redding’s ”(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay” while flaunting merchandise related to the possible title, including a watch, a bandana and such. Will ASAP Ferg have a verse in the new album? We have yet to find out, but we’ll surely keep you posted. For now, Ferg is planning a U.S tour, starting November 7th. You can buy your tickets here.

A$AP FERG: Well, first of all, I love animals. A$AP FERG: I feel the pain in my joints, my bones, man. I need to go get a massage right now. Hip hop artist A$AP Ferg might be best known for his music pedigree, but the New York rapper can talk high fashion with the best of them.

Cause I felt like through “Work” and “Shabba,” you know, that was a part of me. That’s a happy me or a turnt up me. But y’all don’t know these other songs. So I wanted to put out something to give the people a part of me and my thoughts on things. Because I know a lot of people don’t really read interviews and stuff like that. So I just got to give it to them through the music and the visuals.

That’s going to have a lot of dope songs, a lot of turn-up records, I’m excited to drop that. It’s pretty much done already, all the samples are getting cleared. I’m working on videos and visuals for these songs, so as soon as we get further along with that process, we should have another project out. So I’m presuming it should be somewhere during tour or right on the leg of getting out of tour.

A$AP FERG: It’s like, I ain’t gon’ keep giving you my money so you could be living in a lavish house and all that. I’ma get that big house so I could put all my soldiers on, all my young dudes that been striving for life. I’ma give them a chance or whatever like that. And I’ma — and everybody is not a leader. And that’s cool. If they chose not to lead, then they could just put me on a pedestal if they comfortable with just doing that. That’s cool. But I’ma give them the opportunity to become something bigger.

I have been producing for over 10 years. I am currently an in house producer for Quad Recording Studios and also do freelance work with artist in and out of the states. I have worked with artist such as ASAP Ferg, PNB Rock, Designer Ashanti, Bouyce Avenue,Solange, Boys II Men and many more.

Ferg dedicated the album’s most moving song, Grandma,” to his late grandmother, remembering her not just as the loving maternal figure that less detail-oriented rappers tend to commemorate their grandmothers as, but as a complicated human with concerns beyond her family, from ailments to relationship woes.

A$AP FERG: The one where Will crashed his spaceship and, like, hurt his leg and everything. He launched a clothing and jewelry line at a young age and went to art school. A$AP FERG: It is. I mean, it’s the beginning of it. I hate it every day. I mean, I don’t want to get all, like — I don’t want to stop my stripper-walk-through-club money.

Cohosted by the ASAP Foundation, which stands for Always Strive and Prosper, and Columbia University’s department of psychology, the event is dedicated to A$AP Yams, who in 2015 died of an accidental drug overdose.

Lately he’s become a certified fashion icon — designer Pierpaolo Piccioli cited Ferg as direct inspiration for the Valentino men’s spring collection he recently showed at Paris Men’s Fashion Week — but it’s the way Ferg’s effortless brand of charisma seeps into his music that first made him a bonafide star. Like Rocky, Ferg has long showed a reverence for all corners of the hip-hop universe, from Biggie to UGK and Bone Thugs. On his first two albums, he corralled a veritable wrecking crew of hip-hop elite, from Future to Missy Elliott and Chuck D. Furthermore, he proudly took up the mantle as a bullhorn for the underrepresented and silenced. Be the voice of the people who couldn’t make it out the hood,” he rapped on Rebirth,” the opener to 2016’s Always Strive and Prosper.” But it was his surprise hit last year, Plain Jane,” a tightly wound, chest-beating banger off his Stay Striving” mixtape that, after exploding on streaming services, elevated the rapper’s status in a major way.

Even after the launch of his debut album Trap Lord in 2013, Ferg continued his career in fashion, starting a clothing line with the same name. He and Dapper Dan exchange pleasantries before sitting down in the salon. They start talking about life, Harlem, and how the A$AP Mob is taking what Dapper Dan and his contemporaries started to a new level. Mentioning how Harlem style has always been linked to the South, Ferg points out that A$AP Rocky grew up in Harlem, moved to the Bronx, then moved down South, helping form his unique identity. Ferg meanwhile is a trained artist, and went on to major in fashion and minor in fine arts in school. These disparate elements form the backbone of what makes A$AP Mob so unique.

Ferg: I understood he was a part of it and that these important people were his friends, but it was regular to me. I didn’t understand the magnitude of how involved he was with them or what it meant to other people. Heavy D, Teddy Riley, all of those guys. All I knew was that this was my dad. When he introduced me to Puff Daddy, I didn’t know who Puff was. He had a big mink fur on. I remember being so in awe of him. I actually remember telling him, or trying to convince him, that the baby in the Bad Boy logo was me.

Ferg: I think New York has had a lot of energy for a long time. You’ve got to think about it. You’ve really got to think about the history of this place and its artists. It creates this vibration that’s real special.ASAP FERG

MUHAMMAD: Just make it such an impression that the love — and true love is — people are able to feel that through the generations. Ferguson started his first business selling T-shirts in junior high school, and made shirts for music artists like Jadakiss after being taught silk-screen printing by his father.

United by their like-minded vision of creating high quality and heartfelt products, AGOLDE and A$AP Ferg have teamed up to create a capsule collection for spring. The collection draws inspiritation from A$AP Ferg’s favorite old pair of jeans that have seen him through tours, appearances, and plenty of BMX bike rides.

As far as the female movement that’s happening now, I just wanted to be a part of it, because I wanted to see the camaraderie for so long. As a kid growing up, I always wanted to see Foxy Brown make songs with Lil’ Kim. I always wanted to see Monica do songs with Brandy more often. Like, “Ladies Night” Lil’ Kim’s 1997 all-female “Not Tonight” remix was amazing, and that’s what I feel is happening now with the “Hot Girl Summer” record with Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj. You also have Cardi B, Asian Doll and City Girls. It’s a great look, and I just really wanted to be a part of that energy.

Brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, MCM and Fendi were already popular amongst the hip-hop community, but many of its members couldn’t even fit into the ready-to-wear offerings. So what Dapper Dan did was put these brands in a new context, combining covetable fashion houses with more generous fits and shapes that spoke to a younger, more discerning audience. And more importantly, he turned the clothes into wearable status symbols.

MUHAMMAD: I’m curious to just really hear where you’re going to go because — not, you know — it’s one thing to, as an artist, to be in your own environment, in your element, and you’re creating strictly from what you’ve experienced in your life up until that moment you’re on the microphone or you’re expressing your art. But then, through success, you go to other areas. You experience other people and their struggle, and you identify with what they’re going through. Or you open to something completely new and now you’re trying to figure that thing out. But, of that, the world is changing constantly.

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