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In July of the same year, the song ” Salt ” appeared on SoundCloud. Look at all the feminist artists out there standing up for themselves. So who is Ava Max — you know, besides a super-talented musician with a cool, asymmetrical hairstyle?

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AVA MAXAlbanian-American dance-pop singer who channels the inventive and empowering spirits of Sia and Lady Gaga. After spending three weeks in the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100, the tune is now RIAA 2x platinum-certified and has 650 million global streams – and counting. Max has since released a slew of relatable pop songs, most notably So Am I,” which was praised for its message of universal acceptance and inclusivity. The captivating YouTube video alone has more than 75 million views.

First of all, let’s get real, Sweet But Psycho” was pretty much one of the biggest shoots of the yesteryear. There was no escaping it. It topped the charts in 17 countries and basically made Ava Max an overnight success story. Born in Milwaukee and raised in Virginia, she spent her teen years listening to icons like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, who she still cites as major influences today alongside pop heroines like Fergie, Madonna and Gwen Stefani, to name a few.

The popularity of the song changed pretty much everything for Max, who says she had never even been out of the country before. As of summer 2019, she’s been to over 30 countries in less than a year. And she’s opening for the Jonas Brothers — a turn of events she describes as “surreal,” since she had a crush on Joe growing up. Now, she’s nominated for a VMA alongside him and his brothers.

Faint acoustic guitar reverberates beneath delicate verses on the new song. It deliberately builds towards a seismically soulful refrain, I’ll have all I need, if you’d be the better half of me.” This stark and stripped ballad soars on the back of his overpowering vocals. Stay tuned for the premiere of the official music video very soon.

You might not recognise Canadian producer Henry Walter’s alter ego Cirkut but he has been behind some of the biggest tracks of the last decade like Katy Perry’s Roar” and The Weeknd’s Starboy”. Walter took Ava under his wing and helped her create Sweet But Psycho” which launched her into superstardom.AVA MAX

Only time will tell for her awaiting stans, and for Ava Max: One part Frankenstein, one part 2019, all parts pop-star. The song has taken psychopathy and tried to make it edgy. The music video depicts a woman, poisoning a man, and following him with an axe while wearing a wedding dress.

In the music video for her hit single Sweet but Psycho” (which has amassed 78 million views on YouTube) Ava Max can be seen slinking down the stairs serving sultry looks to the camera one moment, and holding a knife as she charges at her lover the next.

When she was eight, the family moved to Virginia, and she took part in plenty of singing competitions before going to high school, finding her passion for music. When she was 14, she moved with her opera singer mother to L.A. to pursue a career in music, but found the city to be “overwhelming” and returned to Virginia. Ava moved back to L.A. when she was 17.

The cover mixes heady R&B vocals, true to the original, with acoustic guitar and an emotive performance by Max, known for her theatrical style. Although she stays seated in a chair the entire time, her voice seems to fill the space of the stage. Ava Max’s formidable vocal talent no doubt comes from her mother, who was a trained opera singer. Dominating both dancefloor anthems and more stripped-down pieces like this one, Ava Max is no doubt an artist you won’t stop hearing about.

It’s definitely more sonically the same. The message is very strong and empowering pop songs. There will be songs that are a little bit more emotional. Most of it is all upbeat, pop anthems. They all stand for something. I don’t have one song about partying.

The last time I cried was actually when I heard ‘Sweet but Psycho’ on the radio for the first time, in Philly. I was so overwhelmed and excited, I was speechless and I just started crying because I’d wanted it for so long.

Indian-American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress and dancer Raja Kumari is a force of nature. A fearless, charismatic personality and natural-born storyteller, her mission is to create art that blends her Indian roots with her American upbringing. Her music is a sonic bridge between East and West that fuses the rhythms she absorbed as a trained classical Indian dancer with her love for hip-hop.

Once again, the critically acclaimed global force crosses borders and boundaries between cultures and styles and serves up an infectious international anthem. Driven by a dynamic dancehall rhythm and hummable beat, the song leaps from nimble verses into a chantable and catchy refrain. About the song, Hoodcelebrityy says, ‘Bum Pon It’ is a vibe. It’s fun, it feels good. When you hear ‘Bum Pon It’ you can’t help but to keep that ass bouncing!” The Jamaica-born and Bronx-based songstress will drop a sexy, slick, and sizzling music video to accompany Bum Pon It” very soon.

Slow Dance fuels AJ Mitchell’s ascent to pop stardom. Be sure to tune in to this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on Monday, August 26th to see a special performance from the rising artist himself and stay tuned for more big news soon.

Under the stage name Ava, her song ” Take Away the Pain ” was published in May 2013. In July 2015, the Canadian DJ and producer duo Project 46 released a remixed version of the song. In January 2016, the song ” Jet Set ” was published. In July 2016, she released the song ” Anyone But You ” via SoundCloud.

Tom Walker has risen to the forefront of popular music worldwide through a commitment to honest and heartfelt songcraft carried by his hypnotic and hard-hitting delivery. Within two years, he generated 1.5 billion streams, sold 7 million singles, moved 1 million LPs, and earned platinum certifications for Leave A Light On” in 15 countries.

Sharing real life snapshots in song, Rence magnifies his personal perspective through a genre-less palette, bordering pop, alternative, electro, indie and hip-hop all at once, yet never dipping into one for too long. The Los Angeles-based artist, who was born in D.C., spent his formative teen years in Seattle and then moved to New York to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, first allowed listeners to hear this irresistible inner monologue on his breakthrough independent project, Pink. The project’s lead single Baby Blue” racked up over 4 million Spotify streams as his total tally approached 8 million. Along the way, peers such as Chelsea Cutler and FLETCHER lent support as critical acclaim came from Hilly Dilly, Lyrical Lemonade, Ones To Watch, Elevator Magazine, and more. Tastemaker Zane Lowe handpicked Ways To Go” as his World Record” on Apple Music’s Beats 1.

You can’t look at Max and not notice the hair: one side long and teased, the other short and cropped. It’s a stark look, and a very savvy one – she can change up her fashion, her makeup, but her hair remains the same. Pop is one third image, one third sound, one third brand, and Max’s already got the sound locked down, so it’s no surprise she has the image and brand down too.

Sporting a slick and show-stopping voice, sharp songwriting chops, and endless charisma, AJ Mitchell emerges as a stylish and soulful new leading man for pop R&B. Born and raised in Bellville, IL, he went from uploading highly-trafficked covers on social media to personally writing and recording his 2017 breakout single Used To Be.” The latter clocked 33 million Spotify streams as he inked a deal with Epic Records and relocated to Los Angeles.

I learned that early on because I switched schools so much and moved around different cities.” The singer previously explained to Genius that this was the reason why the music video was set in a school because insecurities can stem from the bullying many children sadly experience there.

Ava Max is a unique new talent, crafting pop anthems with a much-needed dose of fiery female empowerment. So what’s next for the “Sweet But Psycho” star, as we head into the fall? More music, of course. Ava Max was born on the 16th of February 1994, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America. She is currently 25 years old.

Ava’s debut album is yet to be released, but she’s reportedly spent a year and a half working on it and finished recording it over Christmas 2018. She told Vanity Fair, “We’re bringing pop back. I hope you’re all ready.” Although she didn’t confirm a release date, she did say it would be coming out in 2019.

Mitchell’s 2018 major label debut EP, Hopeful, maintained his meteoric momentum with a string of hits such as I Don’t Want You Back” (19.1 million streams) and Girls” (9.2 million streams). Meanwhile, he regularly averaged over 2.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. His most recent tracks All My Friends”, Talk So Much” and Move On” have amassed over 47 million streams combined. Attracting acclaim, VEVO named him a 2019 DSCVR Artist To Watch,” and he performed on The Today Show,Good Day New York, and KTLA. Reaching 2 million cumulative followers by 2019, he kicked off the new year with the launch of the Hopeful Tour” alongside his No Plans” collaborator Marteen on the bill as support.

When she was young, Ava often would hear her mother singing fragments of opera and wanted to do the same, which led her to pursue a career in music. Another major inspiration for Ava were big celebrities from 1990-2000, such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

The international success of Sweet But Psycho” has given her that opportunity. Max is in a similar spot to where nouveau English A-lister Dua Lipa — yet another ethnic Albanian; prepare your trend pieces accordingly — found herself this time last year , turning her attention stateside following UK domination. The difference is Lipa had a few years’ worth of hits before she finally hit #1 with New Rules,” whereas Max is nearly as much of a fresh face over there as she is here. She doesn’t have the same foundation, but she does have the ear of a few dozen countries and, presumably, a widening cast of talented collaborators. If she has a compelling vision beyond mimicry and on-trend truisms, now’s her chance to bring it to life.

But! This is 2019. We are all – or at least I am – aspiring to get less hung up on the concept of originality in pop. To quote the aforementioned Legendtina, who is now coming to rot in Vegas” with the rest of ’em, there’s room for everyone on our iPods – err, streaming services now too, I guess. And that now includes Ava.

Ava Max’s breakout single Sweet but Psycho” graced the airwaves in August 2018. It peaked at #1 in 6 countries, including Sweden, Denmark and Germany. It rose to #15 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. Sweet but Psycho was produced by Canadian producer Cirkut (worked with The Weeknd , Rihanna , etc). The accompanying music video was directed by filmmaker Shomi Patwary. It commanded 13+ million views within the first 3 months. Ava Max appeared on the track Let It Be Me” from David Guetta’s 7th studio album, 7 (2018). Her next feature was on Make Up” by Vice and Jason Derulo. Max is currently signed to Atlantic Records and Full Stop Management. Full Stop is home to Harry Styles , Gwen Stefani and Meghan Trainor among others.

Although you may not be familiar with her yet, there’s a strong chance you’ve heard her breakout single ‘Sweet But Psycho’, which was the Christmas number one in Ireland, and is still topping the charts here.

My first memory of music is being at home in my basement where I would play all the CDs. I grew up listening to Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Mariah Cary and just playing their songs over and over again, trying to mimic every word.

Alongside the two new tracks, Monsta X has a monumental weekend ahead as they become the first male K-Pop group to perform at a major music festival in the United States,” gracing the Fremont Stage of Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday, September 21. They will also be the first K-pop group ever at Life Is Beautiful and will also be the first K-pop group in history to hit the stage at iHeartRadio Music Festival the same day.

Max’s ensembles often include chunky platforms. During an appearance at the NYC Pride Parade, the singer wore a pair of all-white lace-up shoes with a high block sole that boosted the singer’s height. She matched the shoes with a pair of black pants adorned with a silver chain as well as a black-and-white bodysuit and a shiny red cropped jacket.

After a year, her family decided to head back east, where Max says she “was just writing songs and basically being a teenager.” She eventually returned to California at 17, but it wasn’t until she was 21 and met a producer named Cirkut — who’s worked with Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj — that everything started clicking.

The song itself splits the difference between the kind of dance-pop that dominated radio in the late-aughts – ‘Sweet but Psycho’ wouldn’t sound out of place on GaGa’s The Fame – and more modern trends. Like Max herself, it’s a Frankenstein of a pop track. There’s a little bit of trap in the bridge, a little bit of EDM in the chorus, and the verses have an earnest bubblegum pop feel to them.

October 4, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA Today, rising genre-bursting songwriter, singer and rapper Jez Dior releases his anticipated debut studio album, Handle With Care. Ava appeared on the track Let It Be Me” from the David Guetta‘s album, 7, which was released on September 14, 2018.

That included imitating her mother, a trained opera singer, by belting out arias in Albanian around the house. At 14, when she started winning local singing competitions, she realized her talent could grow into something bigger. My mom said, ‘There’s nothing for you here,’” Ava Max remembers, and with that, her family moved to Los Angeles.

Recently Max has been honing her sound: pop anthems with a hefty dose of fiery female empowerment. Her vibrant, seismic voice has drawn comparisons to Sia and Lady Gaga, while the singer names her inspirations as Céline Dion, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

A Sony Music Entertainment Company, Epic Records has launched the careers of GRAMMY® Award-winning multi-platinum artists and influential icons since its foundation back in 1953, building a storied history as home to game-changing superstars, including Michael Jackson, George Michael, Céline Dion, Boston, Pearl Jam, Gloria Estefan, Shakira and Sly & the Family Stone, to name a few. The 2019 roster encompasses various trend-setting legends like Mariah Carey, OutKast, Ozzy Osbourne, Sade, Fiona Apple, Rick Ross, Judas Priest, and more as well some of the 21st century’s biggest and most incomparable acts, namely Travis Scott, Camila Cabello, DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor, Future, French Montana, 21 Savage, Sara Bareilles, Jidenna, Zara Larsson, and many others.

Ava Max is having a moment. The 25-year-old pop star exploded onto the scene with “Sweet but Psycho” in 2018, and hasn’t stopped churning out meaningful bops ever since. On Aug. 19, shortly after she snagged a Best New Artist nomination for the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, she gifted fans with her new single “Torn,” a fun, disco-inspired jam. So who is Ava Max — you know, besides a super-talented musician with a cool, asymmetrical hairstyle? While it may seem like Max was an overnight success, she’s been working pretty much her entire life to reach this epic level of rock-stardom.

Am I being too sensitive? Maybe. Two radio stations in my area that play this song have said, even though they understand my concern, the song is very popular so the messaging can’t be that offensive. And it continues to play, every time reinforcing for every listener that ‘śpsycho’ť is an entirely appropriate word to use to describe someone. Let’s be clear ‘ it’s not.

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