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While the advice has many hits and a few misses, the intervening narrative has Ariel singing me, me, me” such that even glints of good advice fade in the shadow of the author’s narcissistic tone, making for tedious reading.

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BABY ARIELSubscribe to ‘Teen Vogue’ on YouTube to keep up with all of our latest videos and shows. BA: On one hand, having the freedom to say whatever you want is a great thing because if you really stand by something or you really want to say something, you have all the freedom in the world to go ahead and do it. But then on the flip side, you also have all the freedom in the world to say anything bad about anyone, and I don’t think that’s right. People shouldn’t be mean on online and I think there shouldn’t be bullies, and if I could take one thing away, it would be that.

began to feature more and more of her videos on the app’s home page, and her number of followers rocketed. Suddenly the crowd starts screaming, I turn around and see Arii (Ariana Renee) and Baby Ariel‘s brother King Jacob (Jacob Martin).

In late 2018, Ariel starred in Baby Doll Records, a mini-series on Brat In 2019, she starred in Bixler High Private Eye , a Nickelodeon television film. Later that year, it was announced that she would be appearing in the Disney Channel film Zombies 2 , and will portray the role of Wynter.

Singer and superstar Baby Ariel takes a look back at her old Instagram photos. We got to catch up with our favorite baby doll recently, where she got real about dating in the public eye, the highs and lows of YouTube stardom and so much more.

Ariel Rebecca Martin, an American social media personality, singer, and actress is famous by the name, Baby Ariel in social platforms like Vine, Instagram, and YouTube. In 2017, Forbes featured her in the top list of Entertainment Influencers. As of 2019, Baby Ariel released her latest single, I heart you” and will feature in the Disney Series, Zombie 2.

In 2017, Baby Ariel was recognized as one of the most influential people on the internet by Time magazine 1 and was featured on Forbes ” 2017 list of top entertainment influencers. 2 3 She has also won the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Muser” in 2016 and 2017.

BA: Recently I’ve really been more into speaking about normal things that teenagers go through and I wish I would have started that earlier. Because I do think like a 12-year-old girl or boy who’s sitting at home who might not have too many friends or isn’t close to their family, I want them to be able to come onto my channel and look at my videos and know that someone understands whatever they’re going through. And I just wish I would have started talking about these topics earlier and been less worrisome about the bullies and everything.

It’s an anti-bullying campaign in support of young people so that they stay confident about themselves. She launched a lipstick line for her supporters as well as they seem to be inquiring on what color she wears. In the light of these initiatives, her supporters are just insanely in love with her while she gives personal attention to them and treats them like her own friends.

AS OF 2017, BABY ARIEL GOES TO SCHOOL. HER SOCIAL MEDIA CAREER IS HARD TO BALANCE WITH EDUCATION, SO THE GIRL SWITCHED TO HOME-SCHOOLING IN 2016. SHE ALSO PROMISED HERSELF TO STUDY BETTER THIS YEAR. But like with any other social media platform, the pressure to satiate followers is the driving factor day in, day out.

Baby Ariel is a pre-made townie who came with The Sims 4: Get Famous She is a four star celebrity with a great reputation , and she is based on a real life celebrity of the same name. Her preset fame quirks are “Fan Mail” and “Public Number”. Ariel has no last name in-game; “Baby Ariel” is her first name. If the player edits her in Create a Sim , they will be forced to give her a last name before exiting.

Fifteen-year-old Ariel Martin is the most-followed creator on the popular video social network. So how does a budding and keen social media dweller get started on the road to influencer-hood? Ariel says that literally anybody can do it.

Probably about two months. It was pretty crazy. It definitely took some time to realize what exactly was happening, just because the social media world is so new and so different from anything else. And once I was connecting with everybody, I realized it is something that I love to do and wanted to continue professionally.

Just what to do on each platform because it’s kind of tricky and people sometimes don’t know, but just how to differentiate the content from each platform. And just to find your voice and what you want to talk about and be on social media.

BA: The number one, I want to say, was my first relationship. My first public relationship was with Zach. When we both first started social media, the whole social media fandom at that time really wanted us to date. And, us being 14-year-olds we like, “oh my god, we should date.” We kind of had a crush on each other, but we were not old enough and we didn’t know each other enough to actually get into a full relationship, but we did jump into it because of those online comments.

The agency has inked a deal with Ariel Martin, who in less than a year captured audiences on video-based social network to become the most followed person on the platform. Fifteen-year-old Martin, who goes by the online named Baby Ariel, has 13 million subscribers on the popular lip-synching app. She has also expanded her fan base to YouTube, where she has nearly 2 million subscribers, and Instagram, where she has more than 4 million followers.

Martin, who’s better known by her 10 million fans as Baby Ariel (pronounced ar-ee-el), is the top user on The music video-centric social network boasts over 90 million users, mostly teens, and has become home to the newest crop of social media stars.

It’s been a rocky ride with friends and everything, because I’m traveling so much and I’m never home. So I have friends all across the world. They’ve been super supportive and we’ve learned how to communicate from anywhere through FaceTime and text message. It gets crazy, but I love it.

I love working with my friends and family for any type of video. It can be difficult to collaborate at times because of how crazy we all are but for the most part we all have the best time. When I’m working with my friends who also do social media, we enjoy brainstorming and thinking of out of the box videos we can create in the future.

As of 2017, Ariel’s net worth is estimated $1,75 million. Just like all social media stars, she makes a decent amount of money on advertising and featuring sponsored products on her photos and videos.

She talked to Seventeen and said, “One of them is about a boy, so it’s a relationship,” she said. “And the other one, I really like. It’s about social media in a way and about being yourself… Not even only online, but in general. Be yourself always and don’t worry about what anyone else has to say about you.” There’s no set date on when all of this will be released but we’re hoping it’s within the next year because we have a feeling it’s going to be epic.

Roughly a year ago, a storm flooded her family’s apartment. They lived out of suitcases in Martin’s grandparents’ house for a time. She stumbled across a friend’s video shared to Instagram and escaped her circumstances by losing herself in the new app.

For more on Ariel Martin’s life as a social media star, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday. But when her video lip-synching to Stupid Hoe” by Nicki Minaj was featured on the app’s homepage, her life was forever change almost overnight.

That was a process. There are two I talk about specifically, one was Zach and he and I still have a great friendship and I knew with him, because we have a great such a friendship and I respect him on such a high level, it would be fine. The social media world really wanted me to be with this boy. And even though every kid may not relate to that story, I know they can relate to the pressures of social media.

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