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Baylee Littrell, 16, took a slightly different tack than his dad. Eventually, he met Dorough, Carter, and McLean through a co-worker, and the four decided to form a group, naming themselves after an Orlando flea market.

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BACKSTREET BOYSIf you want a lasting memory of when the Backstreet Boys came to Raleigh, you can now bid on the Carolina Hurricanes jerseys they wore during the show. The Way It Was” is our own personal Backstreet marijuana in a Nick Carter flavor and that’s the way it is. Kevin Richardson used to sing into a broom handle while standing on top of a hill so he could pretend the valley below was a stadium full of cheering fans.

The Boys acted like teens themselves, with a lot of brotherly camaraderie during and between the songs, and plenty of light moments to contrast the dramatics. At one point, when the guys were getting in position for a new song, Carter cheekily just sat on the stage in a meditative pose. And there was a funny bit in which McLean and Richardson changed onstage behind boxes — to cover their “Dad bods,” as Richardson joked — and they wrung out the sweat from their clothes and tossed some into the pit (including an autographed pair of briefs), giving back to the women who tossed their bras and underwear on stage at shows over the years.

Unfortunately for a lot of people out there, there is a future for the Backstreet Boys, and fortunately for a lot of fans that we have. We have another 17 years in us. There’s more music to be made, there’s more history, there’s more events, there’s more moments that we can share with our fans in the future.

The body slides, spins and Motown-indebted arm gestures and mic-stand dips showed up for several ballads, too, from “As Long As You Love Me” to “All I Have to Give,” along with the Boys’ signature smolder and puppy-dog eyes as they dramatically honored their soulmates and pined for unrequited love. Naturally, it was over-the-top, but fans were enthralled, taken back to their simpler times when they were younger and such matters of the heart meant everything in the world.

Aaron Carter’s career began in 1997, aged nine , when he scored two UK Top 10 hits with songs from his debut album. He released four more albums, including a comeback release in 2018, and appeared on numerous reality TV shows including Dancing With the Stars. He entered a rehab facility in September 2017, following a dramatic drop in weight after he just stopped eating”.

Some of their struggles are well documented and will be familiar to most hardcore BSB fans: AJ McLean has been forthcoming about his struggles with substance abuse, and Brian Littrell’s voice isn’t what it used to be due to a condition called muscle tension dysphoria, in which the muscles around the voice box constrict, impairing his vocal range.

Far and wide across social media platforms, there are a few performances that keep getting talked about – the Backstreet Boys performing New Love” and the one that you came here for. Don’t act like you don’t know.

On a timely note, so many of you have chosen to use our inbox to express your concerns about recent events concerning Nick. We only have this to say — the universe is good to good people. We obviously love Nick and are praying, sending good vibes, etc. to he and his family as they await the arrival of their sweet baby. We are also praying for peace and healing for the family as a whole. This is something that no family should have to go through, especially publicly, but this is real life and as painful as it is to watch (and we’re sure, to live through), we can only remain positive that everyone will eventually be okay.

42. Oh my God, I hate it when the Backstreet Boys play instruments so hard, my top flies off. The worst! I mean…Sphynkter. The Backstreet Boys perform at Bridgestone Arena Monday, August 26, 2019. Returning to Orlando in grand style, Backstreet Boys Nick, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and AJ McLean brought their DNA World Tour back to where it all began.

While the synchronized dance, pop music stylings, slick matching outfits and overall wholesome feel of boy bands may seem like a deterrent to many, it’s the driving force of fandom for many others, as literally thousands swelled from nearby parking into the arena to witness 26 years of legacy at the Backstreet Boys’ Utah stop on their “DNA World Tour.” Fans donned shirts spotted with images of the band, with more still decked in garb from concerts and tours past, while lines wrapped around the arena for the chance to grab tour merchandise. Promptly at 8 p.m. when the show was set to start and the microphone kicked in, a ripple of excited screams sent elated masses flying to their seats so they wouldn’t miss a moment.

Backstreet was back in Milwaukee last night as Nick, Brian, Howie, AJ and Kevin all returned to Wisconsin for one of Fiserv Forum’s most anticipated concerts thus far. Currently promoting their newest album, “DNA,” the Backstreet Boys’ headlining tour of the same name is the band’s biggest in over a decade and features a setlist with more than 30 of your favorite BSB tracks.

Litrell’s 16-year-old son, Baylee Littrell, opened the show with songs leaning toward country and Americana — singles Boxes,” We Run this Beach” and Don’t Knock It” — and playing on the DNA” theme of the tour. Their chosen genres differ, but Baylee inherited his father’s vocals.

Because this time, the pit” felt like that Backstreet Boys had chosen to make us a part of the show. It felt like this tour is for us and equally ours all at once. For those of us who stood in summer heat of the fan pit” for multiple concerts at outdoor amphitheaters during the IAWLT tour and returned time and time again to Vegas, cramming into both sides of the stage to be included in an unforgettable energy, the circle experience felt easy.

As we’ve stated on our Twitter, if the Backstreet Boys spent 2 minutes with every person who went through the meet & greet line, they would be standing there for over two hours before performing a two hour show…every night. We’ve seen multiple people suggest tricks” to stretch out their meet and greet, but the truth of the matter is, we wouldn’t suggest being that person either. The truth is — if you’re chill and plan out what you want to say, you’ll have plenty of time to say what you want and make it count. Personally, we’ve always been able to say most of what we wanted to say and do what we wanted to do and when we haven’t, it’s been our own faults. The Boys have been nothing but kind and willing to listen. They’ve been MORE than willing to comply with crazy photo ideas and make an effort to make the most of the time that we are all given together.

The album’s first single, ” Incomplete “, was released to radio stations on March 28, 2005. Following the release of the single, they embarked on their Up Close & Personal Tour in March which served as a pre-album release tour. “Incomplete” peaked at number 13 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and charted within the top 10 in 13 countries. It debuted at number one in Australia, becoming their first number-one hit in the country.

The quick setlist offered just enough enthusiasm and length for those filling up the arena to get hyped for the evening’s entertainment without overstaying any welcome, and soon after the final applause silenced and Littrell left the stage, the anticipation began to build.

Family was a constant theme of the night, even with the opening performance, as country pop singer Baylee Littrell, son of BSB’s Brian Littrell, opened the show with an impressive performance. He isn’t going the boy band route, but he is definitely following in his dad’s footsteps.

The top-selling boy band of all time is back together in their original lineup, and there’s no better way to make the announcement than a reference to their 1997 hit: Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” After a six-year hiatus, Kevin Richardson returned to the Backstreet Boys in 2012, officially reuniting the iconic boy band for a new album and tour. The result, 2013’s In A World Like This, marked the band’s 20th anniversary and featured the boys’ signature harmonies on tracks like Breathe” and lead single In A World Like This.” On tour in 2013, the Backstreet Boys have been thrilling nostalgic fans with performances of their greatest hits including Quit Playing Games With My Heart” and I Want It That Way.” Ticket buyers rave about their tightly-choreographed live performances while looking forward to another 20 years with Backstreet.

The Backstreet Boys’ Kevin Richardson used to stand at the volleyball court at the Cathedral Domain Camp and Conference Center and sing to the tree line. Backstreet Boys returned Monday to Bridgestone Arena, a stop on the band’s ‘DNA’ arena tour.

While the throwbacks were best received throughout the two-hour set, one highlight performance from the Backstreet Boys’ newest album came with their performance of “No Place,” which the guys sang while the music video played for fans on the video boards. The video showed the guys spending time with their families, with several “Backstreet Babies” stealing the spotlight. They may need to film a new version, however, as Nick’s next child is expected in just a couple weeks.

Please note that we’re not here to discuss the pricing or the way things played out with packages and whatnot. If you couldn’t afford the circle or couldn’t stand for a long period of time, we get it. From circle to nosebleeds, there’s not a single fan that shows up for the Backstreet Boys on tour that is better than any other.

As the five men continued to steadily circle around us from main stage to second stage and the in between for the whole show, there was excitement, a warmth and suddenly, the circle felt like it was a hug. The music wrapped us in its familiar tones, the Boys were present and performing but also including fans in every single moment and in those hours, in that circle, we were protected. Inside that circle, we were protected from the outside – the people who told us to stop wasting money on a band, the real life problems we might have been facing earlier that day, the anything-but-wonderful thoughts that we sabotage ourselves with. There is a comfort and a peace and a euphoria and a circle full of memories that will no doubt make this a chapter we won’t soon forget.

Unfortunately for a lot of people out there, there is a future for the Backstreet Boys, and fortunately for a lot of fans that we have. We have another 17 years in us. There’s more music to be made, there’s more history, there’s more events, there’s more moments that we can share with our fans in the future.

The Hits – Chapter One, also known as Greatest Hits – Chapter One internationally, is the first greatest hits compilation released by American band, the Backstreet Boys. The album features fifteen of the group’s classic hits, as well as one new song, “Drowning”. “Drowning” was the album’s only single, peaking at number four on the UK Singles Chart and making the top 10 in most countries. A video album, featuring all of the videos from the release, was made available around the same time as the album. The album went to number four on the US Billboard 200 chart and was certified platinum by the RIAA. This was their second album to reach number four in the US following Backstreet Boys in 1997 and their fourth consecutive top-ten album in the US following Black & Blue in 2000.

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