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No, it’s not 1999 anymore, but that’s OK. At least, that’s what the Boys are telling us. Instead of being in denial that 26 years have passed since the band was formed, they’ve repackaged themselves with a new angle.

backstreet boys concert review – Backstreet Boys Are Back, Larger Than Life, At First Milwaukee Concert In 14 Years

BACKSTREET BOYSIf you want a lasting memory of when the Backstreet Boys came to Raleigh, you can now bid on the Carolina Hurricanes jerseys they wore during the show. Despite the fact that the group took up residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas for the two years leading up to the “DNA World Tour,” fans clearly noted there was something different about their Salt Lake tour stop, both from the fan and the band perspective, with plenty of gratitude to be had all around.

Speaking of tour season, this is the length of time that the Backstreet Boys are on tour (usually Summer) and everything else in life is contingent on those dates. Family vacation? Mmmm yeaaahhh, let me check these other important dates. A summer wedding? Yeah, only if it works around the weekend they’ll be out of town for two back to back concerts.

The Backstreet Boys are the most successful boy band in history, having sold over 130 million records worldwide, and with their first nine albums reaching the top 10 on the Billboard 200. Florida natives A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, and Nick Carter, along with Kentucky transplant Kevin Richardson, were joined in a band once they attended Lou Pearlman’s auditions for a vocal group in 1992, with the group being completed by Kevin’s cousin Brian Litrell. Once took under the wing of Swedish producer Max Martin in 1995, the stage was set for global domination, attracting the lust of women and the anger of men. While the fad died down and Kevin even left for a while, the band never officially took a break or such.

As we’ve stated on our Twitter, if the Backstreet Boys spent 2 minutes with every person who went through the meet & greet line, they would be standing there for over two hours before performing a two hour show…every night. We’ve seen multiple people suggest tricks” to stretch out their meet and greet, but the truth of the matter is, we wouldn’t suggest being that person either. The truth is — if you’re chill and plan out what you want to say, you’ll have plenty of time to say what you want and make it count. Personally, we’ve always been able to say most of what we wanted to say and do what we wanted to do and when we haven’t, it’s been our own faults. The Boys have been nothing but kind and willing to listen. They’ve been MORE than willing to comply with crazy photo ideas and make an effort to make the most of the time that we are all given together.

The Backstreet Boys performed at Hersheypark Stadium on Monday night. The show was a rescheduled date from the band’s concert on Aug. 18, which was canceled shortly after it started due to inclement weather.

Litrell’s 16-year-old son, Baylee Littrell, opened the show with songs leaning toward country and Americana — singles Boxes,” We Run this Beach” and Don’t Knock It” — and playing on the DNA” theme of the tour. Their chosen genres differ, but Baylee inherited his father’s vocals.

All of them included a meet and greet with the Backstreet Boys. The one thing that we had dreamed about since becoming a fan and there it was – an option for us to purchase. It was an option for us to tell them our names, to say thank you, to hug the people that made the music that got you through the best times and worst times, and have it commemorated forever.

The Backstreet Boys earn money through several income streams. Among their income sources is touring and album sales. On March 1, 2017, the group began a Las Vegas residency at Zappos Theater (formerly The AXIS Theater) in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. According to FOX5 Vegas – KVV, Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life was the fastest-selling residency in Las Vegas in history at the time.

When DNA was released, fans poured in with love for Nick Carter’s vocals on The Way It Was” (Sidenote: Can we also talk about how gooooddd Kevin hits us with that YOU. KNOW. I still want you baaaaabay…” at some point?). When he teased that he may sing it at his acoustic event in Vegas in April, fans were drooling at the very idea of it.

The Hits – Chapter One, also known as Greatest Hits – Chapter One internationally, is the first greatest hits compilation released by American band, the Backstreet Boys. The album features fifteen of the group’s classic hits, as well as one new song, “Drowning”. “Drowning” was the album’s only single, peaking at number four on the UK Singles Chart and making the top 10 in most countries. A video album, featuring all of the videos from the release, was made available around the same time as the album. The album went to number four on the US Billboard 200 chart and was certified platinum by the RIAA. This was their second album to reach number four in the US following Backstreet Boys in 1997 and their fourth consecutive top-ten album in the US following Black & Blue in 2000.

But it’s not just soccer moms who show love to BSB these days. More than 25 years after the group formed in 1993, the boy band is enjoying a resurgence of Backstreetmania. Its 2019 album, DNA, debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart in January, making it the group’s first album to achieve the feat since 2000’s Black & Blue.

In DNA, the group has managed to find that middle ground better than I could describe it. In “Chateau,” they abandon Millennium’s “Don’t Want You Back,” for a song of forgiveness that sings the contrary: Baby, I want you back. Twenty years after the fact, the Backstreet Boys have created an album with the levity of catchy pop music and the gravity of men who seem to know better.

The quintet hasn’t retained just its familiar clothes, style and stomp-and-thrust dance moves — it has also held onto fans. Backstreet Boys admirers young and old packed the arena. At some points, the band couldn’t be heard over the sound of cheering fans.

Brian Littrell is also a Christian recording artist. He released his debut solo album Welcome Home in May 2006 through the Sony BMG and Christian music label Reunion Records. The album reached the No. 74 spot on the Billboard 200 and the No. 3 spot on the Christian Albums chart. The single Welcome Home (You),” reached the No. 1 spot on the Christian Songs chart and resulted in a Dove Award for best video of the year. Brian Littrell has a net worth of $45 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

On January 28, 2001, the Backstreet Boys performed the American national anthem at the Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa, Florida 71 A week earlier, the group began the ” Black & Blue Tour “, which featured shows in five continents. The tour was put on hold in July when it was reported that McLean had entered rehab to battle alcoholism and depression after Richardson held an intervention for him at a Boston hotel. 72 The tour resumed in August and concluded in November.

Though the themes of the show weren’t that of a typical Backstreet Boys concert, the band’s performance still felt recognizable. The group aimed to take audience members back to the good old days when you had nothing to worry about,” Richardson said.

One of the most impressive parts of the night was how well the new songs meshed with the Backstreet Boys canon that fans were clearly expecting to hear, with some songs just a shortened glimpse of what fans are in for with the album while others were shared in entirety.

It is not correct to say the Backstreet Boys are back.” They never really went away. AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson perform “Passionate” while changing on stage during the Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour. We all joke about it not being such a bad view – to be staring at the back of the Backstreet Boys for some of the show – but to be honest, more than a few of us wondered if it was the best view.

More than 30 songs were on the agenda during the two-hour concert, and the men of Backstreet — Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough — worked hard to deliver them with snazzy style.

The truth about VIP Meet & Greet is that it’s up to you. This tour is offering an actual limited number VIP experience with a backstage lounge with snacks, photo opportunities with your friends, and a place to chill while you wait (which you might not be able to fully appreciate unless you’ve been to VIP on past tours, waited for hours in the heat outside and had to eat before you came) and meet and greet. You get the chance to meet your favorite band members, to hug them, to thank them, to create a memory. Whether you think it’s enough that they’ll remember you the next time or not, why does it matter? You’ll remember it. We guarantee that you’ll treasure it. And you’ll have a friggin photo to prove it! With YOU by yourself with ALL. FIVE. BACKSTREET BOYS.

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