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Just like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull dealt with old age, Bad Boys for Life leans into Mike and Marcus not being bad anymore, and the dilemmas of losing their street edge.

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Bad Boys for LifeWARNING: The following article contains minor spoilers for Bad Boys For Life , in theaters now. Number wise, Dolittle looks similar in some regards to Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. That Disney evil princess movie cost $185M before P&A ($10M more than Dolittle) and fizzled stateside, with a 3-day opening of $36.9M. Finance sources have informed me that the movie broke even with its $113.6M domestic, and $491.5M WW box office. However, Maleficent 2 had overseas working greatly in its favor, with a $153M global opening weekend.

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah certainly fit the bill for the type of filmmakers that Marvel likes to work with following the success of Bad Boys for Life at the box office. The studio tends to look at up-and-coming directors who could potentially thrive in a big, blockbuster environment Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson, Spider-Man: Homecoming Jon Watts and Captain Marvel duo Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden are a few other examples.

In BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, Miami narcotics detectives Marcus Burnett ( Martin Lawrence ) and Mike Lowrey ( Will Smith ) have been partners for 25 years. But when Marcus becomes a grandfather, he starts thinking about retiring. Meanwhile, Mike, who wants to keep being a cop, is shot by a mysterious assassin. While Mike recovers, Marcus promises God that he won’t bring any more violence into the world. Mike decides to go after the shooter himself, but the captain ( Joe Pantoliano ) pairs him with a new, young team of computer specialists (Paola Nunez, Vanessa Hudgens , Alexander Ludwig , and Charles Melton ). Before long, Mike finds a clue to the villain’s identity – and it has something to do with his own dark past. For the final showdown, Marcus realizes he can’t let his old partner down.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith probably require some hefty paychecks to keep around, but it is well worth it to see their dynamic on screen. It is ninety percent of the reason people see these movies, after all, with the other ten percent being the magnificent action sequences.

That doesn’t really ring true, and unfortunately, the reveal derails Bad Boys for Life’s climax. Suddenly, the breezy action-comedy feels like a drama. Characters utter lines that would be more at home in Star Wars than Bad Boys movies. It sucks all the fun out of the room. Like we said, some personal stakes are good, but this is still Bad Boys. Don’t ask us to take it too seriously.

Its domestic box office total is over $100 million. The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated BAD BOYS FOR LIFE. That movie has also crossed the $100 million milestone at the domestic box office.

While Bad Boys and Bad Boys II were directed by Michael Bay, the third installment is being overseen by directorial duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, best known for their work on the crime drama Black and FX series Snowfall. The change isn’t surprising. Bad Boys was Bay’s first film credit, but today he is a household name. Bay currently has six features in various states of production. When asked about Arbi and Fallah, Lawrence told ScreenRant the change was different but not bad.

Imax screens for Bad Boys for Life grossed $7.5M over four days, becoming the second-highest January opening ever for the large format exhibitor, after American Sniper. The Smith-Lawrence movie is also the second-highest January global opening for Imax with $9M. Bad Boys for Life also had the biggest Thursday night in January with $801K on Imax, beating American Sniper‘s Imax ticket sales for the night, which were $559K.

So much has happened since Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, in that order of billing, struck gold with director Michael Bay’s feature debut Bad Boys” (1995) and its sequel, Bad Boys II” (2003). Presidents came and went. Green Book” won the Oscar. Our dog turned 14.

Any reader who has yet to see the film should skip to the next entry because this one will have major spoilers. Before the climactic battle in Mexico, Michael Lowrey discovers that the person who has been trying to take out the heroes is none other than his son, though his child is unaware of this.

Mike has it even worse: At the beginning of the movie, he’s gunned down in a surprise drive-by shooting by an old rival, setting him on the road towards vengeance. The Bad Boys have always been fun to watch, but in Bad Boys for Life they’re also relatable. For the first time, it feels like we’re getting a glimpse underneath their cool, wisecracking demeanors.

It’s been 24 years since Bad Boys premiered, but it seems our favorite renegade cops are back! Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are slated to reunite on the mean streets of Miami early next year. But what can viewers expect from Bad Boys for Life? The new trailer shows a plot which is funny, familiar, and comfortable.

The Hollywood trend of the mid-Aughts and the first half of the last decade steered towards PG-13 action films with neutered violence and sloppy editing to hide blood and impactful violence. With movies like Deadpool and Logan proving adult blockbusters can make bank at the box office, the industry is once again putting more faith into R-rated action movies.

Coming nearly two decades after the last entry, this third buddy-cop continues with the series’ same kind of cluttered, noisy filmmaking, but now it’s accompanied by a sense of pained weariness. Belgian filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah take over for original director Michael Bay but continue with his chaotic style – i.e. the logic of a scene doesn’t matter as much as how big it is. It’s often exhausting trying to follow the haywire chronological and spatial logic of the action in Bad Boys for Life, as characters move through space and time at different rates, depending on what the plot needs.

Through the last week in January, overall domestic box office sales remain up over 12% from 2019, according to Comscore. Theaters are expected to get another jolt in February when Warner Bros. comic-book adventure Birds of Prey” graces the big screen.

Perhaps the only surprise in Bad Boys For Life” is its desire to embroil us in an emotional stake for Mike and Marcus. Not in the superficial, buddy-buddy, bromantic way you’d expect, but in a sincerely earnest way that is kind of off-putting when you remember how Bay’s films avoided any semblance of warmth. Dare I say that directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah steal a page from the old man’s lament” playbook that buoyed ” Pain and Glory ” and The Irishman ,” and that Smith and Lawrence do their best to try and pull it off. I had a too much, too little, too late” reaction to these attempts to fully humanize Mike and Marcus, but your mileage may vary here. If nothing else, I appreciated the attempt.

In selling to the Hispanic demo for Bad Boys for Life, some of Sony’s efforts included a two-day Miami takeover, with appearances from Smith, Lawrence, and Nicky Jam, as well as filmmakers. The takeover consisted of a visit to Pitbull’s charter school SLAM! Miami, where Mayor Francis X. Suarez presented Smith and Lawrence with the keys to the city. He proclaimed Jan. 12 Bad Boys for Life Day,” with the duo made honorary police officers.

Bad Boys for Life is an upcoming American Action film directed by Adil El Arbi and written by Chris Bremner “Bad Boys for Life” There is less left for us to see Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) on the big screen again. ‘Bad Boys for life’ is the third installment of the saga that started Michael Bay in 1995 with ‘Two rebel cops’, and after watching his official trailer, today we have his final poster among us. This new installment of the cops with more roll of the action cinema comes from the hand of Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi, the new directors of the film and those responsible for bringing Lowrey and Burnett back in a third installment in which We will have large doses of humor and action.

Arbi and Fallah capture Bay’s style without mimicking him completely. They don’t move the camera as much, and they give some of the bigger shots more room to breathe. Before Bad Boys for Life, putting anyone but Bay in the director’s chair would’ve felt like sacrilege. Afterwards, it’s clear that some new blood was exactly what the franchise needed.

The convoluted plot keeps finding false endings that just lead to bigger outlandish stunts — many, many helicopters and motorcycles — until it ends in a rundown palace in Mexico City with a fiery conclusion that goes to cartoonish, very Bay-ish lengths. Smith and Lawrence are far from home, on foot and facing a military-style ambush. It is a franchise that has lost its way.

Universal’s Dolittle,” an adventure movie that casts Robert Downey Jr. as the titular, fictional veterinarian, landed in third: It sold around $12.5 million in domestic tickets according to Comscore, which compiles box office data. That’s a paltry amount for a movie that cost at least $200 million to make and market — and was in only its second weekend in domestic theaters.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s third turn as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett continued to gain steam at the box office this weekend. “Bad Boys For Life” remained the top-grossing flick at the domestic box office for the second week in a row, hauling in $34 million.

In fact, if we you minus the Peas music video and Smith’s social media following, Bad Boys for Life would still be left with a near half billion worth of followers (well ahead of the action comedy average social media universe count of 156M).

Fairly early in the film, Captain Howard (Joe Pantoliano) delivers a line which neatly summarizes the entire picture: There’s nothing sadder than old men reliving their past.” Will Smith, although seemingly ageless, certainly needs to find better ways to prolong his career. What happened to powerful performances like 7 Pounds? I Am Legend was more action focused but still highlighted Smith’s talents. That being said, I completely understand why Martin Lawrence is here. He’s been in ten movies since the last Bad Boys, and not one of them has been especially successful.

Sony likely had a hunch Bad Boys” would again resonate on the big screen. Even before the latest entry hit theaters, the studio announced a fourth movie was in the works Since it’s in the early stages, it’s too early to tell when the next installment will be released, or how receptive audiences will be to another go-around with Miami’s notorious detectives.

I’ve also heard it wasn’t always simpatico between Gaghan and Downey, Jr (but still, we’ve seen such torturous projects like Venom rise like a phoenix from the ashes). Anyway, Uni knew that they had a bag of rocks on their hands with this $175M production. One finance source remarked You can tell what they think of the movie by releasing it at a time when most kids are in school.” But, that said, if there’s a weekend to do a cash grab, it’s on a 4-day holiday where close to 100% K-12 kids are off on Monday. Not to mention, Jumanji: The Next Level would have buried this film at Christmas.

At the Hidalgo Palace, Mike scolds Isabel for not telling Armando the truth about his father and for raising him to be an assassin. A shootout occurs between AMMO and Isabel’s henchmen which ends when Marcus shoots the pilot of Isabel’s getaway helicopter, causing it to crash into the building setting it ablaze. While Marcus briefly incapacitates Isabel, Mike confronts Armando to try and convince him he is his father. Armando refuses to believe him until Mike insists that Isabel confirm it. Isabel shoots at Mike but strikes Armando instead, after which Rita shoots and kills Isabel. They all escape the burning building, where Mike tells Armando he will have to pay for his crimes, but Mike will be there for him. Sometime later, Rita is named the new police captain while Mike and Marcus, having decided to come out of retirement, are placed in charge of AMMO.

Granted, while we’re lead to believe that Bad Boys For Life takes place in our current year, there’s nothing specifically in the movie that indicates that it’s set in the present. It’s entirely possible that Bad Boys For Life is actually a period piece, and the events seen in the film take place six years earlier in 2014. After all, we don’t hear any characters mention either 2019 or 2020, and if the producers wanted to be cheeky, they could throw this excuse out rather easily. It’s doubtful that they intended Bad Boys For Life to take place in 2014 instead of 2020, but at least it’d make more sense based on what was already established in the timeline. Therefore, if the producers and filmmakers want a quick-and-easy explanation, this one is the best bet.

Serrano: Listen, it seemed pretty clear with the end-credits scene that the Bad Boys franchise is angling to make itself an alternate to the Fast & Furious franchise. So I guess let’s go ahead and throw Vin Diesel in there just to make things a little bit spicy.

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