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Bad BunnyBad Bunny, originally from Puerto Rico, is most recognized for his explosive and infectious trap songs. BAD BUNNY: With my first album, X 100PRE, there were three songs that were left out, but I love them. I took them out because I did not want to make an album with so many songs. Someday they have to be released, even if I have to give them for free or whatever, because they’re so good. I don’t like to waste music. Even if one person enjoys a song, it makes sense for it to exist.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — No one in Puerto Rico can go anywhere without listening to a song from Bad Bunny’s debut album X100PRE,” a play in letters and numbers that reads por siempre,” Spanish for forever.

Marc Anthony’s foundation Maestro Cares confirmed that it will begin the initiative, their second project in Puerto Rico, along with Bad’s organization Good Bunny Foundation. “Maestro Cares in conjunction with the Good Bunny Foundation, Unicef and LISC will repair and rehabilitate six baseball fields throughout Puerto Rico in the cities of Vega Baja, Loiza, Isla Verde, Yabucoa, and Yauco,” MC said in a press release.

Then, in 2018, Bad Bunny collaborated with J Balvin once more—along with Cardi B—on the Billboard Hot 100 number-one single “I Like It.” In October of the same year, Bad Bunny collaborated with Drake on “Mia,” which reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100. A month later, Bad Bunny released “Te Guste” with Jennifer Lopez , which also featured an impossibly sexy video with the fellow Puerto Rican singer.

Wednesday night (September 18) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Bad Bunny and Residente stopped by to perform their hit collaboration “Bellacoso” with some backup dancers and brought the reggaeton tune’s energy to life onstage in true magnetic fashion. Everyone involved probably burned 10,000 calories with all of their bouncing around, and if the camera was turned towards the audience, it would probably show them equally as bouncy and energized, too.

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Based on his trajectory so far, Bad Bunny is bound to be a household name in the U.S. very soon. But he’s still in artistic puberty. His legs are a bit wobbly, like a baby giraffe. He’s figuring out how to grow — not just as a rapper, but as a human — in the limelight. Catch him now in this formative moment and be witness to the evolution ahead.

I knew people were going to relate to this song because we’ve all gotten that message that says ‘we have to talk’ and we know how that always makes things tense,” said Bad Bunny during an Instagram livestream on Christmas Day.

Self-love, inclusivity and LGBTQ acceptance aren’t the only progressive ideas reflected in his music. On “Solo de Mi,” he sings about autonomy after terminating a romantic partnership: “Don’t call me baby, I’m not yours or anyone else’s, I belong only to myself.” In the video, the theme was translated as a statement against gender-based violence. It’s a topic that’s particularly salient in Puerto Rico right now; late last November, only weeks before the video debuted, protestors had camped outside La Fortaleza (the governor’s mansion) in Old San Juan for a full weekend, asking that the Governor, Ricardo Rosselló, declare a state of emergency after the year’s femicide toll in Puerto Rico reached 41 women, with at least 23 of them murdered by intimate partners.

Nonetheless, Balvin and Bad Bunny benefit from their differences in approach, and their curated choice of guests represent a shrewdness that defies genre convention. A known quantity for rock en español devotees, Marciano Cantero of the Argentinian group Los Enanitos Verdes comes through with a wizened third verse and a witty yet caustic bridge on “Un Peso.” The placement thumbs its nose at those purists who dismiss and demonize urbano, folks who’d assuredly be affronted that such an esteemed roquero would set foot in the studio with such riff raff.

BAD BUNNY: I used to have all the time in the world to write, so my favorite place to write was the terrace of my house. Videos Oficiales de Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny is bringing his X100PRE Tour Presented by Corona Estéreo Beach to Barclays Center on Friday, December 6.

Still, the reverence for his elder shone through, even as Bad Bunny padded his praise with in-jokes, irony and sarcasm. Referring to the song Odio” (Hate”), a pop-R&B number and the closest thing to a ballad on Oasis,” Bad Bunny recalled writing it long ago and having to wait forever for Balvin to finish his section.

Narrator: Meet Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican rapper taking over YouTube. Bad Bunny is a trap rapper who is making waves in the Latin music world. His debut album, “X 100PRE,” scored the No. 1 spot on the Top Latin Albums chart this year. But it’s probably not the first time you’ve seen him. He’s worked with Cardi B on “I Like It” and “Mia” with Drake. And he just dropped his new song, “Callaita.” But Bad Bunny’s appeal extends beyond these star-studded music collaborations. He’s been instrumental in bringing Latin trap to mainstream American audiences while rapping mostly in Spanish.

All things considered, last Friday’s surprise drop of Oasis, a joint mini-album from Bad Bunny and J Balvin, shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise then. First hinted at roughly a year ago and teased repeatedly in the interim, the pairing reunites the Spanish-language stars of Cardi B’s Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 “I Like It.” That boogaloo-derived cut existed very much in the synergistic mode common throughout reggaetón and trap en español, and its strong performance left many hungry for more from the pair. Those who know this music well, of course, knew they’d linked previously and potently a handful of times already.

As part of the tour partnership with the brand, Corona Estéreo Beach will bring a sensory experience – building a vibe around the mindset of relaxing with friends and creating an energetic environment alongside the reggaeton sounds of Bad Bunny that will get everyone moving.

In 2018, Bad Bunny’s “La Nueva Religión” tour proved to be a phenomenal success with most dates selling out including a show in Miami at AmericanAirlines Arena back in April. “La Nueva Religión” tour made the list of the Top 5 on the Hot Tours recap reported by Billboard Boxscore.

As far as we know, Bad Bunny isn’t dating anyone officially—at least not publicly. Regardless, the rapper hasn’t shied away from feeding into the aforementioned speculation about his sexuality—particularly in his music videos, which some fans believe include nods to LGBTQ culture. In the video for his song “Caro,” for instance, he surprised fans by letting a woman take the lead as his body double. Another scene finds him being kissed—on the cheek, that is—by both men and women. Regardless of who he’s dating, one thing is clear: Bad Bunny is confident being exactly who he is.

This leads up to his debut album, “X 100PRE,” which, unsurprisingly, skyrocketed to the No. 1 spot on the Top Latin Albums chart. With his rhythmic cadence and slow slurs, Bad Bunny has a unique sound that is unlike anything else on the Latin music scene. This is largely due to his willingness to cross music genres, ranging from Latin trap, reggaeton, and pop.

He’s worked with big names like Cardi B, Drake, and Jennifer Lopez. And in 2018, Bad Bunny was YouTube’s third-most viewed artist with 7 billion views.

Oasis doesn’t truly get to the emo heart of Bad Bunny’s millennial oeuvre until track five, “La Canción.” Over a distant touch of jazz and a slippery beat, he broods and brays about lost love and the memories of her brought on by hearing a particular song. This is the Conejo Malo that made “Amorfoda” and X100PRE highlight “Solo de Mí” into relatable anthems. By contrast, Balvin’s more measured presence on the cut feels almost intrusive on what amounts to a diary entry. If anything, this is the inherent flaw that prevents Oasis from achieving its full potential—it’s a compromise that finds them too comfortable in their own lanes.

Bad Bunny concerts last for a couple of hours. Sometimes, Bad Bunny will feature local artists as opening acts or during intervals in his setlist. Many of his songs are performed with enthusiastic backup dancers to keep the crowd pumping.

His style, with its healthy punch of dork factor, is of the now in a way that is similar to Post Malone ‘s very self-aware, disheveled, sleazy look. Take the music video Estamos Bien ,” where Bad Bunny fearlessly wears high-waist shorts (denim!) with a dad belt, pulled-up sports socks, and a camp shirt. (In this look, he holds the leash of a ferocious, chunky-faced pitbull who wears sunglasses.) Bad Bunny seamlessly sells the short shorts look as well. He really knows how to wiggle those knobby knees in a pair of shiny citrine basketball shorts. Trust me and watch Como Soy” again for the full effect.

This year Bad Bunny dominated the Latin music charts with hits like MIA” with Drake, El Baño” with Enrique Iglesias, Amorfoda” and I Like It”, a song recorded with Cardi B and J Balvin that’s nominated in the Grammys in the Record of the Year category.

I think I’ve already released many singles, there are many songs by the rabbit out there, but I think that as an artist it was time to do a full album,” he said, speaking in Spanish.

Referred to by critics as the poster boy of Latin Trap,” Bad Bunny’s fame has surged into the mainstream in just a couple of years. He’s collaborated on a track with Nicki Minaj, posts selfies with Drake and has amassed millions of loyal followers in both Latin America and the U.S. that have led to shattering of records: four billion views on YouTube, being the first Latin Trap star featured in a No. 1 song on American charts, and appearing on dozens of well-received tracks including hits by Enrique Iglesias and J Balvin.

As on Watch the Throne” and What a Time to Be Alive,” the differences between the stars’ vocal approaches — Balvin’s high, tender croon and Bad Bunny’s low, droning flow — give the music a powerful dynamic range; Odio,” about another breakup, captures the longing as well as the resentment of someone thumbing through old texts.

The case shook many parents at the time, since the minor disappeared without a trace and was never found. Even 19 years after his disappearance, the image of Rolandito’s missing poster is still ingrained in the memory of most Puerto Ricans.

A day before releasing his album, the singer, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, was distributing 30,000 gifts for Puerto Rican children through his Foundation Good Bunny, including musical instruments and balls.

Bad Bunny was absolutely amazing! This was my second time seeing him here in Seattle and loved his show. I would see him again in concert in a heartbeat. He exudes high energy, super fun to sing and dance to and love the way he interacts with the crowd. The lighting and smoke effects also added to the ambiance and overall concert experience.

Bad Bunny wants to make people dance, but he also makes space for romance and heartache in songs like Como Antes,” the track he says was the hardest to produce.

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