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Describing himself as a long-term fan of The Cranberries, Tommy admits that Bad Wolves’ sudden success has been bittersweet given that the single landed soon after the sudden death of Cranberries’ singer Dolores ‘Riordan , who passed away in January.

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BAD WOLVESWithout question, the breakout metal band of the first half of 2018 is Bad Wolves, with their cover of the Cranberries’ classic Zombie” rocketing into the mainstream. A Los Angeles, California-based heavy metal outfit with an impressive hard rock pedigree, Bad Wolves employ a lethal blend of melody and might that invokes names like Meshuggah, Mudvayne, and Sevendust. They gained mainstream attention in 2018 with their cover of the Cranberries’ “Zombie,” released soon after vocalist Dolores ‘Riordan’s death.

I think it’s important to talk about mental health issues and addiction, because those are key components in what happened in our relationship. I’ve been sober for nine years, and my brother never got it. He got himself into a bad situation in a bad way. It was a very harrowing experience. I don’t not love my brother. Even before these experiences ended up in songs, I was going around the country and telling my story at speaking engagements, and I got involved working at rehab centers and started sober companioning. I worked with a company that coupled me with people who were a little too famous to go to rehab, and I would go on tour with them or go to movie sets and was their counselor. So, I spent the last five years helping people stay sober in that first 30 to 60 days. Whether it’s the counseling or my music, when it comes down to the message, I thought having that out there that was more important than keeping it private.

In 2016, Vext formed a new band, known as ” Bad Wolves ” 19 with former DevilDriver drummer John Boecklin Guitarists Doc Coyle (Vagus Nerve, God Forbid ) and Chris Cain ( Bury Your Dead ), and later, bassist Kyle Konkiel formerly of In This Moment were recruited for the project. During the summer of 2016, they entered AudioHammer Studios with longtime collaborator Mark Lewis ( Trivium , All That Remains ) and tracked what would become the group’s debut studio album. On May 2, 2017, Bad Wolves independently premiered a song titled “Learn to Live” accompanied by a music video 20 The video was streamed over 600,000 times. In November 2017, it was announced 21 that Bad Wolves signed with Eleven Seven Music and Zoltan Bathory , the founding guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch , took them under his wings as the band’s manager.

Bad Wolves scored a major breakthrough hit with their cover of The Cranberries‘ Zombie,” and now they’re looking to fans to see what song to cover next. The LA native was ‘a big fan’ of Dolores’ band and pushed Bad Wolves to do the cover, and that’s something that’s stuck with him.

Consisting of of vocalist Tommy Vext, drummer John Boecklin, guitarist Doc Coyle, guitarist Chris Cain, and bassist Kyle Konkiel. The Los Angeles-based group will release their debut album later this year.

One of the newest names to the scene, Bad Wolves returns this year as supporting act for titans Five Finger Death Punch on their fall tour, and more importantly, with their sophomore album. In 2018, Bad Wolves rocketed to fame following the widespread acclaim for their cover of Zombie,” released shortly after the untimely passing of the Cranberries’ Dolores ‘Riordan. Played incessantly on radio stations around the globe, the name Bad Wolves gained fame with unforeseen momentum, and the nascent super-group was hailed for their fresh and ferocious bite in a tired mainstream rock scene.

Amazing Performance From Bad Wolves! Tommy Vext is such a nice guy. His words hit deep on stage plus Zombie was sang perfectly. A perfect tribute to Dolores ‘Riordan. I just lost my grandmother so what he said on stage really meant a lot.

The band is wrapping up the last stretch of their summer tour with Papa Roach, which ends on Sunday, September 1st, in Las Vegas, Nevada. They will support Five Finger Death Punch on their headlining arena tour, beginning Friday, November 1st, in Las Vegas, through its 28 dates, culminating on Wednesday, December 18th, in Omaha, Nebraska. Tickets and VIP offers are available HERE Full routing available below.

Consisting of of vocalist Tommy Vext (ex-Divine Heresy), drummer John Boecklin (ex-DevilDriver), guitarist Doc Coyle (Vagus Nerve, ex-God Forbid), guitarist Chris Cain (Bury Your Dead), and bassist Kyle Konkiel (ex-In This Moment), BAD WOLVES burst onto the scene earlier this year with the self-released debut single Learn To Live ” and quickly became ones-to-watch.

Bad Wolves will continue on with their What’s In Your Head tour through Oct. 13 with label mates Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin and Nothing More. Vext recently revealed that BAD WOLVES have recorded another cover, following the band’s massive breakout success last year with its rendition of the 1993 CRANBERRIES classic “Zombie”.

Official music video for ‘No Masters’ by Bad Wolves. According to ‘Riordan’s bandmate Neil Hogan, she had been looking forward to continuing work on the album. We’re already fans of the band so it’s fantastic to welcome BAD WOLVES to the Eleven Seven label family,” says Eleven Seven Label Group COO Steve Kline.

No. (laughter) It’s not. To me, it’s very strange, ‘cause this album is harder for me to play than DevilDriver stuff. And it’s because it’s a completely different tempo pocket feel. That’s what I was going for, ‘cause I didn’t want to repeat myself. A lot of DevilDriver is two-step, fast and kind of what I like to call white drumming.” It’s fast as fuck, but—that was another thing, too, with speed. It’s just gotten out of control. There’s always gonna be a kid in a basement who can do it faster than me on YouTube now, so I’m not being competitive in that nature. So I wanted to slow it down, and a lot of the tempos for these songs were different feels for me, and they’re very non-DevilDriver.

On August 31, 1994, just a few weeks after this song was released, the IRA declared a ceasefire after 25 years of conflict, leading some critics of The Cranberries to wonder if the IRA was willing to call a truce to make sure the group didn’t release any more songs about them.

Yes, she’s doing it with us tonight and every night for the rest of our lives! (laughter) It seems to be the case. Yeah, she’s an Eleven Seven partner. They presented the idea of her singing a song with us. The song was already recorded, but Tommy always thought a female voice would be good on it. He had been searching for a bit, and then she kind of presented herself through management, ‘cause she’s on the same label as us. So all this kind of stuff worked out. Now we’re with her on tour, she was able to do those Five Finger dates, and her record just dropped. I think it’s called Coming in Hot.” Check it out.BAD WOLVES

It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind for Bad Wolves of late; formed of members from various different musical projects, the band began in late 2016 and are preparing to release their debut album Disobey on May 11th. Their cover of the Cranberries’ Zombie has reached incredible levels since it’s release, something that nobody quite predicted. With the Cranberries’ Dolores ‘Riordan set to reprise her vocals on their cover on the day she died, prompting the band to donate all the proceeds from the track to her children, it’s been a tumultuous ride for the band, to say the least.

Angelina didn’t like the idea of a Grimm hanging around but both Monroe and Hap vouched for him. He’s a cop AND a Grimm?” Hap asked. Is that even legal?” Monroe finally calmed Angelina down, mostly because he didn’t want a mess — he just got his carpet cleaned. So there’s Nick the Grimm, in a room with three Blutbaden. Just to refresh since it’s been a few weeks, Blutbad” is German for blood bathers” and generally speaking are not the nicest of fairy tale creatures. Monroe and Hap are both fully reformed, peaceful wolves but Angelina seems like she hasn’t been completely tamed. Not only that, but apparently she’s Monroe’s ex and knows how to get his blood boiling.

They felt releasing it may be bad for their image as they didn’t want to make it look like they were capitalizing on ‘Riordan’s death. In 2018, a cover version by Bad Wolves was released. Official music video for ‘Zombie’ by Bad Wolves.

During the fall, Bad Wolves enjoyed an arena tour in support of Five Finger Death Punch, and Coyle explains how he had absolute confidence that his behemoth EVH setup would always be dialed in and ready for action when called to duty.

Filling a gap between a spring arena tour with Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown and Starset, and a massive summer amphitheater run with Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin and Nothing More, the band is co-headlining the What’s In Your Head Tour” with labelmates From Ashes to New and special guest Diamante. When that tour came to Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, Maryland, Live Metal’s Greg Maki sat down before the show with Boecklin to discuss the success of Zombie,” the debut album Disobey,” how they landed 5FDP guitarist Zoltan Bathory as their manager and more.

We’re already six songs into the new record. We’re workaholics! I’m in Australia visiting my girlfriend, and some of the guys went into studio last week and sent me three of the six new songs. We’re go to head to Europe and the U.K. to tour and then have two weeks off. Then, we’ll go back into the studio in L.A. and do vocals and more instrumentals. Hopefully, a new album will be out by next summer.

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