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BaysideBAYSIDE EQUIPMENT COMPANY, a privately owned corporation, has been serving private industry, government, and the public from its base in Redwood City, California since 1950. With clean and modern furnished accommodations , convenient amenities and event space to host your corporate retreats, reunions, and more. A picturesque wedding venue and its very own oceanfront Bayside Restaurant & Lounge, our Vancouver Island resort is the desired place to stay when visiting beautiful Parksville, British Columbia.

Bayside Fixed Income trades in public and private debt instruments in the secondary market. Since 1992 The Bayside Has Been Offering Elegant And Affordable Ocean Front Wedding Ceremonies And Receptions.

Just had a big weekend on the Goldy at the July QKR Seminar which attracted a really pleasing turnout for iaido and jodo. A lot of really hard work by everyone who attended the seminar and attempted grading tests. By my calculation there were 16 people doing iaido tests and a further 9 candidates for jodo kyu grades. For Bayside Budokai members, congratulations to Narada Wrightson 2 Dan iaido, Ka Lun Leung 2 Kyu jodo, Duong Thai 3 Kyu iaido and 3 Kyu jodo, Andrew Dahms 3 Kyu iaido and 4 Kyu jodo, Louise Starr 3 Kyu iaido and 4 Kyu jodo. Thanks to Tom Johnson and the QKR Executive for organising another great event.

Sean has over 15 years of private equity and special situations investing experience across a broad range of industries including business services, retail and consumer, building products, and education. Before joining Bayside, Sean was a Principal at Apax Partners, a global private equity firm. He began his private equity career at Saunders Karp & Megrue, a middle market U.S. private equity firm. Prior to Saunders Karp, Sean worked as an investment banker in the financial sponsors and leveraged finance groups of First Union Securities.

Looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas? Call Bayside Specialties, Inc for promotional products and business gifts. Our extensive range of promo products will ensure you find something to suit your requirements.

At Bayside Wood Products, all of our items are handmade and crafted with creativity and durability in mind. Not only are our products highly-functional culinary tools, they’re also beautiful accent pieces that will look right at home in any kitchen or dining room. They also make great gifts for weddings, house warmings, birthdays and more.

In the mission Saint Mark’s Bistro the player is required to fly a plane a great distance to the east in order to reach Liberty City Flying so far over the ocean away from the main map area can sometimes cause a glitch which creates additional gang territories across the state. One such territory is a Los Santos Vagos turf in Bayside (who could be considered Bayside Vagos).

Gaëlle is a Director of H.I.G. Capital in the London office. She is part of the Asset Management team and focuses on French and Northern European transactions.

When you stay at the Bayside Oceanfront Resort, you will be captivated by the stunning ocean views and the tireless natural backdrops showing off the gorgeous sunrise & sunset over the Pacific Ocean. When it comes to beachfront accommodation, ideal wedding venues, and corporate retreats, our hotel has you covered.

Well, it’s one thing to look at your upcoming wedding reception with the comfort of a tremendous amount of time. If the time cushion between your anticipated wedding and now is one month, it might seem like ages from now. It might seem that you have all the time in the world. But never ever underestimate the power of emotional urgency. That’s when you can easily become desperate. That’s why things start, basically, teetering on some sort of collapse. It’s as if life and death hung in the balance. You can get really emotional, really quickly. This is why you should plan your wedding reception to maximize the action.

Jenny has 20 years of investment experience, primarily focused on real estate transactions. She was previously a Director at KKR, where she sourced and executed real estate investments across Europe. Prior to this, Ms. Hammarlund was a Director at Värde Partners in London and a Vice President at Lehman Brothers Real Estate Partners in New York. She has participated in transactions totalling over €20 bn of value across multiple asset classes and geographies.

What made you want to look up bayside? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Duncan is a Managing Director of Bayside Capital and leads the firm’s European non-control distressed corporate debt activities.

Jérôme has more than 15 years of experience in real estate private equity. Prior to joining H.I.G. Capital in 2019, Jérôme worked for GIC, Colony Capital and Heitman, where he completed over +€1 billion of equity and debt investments in real estate and asset heavy platforms across Europe. His experience ranges from Core Plus to Opportunistic investments, including portfolio acquisition, distressed investments, property developments and corporate acquisitions.

This website was a product of a lot of late night burning of the midnight oil. I remember the first time my sister started freaking out about her upcoming marriage. She started worrying about her decisions. She started doubting whether she picked the right guy. She started talking out loud regarding whether it was the right time to stop being single. She has this mental laundry list of a thousand and one questions that she somehow, someway didn’t get around to asking herself. So she put herself in this situation, a full week right before the wedding, to basically get caught in some kind of existential and emotional quicksand as to what’s about to happen? What’s going on with their lives? What kind of decisions are in front of her? It was a mess. There’s really no other way to say it. However, it was also a golden opportunity, because it’s precisely during these times, when you are uncertain or unsure of a lot of things in your life that you previously assume, for you to grow as a person.

Steve obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University School of Management and an M.B.A. from the New York University Stern School of Business, graduating with distinction.

Before joining H.I.G., Emilio worked as a Director in the fixed income team at Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited where he was responsible for sourcing distressed and performing loans in the Iberian Peninsula. Prior to that, Emilio worked in the structured finance team at Bankia and Banco Sabadell structuring and executing loans for LBO, asset finance and corporate deals.

Stelios is a Principal of H.I.G. Realty based in London. He has more than ten years of real estate principal investment experience, employing both equity and credit opportunistic strategies across a broad spectrum of real estate asset classes across Europe. His experience includes turn-arounds, distressed acquisitions (e.g. NPLs and REOs), specialty financing platforms, corporate restructurings, portfolio break-ups, property developments and forward acquisitions.

Prior to joining H.I.G. Capital, Gaëlle was at Salamanca Group focusing on fund and investment management and transactions execution. Previously, she worked at AXA RE investing notably in hotels and medical assets. Before that, she was at Barclays Capital in the CMBS team where she managed a pan-European securitized and balance sheet loan portfolio backed by commercial properties. Gaëlle started her career in Paris at Auxiliaire de Finance as a consultant working on asset sales and advisory services.

Bryan is a Principal of Bayside Capital and is based in Boston. He is responsible for all aspects of the investment process, including origination, due diligence, transaction structuring, financing, and portfolio company oversight.

Andrew has seventeen years of investment banking and distressed investment experience. He previously worked as a Managing Director in RBS’s Special Situations Group for more than six years, where he was the senior analyst focused on European distressed investments. Before RBS, Andrew was a Director in the Equity Research department of ABN AMRO; and prior to that was in the top ranked Institutional Investor research teams at Citigroup and Credit Suisse.

In my first month, I won a Gold Award from Taste Of The West, a prestigious food competition that sees entries from exceptional food producers from six counties across the south-west. From that moment on the business flourished, built on reputation and repeat business. Bayside Bakery has grown so substantially that we have now built a new dedicated bakery extension and the entire family are involved from baking to exhibiting at food shows, from packing to delivering. It is a real family business and we love it.

This is why it’s really a good idea to stop thinking about what you potentially can save from your wedding. Instead, focus on the importance of getting the right wedding planner. You’re hiring a conductor, and the symphony, the beautiful music, the sublime experience, is your wedding. The stakes are that high because you have to remember, there is no rewind button. When your wedding is done, regardless of what misgivings you have, regardless of what minor disasters happen, and whatever disappointments you may have had with the event, it’s gone for good. Unless you get divorced, and get remarried, most people are only going to get married once. We can only get one bite at the apple. Don’t roll the dice. Don’t take shots in the dark. This is not like a brainstorming session where you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping that somehow, someway, something sticks. It doesn’t work that way. You have to get a professional, the first time around.

Tony holds an M.B.A. degree from Harvard Business School, and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. His undergraduate degree is from Rutgers University.

You have to understand that in the United States, wedding planning, wedding halls, and anything, and everything related to weddings, are basically standardized products. It’s as if the industry came up with some sort of generic product that came off the assembly line. If you’ve seen one particular wedding package, you probably have seen them all. I know it’s kind of harsh. I know that’s not what we’re supposed to say, but that’s the reality. Let’s face it, the wedding experience has essentially become yet another product. That’s just the way things are. That’s how our society tends to process these types of things.

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