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BaysideBayside Capital provides rapid access to debt and equity capital, in partnership with existing stakeholders, generally in time-sensitive or challenging situations requiring a creative solution. Tom is a Director of H.I.G. Bayside Capital in the London office. He focuses on the sourcing and trading of European distressed and special situation credit investments.

In my first month, I won a Gold Award from Taste Of The West, a prestigious food competition that sees entries from exceptional food producers from six counties across the south-west. From that moment on the business flourished, built on reputation and repeat business. Bayside Bakery has grown so substantially that we have now built a new dedicated bakery extension and the entire family are involved from baking to exhibiting at food shows, from packing to delivering. It is a real family business and we love it.

At Bayside Wood Products, all of our items are handmade and crafted with creativity and durability in mind. Not only are our products highly-functional culinary tools, they’re also beautiful accent pieces that will look right at home in any kitchen or dining room. They also make great gifts for weddings, house warmings, birthdays and more.

Bell Bay Florist offers flower delivery in and around Bayside, as well as nationwide delivery through our reliable florist network! Bell Bay Florist provides same-day flower delivery for your last minute gift needs in Bayside, NY as well.


Prior to founding H.I.G., Sami was a Managing Director with The Blackstone Group in New York. Prior to that, he was a Vice President in the Mergers and Acquisitions department at Morgan Stanley & Co., where he devoted a significant amount of his time to leveraged buyouts, serving as senior advisor to a number of prominent private equity firms. Over the course of his career, Mr. Mnaymneh has led over 75 transactions in a wide range of industries.

Victoria’s first European settlement was established in 1803 at Sullivan Bay, near Sorrento, 32 years before Melbourne was founded. There are many shipwrecks and heritage sites in the Bay associated with Victoria’s early seafaring days.

Do you see where I’m coming from? In other words, focus on the rendition, not so much the sum of the price of the parts. Because in many cases, the end result or the end experience, is actually worth more than the sum of the parts. The parts may be cheap, the parts may be commonplace, the parts may be all too predictable, the whole nine yards, but guess what? It doesn’t really matter. Because from these different parts, as interchangeable, cheap and common place as they may seem, they produce something that is out of the ordinary. They produce something that is subjectively sublime. At the end of the day, the only person that you should listen to, that you should pay attention to, is yourself.

Mihai is a Principal of H.I.G. Realty Partners in the London office. Mihai is focused on European NPLs and real estate special situations, involving all aspects of the investment process from origination and negotiation to structuring and execution. He is also responsible for investing and monitoring real estate investments across Europe including France.

What I mean by this, is you shouldn’t plan your wedding reception so far in advance, that all the other things in your life really fill in the scheduling gaps. You’re supposed to look for party favors. You’re supposed to check out the registry. You’re supposed to set-up all sorts of advance planning for your wedding. But what do you do if you give yourself three months for your reception? That’s right! You do a whole lot of nothing and you let stuff from work, your other personal stuff, as well as school, and other routines, eat up the time that you originally budgeted for your wedding reception.

Tony Tamer is a Founder and Co-CEO of H.I.G. Capital. He has directed H.I.G.’s development since its founding in 1993 and approves all capital commitments made by the firm. Tony has led a number of successful investments at H.I.G. in both the management buyouts and growth capital arenas. He has extensive experience working with, and coaching, early stage and middle-market companies. Tony is a board member of several H.I.G. portfolio companies. He currently also serves on the Dean’s Council of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

And it doesn’t really matter how much money you pay the person. It doesn’t really matter whether the person is certified or not, or is licensed or not. None of that matters. What matters is the only thing that truly matters. If you think about it, competence, this person must be able to call the right shots at the right time. This person must be a clutch player, to borrow a phrase from the NBA. And unfortunately, a lot of brides wait, until the last minute, to hire a wedding planner. What do they do? Well, they try to do things on their own, but once they start making one bad decision after another, and throwing good money after bad, things reach a head. Seriously, things come to a head, and they feel that they need to get a wedding planner.

John has more than 25 years of experience focused on credit investments, including primary loans and distressed debt, as well as private equity investments. He currently serves on the board of several privately held companies. Prior to joining H.I.G. in 1993, he was at the management-consulting firm of Bain & Company, a leading worldwide management-consulting firm, where he directed domestic and international assignments for Fortune 500 clients. Prior to joining Bain & Company, he worked for three years as the Assistant to the President of Chemed Corporation (NYSE: CHE), a specialty chemical company.

Prior to H.I.G., Stelios was a Director with Deutsche Bank’s European credit structuring & trading teams and served as a senior originator to the Direct Lending business with a focus on special situations. Prior to that, he was a member of Deutsche Bank’s Alternative & Real Assets opportunistic investment team based in London.

Sensu is a Managing Director of Bayside Capital. She is one of the founding members of Bayside’s European platform. Sensu is responsible for identifying, sourcing and trading distressed and performing credits in primary and secondary markets.

Adam is a Managing Director of Bayside Capital. Since joining Bayside, Adam has been involved in all aspects of the investment process, including sourcing, transaction structuring, negotiation and portfolio company oversight. He has led numerous successful Bayside Capital transactions and currently serves on the board of several Bayside Capital portfolio companies.

Each and every day, satisfied Bayside Print Services customers pick up beautifully bound documents and presentations, reams of color copies, rolls of architectural blueprints and so much more. Know what’s even better? The next time those customers have a project to print, bind, or mail, nearly all of them return to Bayside Print Services where the quality of our work and our dedication to servicing our customers truly sets us apart.

Bryan brings over thirteen years of private equity and special situations investing experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, business services, and general industrials. Before joining Bayside, Bryan spent almost ten years with Wayzata Investment Partners, a leading middle market distressed credit and private equity firm. While at Wayzata, he also was a board member for several portfolio companies. Prior to Wayzata, Bryan was an equity analyst at Skystone Capital, a small cap hedge fund.

Abbas is a Principal of Bayside Capital based in New York. He is responsible for all aspects of the investment process including transaction sourcing, structuring, financing and portfolio company oversight. Abbas has more than ten years of private equity and special situations investing experience in a variety of industries including healthcare, media, business services and general industrials.

We pay commercial rent, insurance and have high staffing costs so are currently seeking out sponsorship partners. Please help us continue to help those that are vulnerable in our community. If you are interested in supporting us through the payment of our rental, or particular project-based expenses we would love to speak to you. Please contact us at [email protected] or message us via messenger. Please share and tag individuals, businesses who might want to partner with us.

Prior to joining Bayside, Darryl worked in private equity at Madison Dearborn Partners and began his career in the mergers and acquisitions group at Credit Suisse.

Richard is a Director of H.I.G. Realty based in London and is part of the real estate group’s structured finance investments team, with responsibility for structuring and deal execution.

Ben is a Principal of Bayside Capital and focuses on all aspects of the investment process, including origination, due diligence, transaction structuring, financing, and portfolio company oversight.

Stelios holds an undergraduate degree in Operational Research & Marketing from Athens University of Economics & Business and a Master in Business Administration from INSEAD.

Gaëlle is a Director of H.I.G. Capital in the London office. She is part of the Asset Management team and focuses on French and Northern European transactions.

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