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A lot of straight men like Look Back” because it’s the ass song. Consistent with its famous “Life’s Good” motto, LG believes the more colorful life is, the more happiness it can bring, every step of the way.

BETTY WHO – Betty Who’s New Album ‘Betty’ Brings Definition To Pop

BETTY WHOBetty Who released her second album ‘The Valley” in 2017. Betty Who: Oh, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Kelly Clarkson. A little known fact about me is that I’m a connoisseur of tour DVDs. I was always obsessed with other performers doing their thing and Britney Live in Las Vegas” from 2001 is my absolute favorite tour DVD of all time. Yesterday I was going into a meeting and I walked into the head of sales’ office and he had this huge HBO Britney Live in Las Vegas” poster and he was like, Yeah, I was at that performance, I was at the taping.” I swear to God I thought I was going to throw up.

After a few lucky winners had the chance to have a meet and greet with Betty it was basically cocktail hour, which led to a lot of friendly conversations with people and everyone having a good time. A little after 8 PM, Betty took the stage and for the next hour never stopped moving. Betty’s energy, match perfectly by her two dancers, was infectious and the energy spread through the crowd like wild fire. People danced right in time with the trio and threw their hands in the air at any moment they could. The crowd also sang back to Betty, at times almost overpowering her, much to her surprise and delight.

It’s fitting then that tonight’s performance is so subdued — just a piano and the tour de force that is her voice. Considering she’s an artist who thrives on danceable electropop and an irresistible energy that practically shoves you out of your seat and moves you like you’re possessed with the spirit, it feels like a bit of a breather. Or perhaps it’s the deep breath before the party really starts.

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t yet heard of Betty Who, even though she just might be pop’s next big star. Even though the single she self-released last year made it to viral-video fame and No. 1 on Billboard’s dance-club songs chart. Even though her upcoming major-label debut, the five-track album Slow Dancing, has been building buzz for months. Even though she’s helping redefine how young women can build careers in the pop world. Even though she sings about the kind of love that makes you want to dance-and at her packed live shows, people do just that.

Yeah, no, and I’m never going to sit here and sell Fit Tea to you. That’s not my vibe, because I don’t care what you look like or where you came from or what you do. Encouraging people through Lulu to come to yoga with me is just a great way to connect with my fans, but the number one thing I want to do is bring joy to people through my music and how I live my life and the messages I share. That doesn’t have to be what your life looks like. I want everyone to be themselves. That’s the most important thing to me.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Australian pop singer Betty Who to the Kobalt family and get to work on her first release as an independent artist after leaving her major label. Her first single from the album, Ignore Me,” was released on January 19 with the Kobalt team supporting setup, marketing, and release.

The Australian singer has released two albums and two EPs in the past four years under the Betty Who moniker. (She was born Jessica Anne Newham.) In that time, she’s cultivated a fan base via music bloggers and social media.

Who is Betty Who? You won’t be asking for long. The 22 year-old singer born Jess Newham is making waves with her debut EP, The Movement” and its unstoppable single Somebody Loves You.” Betty’s success is her ability to bridge past and future music trends, mixing classic synthpop production with her uniquely modern singing and songwriting voice.

He is. The album art is actually a photo that he took. All of the pictures from the new songs that you’ll see coming out, all of my new press pictures and everything, he took all of them. Because why else is anybody taking photos of me? He can capture me better than anybody can. I want him to be the person to do this.

WHO: It’s funny, I’ve had the most commercial success in Australia, because I had a song go #1 on radio. So I got a plaque, that was really exciting. But if I’ve learned anything, a radio hit doesn’t really translate to tickets sold. My success is far greater in America with no radio than it is in Australia with radio. It really is.

Pop singer and PRIDE fave Betty Who took to Instagram recently and opened up about how she has dated both men and women in the past. Those early bops were self-released, with the Australian artist’s viral success paving the way for others to follow.

Australian singer-songwriter Betty Who released her latest EP, Betty, Pt. 1, on Friday, and it’s a near-perfect set of pop bops. Betty Who’s Party in the Valley Tour includes a Saturday show at White Oak Music Hall. And she has a sweet history with Houston.

These are important lessons for someone who’s been making the rounds as much as she has. In the past few years alone, she severed ties with RCA (the record label that put out her first two releases), had a featured performance on The Bachelorette, recorded the season two theme song for Queer Eye, got engaged to photographer Zak Cassar, and made it into the studio to record her new album. It’s enough to overwhelm most ordinary people; good thing she’s anything but.

I think that occurred to me, actually, after I’d been doing it by accident for a couple years. ‘Cause I wrote “Somebody Loves You”; I put an EP out that was really poppy and really fun. And I’m smiley and happy and warm and that’s also my personality, and I think that came out in the music.

That’s what her shirts say, and a few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to answer. Lucky for me, Betty Who (the stage name for Australian Jessica Anne Newman), was one of the headliners of Kesha’s Wild and Wonderful Rainbow Cruise” in February (which, btw, was wild and wonderful and full of rainbows and glitter and naked people on a boat and if you weren’t there you definitely missed out).

Somebody Loves You” opens The Movement with a canonic jolt of snappy synths and boisterous verses, making way for a massive chorus. You’re in Love” adds a touch of shimmering house to Betty’s catalogue while Right Here” chills the BPM and scorches the heart. High Society” ends The Movement on a note of pure joy and subtle girl-power as Betty Who unmoors the material trappings of happiness from their misogynistic hip-hop roots.

Somewhere in the handbook of How to Succeed in Pop Music These Days,” it’s probably recommended that women outfit themselves with a sense of fun and a short, funky pouf of peroxide-blond hair. It’s been a winning combo for acts such as Pink, Robyn and Miley Cyrus — and it’s worth hoping that it works for the deserving Australian newcomer Betty Who.

I do feel that my fans have given me something that I didn’t know was possible. Nobody’s ever told anybody, You should listen to Betty Who,” and then they put me on the radio. Oh I know this song, and now I listen to her.” That’s never been the way that my career has worked. I’ve shown up at venues, and I’ve had mostly gay men show up, and then we have a good time and the next time they bring their friends. It’s just grown like that since then. I find it phenomenal, I’ve never really seen anything like it.

That energy carries over to the rest of the album. It’s still a checklist of everything she’s done best for years — the bright synths, the confessional acoustic interludes, the earth-shattering vocals — but this time they’re infused with a sense of positivity and self-exploration that haven’t been apparent before.

So, if you don’t know who the fuck Betty Who is, go listen to Betty on Spotify, get your tickets for her shows at the Neptune on May 10 and 11 (or Portland’s Wonder Ballroom May 12), and be prepared to dance your pants off. You can thank me later.BETTY WHO

On 14 November 2018, ” Between You & Me ” was released as another new single. It was the first single from the new album Betty that had not been previously released on the Betty, Pt 1 EP. 28 With the release of this single, Betty Who used different shades of blue and photos of herself on her social media profiles to release lyrics to the song. 29 The lyrics that were revealed were “You’ve got one hand on the wheel”, “Sitting at the red light, tensions are high, vibe you could cut with a knife”, and “just between you & me, I can feel something here, wondering if you do too”. An Instagram post by Betty Who on the day after the release showed that the single already had 22,310 streams on Spotify, and had risen to 31,000 streams two hours later. 30 By 12 December 2018, streams had surpassed 500,000. 31 The music video for this song dropped on 28 November 2018, in which Betty Who plays herself as well as her own love interest.

Evidently, Who’s album Betty” pays respects to the talent that came from pop music from the ’90s to pop music that consumed the early 2000s. Who brings back faith in the pop community, as she clearly has idols she looks to that helped build her foundation. Who’s songs represent timeless pop classics that many millennials and Generation Z babies grew up listening to. There’s something undoubtedly different about Who’s music compared to her pop competition.

I’ve had many conversations with people who have had similar experiences to me, which has taught me that nobody is saved from that. In any business venture where you owe somebody money, that’s never going to work out the way you hope it does. I am still so grateful for it, and grateful that I’ve been willing to work my ass off and make music that I love. I’ve never put out a song that I don’t love. I still stood by what I always wanted, whether it was to my detriment or not.

The latest from Australian singer Betty Who, Betty is available exclusively at UO on 500 limited units of vinyl. Shrugging off the corporate music industry, Betty sees the singer entering a new era, freeing herself for artistic expression and a joyous pop record. Featuring the singles Ignore Me” and Taste.” 2019, AWAL.

There’s a lot of hurt and a lot of hate, and it’s really hard to find and keep and hold compassion for the people that we don’t agree with. But I think Martin Luther King, Jr. is a perfect example of somebody who was like, hating them back is not going to do anything. I have a lot of friends, a lot of people in my community, who I hear talk about the way conservatives are, and they’re really hateful — you’re doubling down on the problem. Kill them with kindness” has always worked for me, and I think it’s going to keep working. We don’t know how to listen to each other, we don’t know how to talk to each other anymore. We’re just so angry at each other, and then we yell at each other and we think each other is stupid for not thinking what we think. It’s so inhuman. We want to be heard, we want to be listened to. And holding compassion and space for the people who don’t agree with you I think is the first step to being able to be somewhere in the middle.

is a 27 year old Australian Singer. Born Jessica Anne Newham on 5th October, 1991 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, she is famous for Somebody Loves You, Heartbreak Dream in a career that spans 2010-present. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

Give Who some time. With the right song, she could eventually see her own name added to those multiplatinum pop lists. Who’s sophomore album, “The Valley,” was released in March. It’s a fizzy pop record painted with big, bright strokes of color and features a collaboration with “Regulate” rapper Warren G.

Betty Who is turning a new page in her career. After the Australian pop singer-songwriter (real name Jessica Newham) burst onto the music scene in 2012 with her debut single ‘ Somebody Loves You ‘ – which went viral after being featured in a marriage proposal video – Newham quickly became something of an underground dance-pop favourite. The song hit number 1 on the US Dance Club chart, and two more chart-toppers (‘All of You’ and ‘I Love You Always Forever’) followed.

That’s important to know because whenever I talk about the decline of pop music”, it’s important to know which of the two I’m referring to. In 2018, popular music declined; few songs were able to really capture the public consciousness, and the reason I harp on about it is because it’s a unique, unprecedented phenomenon.

Jessica Newham, known as Betty Who, has released three studio albums since her 2013 debut EP “The Movement” in 2013. The Australian singer-songwriter has climbed the pop charts over her 10-year professional career behind singles “Somebody Loves You,” “All of You,” and “I Love You Always Forever.” Known for her high-energy performances, fans can look forward to her powerful pop anthems including cuts from her latest album “Betty” released in January 2019.

I want people to feel safe enough to say I don’t wanna go to yoga.” I’m like, Great, sometimes I don’t either!” That’s okay. Being yourself and being happy and comfortable is way more important. I don’t want people to look at my Instagram or social media or even my show and feel lesser than. That’s literally couldn’t be less of how I want to make people feel. And I’ve been there – playing the comparison game. My life is not that fancy; I try to show the good and the bad. I want you to be inspired and I want to make people laugh. The last thing I want to do is make people feel bad about themselves, and that’s another huge part of what lulu is really committed to as well. It’s not about how you look in your yoga pants – it’s about the fact that you’re taking care of yourself. Plus, everyone looks good in yoga pants! That’s the best part.

BW: Yes! It has to be fun because it is way more work than anybody ever told me. If I have to put so much work and time and effort and energy into this thing, then I have to be happy. When I’m playing in Kissimmee, Florida at some Tool Expo to a hundred people who have literally never heard of me in their life and they couldn’t give a fuck if I’m around, I have to take this gig so that I can pay to fly to New York and play this amazing gig that I want to play. So much of my life is that stuff is the Kissimmee, Florida. I’m really grateful to be in a place where the stuff that I do get to do, it is fun.

Mainstream singers today such as Camila Cabello or Bebe Rexha have a different definition of pop music than what their pop ancestors like Lady Gaga and P!nk built it to be. Who’s sound brings meaning to what pop music was, and how impactful it was for people who grew up knowing pop music.

There’s nothing individual about recreating the sound of a past generation,” says Betty. When I create something I want to make sure it has a lot of substance, a lot of emotional depth that reflects my life and experiences. A huge part of what I do is taking influences from past music and mixing it in with the emotions I’m actually living through. We’re all secretly wrecks and we’re all in love and all being heartbroken. Combining those things for me has been a huge tool to get the sound I want.

I think everybody’s always told that signing to a record label is what you should do, so I did it because that’s how the system still works. I’ve heard horror stories, so I’m grateful that I came out the other side relatively unscathed. And to my fans’ credit, I have the fan base where I can be an independent artist and survive. I know a lot of people who come out of major record labels who don’t have that, so I’m so grateful. And I’m also grateful for my agents, who are very smart, and when I wasn’t getting the support that I needed, they just said, we’re going to make you tour for forever.” At the time, it was really sad and hard. I was on the road for at least a year straight when my first record came out, it took so long to make my second album, and it was just a never-ending sort of battle. It was never easy, it was never joyful. It was always just too hard.

Oh yeah, this year’s been pretty crazy. Especially earlier, we had our first show of the year at midnight on New Year’s Eve in Times Square, which is pretty cool because I’ve always wanted to watch the ball drop in New York. And then we went straight into the Panic! At The Disco tour for the first two months, and then my album came out, and then I went on tour! And now it’s July. Laughs. It’s been a pretty crazy six months. I’ve worked a lot in my life while not having fun, so it’s really nice to actually enjoy and reap the benefits a little bit. We’ve worked so hard and have come so far, it’s nice to really enjoy the ride.

I held a little week-long writing camp in New York for this album with a few of my favourite people right around christmas time (WHICH IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME MEANS YOU WILL KNOW THAT I FREAKING LOVE CHRISTMAS BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST MAGICAL TIME OF THE YEAR).

Betty’s initial widespread acclaim and notoriety stemmed from Somebody Loves You” , her very first track, released in November 2012. The song, which remains her most popular to date, quickly became a success, leading her 2013 debut EP and kick-starting the release of three more EPs over the next two years. It survived to become the main single of her debut solo record in 2014, Take Me When You Go , where positive reception and a viral flash mob proposal video helped the song climb to #1 on Billboard’s Dance Chart.

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