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Hi! I want people to feel safe listening to my music,” she says. We’ve all been friends for so long so I love being able to unwind and hang out and dance and have fun for a little while before the show starts.

betty white birthday – Betty Who At Neptune Theatre In Seattle, WA On May 10’11, 9 Pm

BETTY WHOBetty Who released her second album ‘The Valley” in 2017. I’m a little afraid to come out as anything, because I don’t even know what I am. I know that I’m not just interested in men. I know that I love people unconditionally. It’s not really about physical attraction for me, it never has been.

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Just walked in like strutting in like booty shorts or something? No, I didn’t. I should have, though. It was just kind of funny just looking back at everything I had done and he had done and to see like wow, this is how we got here.

BW: Maybe. I definitely am loyal to a very specific demographic and that is the LGBTQ community. I think that’s a huge part of my identity and my fans identities and the cultural community of show. I definitely say that if there’s anybody that I’m thinking about when I’m making music, it’s that fan base. But I also think as I write songs that are mostly for me, this really helped me or this made me feel a certain way, I want to share that. I have been more drawn to making music that empowers everybody but especially girls. I want to make them feel the way that I do when I watch BeyChella and she’s like, do you slay? ” And I’m like, Yes, Beyonce, I do! That’s me!” I want people to listen to my music and think, I can do anything right now. I think that is the power of music.

Probably the best part of chatting with the Australian pop singer was hearing her genuine excitement. It was obvious that, while Who has been working hard almost her entire life, she’s now feeling truly inspired and motivated by her own work, as well as the people she’s meeting. Her positive actions are infectious, and they’re not only helping Who – they’re making everyone feel confident with themselves.

BW: Laughs 100%. Of course it is. I don’t want to be too shady because I don’t think that is necessary all the time and I want to stress how psyched I am to just be doing what I want to do in the place that I want to be. I will say though, I had to share that story. There are several songs on the record that are inspired by that relationship because it’s like any bad relationships.

Yeah, there have been a lot of things that I’m super psyched about. My whole adult life is basically just about making 10-year-old me psyched. 22-year-old me was like, No I have plans, I’m gonna go get this.” Sometimes it’s hard when you’re on the ground hustling, trying to make your dream happen. It doesn’t look anything like you thought it was going to and you’re so tired and you’re like, How am I supposed to enjoy this?” And then one day you wake up and all of a sudden you’re on stage and you’re like, Oh my god I’m here, this is it. I’m living my dream.” It doesn’t look like what I thought it was going to and I still have so far to go, but I don’t wanna be the person who wakes up one day and realize my dream happened. I’m really trying to be present and excited about it and enjoy it while it lasts because it can all be over tomorrow. I really do know that.

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They hit the mainstream this September when Somebody Loves You” soundtracked the viral YouTube hit Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal.” The choreographed flash mob dancing to Betty’s beats already has over 10 million views. The dancing is great and the couple is adorable, but it’s Somebody’s” infectious joy that really gets you. The track debuted at number 4 on Spotify’s most viral list.

Later in 2017, Who became an independent artist once more when she left RCA Records. The following January, she issued the single “Ignore Me” and followed it with covers of Kylie Minogue ‘s “Come Into My World” and Widelife ‘s “All Things (Just Keep Getting Better),” the latter of which was used as the theme song to the second season of Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye. That June, the Betty, Pt. 1 EP provided a preview of her third album. Arriving in February 2019, the simply named Betty featured production by Thomas and Pretty Sister as well as some of Who ‘s widest-ranging music.

On 15 June 2018, Betty, Pt. 1 , Who’s third EP, was released containing the singles “Ignore Me”, “Look Back” and “Taste” as well as two other previously unreleased songs: “Just Thought You Should Know” and “Friend Like Me”.

That’s what her shirts say, and a few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to answer. Lucky for me, Betty Who (the stage name for Australian Jessica Anne Newman), was one of the headliners of Kesha’s Wild and Wonderful Rainbow Cruise” in February (which, btw, was wild and wonderful and full of rainbows and glitter and naked people on a boat and if you weren’t there you definitely missed out).

To me, it’s so indicative of the fact that now, I get to just make choices. Because it’s supposed to be fun. Music is supposed to be fun, and I spent so many years not having fun doing it because so many people put too much pressure on it. And I really am just trying to make, first off, myself happy. But also other people. I just want it to be fun and easy. And I work harder than anybody I know — and I’m cool with that. So if that’s gonna be my life forever, when it’s good, it should be really good. And I think that’s what I hear on the record. When it’s good, I’m having so much fun.

BW: I think any skill is about choices…I make choices and learn enough about myself, my music, my songs, my ability and what I actually want to leave as my legacy. When I think about all those things, I get to actually make choices now because I know more about my voice. I know what I can and can’t sing. I know if I sing it a certain way, it’s going to feel emotionally different than if I sing in a different way. I think I’m finding the balance.

Australian artist Betty Who has written us a track-by-track of her upcoming album The Valley, due out on 24 March. I’m honestly just excited to get back in the studio. I want to make more music now. It’s really the first time in my career where I just want to keep going. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

For someone who started hot as a rookie and faced so many roadblocks to success, Betty Who has already won. Many artists who part with their labels, especially one as all-powerful as RCA, fall off slowly after an attempt at flying solo, but not Who. Betty is a triumph for her and her dedicated fans — and ensures that she will continue to light up stages for years to come.BETTY WHO

In 2013, a video of a marriage proposal set to Betty Who ‘s “Somebody Loves You” went viral on YouTube. The video shows a colorfully clad group perform a coordinated, joyful dance to the pop song in the middle of a Home Depot in Salt Lake City. According to Betty Who, the Home Depot performance is one of a number of proposals and wedding dances with the same soundtrack.

Part of that work has involved crafting edgy music videos like Between You & Me” and Taste,” which tackle questions of queer identity. So this song was sort of my ode to her and everybody like her, honouring the goddess that she is and pledging my never ending love to her.

With this song more than most I feel like I’d be heard from so many fans saying that is my anthem to my ex” and I love that. I love writing songs that can help somebody move on, because that’s what they do for me too while I’m writing them.

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Shortly after the new year, Betty Who announced that the next single from Betty , “I Remember”, would soon be released. 32 The lyrics “nobody loves me like you do” accompanied the announcement. “I Remember” was released on 10 January 2019 and the music video for the song was released on 24 January 2019.

Who also puts her inspiration front and center on a number of tracks that borrow heavily from other artists. Language” uses a reworked version of Great Good Fine OK’s Always” that has a uniquely Betty twist, and The One” has a strong Backstreet Boys vibe that makes for a fascinating crossover between ‘80s synth pop and ‘90s boy band.

Due to inclement weather, the Superfruit & Betty Who concert is cancelled. For refunds, please contact your original point of purchase. Music video by Betty Who performing I Remember (Official Video). Betty Who under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings America, Inc.

In celebration of World Pride Week, thousands gathered at New York’s Brooklyn Mirage on Tuesday night to take in a concert by queer pop artists Leland and Betty Who, along with headliner and fierce LGBTQ ally Normani.

But that setting conjures the beginning of Betty Who, when the woman born Jessica Newham studied cello at Berklee during the week, then took the first train out to Providence so she could spend all weekend inventing her sound at classmate Peter’s family home. And that hustle itself mimics a theme of Betty’s childhood in Sydney: while her classical training began at age 4, she devoted every free second to Britney, Christina, NSYNC, and MJ. The voices, the moves, the lyrics, the spectacle—she ate it all up, especially that feeling the best pop gives you: “When you hear it,” says Betty, “and go, ‘Oh my God, you literally wrote this about me.’ I’ve wanted to make music like that ever since.” In that spirit, Betty gives us what we need most right now: an excuse to dance in the mirror, license to trust our instinct, and knowledge that joy is never too far away.

I wrote this last year, later in the year. I got off tour, and had just become an independent artist. I was really feeling myself, and felt like I had this new surge of excitement, drive and vision for what I want to do. I got into a couple of sessions, and in a very short span of time, I had like eight or nine songs that I’m completely obsessed with. I could put another album out tomorrow if I really wanted, but I just want to keep putting songs out. I don’t want to sit in the studio for two years ever again, I hated it so much. I hated having to wait, and just sit on music. The way people consume music now doesn’t work for that style anymore. I really want to be proactive and conform to the new way we listen to music, which I think is immediate. I think putting out singles, not waiting around to finish an album is my new plan.

The singer returns today with “Ignore Me,” her first single as an independent musician in five years. “Every decision made was mine, every detail was agonised sic over, and every last bit of my heart is in this song,” Who wrote on Instagram “I can finally put out music the way I’ve always wanted to: straight from me to you.” Co-written with Leland (Troye Sivan, Selena Gomez, Allie X) and produced by Who’s longtime collaborator Peter Thomas ( “Somebody Loves You” ), the track is ’80s synth-pop at its finest.

Of course I want to make sad songs and help people heal, but I’m not angry, I want to be there for people, I want it to feel warm and light. And I think Spencer and Dustin were a huge part of what put me on the path of that.

WHO: I do, yeah. I’m American and Australian, so I get to vote, which I’m very very happy about. I don’t know what I would do honestly if I didn’t have citizenship in America. I’d probably have been deported already, to be honest. It’s a big generalization, but I have a lot of friends who have had to go back to their home country since Trump has been elected. I’m so grateful for the fact that I’m lucky enough to have dual citizenship. I know what a blessing that is, and it’s the reason I’ve been able to stay in the country with minimal stress. The hoops that my friends and my community have had to jump through to stay in this country — people who have lived here their whole life. It’s made difficult on purpose, and it breaks my heart.

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