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You moved to California. None of them were really serious going to be musicians, except the bass player. So, a lot of estrogen in my life. He played clubs till dawn before he was of age; as a result, he slept through much of high school.

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BILLY JOELSo, here I am — back again,” Billy Joel said early in his Saturday night set at Fenway Park, the piano-playing troubadour’s sixth show in as many years at the home of the Red Sox. For his next tour, Joel played theaters. Somach tried to book him again, but instead Dave Sestak at Lehigh Valley talent agency Media 5 booked him at Muhlenberg College. Joel also played Allentown Fairgrounds’ Agriplex.

I’m not saying, by the way, that contempt can’t make for great art. Dylan’s Positively 4th Street,” for example, is one of the most contemptuous songs ever written, but it redeems itself through the joyfulness of its black-humored eloquence and wit. And Springsteen lost something when he lost his contempt and became a love-for-the-common-people would-be Woody Guthrie.

Playboy: Your songs are often contradictions within themselves: A fairly tough, raw statement comes packaged in a sweet melody. From Madison Square Garden to Wrigley Field, Wesielewski has been to nine Joel concerts so far.

An Innocent Man restored Joel to his multi-platinum status, eventually selling over seven million copies and spawning the hit singles “Uptown Girl” (number three), “Tell Her About It” (number one), “An Innocent Man” (number ten), and “Keeping the Faith” (number 18). Several of the songs on the album were about model Christie Brinkley, who was engaged to Joel by the time the album was released. During 1983 and 1984, Joel became one of the first ’70s stars to embrace MTV and music videos, shooting a number of clips for the album that were aired frequently on the network. Brinkley and Joel were married in the spring of 1985.


Joel: She’s Always a Woman is about women, but the song was misinterpreted. People said it was sexist, chauvinistic, but they missed the whole point. I was saying that if a woman like Elizabeth enters the work force and is aggressive, she’s called a bitch; if a guy is aggressive, he’s called ballsy. I’m saying, like, you’re just as good as me, if not better. She can compete with me on that level, but it doesn’t mean she’s not a woman.

Billy Joel: ‘She don’t love me like before.’ My own song. ‘She don’t love me anymore. I believed all the lies she told me. I, I…,’ you know, that kind of thing. I’m trying to sound like early Beatles, and it was fun. It was a lot of fun. But I was asked to join a band after The Beatles came out, and you’ve got to remember, November of ’63, John F. Kennedy is assassinated. The country goes into the dumps.

Joel: But it goes out, too—pretty quick. The more you have, the more you spend. So we’re also responsible for a lot of different people’s income. The money coming in is creating employment, too, creating jobs. I’m not really a capitalist. I never was. I’m kind of a quasi socialist; I’m embarrassed by all the money. Elizabeth is a very good capitalist; she’s very sensible. She exists in this society and she accepts it.

He was born May 9, 1949, William Martin Joel and was raised in Hicksville, Long Island, a blue-collar suburb near New York City. He began piano lessons at four (both parents, who were divorced when he was a boy, were musical). His father, who was German, took a job in Europe and Billy grew up among women as a cocky little boy. He became an amateur boxer as a teenager (and earned a broken nose) while he continued his musical training. One Sunday evening in 1964, his life changed as he sat mesmerized in front of a TV set, watching four smartass kids from England usher in a new era of music. For Joel, those few minutes when the Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show” were the difference between life as it was in Hicksville and life as it could be—as it would be.

I was pissed off. It’s bullshit. There’s no fine Nazis. My father’s generation fought a war to put an end to Nazism. When they see these guys with the swastika armband, I’m amazed they don’t run out on the street and smash them over the head with a baseball bat. So this president missed the boat. He had a great chance to say something meaningful and he blew it.

Alec Baldwin: With you and a piano. Riman’s mom is hoping the video of his Billy Joel performance shows people there are no limits. “I am so thankful to Garden of Dreams for literally fulfilling his dream, my dream for him,” she said.

Billy Joel: No. I stopped writing songs about it when I got divorced the second time. That was in ’93. Actually, in ’94 the divorce happened. The album, River of Dreams came out and I realized, you know what? I’m spinning out the story of my life to all these stranger. I’m kind of sick and tired of everybody knowing my personal life and how I feel about this one and that one.

While still a member of the Echoes, Joel began playing recording sessions in 1965, when he was just 16 years old. Joel played piano on several recordings George “Shadow” Morton produced – including the Shangri-Las’ “Leader of the Pack” – as well as several records released through Kama Sutra Productions. During this time, the Echoes started to play numerous late-night shows.

Portrait of Billy Joel in New York in January 1978. Alec Baldwin: New York loves you. Billy Joel plays piano in his Manhattan apartment on May 28, 1976. Sept. 9 will be my 20th Billy Joel concert in Philadelphia. Billy Joel: I know, and I love New York. That’s why I live here. But I put away the recording part of my career and I put away, for the time being, performing.

In November 2014, Billy Joel received both The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song which honors living musical artists’ lifetime achievement in promoting the genre of song as a vehicle of cultural understanding; entertaining and informing audiences; and inspiring new generations, and the once-in-a-century ASCAP Centennial Award, which is presented to American music icons in recognition of their incomparable accomplishments in their respective music genres and beyond.

Joel will add to his numbers when he visits Arlington, Texas on Oct. 12, followed by three more shows at Madison Square Garden before the end of the year. Joel is scheduled for an appearance in Charlotte next April, but beyond that, the touring career of the nation’s third-highest-selling solo artist is uncertain.

On December 11, 2008, Joel recorded his own rendition of ” Christmas in Fallujah ” during a concert at Acer Arena in Sydney and released it as a live single in Australia only. It is the only official release of Joel performing “Christmas in Fallujah”, as Cass Dillon sang on the 2007 studio recording and the handful of times the song was played live in 2007. Joel sang the song throughout his December 2008 tour of Australia.

Billy Joel: Well, I liked a lot of different kinds of music. I already came out of a classical background, and I really dug jazz when I was in my early teens: Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Jimmy Smith, Bill Evans – I loved jazz. But I realized I ain’t gonna be one of those guys either.

Alec Baldwin: Anywhere. Music is everywhere and music is everything, and acting is, like I said, what you do when you have no musical talent. So you got divorced the second time and got remarried and divorced a third time.

I won’t endorse things commercially for that reason, either—except I endorse Baldwin pianos, because they’re good pianos. I also could see endorsing Harley motorcycles, because I love them. But I turn down incredible amounts of money to endorse all kinds of things. We sell our own T-shirt and stuff like that for the same reason. We don’t want people who trust me to get ripped off. We don’t sell T-shirts for the money; our merchandising company operates at a loss. If people are going to buy that stuff, at least we want them to be able to get good quality. We sell T-shirts, posters and we put out a newsletter. That’s it.

Billy Joel: Well I had one song that I thought was okay. Billy Joel, noted New York Yankees fan, in the 1970s. Alec Baldwin: Ladies and gentlemen, Billy Joel and his ensemble. I had already seen Loggins & Messina and Tanya Tucker, then I saw another act called The Hello People with Todd Rundgren,” Somach said. And this guy named Billy Joel.

2019 is a year full of milestones for Billy Joel, starting this week with his 70th birthday. February marked the 40th anniversary of his Album of the Year Grammy win for 52nd Street, while October will be 30 years since he released Storm Front and millions of people found themselves trying to remember all the words to We Didn’t Start the Fire.” But you might not realize those things, because for whatever reason, Billy Joel doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

Joel: No. I practiced a lot. I learned to play piano by ear because I got tired of reading the music that the piano teacher would give me. She would give me a Beethoven piece and I would go out and get the record and learn it that way. It was less like work. It came from doing it over and over again. I think my first writing was making piano lessons interesting by making up my own Mozart. I wasn’t learning my lessons; when it came down to playing the pieces for my teacher, I would just sit there.

After a reader dropped by the office to point out a different version of a Billy Joel song I didn’t address in a recent column about Turnstiles,” I felt like it was my duty to brush up on Joel’s music.

Yeah. I have a lot of music that no one’s ever heard and no one may ever hear if I don’t decide to do something with it. It’s really about the creative process that’s important to me, not about having records on the charts or selling a lot of recordings. I’m learning all the time, and you never stop learning. That’s what’s good about the writing process. You always learn something new whenever you create.

The book tells how that incident spurred Joel to change a song he had been writing about his native Levittown, N.Y., to Allentown,” which became one of his biggest hits. It used the Lehigh Valley as a symbol of a dying Rust Belt industrial city.

Coinciding with the Greatest Hits album release, Joel released a two-volume Video Album that was a compilation of the promotional videos he had recorded from 1977 to the present time. Along with videos for the new singles off the Greatest Hits album, Joel also recorded a video for his first hit, “Piano Man”, for this project.

In December 2013, Billy Joel became Madison Square Garden’s first-ever music franchise, joining the ranks of the storied venue’s other original franchises – the New York Knicks, Rangers and Liberty. Since January 2014, Joel has played one show per month at The Garden. This unprecedented and wildly successful residency will mark a 60th consecutive sellout with its January 24, 2019, show and hit its record-setting 100th career MSG show last July.

By late 1972, an underground recording of Joel’s “Captain Jack” had been released on the East Coast and was garnering positive attention. Executives from Columbia Records sought out the lounge player and gave Joel a second chance to become a rock star.

Through the 1980s, Joel would be crowned a hit-maker with smashes such as “Tell Her About It,” “Uptown Girl,” “Innocent Man” and “The Longest Time.” He would release two volumes of Greatest Hits and become the first American performer to unleash a full-scale rock production in the Soviet Union. While churning out hits, Joel would also frequent the benefit circuit, performing with stars such as Cyndi Lauper and John Mellencamp to raise money for various causes.

In the spring of 1980, Joel released Glass Houses, theoretically a harder-edged album that was a response to the punk and new wave movement. Glass Houses reached number one in America, where it stayed for six weeks; the album spawned the Top 40 singles “You May Be Right” (number seven), “It’s Still Rock’n’Roll to Me” (number one), “Don’t Ask Me Why” (number 19), and “Sometimes a Fantasy” (number 36) and won the 1980 Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male. In the fall of 1981, Joel released Songs in the Attic, a live album that concentrated on material written and recorded before he became a star in 1977. The album’s “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” and “She’s Got a Way” became Top 40 hits.

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