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I can’t give you that energy. But as far back as I can remember I’d always known that he had passed away. His performance as Reggie Love, the philosophical Vietnam veteran turned pimp in The Deuce ,” is the latest example of his impressive acting skills.

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BLACK THOUGHTTariq “Black Thought” Trotter and Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of the Roots, who will host their 12th annual Roots Picnic and first at the Man Center in Fairmount Park on Saturday. It’s a beautiful thing. As you can see, nothing but greatness and beautiful things have come out of that. Look at the BET Hip-Hop Awards! That shit was fucking nostalgic! That shit was fucking amazing. Junior M.A.F.I.A. came out and the crowd went nuts. Sometimes when people realize things they have done and they apologize sincerely, that is worth more than gold. That’s a family member. Family fucks up, that’s it. We do that in our family and relationship. But when it’s family, especially for someone like Biggie, we have to come together and we have to let Biggie live the way he’s supposed to. That was my way of mending his broken heart.

Other attractions on the three stages include 21 Savage, the born-in-Britain Atlanta rapper who was detained by ICE earlier this year ; H.E.R., the moniker of Grammy-winning singer Gabi Wilson; and retro soul dynamo Raphael Saadiq, backed by Soulquarians and anchored by Roots drummer Ahmir Questlove” Thompson.

TROTTER: I mean, you know, there’s something to be said about a person who sort of lives life without letting that many people in who’s suddenly letting people in. Black Thought also previously gave some insight into his creative process for the new project.

Black Thought and Culture offers the full text of approximately 100,000 pages of non-fiction writing by leading figures in African American life and culture, including Frederick Douglas, W.E.B. Du Bois, Ida Wells, A. Phillip Randolph, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesse Jackson and hundreds of others. Types of material include articles and essays, monographs, speeches, interviews, pamphlets and correspondence. Approximately twenty percent is previously unpublished, including transcripts from the Columbia University Oral History Project. Also available online for the first time is the complete run of the Black Panther newspaper, 1966 through 1980.

Earlier this year, composer and producer Adrian Younge curated Amazon Music’s Produced By series of Amazon Original singles to celebrate the spectrum of Black music during Black History Month and today, Younge’s Linear Labs released an exclusive clip from the set featuring Younge’s ten-piece band with Ali Shaheed Muhammad, The Midnight Hour, and special guest rapper Black Thought You may recognize The Midnight Hour as the crew that soundtracked Netflix’s now-canceled Luke Cage series, drawing on throwback funk and soul to evoke the Blaxploitation films that originally inspired the Marvel Comics character.

In a recent interview at a restaurant in Union Square, Black Thought talked about his challenging childhood, the visual arts that have inspired his career, and the royal nature of wearing a beard. This time around, Black Though is partnering with producer Salaam Remi, who has worked in the past with artists including Amy Winehouse, The Fugees and Nas.

Yeah. It was a 22-year-old dude who lived a few blocks away from my mom in Southwest Philadelphia. He was arrested and was supposed to have gotten the death penalty, but then through some clerical error, there was almost a mistrial and he had to be tried again. I sat through two trials. I was 16. He was found guilty again in the second trial, and he is serving a life sentence.

I’m excited that Phonte, Black Thought and Rhymefest have decided to join forces to release an album, even if I’m truly wondering what that might sound like in this new musical hip-hop era. For my money, I’ve always been willing to die on the hill of Phonte having the potential to be one of the greatest to ever do it. He is relatable, lyrical and dexterous on the microphone in ways that still manage to impress me. Phonte’s skill set is truly one of a kind.

There’s so many stories that are huge that are sort of lost in the sauce of the ever-evolving newsfeed,” Trotter admitted. Once it’s out of the cycle it’s often out of, not public perception, but public recollection.” With the Philadelphia native’s latest offering, the world will once again be reminded of the same emotions they experienced six years ago.

Also on the stacked bill: New Orleans party band Tank & the Bangas, neo-soul singer Ari Lennox and Miami rap duo City Girls. This year, Roots rapper Tariq Black Thought” Trotter and J. Period’s mixtape,” has serious star power in Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def). And yes, there will be Questlove Cheesesteaks (without meat), podcasts, femmepowerment” panel discussions, and a Common book signing.

Because most of the band members hail from Philadelphia and its surrounding area, they showed their support for the Phillies during the 2009 World Series against the Yankees, displaying Phillies memorabilia when performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon On the episode which aired the day after the Yankees clinched the title, Questlove stated “No comment!” on the show’s intro (when he usually states the episode number), and had a Yankees logo purposely displayed upside-down on his drumset. In 2010, the group showed support for the Flyers during their run to the Stanley Cup Final by having the team logo on their drumset, and again in 2014 when the Flyers faced the New York Rangers in the first round of the playoffs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

But does reality ever unfold like that? In recent years, young rappers have been decorating time in more lifelike ways, letting their words go blurry and slack, hedging their verses with fat pockets of dead air. This makes their music feel chaotic, unpredictable, disordered. And it denies our yearning for resolution, which makes it feel a lot like life.

After a few months, I returned to Philly. I was determined to turn my life and be successful. But not long after I returned home, my mom, Cassandra Trotter, had gone missing for a week. She had gotten addicted to crack cocaine, so it wasn’t odd for her to go AWOL for a day. I would usually see my mother once a month, which was around the time my dad’s Social Security and Navy benefits came in. However, when my mom went missing for a whole week, me, my grandmother and our family, we knew something was wrong.

The 1996 release Illadelph Halflife was the group’s third album and their first to break the Top 40 on the Billboard 200 chart, 6 spurred in part by MTV’s airplay of the video for “What They Do” (a parody of rap video clichés) 8 and “Clones”, which was their first single to reach the top five on the rap charts. The band added “What They Do” was also the group’s first single to hit the Top 40 of Billboard’s charts, reaching a peak of #34. Scott Storch left the band and was replaced by a new keyboardist, Kamal Gray. The band’s sound would take a darker turn during this period, heavily influenced by the Wu-Tang Clan and the RZA ‘s grimy and haunting production style, replete with samples from old jazz and classical music. The album is also notable for its many guests and collaborators, including Common , D’Angelo , Q-Tip , and others. These collaborations would provide the foundation for the creation of the Soulquarians and permanently forged the Roots’ association with the neo-soul subgenre.

The sad truth is, you might hear all of that before you hear a Roots album. I hope not. I hope we get it out soon, because so much of it is so good. Not to toot my own horn, but this new Roots stuff is sort of what the world needs. The true test of it will be, did we record such a timeless classic in 2016 that if we put it out in 2020, it will stick so hard? That’s the definition of a classic. If when it’s unearthed, the time is right.

Unshackled by an expectation of mass popularity, Thought has pursued music on his terms instead of toiling within the monotonous intro-verse-hook-verse-hook” confines of the label-radio-industrial complex like Eminem. Rather than take part in shallowly ambitious collaborations like Ed Sheeran and Alicia Keys, he’s combined forces with respected vets like DJ Premier, Royce Da 5’9”, Styles P and Phonte; embraced up-and-comers like Logic, Action Bronson and Rapsody; and made it clear, from Tony Touch to Sway In The Morning to Funkmaster Flex , that he is still an absolute menace when it comes to a freestyle.

Black Thought himself, however, seems to have channeled his reactions into creativity. He started rapping at age nine and won admission to Philadelphia’s prestigious High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA). At first he studied visual arts and thought about becoming an architect. He had an instinct for commercial success from the start—he made African medallions and sold them for ten dollars each to his fellow students. Black Thought had disciplinary run-ins at CAPA, starting on his first day with an incident in which he was said to have been caught in a bathroom with a senior girl dance student, and he was eventually expelled. He graduated from Germantown High School and went on to study at Millersville University and to take journalism courses at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Today, Tariq Trotter—better known as Black Thought, MC for pioneering Philly hip-hop band The Roots—has released his first-ever album LP, Streams of Thought Vol. 1, produced by 9th Wonder and The Soul Council. While he has been one of hip-hop’s most well-respected wordsmiths for years, until now, his ample body of work has predominantly come as a member of The Roots—an unusual position for a rapper to be in.

When I was 12, I was arrested for tagging a basketball court in a South Philadelphia park known as the Lot. I was sentenced in juvenile court to what was known as scrub time, in the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti network. I was supervised by a lady named Jane Golden, who now runs the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program , of which I have been a longstanding board member. Talk about full circle.

BNC has been over a decade in the making thanks to J.C. Watts, the former Oklahoma congressman who wanted to create a platform similar to CNN with only news and insight by people of color. Networks like BET and TVOne have respectfully released similar programming in the past with BET Nightly News and News One Now hosted by Roland Martin, but this new network plans to run on a 24-hour news cycle while tying in programs that will benefit teens, women, and HBCUs.

Hip-hop has changed. Eminem (and Nicki Minaj) should go sit in a corner somewhere and complain together over whatever types of tea millionaire hip-hop NIMBYers with trash albums drink. And I’m a hip-hop head, raised on the music of the ’90s, where if you ask me some of the best hip-hop to ever exist was created. But times change and things change and if it didn’t the culture would die. Kanye has said a lot of dumb shit, but listen to the kids, bro” is proving to be fairly prophetic. Lots of these young rappers are doing things with music that artists in the ’90s would never contemplate doing. From Kendrick to Chance to Saba to even artists like Lil Uzi Vert, music is doing shit nowadays that it has never done. With that news, there’s a new-old group on the horizon.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are just completely inept when it comes to navigating social media, you’ve definitely stumbled across Black Thought ‘s electrifying Hot 97 freestyle at some point this past weekend.

The Roots’ 1999 album Things Fall Apart catapulted the group and Trotter’s poignant lyrics into the mainstream. Winning a Grammy Award for its lead single, You Got Me” featuring Erykah Badu, Things Fall Apart garnered Trotter critical acclaim as an MC, heralded by press like Rolling Stone as the lyricist’s lyricist”. The project also produced one of the most iconic covers in Hip Hop, solidifying The Roots as a revolutionary, deeply artistic band.

What most likely led to the freestyle garnering so much attention, however, is his critique of contemporary rappers, namely of the mumble rap” variety. His blend of history, literature, and street knowledge along with reverence for older rappers creates the foundation for his argument. He calls on current rappers to have a purpose with their music, to fight for something instead of fueling the decay of a culture.

Born on October 3, 1971, as Tariq Luqmaan Trotter, he is famed by his stage name Black Thought. He is an American rapper as well as the lead MC of the Philadelphia based hip-hop group The Roots. Black Thought is an actor too and the co-founder of The Roots along with drummer Ahmir Thompson who has a Net Worth of $16 million, also known as, Questlove. The American rapper, Thought is widely praised for his live performances, continuous rhyming and complex lyrics which are politically motivated too.

Now, with the release of his first side project, Streams of Thought Vol. 1 (produced by 9th Wonder and The Soul Council), he’s further emerging from the shadows. It’s a new reckoning for an artful dodger who’s always excelled at drawing complex illustrations while disappearing into his own canvas, but he stops short of calling Streams of Thought a solo project. For Black Thought, the appeal of a collaborative series featuring a rotating cast of producers is less about hogging the spotlight than delivering stream-of-consciousness flows without the meticulous plotting associated with The Roots’ high-concept approach.

I think so. The culture of hip-hop — not just the rapping but the graffiti, the dancing, the attitude — was an escape for me. Because I was a visual artist, it was the graffiti component that pulled me in. I became a tagger. I bombed walls all over the city with the name DT” or Double T,” which are my initials, Tariq Trotter.

I’m not even sure I need to speak on perennial GOAT-contender Black Thought’s skill set , even if he isn’t as universally lauded as he should be. Every year Shaq played basketball, he was the MVP. As long as Tariq Trotter is rapping, he should be in the GOAT convo.

Fallon greeted the rapper born Tariq Trotter by saying that it’s good to have him on that side of the desk. He later presented Trotter with a printout of his entire freestyle , which resembled Santa’s list more than lyrics.

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