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As the first female K-pop act to play the festival, Blackpink began to pique the interest of listeners both in and outside of the K-pop sphere, and since then the hysteria surrounding them has increased tenfold.

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BLACKPINKTo feed the fan frenzy for their high-energy pop and irresistibly bold visuals, all four members have begun working on solo material that runs parallel to BLACKPINK’s output but spotlights their distinct personalities (including Jennie’s recent single Solo,” a #1 hit on the World Digital Song Sales chart). K-pop act Blackpink was a main draw at Coachella on Friday. That video has become the fastest K-pop group video to breach the 550 million viewership mark on YouTube. The biggest reason fans connect with Blackpink is because of their authenticity; their candidness about everyday life makes them feel more like longtime friends than untouchable pop stars.

Support from YG Entertainment, a K-pop management powerhouse, and a contract with American music label Interscope Records have helped project Blackpink toward global renown (Kill This Love” and its accompanying EP are the group’s first releases with Interscope). Blackpink is also one of the first K-pop girl bands whose fans have mobilized on social media to help them achieve international fame, following a blueprint drawn by fans of globally popular K-pop boy bands like BTS and Exo. American culture is primed to pay attention now, where it wasn’t before.

I wasn’t going to come to Coachella until I saw the lineup with Blackpink,” she said, just before the K-pop group took the Sahara Tent stage. She wore a well-broken-in shirt featuring the quartet, and although she’d been having a good time at the fest, they were far and away the biggest reason she came. It was really surprising. It’s pretty cool that they’re thinking outside the box,” she said.

To say that Blackpink is popular is to put it lightly; the group have a massive, dedicated fanbase that has grown exponentially since their debut in 2016. On April 4, the group’s music video for their latest single Kill This Love” became the most-watched music video in a 24 hour period in YouTube history, clocking in with 56.7 million views and seizing the title that was previously held by Ariana Grande’s Thank U Next.” Just three days later, the video smashed another record when it became the fastest music video to hit 100 million views on the platform.

BLACKPINK will kick off the US leg of their In Your Area world tour on 12 April. Beginning with a headline-making appearance on both weekends at Coachella (making them the first K-Pop act to play the Californian festival), the group will play a series of arenas across the US and Canada before heading to Europe and Australia.

If you’ve never seen a K-Pop video, you’re in for a bloody treat. Whether it’s the crispness of SHINee’s ‘1 of 1′ (don’t watch if you don’t want to buy a suit after watching) or the stern, sassy dance video to CL’s ‘Hello Bitches’ (choreographed by Parris Goebel, who also did Justin Bieber‘s ‘Sorry’ and Ciara’s ‘Level Up’) they are real production numbers.

With projects planned for each individual band member, there will be plenty more opportunities to appreciate each of the girls’ unique strengths and flavours. Jennie was the first member to release a solo effort, putting out the trap-influenced electro banger ‘Solo’ in November 2018. The single became the most viewed video by a female K-Pop solo artist in the first 24 hours of its release.

Ok, relax, it was before JiSoo’s debut and the whole thing was actually because of a CF that they shot in the past. Nevertheless, the video clips still went viral on several online communities when fans got a hold of it.

Blackpink has made a series of smart moves to bolster their international profile. The group’s Kill This Love” video is legitimately dazzling, and its massive debut on the YouTube Premiere platform, which allows content creators to schedule the release of a video with a countdown timer attached that ticks down to its live-streamed debut, helped it garner attention. So did a performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in February, which happened shortly after the video for the group’s 2018 single Ddu-Du Ddu-Du ” became the most-viewed video by a K-pop group in YouTube history , with nearly 800 million views.

Blackpink’s music video also beat out Grande’s video with a 3-day engagement rate of 3.8x, slightly higher than the 3.7x of Thank U, Next.” This is 2.8x higher than the average engagement rate on YouTube. Additionally, the latest K-pop video pulled in an overall 7-day engagement rate of 3.8x.

The latest K-pop groups are easily competing with popular Latin and American artists in terms of 3-day views and engagement: 4 out of 5 of the most viral music videos of the last several months hail from K-pop! Data exclusive to Tubular.

Despite only being released in June 2018, the music video for BLACKPINK’s single ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’ has already leapt ahead of their rivals’ videos. Breaking records from the start (within 24 hours of its release, it became the most viewed video on YouTube), it has since rocketed to over 734 million views in nine months.

Correction, April 10 at 7:02 PM ET: An earlier version of this story stated that The Beast” was the eight-story-tall digital billboard, then the largest in Times Square, which The New York Times profiled in 2014 A representative says that is not the billboard YouTube is using, but rather a smaller one a little ways down the street.

Jisoo (Jisoo Kim): At 24, she’s the eldest member of the group. Prior to making her Blackpink debut, she appeared in commercials with top actor Lee Min-ho (Boys Over Flowers”) and was featured in Epik High’s music videos for Spoiler” and Happy Ending.” Her appearances on the Korean variety series Running Man” helped garner the show some of its all-time highest ratings.

The BBC got exclusive access to L-R Jisoo, Rose, Jennie and Lisa, just before their first gig at Wembley Arena. Blackpink is conquering U.S. charts faster than any other female K-pop act ever has and could become one of the country’s biggest girl groups, period.

The song, which Crow originally wrote after a trip to war-torn Bosnia and recorded for her GRAMMY-winning 1996 self-titled album, was dropped with a moving, jarring visual. The music video, directed by Shaun Silva , is centered on a young girl watching scenes from our history play out before her, many of them tragic, of environmental destruction and war across the globe. Despite the tough topics tackled in the song—that really still ring true 23 years later—there is a message, of hope, of redemption.

The music video for their single “Kill This Love” briefly made history. There are so many BLACKPINK fans ă…‹ă…‹ă…‹ă…‹ I was worried about Jennie because she was unwell but she did well. Kill This Love” also hit milestones on iTunes , reaching the number one position in the US store, the first Asian girl group to do so.

BLACKPINK has had a huge year: They headlined the 2019 Coachella music festival, making them the first K-pop girl group to have ever done so, officially became the most watched Korean YouTube channel in the world, and released their comeback album, Kill This Love, which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart in April.

BlackPink is a South Korean girl group, debuted in August of 2016. The group is known world-wide and contains 4 members : Jennie, Jisoo , Rosè, and Lisa. Jennie is the rapper, Jisoo is the visual, Rosè is the main vocalist, (although Jisoo sings as well) and Lisa is the main dancer who also raps along with Jennie. So far, the group has 3 albums- Square One , Blackpink , and Square Up.

BLACKPINK 2nd Mini Album「KILL THIS LOVE -JP Ver.-」has sold 11,971 copies in the 1st week on Oricon. Blackpink has set multiple records, including being the first K-pop girl group to perform at Coachella and having the highest charting Billboard Hot 100 song by a female K-pop group ever.

It’s not a new thing, though. The genre has it roots all the way back in the 90s, with the group Seo Taiji and Boys. They’re widely credited with kickstarting the whole scene and pioneered many key features of the typical K-Pop group: choreographed dance routines that are executed with military precision, a broad confluence of Western musical styles, cutting-edge fashion and lyrics that are both personal and societal.

BLACKPINK Premium Debut Showcase was BLACKPINK’s official introduction to Japan in preparation for their official debut which happened on August 30th. The concert was held at Nippon Budokan with an attendance of 14,000+ people. It was reported that around 200,000 people tried to get tickets for the showcase.

At first glance, and considering the industry’s ebbs and flows, it might be easy to write BTS off as just another musical fad. But that would be underestimating BTS’ power to connect with audiences: Not only do their steady stream of albums touch on important topics like self-love and follow a developing story arc, last year BTS packed arenas on their Love Yourself global tour. The North American leg alone, which brought the boys to eight cities, had four sold-out shows at the 21,000 capacity Staples Center in Los Angeles. And their first-ever stadium show in the U.S. , at New York City’s Citi Field, welcomed 40,000 loyal fans for another sold-out show.

Kill This Love” was the fastest music video ever to hit 100M views, reaching that benchmark in less than three days. It narrowly beat out Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next,” which garnered 55.4 million views in its first day.

The Interscope label signed Blackpink in 2018, partnering with the South Korean music company YG Entertainment to manage the group and produce and release its music. Blackpink has netted a string of successes since signing with Interscope, including scoring a just kicked-off U.S. arena tour that will bring the band to the Allstate Arena in Rosemont on Wednesday.

Arriving in Seoul , the band estimated that there were between 10-20 aspiring performers all going through the same training: 12 hours a day, seven days a week, learning to dance, sing and rap. Monthly tests helped to prove people’s strengths and eliminate the weakest in the pack: one scored an A, B or C. There are plenty of videos out there on YouTube of people who flunked out of the training to become a K-Pop star.

Yet just as fans support BTS, BTS supports their fans. All in their mid-to-early-20s, the members of BTS know how to use social media as a tool to connect with their millions of admirers online, giving fans regular access and updates on their lives. While many social-media users at risk of falling into feelings of isolation the more they “like” and scroll, BTS actively leverage positivity on social media. Fans follow suit, filling BTS’ YouTube page with upbeat, supportive chatter. Together with their fans, BTS creates a giant, supportive family.

Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo and Lisa, aka BLACKPINK , have broken another record: “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” is now the highest viewed video on YouTube by a K-pop group. The video has taken the place of BTS ‘ “DNA,” which now sits at second place.

While Rose, Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo are certain to have been given Samsung phones, they are likely to have other phones that they use in their private lives. They’re one of the world’s biggest K-pop superbands, and their YouTube views currently stack up to more than 6 billion.

Make sure you have a Samsung phone to stand out from the competition, and attract Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo or Rose to grab the phone from you and snap a photo. The video for their massive Kill This Love hit, for example, ramps up the exposure with Lisa and Jennie wielding the S10 model.

Jennie may have put it best in an Instagram post on the final day of 2018: “We laugh, we smile, we hug, we love, we care, we work, we cheer, we cry, we live, we dream, we eat, we travel, we dance, we sing, we are BLACKPINK. I LOVE YOU.” She included a photo of the group in a close hug. Girl power, indeed.

K-pop act Blackpink was a main draw at Coachella on Friday. That video has become the fastest K-pop group video to breach the 550 million viewership mark on YouTube. The biggest reason fans connect with Blackpink is because of their authenticity; their candidness about everyday life makes them feel more like longtime friends than untouchable pop stars.BLACKPINK

When BLACKPINK was introduced to the world, the group’s name was said to be a twist on what we usually think of for the color pink. Typically considered feminine color, the addition of black brings a sense of mystery and edge. That’s represented by the members’ artistic tendencies too, with vocalists Jisoo and Rose paired with rappers Jennie and Lisa.

Facebook — where the latest K-pop stars only hosted the Kill This Love” teaser video — brought in a solid 4.5x 7-day engagement rate. Members of South Korean girl group BlackPink attend the SBS Singing Competition, Dec. 25, 2018, in Seoul.

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