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They’re dance instructions. Add the above quote to the reams and reams of falsehoods presented in defense of these country trap songs. Absolutely. The dance to his “The Git Up” song became a TikTok challenge, and was featured in more than 130,000 TikTok videos.

blanco brown the git up dance – Summerville High School Takes Up ‘Git Up’ Challenge And Catches Blanco Brown’s Attention

Blanco BrownBlanco Brown performs Funky Tonk & The Git Up Medley on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now the cowboy boot is on the other foot. Billboard’s removal of Old Town Road” from its country chart suggests that some proportion of white fans are sensitive to their music being hijacked. Curiously, the purists weren’t complaining a few years back when a growing gaggle of white country artists started appropriating black music, all to the profit-making benefit of the industry. Old Town Road” could be considered the latest product of a trend that emerged roughly six years ago. Dubbed Bro Country,” the subgenre came to life when acts including Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and Cole Swindell began incorporating rap-style party rhymes and R&B- and blues-inflected rhythms into their songs. With its satiny melody and hip-grinding beat, Jason Aldean’s 2014 hit Burnin’ It Down ” is virtually a R&B makeout song, yet it reached No. 12 on Billboard’s Hot Country chart. Unlike its action on Old Town Road,” Billboard never questioned the authenticity of Aldean’s tune.

And with trap-country trending as the Internet’s current favorite mico-genre, Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” is following Lil Nas X‘s example to its own viral success, complete with an accompanying line dance that has officially become a meme.

But unlike Atlanta rapper Lil Nas X, Brown’s song has not been removed from Billboard’s country charts. He said he wasn’t concerned about anyone saying it wasn’t country enough.

Brown’s debut single The Git Up” was released in April 2019 and as of July 2019 has over 50 million streams on Spotify. Where’s the data saying it hasn’t panned out? I think more black people listen to quality country than you realize.

This week, Blanco Brown sits down with us and chats positive energy, having random taste in music and ‘The Git Up’. During the week ending August 3, 2019, The Git Up” peaked at #14 on the Hot 100.

Blanco Brown is the first country artist to top the Emerging Artists chart in over a year. Previously, Jordan Davis hit No. 1 on that chart in April of 2018.

His debut EP, Blanco Brown, showcases the full range of its creator, who juggles multiple roles as the project’s songwriter, producer, vocalist, visionary, and multi-instrumentalist.

While The Git Up” is Brown’s first release as a solo artist, he is far from a newcomer. Brown has worked as a hip-hop and pop producer for Chris Brown , Fergie and Pitbull , among others. He also produced Goalie Goalie ,” one of the theme songs for the 2018 World Cup.

The first thing that I seen that made me feel like the record or the dance—I didn’t really know which one—was catching on was after a guy re-posted on his page named DJ Shocker and he hit me in my inbox and said, Bro this video is going to be at a million views by the end of the day because the numbers are just coming fast.” And I started watching it, so then I hit him up. People were like, oh, we might be onto one, and I seen people re-posting mine, and maybe like a week later it had over 4 or 5 million views on Facebook. Then it slowed down on Instagram. Nick from Fox 46 news, he did the dance. Then it turned up, and it was like perfect timing right before Labor Day weekend. Then people started doing the dance and then I said okay, I guess it’s officially a challenge, and then Delicious did it.

Blanco Brown, the mastermind behind the viral sensation The G it Up ” today announces his debut full-length album, Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs, will be released October 11 and is available today for pre-order digitally via BBR Music Group. Inspired by his youth growing up in Atlanta during the school year and rural Georgia during the summers, the album title is a tribute to his split-location upbringing that taught him the value of diversity and uniting people, things and sounds, which ultimately lead to the creation of TrailerTrap, a new genre that fuses hip hop beats with 808’s and traditional Country music.

Then go over to the article talking about those two Miranda Lambert songs as opposed to leaving a snarky comment here. You don’t want to read this? Don’t read it. But I have received tons of requests to broach this subject, while others are busting my balls for constantly posting about Miranda Lambert for click bait. I type until my fingers bleed and work three shifts a day to try and provide as much country music coverage as I can, and offer it up all up for free. I appreciate that so many people come here and want to read my opinions. But these type of comments are really selfish in thinking I should cater my coverage to your very specific tastes. I do the best I can to please as many people as possible, and screw me for taking some time for the Miranda songs to sink in as opposed to belching out some knee jerk reactions.

While the song’s title doesn’t appear in the lyrics, Blanco says “The Git Up” was inspired by his grandmother. Radio station 103.1 New Country WIRK invited Blanco Brown to perform for their listeners.

And it looks like the crew at SHS really made a big impression as Blanco Brown, who sang the song, chimed in on the high school’s dance number and gave them some well deserved props.

I’m glad there’s a mention that this song, like Old Town Road has never done anything on Mediabase. For all the attention Billboard’s chart gets, Mediabase is the one that matters if you want to know what country radio plays. That’s the chart that gets used for all those countdown shows stations play on the weekends like Bob Kingsley. I roll my eyes a little every time anyone gets worked up about Billboard because that chart has a lot more to do with sales and streaming than radio airplay. As far as I’m concerned Shelton’s song has been number one the last couple of weeks and it looks like Eric Church is going to be taking the top spot when the next 7-day chart is published.

The comparisons to Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road,” and the hypocrisy of including one song and not the other on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart is naturally where a discussion leads. But there are some important differences between the two artists. First, if there was any question of whether Lil Nas X was a country artist beyond Old Town Road,” that matter has been firmly settled by the release of his EP ‘7,’ which doesn’t include anything else resembling country, country trap, or any other country hybrid or offshoot at all. If you want to discuss whether Old Town Road” should be considered country, that’s one thing. But it’s undeniable that Lil Nas X is not a country artist, with even many of his biggest proponents conceding this point in the face of the EP—which by the way, is dramatically under-performing compared to the continued success of Old Town Road.” At this point, Lil Nas X is still very much a one hit wonder.

I agree, the entanglements and hypocrisy with the Hot Country Songs chart is real, and I felt like I broached them in this article in an honest and objective way. But don’t blame me or country music for that. Blame Billboard.

People are gonna try to criticize it, but if you take away the 808s, then you got traditional country,” Brown said. We need to revisit Sir Mix a Lot and Square Dance Rap as country music.

However, there are some significant differences between the two artists: After “Old Town Road” charted on the country charts, Billboard removed Lil Nas X’s song from considering for the genre’s rankings, explaining that the song did not contain enough elements of country music to warrant inclusion. However, the decision sparked debate over whether or not the removal of “Old Town Road” from the country charts was racially motivated.

The acoustic clip puts a spotlight on Brown’s unique vocal delivery, and McGraw is clearly stunned by what he hears. The country icon shakes his head and keeps reacting in disbelief — as if he’s hearing his own song for the first time. And for his part, Brown is obviously moved by the experience, too. After it’s over, both of the stars seem to agree they shouldn’t let this collaboration be their last.

His music caught the attention of BBR Music Group, a Nashville-based record label with artists like Jason Aldean and Zac Brown Band, which put out his self-titled EP in May. His songs combine trap music styles such as 808 drum machines, aggressive synths and tempo with melodic strings, lap steel and guitar and lyrics about Southern culture.

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Edgar Evan Moore IVYou’ve followed the instructions. You’ve done the dance But now, the official video for Blanco Brown’s viral hit “The Git Up” premieres Friday at 6 a.m. on MTV, CMT, BET, and on a billboard in New York’s Times Square. Not bad for a track that Blanco says he created just to make people smile.

A still from Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road video. The song is the biggest single of 2019 so far, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for a ninth straight week. And has actually worked with country artists such as Kane Brown, Stapleton, and Lainey Wilson and others….

The dance to his “The Git Up” song became a TikTok challenge, and was featured in more than 130,000 TikTok videos. As Blanco explains, “The Git Up” dance incorporates traditional country line dancing steps like the “cowboy boogie” with his own flavor.

Aside from Broken Bow also being the label Billy Ray Cyrus signed to around the same time the Old Town Road remix was released, you hit pretty much every nail on the head here.

But rap also owes some of its survival and current mainstream popularity to outright cultural appropriation. In 1986, hip-hop pioneers Run-DMC teamed with white rockers Steven Tyler and Joe Perry to record a remake of Aerosmith’s 1975 shuffle, Walk This Way” At the time, Aerosmith was all but washed-up and struggling to remain relevant. The Run-DMC collaboration changed all that, rocketing to No. 4 on the pop charts. Walk This Way” not only rescued Aerosmith, it thrust Run-DMC into the pop music major leagues and helped broaden hip-hop’s popularity among white people.

Moreover, as any aspiring country performer will attest, it’s danged hard to write and perform a hit. Yet Lil Nas X and Brown nailed it on their first attempts, which suggests they understand and respect country culture, big-time.

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