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This new determinism is evident in the endeavors of the Black Rock Coalition and AfroPunk , two organizations that celebrate diversity in black music, offering a fellowship platform for wayward African American musos.

blanco brown age – ‘Old Town Road’ Gets A Country

Blanco BrownView photos of Blanco Brown’s halftime performance during the Panthers Thursday night game against Tampa Bay at Bank of America Stadium. While Billboard may be clear about the song’s lack of country authenticity, it’s harder for us laypeople. Do Lil Nas X and Brown understand and respect” white country culture, at least judging by their hit debut recordings? It should be noted that there was little demand for black country-rap performers before these two guys showed up. So they recorded these twangy singles with little expectation that their songs would make them chart-toppers. Successful black singers such as Charley Pride and Darius Rucker notwithstanding, African American country stars are as rare as desert rain.

It’s also been picked up by Brisbane country music station 98.9FM, and is primed to impact the TMN Country Airplay Chart with increased support across country radio.

Ryan Hurd, a rough-cut romantic from the Midwest, balances his budding Sony Music Nashville recording career with a songwriting portfolio that includes hits by Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and Lady Antebellum.

Unbearably funky shit-talk from a 20-year-old Sacramento kid named after an African warlord. God bless rap music. The best part: His gun goes wamp-wa-wamp-wamp, which is not a gun sound I’ve ever heard before.

Moses, the only person who is constantly obsessed with the race of the artist is you. I don’t think Florida Georgia Line, Bebe Rexha, Sam Hunt and others don’t belong on the country charts either, and have put that in print over a dozen times. That said, I recognize the hypocrisy here by Billboard. If The Git Up” is on the Hot Country Songs, so should Old Town Road.” Billboard is the one causing all the controversy via inconsistency, and that is where the ire should be turned. Not at country music.

But elsewhere on Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs, Brown flexes those storyteller muscles on a sound he’s describing and stylizing as TrailerTrap.” CountryTime” is a bit of outlaw fantasy, describing police chases and voices in my head” over acoustic guitar and trap beats before shifting to a lively bluegrass hoedown in the final coda. Georgia Power,” which mixes beatboxed percussion to cascading, Beach Boy-style harmonies, is about summoning resilience in the wake of a breakup. You gotta strap up your boots, get your feelings aligned,” he sings.

Following the release of “The Git Up” on Soundcloud on April 26, Spotify’s charts featured the track at No. 1 on the streaming service’s influential Global Viral 50 and U.S. Viral 50 charts. “The Git Up” is also climbing Nielsen’s digital songs charts, jumping an impressive 69 spots to reach No. 63 on this week’s charts after debuting at No. 132 a week earlier, its first week on the charts.

ATHENS, Ga. — Blanco Brown, whose debut single “The Git Up” reached the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, will perform during Georgia Basketball’s “Stegemania” presented by Bojangles’ next Friday, Oct. 11 at Stegeman Coliseum.

So much great country music being made by African American artists, and these two immature singalongs are the ones getting all the attention. I hope the black community is proud of the two clowns Lil Nas X & Blanco Brown.

This week, Blanco Brown sits down with us and chats positive energy, having random taste in music and ‘The Git Up’. During the week ending August 3, 2019, The Git Up” peaked at #14 on the Hot 100.

Brown’s single fuses elements of country with elements of rap and hip-hop, creating what the artist describes, according to Complex , as something similar to “trailer trap,” with influences taken from both OutKast and Johnny Cash , among other artists. Sound familiar? The jump in popularity for “The Git Up” is similar to that of Lil Nas X ‘s mega-hit “Old Town Road,” a song that also fuses genres and got a hefty boost from a viral TikTok challenge.

It has some line-dance vibe to it, and the vocal is auto-tuned nasally. If that’s all it takes to be Country”, well that’s the insult. One of the biggest songs in the country from one of the most unique voices out.

Why not just engage with my comment instead of making these cute little asides about how I’ve been trained by the media?” I’ve never blamed country music for anything. It seemed like you always took the really reasonable criticism against Billboard both personally, and on behalf of country music as a whole, which wasn’t really necessary. You did write a lot about Lil Nas X, and worked it into articles and reviews that had no conceivable connection (unless someone was really motivated to make one.) But look who cares how much you write about something – what’s more important is getting it right. I agree this article broaches the issues mentioned more objectively and honestly than previous ones, but that also underscores that you got it wrong the first time.

It’s that tenet of country music — the emphasis on storytelling — that resonated with Brown, who primarily grew up in the tough Bankhead area of Atlanta but spent his summers staying with relatives in the Georgia countryside. Instead of handing off his songs, he started hanging on to them. Album track Tn Whiskey,” for example, had some interest from Kane Brown’s team but its creator had already grown attached to it.

It felt so fine and I was like, ‘People got to dance to this,’” Brown said. Do you think there’s a website writing 2,000 words per week as a gatekeeper of what songs should be on the Modern Rock chart? Yeah, me neither.

The music video finds McGraw and Brown trading vocals on McGraw’s hit from 1994. Actually McGraw doesn’t so much as trade lyrics as he does start the song and pass it off to Brown, who moves through it with emotion over a veteran band on acoustic guitars.

With the rapid success of The Git Up,” Brown has had to get more comfortable performing on stage — he’ll tour with Chris Lane in January 2020 — something he’d only really done in a supporting role in years past. Today, though, he feels like a completely different person.

Of course the other driver behind this song is this idea that country music needs to be integrated with African Americans. But similar to Lil Nas X, instead of the industry, the media, and fans turning their gaze to the two dozen African American artists that currently exist in the country space and have devoted their lives to the genre—and have songs that are more than just idiotic dance ditties—they once again have allowed a mashup artist to hopscotch the field, shading out actual African American country artists and their contributions as opposed to helping to support them.

I honestly don’t have a problem with this song. It hearkens back to the bro country era of the past ~10 years, but contains more country elements than you seem to hear on mainstream country radio. I feel like if it was released before Old Town Road or by someone like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, FGL, etc. it would gain more traction. Overall I think it’s harmless and worth a few listens, but won’t be remembered as a huge hit or leave any sort of legacy.

On social media, though, is where “The Git Up” has found its largest audience. On April 19, Brown filmed himself performing a simple line dance to the track and posted it to his Instagram page. In the weeks since, the #GitUpChallenge has taken hold on YouTube, Instagram and, most notably, soundtracked over 130,000 videos on TikTok with fans posting their increasingly complicated takes on his choreography.Blanco Brown

Of course the other driver behind this song is this idea that country music needs to be integrated with African Americans. But similar to Lil Nas X, instead of the industry, the media, and fans turning their gaze to the two dozen African American artists that currently exist in the country space and have devoted their lives to the genre—and have songs that are more than just idiotic dance ditties—they once again have allowed a mashup artist to hopscotch the field, shading out actual African American country artists and their contributions as opposed to helping to support them. That said, screaming too much about how Blanco Brown and The Git Up” don’t belong in country will only fan its flames by inciting controversy, instead of allowing it to die under its own weight, which it eventually will.

The first thing that I seen that made me feel like the record or the dance—I didn’t really know which one—was catching on was after a guy re-posted on his page named DJ Shocker and he hit me in my inbox and said, Bro this video is going to be at a million views by the end of the day because the numbers are just coming fast.” And I started watching it, so then I hit him up. People were like, oh, we might be onto one, and I seen people re-posting mine, and maybe like a week later it had over 4 or 5 million views on Facebook. Then it slowed down on Instagram. Nick from Fox 46 news, he did the dance. Then it turned up, and it was like perfect timing right before Labor Day weekend. Then people started doing the dance and then I said okay, I guess it’s officially a challenge, and then Delicious did it.

Blanco Brown, the mastermind behind the international smash single The Git Up ” today releases his debut album, Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs via BBR Music Group. In celebration of his debut, Blanco appeared during the 8am hour on Good Morning America this morning and performed a mash-up of his global hit in addition to a brand-new song off the new album, FunkyTonk.” Catch the performance here The TrailerTrap” creator also released a music video for his Country ballad, Tn Whiskey,” which premiered exclusively on Taste of Country yesterday.

At this point in time, in 2019, people view him as the Achy Breaky guy, as well as being the dad of Miley and also hopping on Old Town Road. And yes he actually has a good catalog of music that is shadowed by that stuff. He was big in the 90s and did belong with those superstars I mentioned, although their music withstood the test of time while Billy Ray’s did not.

Brown teased The Git Up” three weeks ago with a short video clip posted to his socials. The song also serves as a choreographed dance that has Brown teaching the moves in the 45-second snippet. The clip quickly went viral, averaging nearly one million views in its initial three days of posting, while fans, DJs and dancers shared their interpretations of the dance in their own videos posted online. Presently, the clip is nearing 8 million views across multiple videos on various platforms.

Brown’s debut single The Git Up” was released in April 2019 and as of July 2019 has over 50 million streams on Spotify. Where’s the data saying it hasn’t panned out? I think more black people listen to quality country than you realize.

Lil Nas X and Blanco Brown rank among this band of musical gypsies, and they can’t be easily dismissed as cultural poachers. Are they borrowing elements of white country culture? Absolutely. But they’re also combining that with rap and reclaimed bits of their own black folk heritage.

No, Brown’s not rivaling “Gentle on My Mind” with his dance tutorial, but his rhymes and rhythms are graceful and elegant and his delivery is warm and inviting. In falling for his song, you fall for him. Repetition with each chorus and through the final verses turns up the volume on his unexpectedly delightful, sure-fire honkytonk hit. Seriously, if you can’t enjoy this song you probably don’t get invited to very many parties. There’s no doubt the song will endure as well as “Cha Cha Slide,” even if it never breaks the radio airplay barrier.

Thanks for writing this, Trig. I was hoping you would do a piece on it. It’s barely a song, but it’s really catchy, whatever it is. And I don’t think the lap steel was sampled, based off of Blanco Brown’s interview with Bobby Bones. So what if it was? It is strange that this is on country radio though. When I first heard the song a few days ago, I was gobsmakcked that it was at #1. As Lewis Black says, No amount of LSD in college could have prepared me for reality we are living in today.” Hopefully it gets so weird out there in radioland that a really catchy, super traditional song slips through the cracks. A boy can dream.

Country rap artist and record producer with a debut single, ” The Git Up ,” that became a phenomenon. The song topped the Hot Country Songs chart and peaked inside the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Of course, Brown’s biggest hit to date, The Git Up,” isn’t so much a story song as an endlessly joyful blend of country melodies and kitchen-sink hip-hop production that comes with a readymade dance. People filming themselves on TikTok while trying to master the dance helped propel the song into viral smash territory and a country chart hit, and the rest is recent history.

Released on in the first half of 2019, the Blanco Brown EP was quickly overshadowed by the single “The Git Up.” Appearing while Lil Nas X ‘s “Old Town Road” consumed America’s consciousness, “The Git Up” capitalized on the country-rap craze. It also helped that Brown had a clever internet component via a dance challenge posted on YouTube and TikTok. The viral attention helped him debut at 66 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in June 2019.

As it stands, ‘Old Town Road’ is still sitting at #23 on the Hot 100, while Marshmello & Kane Brown’s country-dance crossover ‘One Thing Right’ rises to #26.

I’m glad there’s a mention that this song, like Old Town Road has never done anything on Mediabase. For all the attention Billboard’s chart gets, Mediabase is the one that matters if you want to know what country radio plays. That’s the chart that gets used for all those countdown shows stations play on the weekends like Bob Kingsley. I roll my eyes a little every time anyone gets worked up about Billboard because that chart has a lot more to do with sales and streaming than radio airplay. As far as I’m concerned Shelton’s song has been number one the last couple of weeks and it looks like Eric Church is going to be taking the top spot when the next 7-day chart is published.

While this is Blanco’s first foray as an artist, he is a veteran in the industry, having produced top name artists like Fergie, Childish Gambino, Chris Brown, and Kane Brown He is a multi-talented creative visionary who can write, sing, play multiple instruments (including guitar, lap steel, spoons, harmonica, and tambourine), dance, coach, direct, design, and produce.

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