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Since the artist has no direct contractual relationship with whoever is releasing their music, he or she can get held up if the relationship between the major and the production entity sours.

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BLUEFACEAfter graduating as a star quarterback from Arleta High School in the San Fernando Valley, he raised his son while he tried to figure out next steps in music. Babies can’t do nothing, so I had a lot of time to create Blueface,” he joked. Impromptu shows at LA high schools and a savvy social media presence helped get him on LA’s rap radar (he has 4.5 million followers on Instagram, and he recently posted video of two girlfriends getting Franklin tattoos to match his own).

He revealed that he often sleeps with multiple sex partners at that same time. Sometimes it’s a threesome, foursome or fivesome,” he said, revealing that he has had sex with as many as five women at the same time.

So why do people feel so chafed when they hear Blueface rapping offbeat?” Because they’ve been conditioned by decades of vacuum-sealed rap verses. The importance of rapping tightly to a rhythm was practically written into rap music’s Magna Carta — Now what you hear is not a test, I’m rapping to the beat” — and at the dawn of hip-hop, such measures probably felt necessary. These were marginalized voices who wanted the rest of the world to hear them. Rapping close to the beat was a way of aligning your human voice with the unstoppable clarity and authority of time.

Los Angeles, CA – Blueface is the latest rapper to denounce Tekashi 6ix9ine. TMZ caught up with Cash Money West artist on Thursday (October 10) at the Los Angeles International Airport where he was all smiles as he flexed on the currently incarcerated Brooklynite.

Others have been eager to put Blueface’s time traveling in context. Many say he most resembles Suga Free and E-40, two California syllable jammers of the highest order. Those more attuned to Blueface’s erratic vocal timbres — which can make him sound like he’s experiencing an overconfident puberty — hear distant echoes of Mystikal. On top of that, Blueface has plenty of peers working ahead of the beat, coast to coast — from Drakeo the Ruler , a fellow Angeleno who mutters with unfathomable precision, to Goonew , a rapper from Maryland whose hurried whispers can chill your blood like an atemporal death breeze. But ultimately, these rappers only sound like themselves.

Learn how Blueface, a unified communications provider, partnered with Equinix to take an interconnection-first approach to enhance the quality and reliability of services, while boosting annual revenue growth and achieving rapid expansion into France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the U.S.

It’s easy to confuse what makes an artist famous and what makes art important. Sometimes, the only way to understand a song’s magnetism is by parsing all the stuff that the song has magnetized — but these songs are doing new things, making time feel blurry in new ways, and they deserve more. To dismiss Blueface as an amateur, or to downplay him as a stylistic facsimile, or to think of him as a spritz of social media ambiance is to deny his music the breadth of its mystery.

As for his living-meme Ben Franklin tattoo, he insists he was sober when he got it, not long after he’d decided to become a rapper, but long before fans had really taken to him. The people that went with me was like, ‘Nah, don’t do that. Do not do that.’” Blueface said. But he was determined: This is going to be the never-forget-it,” he told them. No turning back.

There are plenty of rap precedents for what Blueface is doing, and we’ll get to those. But Blueface reminds me more of the late ’70s party comedian Rudy Ray Moore than he does of any particular rapper. (His delivery is more Katt Williams than Rudy Ray Moore, but that’s still a similar skill set at work.) If you ever seen Rudy Ray Moore in one of no-budget ’70s movies — Dolemite, The Human Tornado, Disco Godfather — there’s a scene where he raps,” telling some long ribald story that sort of rhymes and never fits any earthly meter. Blueface does that. Like Rudy Ray Moore, he mostly talks about sex and violence, and he does it with a wild and unpredictable sense of humor. And he’s funny. You probably won’t feel good about yourself for laughing at the shit that Blueface talks, but you might laugh anyway.BLUEFACE

The hip-hop world was buzzing last week after video of LA rapper Blueface ‘s appearance on The Breakfast Club made it seem like he didn’t know much about his own record deal. Music video by Blueface performing Daddy” Ft. Rich The Kid.

If you fully submit to what Blueface is doing, if you stop trying to force him to fit predetermined rules and just accept his style for what it is, Blueface’s music is ridiculously fun. Famous Cryp, the mixtape that he released last year, is 10 songs long, and it’s only 21 minutes. Blueface never puts more than one verse on a song. He raps over cheap, simplistic West Coast beats. There’s a punk energy to the whole thing: Short songs, indifferent recording quality, a complete lack of technical chops. And like the best punk bands, Blueface gets over on hooks, immediacy, and personality.

Blueface is a Unified Communications as a Service provider founded by Aaron Clauson, 1 Feargal Brady, 2 in 2004. In 2010, Alan Foy became Group CEO of the company. 1 Blueface provides call plans for business customers, for VoIP and geographical numbers. 2 3 The company also sells SIP phones and mobile devices.

The first part is totally right, but the second part is totally depressing and, in this case, totally wrong. (Blueface is only about 75 percent wrong.) No rapper has ever climbed so high on the charts sounding quite like this. His sound isn’t an accent. It’s the source. Everything else follows.

Taking the name Blueface to represent both an association with the Crips and the “blue” 100 dollar bill, the face-tatted rapper broke out in 2018 with several releases that highlighted his asymmetrical flow and cleverly surreal lyrical styles.

The Thotiana” rapper showed off his new face tattoo via his Instagram stories recently. A few days ago, Blueface encouraged Instagram followers to tell him how much they wanted to see his upcoming ‘śFirst Class’ť music video premiere.

Using his dual penises, the easiest way Blueface could bed 1,000 women in half a year would simply be to have one fivesome a day, coupled with a single instance of regular old one-on-one sex: 4 women + 1 woman = 5. But given the fact that Blueface told 92.3 that the fivesome he had was “pretty hard,” this seems unlikely—a difficult, taxing sexual maneuver he’d be reluctant to repeat.

Update (Aug. 12): Cash Money denies that Blueface’s name is misspelled. To answer your question no there is no space between Blueface…It just looks like there’s a space because of the font,” a publicist told SPIN.

So far, Blueface has taken a slower, IV-drip kind of approach to keeping in circulation. He’s proved formidable as a collaborator, cutting singles with G Eazy and Rich the Kid with his Cheshire Cat sense of humor intact (he released Daddy,” decidedly not an ode to filial affection, just in time for Father’s Day this year). After a year of memes about how he can’t rap on beat — a stylistic choice he’s well aware of and has joked about on social media — he’s even gotten notably better at staying in the pocket.

Many of the concerned parties wanted to know just who Blueface is. The clearest explanation is: Blueface is Johnathan Porter, a 21-year-old gangsta rapper from LA who rose to prominence behind raunchy, snappy turn-up anthems like Dreadlocs” (4.3 million views on Youtube), Thotiana” (2.3 million) Respect My Crypn” (5.4 million), and yes, Next Big Thing” (2.7 million). Another question some confused commentators had is, What’s the big deal with Blueface?” Simply put, throughout his admittedly short foray into hip-hop, he has dripped charm and charisma, like a distillation of LA’s legacy of pimped-out, set tripping rappers, turned up to ten and sprinkled with a dash of palpable, street pedigreed authenticity. He proudly reps his set, School Yard Crip, and makes no apology for his waterfall flow, which makes him engaging and intriguing in equal measure to a subliminal thread of menace that runs through his work.

Companies and labels are not necessarily the same thing, but they can be related. Universal Music Group (the record company) owns Republic Records (the label), so if an artist signs to Republic, the contract will actually say that the artist is signed to Universal. To make things even more confusing, sometimes the label will deliberately obscure its relationship with the company to make it seem more indie” than it really is.

The organization also crowned the melody as music history’s fastest song to attain diamond status. This feat is coupled with the single’s chart-breaking run at 19 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100. When the song reached a peak, chatter about which genre it should reside in was heavily debated. The majority claimed it to be a country record while others vehemently vocalized that it’s a hip-hop tune.

Johnathan Michael Porter (born January 20, 1997), 2 better known by the stage name Blueface, is an American rapper and songwriter. Blueface went from being an obscure rapper to a music sensation after the release of his hit Thotiana,” which began to gain traction in the spring of 2019.

Blueface’s out-of-nowhere success serves as a good reminder of a couple of important points. The first point: Technical rap skill is not important. It’s a cool skill to have, and people have made careers by mastering it. But generally, when people are listening to rap, they aren’t doing it to marvel at a rapper’s technique. They’re doing it because they’re responding to personality. Confidence is the most important quality any rapper can have. Blueface, a former star high-school quarterback, has ridiculous levels of confidence. He may or may not be able to continue thriving, especially if he keeps flaunting gang affiliations or getting himself arrested. (In October, after being robbed at a gas station and giving chase, Blueface was arrested for shooting at an occupied vehicle. A few days ago, he was arrested again, this time for felony gun possession.) But if he can calm down while keeping that confidence up, he’ll be fine.

As the title suggests, First Class” is a quintessential Blueface cut about living the high life, as it finds West Coast rapper delivering braggadocious lines about his real estate, jewelry, designer threads, and sexual conquests.

Herbo knows what he’s doing. Those offbeat flows convey a different kind of chaos: The kind where you can’t depend on anything, where your world could be ripped apart at any moment. His offbeat flows are an artistic choice. I don’t know whether Blueface’s offbeat flows are an artistic choice, but it doesn’t matter because his shit slaps. The offbeat flow isn’t the latest plague that’s descended upon rap. It’s one technique among many. And if offbeat rapping becomes a dominant trend in 2019 (a real possibility), it won’t be the apocalypse. It’ll just be a new iteration of an old thing.

Late last month, on an overcast afternoon in Hollywood, LA rapper Blueface arrived at an album release party at the Roosevelt Hotel. It wasn’t for his own record, but it might as well have been. Meantime, somehow, the impact of Blueface’s rogue sound is being overwritten with the most boring industry narrative imaginable, and Blueface isn’t helping.

Signing a record deal is a major accomplishment. As an artist, having company support can make your career. But getting signed” is not as simple as it sounds, and leaves out a lot of details about how the business actually works. Without a solid understanding of this, artists can get themselves into trouble.

Fresh off the heels of kicking his mom out of his house because she was a ” clout chaser ,” Blueface has graced this world with yet another Extremely Blueface pronouncement, a claim so unbelievable, so wildly impossible, you almost have to admire whatever deluded, broken part of his brain allowed him to make it. In an interview with LA’s Real 92.3 , the “Thotiana” rapper said that in the past six months, he’s had sex with “1,000” women.

And then there’s G Herbo. Last year, the Chicago rapper kicked off a quick fad when he freestyled over Three 6 Mafia’s Who Run It” instrumental; dozens of Who Run It” freestyles followed. But Herbo’s Who Run It” freestyle barely even interacts with that beat. Herbo knows how to rap in the pocket when he wants, and in the early days of his career, he showed a total mastery of it. (Think about what he did on Nicki Minaj‘s Chiraq.”) But Herbo has found a whole new expressive tool in letting his voice fly all around the beat.

Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. Every rapper wants to be known as the next big thing,” but very few have the cocksure swagger to title their introductory single Next Big Thing” and mean it. Even fewer have the talent to back up that audacity and actually make it happen. Consider LA rapper Blueface among their number. The Mid City-certified gangsta rapper has already drawn the attention of Drake and his go-to producer Boi-1da, who reached out for a collaboration via Instagram, granting him their coveted blessing and making him a hot topic of discussion.

That flow, the one that seems like he’s trying to get to the end of a sentence as quickly as humanly possible without any regard for the tempo of the drums in the beat, is a feature, not a bug. West coast rappers, especially ones from LA have always had a knack for making off-kilter flows work by sheer magnetism of personality and wacky one-liners that display cartoonish levels of pimp philosophy and witty, knowing humor. When every rapper was obsessed with landing perfectly on the two and the four, Snoop Dogg found a pocket behind the beat and practically set up a one-room studio in it. DJ Quik always raced slightly ahead of it, cramming in as many words as he could before the snare hit. Quik’s onetime protege, Suga Free, practically made escaping the confines of a traditional bar structure an artform, the Houdini of hip-hop. And let’s not forget YG Blueface carries on that tradition proudly, saying what he has to say and leaving listeners to scramble to catch up.

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