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Later, he leans close to a senior editor and asks if he knows where to find any good pussy around here.” The minute he hears a laugh or sees a confused look, he moves on. It’s the work of a man in love with his audience.

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BLUEFACEIf all of this clock talk makes you feel like I’m overestimating Blueface as a rapper, I’d encourage you not to underestimate yourself as a listener. His sound is what got him here, and instead of flying off into the imaginative possibilities of what his sound might mean, the pixelated blab has focused on whether his verbal arrhythmia is intentional, or who he might have inherited it from, or if it might actually be incidental to his expedited journey into a new tax bracket.

The Thotiana” rapper recently made headlines after kicking his mother and sister out of his home for their behavior. Apparently, both his mother and sister feel as if he has changed since he became famous. Well a few weeks later, his sister has returned with some spicy words for her younger brother.

Maybe that’s why rapping ahead of the beat makes so many of us feel so anxious. It’s not just that it’s atypical; it’s that nobody has been to the future. So whenever Blueface gets ahead of himself, it puts our ears on edge. He’s pushing us into a place we can’t go.

Blueface never stops performing. As soon as the iconoclastic Los Angeles rapper enters Rolling Stone‘s office, phones begin buzzing with notifications asking who he is and why the men’s bathroom smells like freshly rolled blunts. Strolling out of the restroom, he does an elaborate crip walk, even though his only audience is a reporter and two publicists. Later, he leans close to a senior editor and asks if he knows where to find any good pussy around here.” The minute he hears a laugh or sees a confused look, he moves on. It’s the work of a man in love with his audience.

It’s paid off in a big way. With more and more fans looking into his body of work thanks to Drizzy, it’s only a matter of time before the true gatekeepers come calling. A label deal, radio placements, and streaming supremacy are all at his door, but there’s one thing standing in the way: Like other young, viral-famous hood prospects before him, Blueface may prove to be a little too authentic for his own good. He was believed involved in a recent shooting in Newhall, California after a reported dispute over a robbery. He was released on a $50,000 bond, already a sizable chunk of his potential rap revenue. But if Blueface can find a way to keep it all in the music and off the streets, the rambunctious, ratchet rapper has a bright future ahead of him. Hopefully, he picks up his phone whenever Drake makes that call.

If you fully submit to what Blueface is doing, if you stop trying to force him to fit predetermined rules and just accept his style for what it is, Blueface’s music is ridiculously fun. Famous Cryp, the mixtape that he released last year, is 10 songs long, and it’s only 21 minutes. Blueface never puts more than one verse on a song. He raps over cheap, simplistic West Coast beats. There’s a punk energy to the whole thing: Short songs, indifferent recording quality, a complete lack of technical chops. And like the best punk bands, Blueface gets over on hooks, immediacy, and personality.

Does Blueface know how to rap? As in: Is he even capable of it? That’s been the question that’s followed the 22-year-old LA rapper since he started blowing up a couple of months ago. This isn’t a question of people not liking Blueface’s rap style, or wondering why younger generations of rap always stick with derivative subject matters, or any of the usual complaints that people hurl at young rappers as they’re first getting famous. The question isn’t even whether Blueface raps well. The question is whether he has even the most basic command of the skill of rapping. It’s a fun thing to think about.

Blueface has been in a polyamorous relationship with two women for some time now, and he revealed in his earlier interview with Big Boy that he never has sex with one of them at a time. “We can’t do it without each other. Can’t do the one without the other one,” he said.

This is where Blueface’s lack of knowledge becomes apparent. If he doesn’t understand the contracts that he signed and isn’t aware that other people are involved in the deal, how can he know if he will make money? His deal with Cash Money West actually means that Universal Music Group gets the rights to his masters. Each of the entities involved takes a cut, which lowers his take at the end of the day.

The difference between a company and a label comes down to personnel. A full-service record company has all of the necessary departments and staff (A&R, Marketing, Promotion, Finance, Business & Legal, Production, etc.) to make, market and sell records. A record label usually does not. Labels can be thought of as brands, and a record company may own several, each working on different releases. As the staff grows, it is better equipped to help artists, and labels will often look to do deals with companies in order to offer better service. Record companies can do this because of their size, and they can work with a diverse number of labels (brands) while consolidating their back-office” to save money.

At the time of the arrest, the 22-year-old MC (born Jonathan Porter) was carrying a large amount of cash and jewelry in an area of Los Angeles prone to robberies. When police officers approached Blueface and his group, they scattered and several of them tossed their guns away as they fled,” TMZ reports.

On October 8, 2018, WorldStarHipHop debuted the music video for Respect My Crypn’,” which quickly became a viral sensation due to Blueface’s bizarre, off-beat flow and high-pitched delivery. Following the music video’s release, some of his other songs, like Thotiana” and Next Big Thing,” also started to go viral.

There are plenty of rap precedents for what Blueface is doing, and we’ll get to those. But Blueface reminds me more of the late ’70s party comedian Rudy Ray Moore than he does of any particular rapper. (His delivery is more Katt Williams than Rudy Ray Moore, but that’s still a similar skill set at work.) If you ever seen Rudy Ray Moore in one of no-budget ’70s movies — Dolemite, The Human Tornado, Disco Godfather — there’s a scene where he raps,” telling some long ribald story that sort of rhymes and never fits any earthly meter. Blueface does that. Like Rudy Ray Moore, he mostly talks about sex and violence, and he does it with a wild and unpredictable sense of humor. And he’s funny. You probably won’t feel good about yourself for laughing at the shit that Blueface talks, but you might laugh anyway.

Star2Star Communications, provider of the world’s only Full Spectrum Communications Solution, and Blueface, the pan-European Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider, have today announced a merger, whereby the combined entity “StarBlue” instantly becomes a top five global provider in the rapidly growing global Unified Communications market.

If you made it through all of this, it should be clear that the music business is complicated! The language of the music business can be misleading, and deal structures can be confusing. Signing a record deal is not necessarily a bad idea, but its implications MUST be understood.

Los Angeles, CA – Blueface is the latest rapper to denounce Tekashi 6ix9ine. TMZ caught up with Cash Money West artist on Thursday (October 10) at the Los Angeles International Airport where he was all smiles as he flexed on the currently incarcerated Brooklynite.

Blueface was his street name — he is a member of the School Yard Crips gang, which dominated the neighborhood he grew up in before it was his rap name. When he returned from college, he became a stay-at-home dad, caring for his son, Jevaughn, while Jevaughn’s mother, Jaidyn, would go off to work. He thought he might become a barber, and ran an Instagram account called the Fade Room, showing off haircuts and fights. But after a chance outing to a studio, he decided to pursue rapping, making a list of steps for music-business success, only some of which had to do with music.

Blueface’s out-of-nowhere success serves as a good reminder of a couple of important points. The first point: Technical rap skill is not important. It’s a cool skill to have, and people have made careers by mastering it. But generally, when people are listening to rap, they aren’t doing it to marvel at a rapper’s technique. They’re doing it because they’re responding to personality. Confidence is the most important quality any rapper can have. Blueface, a former star high-school quarterback, has ridiculous levels of confidence. He may or may not be able to continue thriving, especially if he keeps flaunting gang affiliations or getting himself arrested. (In October, after being robbed at a gas station and giving chase, Blueface was arrested for shooting at an occupied vehicle. A few days ago, he was arrested again, this time for felony gun possession.) But if he can calm down while keeping that confidence up, he’ll be fine.BLUEFACE

Blu is a vastly important and influential voice in the last generation of West Coast rap, and we’re about to get a whole album of him rapping over Oh No beats. We should be excited about that, and this makes that very clear.

Since then, Bluface has earned more fame and money. With his success, the 22-year-old rapper apparently has decided to celebrate by indulging in lots of sex. A jury trial is slated to begin next month for L.A. rapper Blueface, who was arrested in connection with an alleged vehicle-to-vehicle shooting in Newhall last fall.

Johnathan Porter (b. January 20, 1997), better known by the stage name Blueface, is a rapper from Los Angeles, California. His stage name is a reference to his ties to the School Yard Crip gang. According to the “Thotiana” rapper, he’s slept with over 1,000 women in just six months. Ick.

Blueface then thanked the tattoo artist who was also shown in the video for coming out to his home to tattoo. As everyone looks for the next superstar to usurp the throne in hip-hop, Los Angeles rapper Blueface looks to be next in line with a chance to wear the crown.

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