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Although Brockhampton’s musical influences still shone through on the tape, SATURATION III showcased a more experimental and original sound than heard on either of the first two Saturations.

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BROCKHAMPTONAmeer Vann is a rapper from the alternative hip-hop collective Brockhampton. Hip‑hop collective Brockhampton abandoned their home studios for Abbey Road — and left with a number one album. BROCKHAMPTON is an LA-based boyband formed in San Marcos, Texas in 2015. Kevin Abstract helped form the current group in 2015, after posting on popular Kanye West forum that he wanted to start a band.

Hemnani pauses the conversation to point out, Success is such an odd term because I failed a million times before I succeeded once. Even during my successes, I failed. Success is not a real term to me.” But moments later, discussing Brockhampton’s current position as underdogs who wish to break out of that role, he allows himself to lay the group’s ambitions out a little more bluntly.

They may refer to themselves (quite wryly) as “all-American”, but that’s not quite the case: Brockhampton’s members not only hail from the US, but the Caribbean and Northern Ireland too. The group’s guitar-wielding secret weapon Bearface (aka Ciarán Ruaridh McDonald) is a Belfast native who made the jump across the pond specifically to join forces.

The group’s second studio album was released on August 25, 2017 to widespread critical acclaim. The album was supported by four singles, Gummy”, Swamp”, Junky” and Sweet”. The lead single, Gummy” was released on August 2, with Swamp” following less than a week later. The third single, Junky” was released on August 15, 2017. The fourth and final single, Sweet”, was released August 22, 2017, alongside Follow”, the lead single from the upcoming Saturation III. However, it was later revealed that Follow” would not be on Saturation III. As the four singles were released, they were accompanied by their own music videos in classic Brockhampton style.

The trio that makes up Injury Reserve hails from the unexpected city of Tempe, Arizona. Formed in 2013, the group consists of producer Parker Corey and rappers Stepa J. Groggs and Ritchie With a T. Reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest and Black Sheep, Injury Reserve pushes the boundaries of hip hop, not only with their beats but also with their lyrics. Their song topics range from criticism of the music industry, to racism in America, and even to hype-beast culture. Since releasing Live From the Dentist Office in 2015, the group has released two more full projects and singles while captivating the ears of many. Their most recent single, Jawbreaker,” which dropped in 2019, featured Rico Nasty. Plan to dedicate a lot of your time getting to know Injury Reserve.

The boys are in a relaxed mood. They just released their new album, GINGER, and there’s a sense of relief in the air as they decompress from the group’s most challenging period since forming on the KanyeToThe forums in the early 2010s. It’s been 15 months since former member Ameer Vann parted ways with the band amid allegations of sexual misconduct, and nearly a year since they dropped a major-label debut album (Iridescence) that came as a letdown to some fans, despite critical praise.

There are limits to self-care and sacrifices that supercede self-preservation. During the second verse of Corpus Christi,” a song on Arizona Baby, Abstract raps, At what point do I do it for myself, instead of thinkin’ ’bout the set?” It’s a brutally honest admission, and a legitimate concern. Historically, boy bands aren’t breeding grounds for eternal camaraderie.

There’s no doubt there are a lot of weird things about Brockhampton, but it’s difficult to tell whether or not this is on purpose. For example, the band’s name is usually stylized in all caps — BROCKHAMPTON — as indicated on its Twitter page. The same is true for the group’s song names and album titles, with the strange exception of Brockhampton’s fourth album, which is styled in all lowercase: iridescence. On a similar note, JOBA stylizes his name in all capitals , but no one else in the band does. Meanwhile, singer Ciarán McDonald goes by “bearface.” — all lowercase letters with a period at the end.

Brockhampton’s influences focus on the artists who aggressively pushed the envelope with their sound in hip hop throughout the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. In fact, the group originally met and began collaborating on music on a forum named after one of hip hop’s greatest producers, Kanye West : Kanyetothe. Brockhampton is often compared to Odd Future , but their influences throw a much wider net than that.

As of midnight on September 21st, 2018, Brockhampton’s fourth full-length studio album iridescence had hype-beasts and hipsters alike scrambling for their headphones. The California-based, self-dubbed boyband” currently boasts a whopping 13 members, all of whom lend their vocals and production skills to create a sound that is unabashedly different. Their prior trilogy of albums, entitled SATURATION I, II, and III, were a breath of fresh air in a rapidly narrowing genre of R&B. There’s something for everyone, overarching every genre of music from club bangers to psychedelic ballads.

Watching (and arguing about) movies is a ritual the group bonded over when they first lived together in Texas, and it’s a tradition that keeps them close to this day. Film is one of the few pillars of our friendship,” Hemnani says. We’ll have movie nights at one of our houses and everyone will just hang out in the living room. It develops a close bond and a lot of inside jokes. It’s fun.” Sitting in the empty theater, Abstract also promises that a long-awaited Brockhampton feature film will happen at some point, and says it has already been written (their first attempt at a Saturation movie was never released because it didn’t live up to their quality standards).

It was 2011 when Kevin Abstract – Brockhampton’s aspirational figurehead and founder – made a post looking for potential bandmates on KanyeToThe , a forum centred around discussing all things Kanye West. With responses soon trickling in, Abstract started piecing together the first loose iteration of Brockhampton – originally called AliveSinceForever – which would feature future members Ameer Vann and Dom McLennon. At one time the line-up consisted of over thirty contributors. Blimey.

Founded by Kevin Abstract, BROCKHAMPTON consists of fourteen kids, all filling different roles to create a self sufficient creative enterprise. Made of rappers, directors, photographers, engineers, producers, graphic designers, and DJs the group is able to execute a fully unified and realized artistic vision.BROCKHAMPTON

BOY BYE” is the third single off of BROCKHAMPTON’s fifth studio album, GINGER , which has been released along with an accompanying music video on August 15th, 2019. They just released their fifth record, “GINGER.” Critics are saying it’s their tightest and potentially most memorable album yet, calling the band more controlled and concise.

De-facto leader Kevin Abstract was actually enjoying a flourishing solo career before Brockhampton began to capture everyone’s attention in 2017. Abstract released two solo albums, building up a sturdy fanbase in the process. His latest solo release, 2016’s American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story, was a tender coming-of-age record labelled “nuanced and touching” by critics.

Though he influences a lot of BROCKHAMPTON’s musical output, Kevin Abstract’s creative influences can also be seen throughout the visual aesthetic of the band, most notably in their music videos. In a documentary surrounding the release of SATURATION,” Abstract details his fascination with cinematography and storylines and his desire to expand hip hop’s unique storytelling abilities into another medium.

Mcklennon’s verse ends with audio of him seemingly tossing a mic and shoving his way out of the room. It’s this kind of deeper vulnerability, now more palpable and less abstractly self-pitying (a drunken visit to a church on a strong Joba verse on No Halo” has a similar effect), that makes Ginger” feel like the strongest proof yet of the separate place the young collective is carving in hip-hop.

For example, I don’t need to decipher what shade of blue the group uses to understand the symbolism they apply to their work. Each of the self-proclaimed boy band’s albums since Saturation has, to various degrees, referenced color. But their two most recent releases— iridescence and Ginger—strip away color in exchange for more experimental ideas and mature themes. This creative decision was not by accident.

There’s something about Texas and its ability to produce highly talented rap groups. Pronounced Pantheon, the 10-man rap collective from San Marcos is building off groups like Wu-Tang Klan, A$AP Mob, Odd Future and of course Brockhampto n. Although those groups opened the gates, PNTHN only further widens them. They have hit the ground running since forming in March 2017. The collective has already released two EPs and has toured with acts like Vince Staples and Freddie Gibbs. Their diversity and ability to produce both chill and hype beats has put them on the radar. Recently, the group showcased their live performance abilities at SXSW. If you want to say I told you so” to your friends in the future, peep these dudes.

Kevin Abstract , who heads up the rap collective, previously suggested a new album was on the way in the comments section of a July 2 Instagram post, which featured more new music and group member Matt Champion wearing a cap reading Ginger”. ALBUM THIS SUMMER,” Abstract wrote at the time.

After this emotional high point, the album starts to falter in quality but wrestles with the same themes that permeate other portions of the record. Another one of the singles, I BEEN BORN AGAIN,” is incredibly high intensity, with both a Kevin Abstract verse and a beat that sounds like it would fit in perfectly on the SATURATION” trilogy.

iridescence is a decidedly less colorful project than any of the three Saturation installments. BROCKHAMPTON flipped their formula on its head. Gone was the fun-loving, party-friendly music fans came to love in 2017. In its place, the group crafted angry and self-reflective tracks. They were no longer just friends having fun, making music together in a cramped house in Los Angeles; they’d become a tightly-knit family where problems were not only shared but solved. BROCKHAMPTON was ready to grow up.

Ameer Vann rose to prominence in 2015 as a member of alternative hip-hop collective Brockhampton. After several years of relative obscurity, the group released a trilogy of fresh-thinking, boundary-pushing and deeply expressive albums in 2017 and exploded in popularity. With this success came a promotion from niche status to a massive cult following full of fans who felt a personal connection to the vulnerability and transparency expressed in the group’s lyrics.

Ginger is deeply rooted in dealing with depression, a disease known to make those who suffer from it unable to process emotions. This dissociation closely resembles grey as it represents the lack of color in the same way depression represents the inability to feel. Despite the lack of hope instilled throughout Ginger, the album’s closing track, VICTOR ROBERTS,” ends with a simple, yet uplifting piano riff. Guest Ryan Beatty sings about his gratitude and gives thanks to God for his ability to keep going. The outro outlines brighter days ahead for BROCKHAMPTON and, by all accounts, they truly do deserve them.

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