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Much of Abstract’s music idealizes matters of the home; his 2014 album, American Boyfriend, grapples with the fallout of being gay and black in a world that doesn’t want to make space for either.

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BROCKHAMPTONThe collective of rappers, singers, producers, designers, and directors known as BROCKHAMPTON is one of the first true creatures of the internet era. What’s the biggest sleepover you ever had? Were you and your friends writing and producing a No. 1 album together? Kevin Abstract summarized Brockhampton’s history of living together to GQ in June 2019. After the group first formed in 2014, he said, “We all moved to Texas and lived together.” The team later moved to South-Central Los Angeles and then to North Hollywood, all the while continuing to live together. Even though most members got their own places after the third shared home, Abstract explained that the group got a house dubbed the “Creative House,” where members come in and out, often crashing wherever there is space.

Earlier this month Kevin Abstract sat down with GQ and revealed that the new album is going to be a summer-ready one. Feel-good. Not too sad and like, ‘Oh, our life sucks,’ just more like, ‘Just enjoy what’s in front of you,’” he shared. He also went on to compare it to OutKast’s Hey Ya!.” Something we’re doing is putting those type of lyrics—like this shit is trash, anxiety, depression, all that stuff—taking those type of lyrics and putting it on a song that a bunch of people could dance to or something,” he said. Read more of the interview over at GQ now.

In a lot of ways ‘Saturation II’ is a cultivation of the seeds sown by its predecessor, but there’s still new elements that bloom amidst the old ones. It’s more adventurous in its composition, while elevating the group’s pop sensibilities, demonstrated by ‘QUEER’ tinkering with the boom bap formula and Joba’s harmonic vocal runs on the sax-ridden ‘TOKYO’ that call back to early Outkast. It’s the middle child of the trilogy that also fosters ‘JUNKY’ – positioning Brockhampton at their most abrasive and thematically dark – in which Kevin Abstract claps back at those criticising him for putting his sexuality front and centre in his lyrics, and Champion tears into rape culture.

The group released their first mixtape All-American Trash in 2016. Their debut studio album, Saturation , was released on June 9, 2017, followed by Saturation II on August 25 and Saturation III on December 15. On March 30, 2018, Brockhampton announced that they had signed a record deal under the label RCA Records Their fourth album, Iridescence , was released on September 21, 2018 and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The album is also the first in their second trilogy, known as “The Best Years of Our Lives”.

Certainly there are pockets of the Brockhampton fanbase that will denounce Vann in light of his behavior, but there is an equal and opposite faction that will insist upon the separation of the artist and the art. The validity of either argument depends entirely on the content of his music. Much of Brockhampton’s appeal is the deeply interpersonal themes they make art out of — whether it be racial themes, social conundrums or LGBT experiences.

The final four songs also represent the lowest points of the album. This portion of the LP contains tracks that share messages similar to those found in earlier tracks but fail to replicate the production and lyricism that made them novel and meaningful. However, the tracks themselves still continue the redemption story present throughout the record.

Jabari Manwa, the producer of the track, tweeted that this track as well as SUGAR” were both started right after Shia Laboeuf visited the boys. Laboeuf has been credited as a major inspiration for the content of this album many times, by multiple group members.

After spending a year in Texas building chemistry and working on miscellaneous solo projects, Kevin Abstract saw that they had potential to do something really special if they all fully committed to the project. In a move inspired by the movie ‘ The Social Network ‘, Kevin called the group to go all-in by moving to L.A. together to focus entirely on Brockhampton.

Looking beyond the questionable ending, GINGER” is BROCKHAMPTON’s most cohesive and consistent attempt at coming to terms with Vann’s departure and moving forward as a group. The stunning instrumentals heard throughout BROCKHAMPTON’s discography wield more power than ever, due to the emotional heft and context of the album.

While Brockhampton’s commitment to emphasising every aspect of their factory-like creative process means that nobody is truly behind the scenes, there are members with roles that fall outside of writing and performing music. Graphic designer Henock ‘HK’ Sileshi and photographer Ashlan Grey head up Brockhampton’s artistic direction, taking the group’s ambitious concepts for artwork and visual media, and meticulously crafting them into the striking imagery that adorns their records and floods their videos. Garnering inspiration from artists who take immense pride on the aesthetic of their work like Odd Future, their contributions have been vital to the appearance of Brockhampton’s persona – right down to the less glamorous tasks like sifting through 300+ hours of footage for an intensive making-of documentary that was bundled with the limited run boxset for ‘Saturation’.

The thing is about BROCKHAMPTON is that it’s a group,” explains creative director HK on the first track of the group’s debut mixtape, ALL-AMERICAN TRASH.” BROCKHAMPTON, a collection of rappers and creators, rejects the concept of the rap collective. Off in South Central LA, the members of BROCKHAMPTON live together in a one-story house full of couches, dubbed The BROCKHAMPTON Factory.” From ideation to promotion, this home remains at the center of it all, of their dreams and fraternity. The 15 creative members of BROCKHAMPTON constantly work off each other, seamlessly integrating each of their strengths into a solidly connected discography.

Vocalists Kevin Abstract (top) and Matt Champion (bottom) performing at Quebec City Summer Festival in 2018. Brockhampton, an unwieldy, self-proclaimed boy band born on the internet, has barnstormed into the mainstream with a No. 1 album.

BIG BOY” deals in the harsh realities of growing up, with Joba penning a lengthy verse about suppressing his problems and being forced to man up because he’s older, while DEARLY DEPARTED” is a stunning confessional about moving on from the loss of a loved one. Two verses, one from Abstract and the other from McLennon, are directly pointed at Ameer Vann and the issues they’ve harbored since his removal from the group. There’s a pain in each line; pain that helped them mature.

In the span of seven months, they dropped three albums that made up the Saturation” trilogy, a scatterbrained mosh pit of creative ideas that, like the group’s members, featured a controlled chaos of idiosyncratic voices and sounds that came together into a daring, consistently enticing whole. In its rage, joy, and zany bravado, the triptych presented a stunningly polished vision of inventive, moody youth. On last summer’s Iridescence,” they officially entered the mainstream with a No. 1 album that was more sonically focused, but its melancholy and abrasive industrial overlay lost some of the whimsy and fun of their preceding trilogy.

In doing so, they fail to separate themselves from their contemporaries. While no one else could necessarily make a full album like this one (Who else could put the exhilarating trumpet beat from IF YOU PRAY RIGHT” on the same record as the aforementioned SUGAR?”), it’s much easier to trace their influences on GINGER than ever before. They sound like the pop and rap music around them, partly because they’ve become leaders in both genres. Their last two releases cracked the top 20 on the Billboard albums chart, with last year’s iridescence debuting at number one. They no longer feel the need to out-rap anyone else, perhaps because they don’t have to anymore.

Surviving their most challenging year as a band, Brockhampton released ‘GINGER,’ which they all agree is their best album. Now they’re on a mission to take over the world. Kevin Abstract, founder of the popular rap group Brockhampton,” did a ten-hour live stream on a treadmill on his childhood street in Corpus Christi.

The Saturation-era basked in color, with each project cover featuring ex-member Ameer Vann either painted or dressed in blue. The group soaked their visuals in an amalgamation of every paint can available at Home Depot. Their love for color bled into their music, specifically during the aforementioned Saturation series, which contains some of the group’s most electric performances and eccentric, playful instrumentals.

For example, I don’t need to decipher what shade of blue the group uses to understand the symbolism they apply to their work. Each of the self-proclaimed boy band’s albums since Saturation has, to various degrees, referenced color. But their two most recent releases— iridescence and Ginger—strip away color in exchange for more experimental ideas and mature themes. This creative decision was not by accident.

This musical crew is comprised of rappers, singers, producers, and a webmaster — all with the same desire to follow in the footsteps of mega boy bands like One Direction, according to The Verge Despite bringing in more people to an already devoted fan base, not unlike BTS , Brockhampton perhaps hasn’t reached that level yet. However, the band is still wildly popular among the Twittersphere for its members’ high energy performances, relatability, and a willingness to talk about the mix of sexualities and races within the group. With its fifth record, Ginger , dropping in August 2019, Brockhampton has continually shown its creativity is bursting at the seams.

There’s no doubt there are a lot of weird things about Brockhampton, but it’s difficult to tell whether or not this is on purpose. For example, the band’s name is usually stylized in all caps — BROCKHAMPTON — as indicated on its Twitter page. The same is true for the group’s song names and album titles, with the strange exception of Brockhampton’s fourth album, which is styled in all lowercase: iridescence. On a similar note, JOBA stylizes his name in all capitals , but no one else in the band does. Meanwhile, singer Ciarán McDonald goes by “bearface.” — all lowercase letters with a period at the end.

Brockhampton are incredibly prolific: after dropping their debut mixtape All-American Trash in March 2016 (the record that first grabbed the attention of Jamz Supernova), the band then spent the second half of 2017 recording and releasing their acclaimed Saturation album trilogy, with I (which was announced before they’d even recorded any songs) and III both being completed in just three weeks.

There are limits to self-care and sacrifices that supercede self-preservation. During the second verse of Corpus Christi,” a song on Arizona Baby, Abstract raps, At what point do I do it for myself, instead of thinkin’ ’bout the set?” It’s a brutally honest admission, and a legitimate concern. Historically, boy bands aren’t breeding grounds for eternal camaraderie.

Ian Kevin Abstract” Simpson – vocals, video director (2012-present). Kevin Abstract is the group’s leader and the creative force behind the vision of Brockhampton. Kevin is the only member of Brockhampton who had a solo career prior to Brockhampton’s ascent, yet is the biggest advocate behind the group avoiding solo projects until they hit critical mass.

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