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As fans would expect, Weather or Not embodies the heart of the hip-hop culture; clever wordplay laid over heavy boom-bap production, a gift that’s been captured perfectly on songs like the Nottz-produced Jim Dean” or the DJ Premier-laced 10,000 Hours”.

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BROTHER ALIOver the past 17 years, Brother Ali has earned wide critical acclaim for his deeply personal, socially conscious, and inspiring brand of hip-hop. In 1998 Slug and Ant began to record the group’s 2nd full-length album, ” Headshots Se7en” At the time it was only released on cassette, and didn’t see a full CD re-issue until 2005. However, it is still one of the group’s most critically acclaimed albums.

During a recent appearance on The Combat Jack Show, Brother Ali spoke on his recent travels to Iran, a story that’s covered on his upcoming album All the Beauty in This Whole Life, and for lack of better phrasing, it’s a fucking insane.

All songs from Brother Ali’s 2017 release, All the Beauty in This Whole Life, available via Rhymesayers Entertainment. MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Twin Cities rapper Brother Ali was among the protesters arrested Thursday evening at an Occupy Homes MN rally in Minneapolis.

Everybody that steps on stage will be coming from a position of beauty. Especially Sa-Roc, who’s the newest member of Rhymesayers’ family: incredibly powerful, incredibly strong. And genius. To see a black woman be a strong and beautiful genius is really important, and it’s really healing for me. And it’s really healing for women, and it’s really healing for black people. And it’s really healing for people who have been called white for 400 years and don’t know how to see themselves as anything other than that to see a strong, powerful, beautiful black woman be a genius in front of them. Very, very healing. Whether people know how to describe it or not, I watch the response that they have.

For Weather or Not, Evidence tapped a stellar cast of producers to share duties with, including Alchemist, DJ Premier, Nottz, DJ Babu, Twiz The Beat Pro, Sam I Yam and Budgie. The album also features an all-star lineup of guests and friends, including Slug (Atmosphere), Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Alchemist, Styles P, Rapsody, Jonwayne, Defari, Krondon, Khrysis, Mach Hommy and Catero.

They brought me on tour again, and I was perfoming my old music with a new intention. And I saw the way it affected people change. From being like, “Yeah! This is dope!” to tears. From doing my old angry music. Just because my intention changed – just because I sat with great people. You know, you go to the chiropractor, and they realign your back. These people are the chiropractors of hearts. And just by being with them, they reach inside you without even any words, necessarily. And they just rearrange your heart. You just cry the whole time you’re with them. Then you come out ready to really embrace the world with a new state.

Brother Ali performs at First Avenue on Thursday, Nov. 8 in Minneapolis. Brother Ali says his robust touring schedule is one reason doesn’t put out more material. Ali Newman (born Jason Newman) is an Minneapolis, USA based underground hip-hop MC. Affiliated with Rhymesayers Entertainment.

7. First independent rap artist to hit 1 million views. While Uncle Sam Goddamn” brought a fair bit of controversy and tour troubles for Brother Ali, the single became a viral hit. In an interview for Breaking The Set, Ali said it was one of the first independent rap videos” to hit 1 million views.

In late 2016, Atmosphere toured for their album Fishing Blues. They started their forty show tour in Chicago in July and wrapped it up in Cleveland in November. Atmosphere had special guest as some of their shows, music groups like Lifter Puller, Brother Ali, deM atlaS, and Dilated Peoples.

Sean Daley and Derek Turner met in high school. The two took the names Slug and D-Spawn, respectively, as rapper names. They initially performed under the name “Mental Subjects”, before changing the name to “A Rhythmic Culture”, and finally settling on “Urban Atmosphere”. Originally, Spawn performed as the rapper, with Slug acting as DJ. Eventually Spawn convinced Slug to start rapping as well. Through the rapper Musab (then known as Beyond), Slug was introduced to the producer Ant after they went to his house to record a track. Slug saw an opportunity to work with Ant and convinced Spawn to record further with him. They soon started recording songs with Ant, learning how to structure songs properly and practicing vocal delivery. 2 Eventually the group dropped the “Urban” from their name.

In 2018, he released NY BABY,” a triumph that boasts of his hometown with a guest verse by Bodega Bamz. He performed the track on VICELAND’s DANNY’S HOUSE. Marlon kicked off 2019 by launching a social campaign, single and video, titled, “Do the Work” where he partnered alongside three NYC organizations to educate the community of services available within the justice, education and mental health systems. Marlon’s debut studio album, Funhouse Mirror dropped June 18, 2019 with standout singles: Shallow” featuring Dizzy Wright as well as the controversial Gang Shit” addressing institutional racism in America. T.I., Killer Mike, Questlove, Shaun King continued the conversation of the message Marlon was conveying. Recently Marlon was featured in The New Yorker Magazine for his collaboration with The Halal Guys. Marlon was also recently featured in Billboard, XXL, DJBooth, Hypebeast & Uproxx.

I’ve been supporting a family of 4 (including a wife in private grad school) since 2002. I’ve been focused on music since I was 7 years old, and had honestly pursued it since grade school. I’m fortunate enough to have a small, but respectable following across the country and around the world. I put an album out every few years and spend the next year touring and selling merch. I usually spend the next year doing colleges, festivals and spot dates while making the next album. I’m also able to pursue my cultural and spiritual interests traveling the world on my time off.

When it comes to performing, Brother Ali practically has a second home in Omaha. The Minneapolis native who is part of the world-famous Rhymesayers collective has been touring through Omaha for almost 15 years, bringing his unique brand of social justice-themed hip-hop to an always-eager fan base.

On October 5, 2018, Atmosphere released their seventh album, “Mi Vida Local”. The album features 12 tracks, including the pre-released single “Virgo”. In this exclusive interview, hip-hop artist Brother Ali talks to YES! about the personal transformations that have shaped his life and lyrics.

Ali had a somewhat turbulent home life, with his family moving often and his parents splitting up several times before ending their marriage for good when he was a teenager. With hip-hop as a convenient ice-breaker, Ali made black friends wherever he went.

I don’t think that they’re different, but when we go round Europe and the UK, or around the world in general, there’s an understanding that our experiences aren’t identical and so like the interviews I do with journalists over there are always the best. Because they’re thinking I don’t really know what this person is about so let me really pay attention and listen to them, where as in the US there is this familiarity that I think can make us a little complacent and can make use feel like yeah I know what you’re about, we’re part of the same group and you’re probably saying the same things that someone else is saying, so it’s just a different level of attention. And artists are driven by a few different motivations, so some of them want control, control of their life and environment, they want to be able to do what they want to do, not what someone else is making them do. Some artists want power and that’s different cos power is the ability to be able to control other people.

The title Bad Actress comes from Turner’s inability to hide his true feelings, and he’s packed the album with unguarded emotions centered around a lifetime of unhealthy relationships, struggles with mental illness, and an indomitable drive to overcome them. Musically it draws from every stage of Turner’s young career, from the high school rock singer to the scruffy DIY-er who self-recorded his Charle Brwn EP while figuring out the basics of Garageband to the confident, versatile vocalist he is today, equally at home crooning and screaming as he is rapping over beats by heavy hitters like Ant and MF DOOM.

That’s something Dr. Abdullah helped me understand—it’s very easy in political talk to say, I’m on this side, you’re on that side” and fall into that instead of dealing with virtues that are universal and timeless.

The Rhymesayers Entertainment family will be well represented this Saturday night at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom for the Winter Shredded Beats event. Brother Ali is leading the lineup along with Evidence, Danny Brown , Prof, DJ Abilities and K-Flay. Denver’s own the MTHDS are on the lineup as well as Cysko Rokwel.

Continuing the tradition of Ali’s previous albums, Us is produced entirely by long time partner Ant (Atmosphere, Felt) who provides enchanting mixtures of lush strings, and haunting choirs with the grinding pulse of funk-inspired synth bass and talk box. Giving Ali the perfect musical bed to deliver his commanding and ever thought provoking musings.

It’s the most beautiful experience in my life. I met with these people even before I released this new album. So I started this touring cycle. I’d made the new album, but nobody’d heard it yet. Atmosphere was kind enough to let me open for them on tour yet again, after 15 years. They opened the door to me again, as they do for so many people.

On Minneapolis-based independent hip-hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment , over 17 years, Ali’s released six full-length albums of rhymes equally searing and inspirational. Though Ali tends to keep it in the family, working with fellow Rhymesayers like Jake One and Ant from Atmosphere , his work has always maintained a singular sense of vision. Ali’s an albino rapper and a devout Muslim, working out questions of personal identity through a flow that disintegrates our assumptions about identity in an age when identity is everything, from politics to market research.

When he gets to the end and goes to Mecca, he says, There are people there that would be called white in America, but that’s not what they are, that’s not who they are. They’re human beings.” Then he came back, and later at an interview in New York he said, If the Europeans in America would study Islam, it would make them human again, reconnect them with their humanity again.” But I also loved Minister Farrakhan then, in the early ’90s he was the Pope of hip-hop. Still is.

The Twin Cities truly were the central theme of the night, attesting to Ali’s passion for his home. With Minneapolis’ Last Word spinning tracks behind him and the most special of guest appearances by Atmosphere’s own, Slug, the crowd was treated well in the main room.

Ali Newman (born Jason Newman, July 30, 1977), better known by his stage name Brother Ali, is an American hip hop artist signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment. Ali was born with the rare genetic condition of albinism and is also legally blind due to the condition.

Brother Ali has established himself as one of Rap’s most insightful and political artists through a decade-plus career of high-minded material. But the Minneapolis rapper says that his work-in-progress new album will have a different direction than, say, 2012’s Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color.

You can stream here, and for all those kind enough to buy any Brother Ali shirt on the War And Peace Tour this fall, you’ll also receive a digital download card of the album with your purchase. If the tour isn’t coming to your city or you don’t want to wait, don’t worry, you can get the music immediately when you pre-order the “Cassette” shirt from Fifth Element.

Also, I can’t express myself if the music isn’t right. Ant always shows up for me as a brother, and as a lover, and as a friend. He sees what my state is and then makes the music to accompany my state. So he gets a sense for where I’m at, and he makes the music for that. And then I write the songs based on the music that he makes.

In one of my recent songs, Tightrope,” I was trying to check back in with the fact that on my first album I said that terrible “F” word. Because, you know, we all wake up on our own time, and a lot of times we wake up slowly and in layers. When I was younger I had such a puny, childish understanding of what peoples’ lives are like. So I said that word, not in direct reference to gay brothers and lesbian sisters, but to say “weak.” Not realizing that there’s a dominant mainstream narrative that says when we don’t understand peoples’ romantic lives, we don’t have to respect them. When you use those words in that context, you’re collaborating with that system. You’re not killing people, but you’re adding to the narrative that gets people killed.

There’s something that comes through that—a liberation from the intimacies of your own reality. I guess the therapy term is across the street.” It reminds me of this old line you said once, Anything that offers undeniable proof of the humanity of black people is a political statement.” In a lot of ways, you’re in a very unique position to speak your truth. And you’ve been making super-political work for years. But spirituality is back in popular black music, as are politics. We could mention Kendrick, Thundercat , Flylo , sure, but even dudes like YG are getting political.

Brother Ali: First and foremost is my commitment to what I think I’m here to do. I’ve been blessed and fortunate to see life from a lot of different perspectives. The first time I was ever loved, and felt appreciated and valued and celebrated, was by black people when I was little. I’d have these great experiences in that community and then go back around my own family and experience the lovelessness for other people. I had to grow into it until I could understand it more, but that put in me a sense of love to anybody that’s oppressed based on who and what they are.

Ali has since toured nationally and moved up in the ranks to perform on “The Late Show” David Letterman and on “Late Night,” Conan ‘Brien’s show. His most recent full-length album reached #69 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Brother Ali burst onto the Minneapolis hip-hop scene in 2000, when he released his cassette-only demo Rites Of Passage. He soon signed to Twin Cities label Rhymesayers Entertainment, which has released his two acclaimed records, Shadows On The Sun and the Champion EP. It’s been three long years since hip-hop fans heard from Brother Ali, and during that time, Ali divorced, became homeless, and fought for custody of his son. He addresses these and other topics on The Undisputed Truth, produced by Ant from the Minneapolis rap duo Atmosphere.

In a statement, the Minneapolis rapper previously said of All the Beauty, Articulating the pain and navigating the healing allows the people who really feel my music to travel with me. It’s not only that we hurt together, we heal together as well.” Own Light” communicates on those themes of pain, growth and eventual healing” as well.

Hip-hop and Islam tend to get caught up in the same misconceptions, he says — that they’re somehow inherently violent, disrespectful of women and homophobic. Brother Ali says these attitudes are much bigger than either hip-hop or Islam.

Ali’s albinism made him further isolated, feeling out of place in the Afican-American community as well as the white community. While he was raised in a Christian home, he had a realization when he was asked to be confirmed that he could not be a part of the church. Citing a non-belief in the clergy, original sin, and other things, he recalls, “I said, ‘I’m not going to join this church.’ I felt like I was going to be disrespectful to the people that really did believe in it, for me to just do it.

Jake Ingamar, 26, is a singer-songwriter and musical artist from Fargo. He has a very distinctive sound and combined with his unique voice he delivers an authentic performance. His voice is like a blend of Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan and Tallest Man On Earth. Recently, Jake was accepted a grant of $2500 by The Arts Partnership and Jade Presents to help fund his own professionally recorded album in 2019.

This year, Brother Ali’s debut album on Rhymesayers Entertainment, Shadows on the Sun, celebrates its 15th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, Brother Ali will embark on a special 13-date headlining tour where he will perform the full album in its entirety each night. The Shadows on the Sun 15-Year Anniversary Tour kicks off November 1st in Washington D.C., with stops in New York, Minneapolis, Austin, Los Angeles, and more.

Brother Ali’s most recent release is “All the Beauty in This Whole Life,” which was produced by Atmosphere’s Ant and released about a year ago. On Us, that might be the song that fantasizes about getting even with an obnoxious neighbor by stealing and selling his drugs. Or it might be the boasts about his former life as a hoodlum.

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