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The people that are coming to hip-hop, they’re coming there because they know: in the transition into being called white, I’ve lost a lot of my humanity. It’s important for my daughter to see that. The people in power – it’s their biggest industry.

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BROTHER ALIBrother Ali‘s recent travels abroad involved some frightening moments. As fans would expect, Weather or Not embodies the heart of the hip-hop culture; clever wordplay laid over heavy boom-bap production, a gift that’s been captured perfectly on songs like the Nottz-produced Jim Dean” or the DJ Premier-laced 10,000 Hours”. In addition, Evidence also exhibits his gift for weaving moments of personal and introspective reflection into his writing. On Love is a Funny Thing”, he muses on the things we claim to love and, along with guests Rapsody and Styles P, the three dissect the way we misuse that word’s multiple meanings and abuse its power. Evidence also provides an intimate look into his personal life on By My Side Too,” which documents how his son saved his mother’s life by indirectly discovering her cancer.

There’s something that comes through that—a liberation from the intimacies of your own reality. I guess the therapy term is across the street.” It reminds me of this old line you said once, Anything that offers undeniable proof of the humanity of black people is a political statement.” In a lot of ways, you’re in a very unique position to speak your truth. And you’ve been making super-political work for years. But spirituality is back in popular black music, as are politics. We could mention Kendrick, Thundercat , Flylo , sure, but even dudes like YG are getting political.

At that time, I was reading Cornel West’s memoir Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud on my Kindle. He was talking about a calling in life that you have no choice over. I’ve been rapping since I was 7 years old and never tried to do anything else. He talked about what that means and his struggles with women in his life, and doesn’t pretend to the answer to things. He talks about having wives, ex-wives and kids, and having to travel around and see everybody. As successful as he is, he never has money because his money is going in so many different directions. It just moved me so much. I was just at the part in the book where his dad died.

There’s now this new obsession: white people obsessing over whiteness in the name of dismantling whiteness. This man came to the great Sufi master, and he says, “Why can’t I get it right?” And he said, “Well, because in trying to imitate the Prophet Muhammad outwardly, you grew a big beard. And you’re obsessed with your beard. You’re obsessed with the outer thing.” So the man goes and he misses the next class, ’cause he’s tearing his beard out with his hands. His friends say, “Why isn’t he still getting it?” Because he’s still obsessed over his beard. So in dismantling whiteness, we still are centering whiteness, and we’re still obsessed with whiteness.

In 2017, Brother Ali gave fans one of the year’s most illuminating albums in All The Beauty In This Whole Life. The Rhymesayers Entertainment release was named one of Ambrosia For Heads‘ best of the year and showed Ali at a new place with his outlook, his family, and his relationship with Hip-Hop. This year, the Minnesota MC has been celebrating ( via a tour ) the 15th anniversary of his benchmark LP, Shadows On The Sun However, he’s been focused behind the scenes.

Brother Ali: We were really going for feeling first on this album, because of the topics we were dealing with. I was covering things like my divorce, and getting custody of my son, and kind of rebuilding my life, and things like that. I wasn’t exactly sure how to approach those things. But I definitely wanted it to feel the way I feel about them, I wanted the music to feel that way. So rather than take a really heady approach to it, we really wanted to capture the mood above all else.

Back in the 1980s, Brother Ali was a teenager named Jason Newman, cutting school and beefing on the streets of North Minneapolis. He loved hip-hop’s energy and joy, and its criticism of harsh social systems.

Immortal Technique will be there. He hasn’t been on the whole tour, but he was at my first sold-out First Ave show, the first time I ever headlined there. So because I haven’t done it in so long, I invited him to come back. Immortal Technique expresses it in a hyper-masculine, alpha-male way of expressing it, but it’s still grounded and rooted in love. So having all those expressions is really important to me. And then we’ll come on and try to provide whatever we can, as well.

Hip-hop and Islam tend to get caught up in the same misconceptions, he says — that they’re somehow inherently violent, disrespectful of women and homophobic. Brother Ali says these attitudes are much bigger than either hip-hop or Islam.

There has also been a lot of talk around the world about the net worth of Brother Ali. People all around the world are more eager to know Brother Ali’s net worth because he is a rapper who has been in the industry for almost 19 years.

The dancers are Al Taw’am from Minneapolis. You may recognize them from the “Mourning In America” video, as well as their own international videos and news pieces. The twins are dear family friends and leaders in our cultural and spiritual community. Their movement speaks of their family legacy of dignified regality. I believe them to be royalty. They choreographed this incredible piece and brought the entire song and video to life.

Seeing some other, older kids in the hip-hop scene gave Ali and his brother an aspiration. Soon he was doing graffiti, breakdancing, and memorizing other rappers’ verses. “When I was 7 or 8 years old, I could say every Melle Mel rap there ever was. You know, Slick Rick, Run D.M.C. I knew all of these guys’ rhymes and I could recite them verbatim and almost do their voice.

The title Bad Actress comes from Turner’s inability to hide his true feelings, and he’s packed the album with unguarded emotions centered around a lifetime of unhealthy relationships, struggles with mental illness, and an indomitable drive to overcome them. Musically it draws from every stage of Turner’s young career, from the high school rock singer to the scruffy DIY-er who self-recorded his Charle Brwn EP while figuring out the basics of Garageband to the confident, versatile vocalist he is today, equally at home crooning and screaming as he is rapping over beats by heavy hitters like Ant and MF DOOM.

On his latest album, The Undisputed Truth, Brother Ali raps about being discriminated against, about being poor and about finally having success in the hip-hop world. Though the themes may be familiar, they come from an unusual perspective.

When we tour, we play a lot of little cities regularly, and we love playing there. The most you’re ever gonna get are 300 kids, but it’s the shit. It’s amazing. There’s no Tower Records there, there’s no Amoeba there. They basically get their music online, and if they can’t get it online, they just have to wait until we come through on tour. So if we can figure out a situation where my new album is at Target for eight bucks, we get those kinds of tools if we need them. And this is our first time doing it, so we’ll see. I’m feeling pretty good about it, I feel like they’re just gonna get our stuff in more people’s hands. The other thing is, Warner Brothers have no control whatsoever in the music we make, or how we interact with our supporters. That was the biggest deal.

As fans would expect, Weather or Not embodies the heart of the hip-hop culture; clever wordplay laid over heavy boom-bap production, a gift that’s been captured perfectly on songs like the Nottz-produced Jim Dean” or the DJ Premier-laced 10,000 Hours”. In addition, Evidence also exhibits his gift for weaving moments of personal and introspective reflection into his writing. On Love is a Funny Thing”, he muses on the things we claim to love and, along with guests Rapsody and Styles P, the three dissect the way we misuse that word’s multiple meanings and abuse its power. Evidence also provides an intimate look into his personal life on By My Side Too,” which documents how his son saved his mother’s life by indirectly discovering her cancer.

Ali is told that there are five TV stations in Iran, all ran by the government, and his performance was currently being broadcasted on all of them. The performance is aired multiple times over the next few days, leading to Ali being recognized by some Iranian rappers. Mind you, anyone making hip-hop in Iran must do so in secret because it’s illegal, and many aspiring artists have had to leave their homes and families behind to pursue their dreams in neighboring countries.

In 1998 Slug and Ant began to record the group’s 2nd full-length album, ” Headshots Se7en” At the time it was only released on cassette, and didn’t see a full CD re-issue until 2005. However, it is still one of the group’s most critically acclaimed albums.

It was in Minneapolis where Ali finally found another niche. While for a time he wanted to become a Muslim imam himself, he also continued to rap. A few years ago, he sent an audition tape to Rhymesayers, an influential Minneapolis rap label.

Ali’s albinism made him further isolated, feeling out of place in the Afican-American community as well as the white community. While he was raised in a Christian home, he had a realization when he was asked to be confirmed that he could not be a part of the church. Citing a non-belief in the clergy, original sin, and other things, he recalls, “I said, ‘I’m not going to join this church.’ I felt like I was going to be disrespectful to the people that really did believe in it, for me to just do it.

6. His breakout moment caused a stir. After releasing his third album, The Undisputed Truth,” with the independent record label Rhymesayers Entertainment, the rapper got his first taste of widespread fame. But it came with a price. The song Uncle Sam Goddamn” helped Brother Ali earn different accolades, but he also drew suspicion from the Department of Homeland Security.

Delving deep into the origins of his converting to Islam at age 15, Beauty reframes the stigmatized current narrative of violence about Islam—a faith that has long been Ali’s center, his heart, a lineage of peace to be summoned in moments of chaos. Ali’s story of otherness is not one you’re likely to hear anywhere else, and there’s no one better to share it than him.

Jason Newman was born to white Christian parents in Minneapolis. But after finding a voice in hip hop, Newman decided to identify as Brother Ali , a Muslim who feels more connected to the black community. This isn’t Ali’s only conversation-starter: he also has albinism, and is legally blind.

BA: Not as much as I thought it would be. I did start out trying to think my way into them. A lot of people have divorce songs, and they’re like, “Fuck you, bitch, I can’t stand you, and I want you to die.” But when you go through a breakup like that—I was married for 10 years—you only feel that way for the first two weeks. That’s not the way that you live your life feeling. So I didn’t want it to be like that. Ant had these pieces of music that would really remind me of the way I felt about things like my divorce, so when I heard that music, something clicked inside me, and I knew how to approach it based on the mood of the music. The song “Walking Away,” I wrote in probably a half hour.

Brother Ali is a highly respected Hip Hop artist, speaker and activist from Minneapolis, MN. His decade long resume includes six critically acclaimed albums, mentorships with Iconic Hip Hop legends Chuck D and Rakim and performances on late night talk shows with Conan Brien and Jimmy Fallon. He’s been the subject of Al-Jazeera and NPR pieces and was a keynote speaker at this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Forum. He’s landed coveted press features such as Rolling Stone’s 40th anniversary Artist to Watch” and Source Magazine’s Hip Hop Quotables”.

7. First independent rap artist to hit 1 million views. While Uncle Sam Goddamn” brought a fair bit of controversy and tour troubles for Brother Ali, the single became a viral hit. In an interview for Breaking The Set, Ali said it was one of the first independent rap videos” to hit 1 million views.

Celebrating this achievement in local hip-hop, Ali and Rhymesayer heir deM atlaS awed the crowd with the raw rap renditions Minneapolis residents know well. Performing the entirety of his album at the ever-iconic First Avenue, Ali proved once again that he is indeed a star of the north.

A lot of what the modern world says to us is that we’re an accident. That there’s nothing and no one for us to be grateful toward. So they’re robbing us of gratitude. When in reality, it’s like, “Am I a grateful person?” If so, gratitude is nothing if there’s not an object of gratitude. Is there someone or something that I feel indebted to? Is there something or someone that I cry over, like, “Why was I given the gift to exist?” What’d I do to deserve existence? Nothing. Something greater than me brought me into existence.


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