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To help build a new Wyandotte Park for kids. Do you want to hire us to come to your recording session? His lyrics, while delivered like a vocalist from the golden age of ’90s R&B, reflect a reluctance to be totally vulnerable in heartbreak.

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BRYSON TILLERBryson Djuan Tiller (born January 2, 1993) is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. Pretty damn huge judging by today’s ticket debacle regarding his headline show at Camden’s KOKO. Even the music industry magazines are creaming over him, after “Don’t” sold 47,000 copies in the UK alone. Lots of fans were left crying foul after the show appeared to sell out in 1 minute and touts then surfaced flogging the elusive things for a massive mark up. And it seems his support is mostly male in gender and roadman in nature, with one joker tweeting that when Tiller tries to pick a girl out of the crowd on “Don’t”, he’ll be forced to grab a guy garbed in Air Forces instead.

Back in May, about six months after Jacquees claimed to be this generation’s King of R&B”, artist YK Osiris proclaimed that he was going to take Jacquees’ throne, along with Chris Brown’s title of the King of R&B”. Now in October, he believes he has done such.

Tiller — who released his latest album, True to Self , in 2017 and whose professional career dates back to his 2011 mixtape Killer Instinct Vol.1 — regularly makes an appearance on his girlfriend’s Instagram account.

Tiller skeptics say that his fame lives solely on the internet. But what if it does? The Internet” is where so much of life is lived now. Tiller doesn’t dominate actual real-life conversations like Beyoncé, Drake or even The Weeknd. His music isn’t blasting from cars with the windows down. There’s little if any gossip associated with his name. But try to get a ticket to one of his shows. Or hop on Twitter when his tickets do go on sale. When we post our statuses and Snaps we actively choose to let the world see only what we want it to see. We rarely show the uncomfortable parts of our lives. We can hide our insecurities behind a picture of how many people were at the club we were in when our friend got us to VIP. Tiller provides the soundtrack to youth, to a new kind of social superficiality.

An Iroquois High School graduate, Tiller is no stranger to awards and nominations. In 2016, he won Best New Artist at the BET Awards and was nominated for the same award at the Billboard Music Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and Soul Train Music Awards that year.

The organization also crowned the melody as music history’s fastest song to attain diamond status. This feat is coupled with the single’s chart-breaking run at 19 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100. When the song reached a peak, chatter about which genre it should reside in was heavily debated. The majority claimed it to be a country record while others vehemently vocalized that it’s a hip-hop tune.

The immense popularity of his debut single, Don’t, which has been remixed by several popular artists. Later in the interview, Osiris went on to take shots at Bryson Tiller, claiming people don’t listen to him anymore.

Tiller calls himself Pen Griffey” because his lyrics are a perfect and timely mix of the two genres — home runs. His lyrics, while delivered like a vocalist from the golden age of ’90s R&B, reflect a reluctance to be totally vulnerable in heartbreak. He resorts often to a hip-hopesque I-don’t-really-need-you-anyway vibe. When he sings about his exes or broken relationships, you never get the feeling that he’s truly hurting, or lost. Instead, he’s brushing off his shoulders and moving on. It’s extremely successful. These are exactly the lyrics his fans want to hear, transcribe and use as Instagram captions.

The outspoken Osiris is coming off the release of his debut album The Golden Child, which dropped a few weeks ago via Def Jam Recordings. The following list shows Tiller’s songwriting credits for other acts. He is also the co-writer of all of his albums songs.

It’s just trap and hip hop-influenced R&B, the perfect marriage between hip hop and R&B” he says of his go-to formula for songs. And he’s now moved from Jacquees to Bryson Tiller. While it’s quite obvious that Tiller is a bigger artist, YK thinks people no longer listen to him these days.

Trapsoul arrived in the wake of a new Drake era. That same year, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late pivoted Aubrey Graham away from his more sensitive inclinations, styling him instead as a ruthless mafioso type. Tiller’s breakout hit, Don’t.” rushed to fill the lane that Drake had left unoccupied. Everything from the song’s melodies to its Houston-indebted screwed and chopped effects were inspired by Drake’s 2011 breakthrough Take Care. However, while Drake struggled for years learning to merge his growing talent as a rapper with his burgeoning gift as a singer, Bryson arrived fully formed. While Drake rapped better than he sang, Tiller was good enough at each to make classifying him unnecessary. Other suitors followed him into that void (looking at you, Tory Lanez and 6LACK), but Tiller filled the role best.

The other two new entries in the Top 5 were the Beatles — 75,000 equivalent units at No. 3, thanks to the 50th anniversary reissue of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (Capitol) — and the goofy, eccentric young rapper Lil Yachty, who sold the equivalent of 46,000 copies of his debut album Teenage Emotions” (Capitol) at No. 5. Unsurprisingly, Lil Yachty notched the more impressive streaming figures, with over 35 million; the Beatles’ album was streamed just over five million times, the lowest in the Top 10, followed by Chris Stapleton, who came in at No. 8 this week.

It’s coming up on a year since Lil Nas X took over the music industry with his debut single “Old Town Road.” Before it reaches that milestone, the Georgia native’s popular hit, featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, has reached a feat that solidifies its place in history. The YoungKio-produced track was certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the first to do so this year.

Bryson Djuan Tiller is an American singer, songwriter and rapper. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, he started his career in 2011, releasing the debut mixtape titled Killer Instinct Vol.1. Tiller initially gained notable recognition following the release of his debut single, “Don’t”. Tiller’s debut studio album, Trapsoul, was released in October 2015 and peaked at number eight on the Billboard 200 chart. In May 2017, Tiller released his second studio album, True to Self.

Bryson’s debut perfected a blueprint for R&B at the advent of the streaming era (Tiller benefited from a close promotional relationship with Apple Music). Take the blunt effectiveness of rap, merge it with the accessible nature of R&B and set it over a classic sample. Songs ranging from K.P. and Envyi’s Swing My Way” to Jodeci’s Alone” to the music from Street Fighter II provide the soundtrack to Trapsoul, nuggets of nostalgia meant to ingratiate new and jaded listeners alike. Today, singers like Ella Mai, H.E.R. and Brent Faiyaz are creating strains of R&B that tap into the past to say what they want about the present. Syd has directly credited Tiller with inspiring the 808s-based sound of her 2017 solo debut, Fin. Some of these artists sound more like Bryson than others, but they all show that Trapsoul‘s painfully of-the-moment music has had an influence beyond his own career.

The most modern of artists, Tiller rose from the chaos of Soundcloud, emerged from a heated bidding war between Drake and Timbaland only to sign instead with RCA records, a label founded in 1929. Your favorite artists want to make music with Tiller — see Fat Joe and Fabolous and the Weeknd — he’s among the most buzzed-about new artists in music. Tiller’s ascension came thanks to e-word-of-mouth. He leveraged Soundcloud’s 200 million users and extreme shareability into making his songs mainstream hits. Soundcloud is massively popular among teenagers. They gravitated to Tiller’s music and shared his songs across social media platforms all over the internet. Soon Don’t was charting on Billboard and a new army of rabid fans seemed to sprout from the Wi-Fi every day, hanging on to every one of his words.

Bryson Tiller is an award-winning and Grammy-nominated rapper and songwriter who was born in Louisville, KY on January 2, 1993. Though the young musician’s career took off only a few years ago, he has made a prominent name for himself in the music industry as a hip-hop, R&B, and trap artist.

Bryson Tiller seems like a great guy. He posts candid photos of his first parent-teacher conference and helping out at lemonade stands His everyman wardrobe is relatable — he famously admitted to shopping at H&M — to the point where it seemed like every twenty-something with one too many breakup stories tried to emulate his style in 2016 (dad hat, flannel, factory ripped jeans). Regularly, he’ll open up to fans about his struggles with mental health and self-doubt.

It seems like Bryson Tiller is gearing up for something, as fans have received 2 songs and a handful of features in the past few weeks. The latest ballad being released via his website , “Patient” features a relatively unknown artist Che Ecru. The record begins with Che taking care of the first verse and hook followed up by Bryson’s 2nd verse. For those who don’t know, Che Ecru was sampled in Chris Brown & Drake’s mega hit “No Guidance”.

It’s been a few years since ‘Don’t’ put Tiller in the spotlight. He’s been able to grow his following, work with artists like Gucci Mane, DJ Khaled, Rhianna, and Young Thug. Tiller released his first full length album ‘T R A P S U L’ which did incredibly well and was nominated for a Billboard Music Awards, an American Music Awards, and a Soul Train Music Award. He would perform on live television, at the BET Music Awards and in first half of 2017 drop his second studio Album ‘True To Self’.

See below for a list of Bryson Tiller’s GRAMMY Awards history. A remix of Summer Walker’s original song , with this version featuring Bryson Tiller. Despite what the title implies, this version is actually 1 second shorter than the original (2:23 vs. 2:24).

Summer Walker is an American rhythm and blues singer from Atlanta, Georgia. She released her debut album, Over It, on October 4, 2019. The album is filled with eighteen songs, totaling to be forty-eight minutes long. She is making a huge impact in the music industry through her relatable lyrics and attitude that makes you want to call her your best friend.

Tiller was 5 when The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released and 10 when Speakerboxxx dropped. So he was raised during a time of blurred lines. He didn’t grow up, as many of us a few years older than him did, having to pick one or the other. Tiller was born into a universe of hard-edged rap over soulful backdrops — and his fans are maniacs for what he does with it. In January, just three months after TRAPSOUL’s release, tickets for a Tiller show at London’s KOKO sold out in one minute. That’s a Beyoncé-like quickness. And this Louisville singer is making music with 140-character limits as a part of his consciousness — and the outrage from fans who missed out on tickets flooded timelines. There were screenshots of hiked-up ticket prices. Tiller fans were losing their minds, having Twitter meltdowns and meme-ing their sadness for the world to see.

The R&B scene is getting more competitive these days as everyone is trying to prove a point and show who the king is. YK Osiris believes no-one listens to Bryson Tiller these days. When rattling off R&B singers to Rolling Stone , YK admits that Tiller is in his generation but he’s not “right now.” “Nobody listen to Bryson Tiller,” the singer said bluntly.BRYSON TILLER

A personal favorite on the album is Playing Games.” The singer features two versions of the song; the original by herself, and the extended version featuring Bryson Tiller. This song highlights the experience of being in a relationship with someone whose words do not stay in line with their actions, leaving you with a feeling of confusion. She is talented for many reasons, but the way in which almost everyone can relate to her songs in their own way shows just how personable of a lyricist she is. This album takes the listener on a journey through Walker’s learnings and lessons of dealing with problems by letting yourself become vulnerable and open in a relationship, even though it may not always work out. Being able to have your fans connect with your music on a deeper level is what makes music so special and she has already mastered this skill.

While the track has yet to hit official streaming services, audiences can listen to a lossless version of the track via Stay tuned as more news surrounding Tiller’s forthcoming Serenity project is revealed.

His Feb. 3 tweet, mood: it’s whatever,” was retweeted 90,000 times. Tiller’s breakthrough song, Don’t has been streamed over 25 million times at Soundcloud alone. His current album, TRAPSOUL, is certified platinum and has been streamed over 600 million times worldwide. These are the kinds of numbers that garner really big rings.

Pretty damn huge judging by today’s ticket debacle regarding his headline show at Camden’s KOKO. Even the music industry magazines are creaming over him, after “Don’t” sold 47,000 copies in the UK alone. Lots of fans were left crying foul after the show appeared to sell out in 1 minute and touts then surfaced flogging the elusive things for a massive mark up. And it seems his support is mostly male in gender and roadman in nature, with one joker tweeting that when Tiller tries to pick a girl out of the crowd on “Don’t”, he’ll be forced to grab a guy garbed in Air Forces instead.

Summer whets our palate for her new album with a video for her single Playing Games The Christine Yuan video meets Summer’s vibe perfectly for a song that looks back over the heartache she has been through in past relationships. Click play below and experience the ever growing vibe that Summer Walking is casting in Playing Games.

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