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Their lyrics, often focused on personal and social commentary, touch on the themes of mental health, troubles of school-age youth, loss, the journey towards loving oneself, and individualism.

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BTSBig Hit Entertainment has issued an official response to rumors that one of the BTS members will be enlisting in the military this year. As with American boy bands, K-pop groups often have close creative ties to their production companies — generally, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment or YG Entertainment. But Big Hit Entertainment, back then a much smaller company, has given BTS quite a bit of freedom. From “2 Cool 4 Skool” onward, BTS has explored new territory with lyrics that speak to the afflictions of younger generations. The album’s lead single, No More Dream,” for instance, explored how societal expectations affect Korean youths.

Of course, these guys are just getting started. With the final tour stops in the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour and possibly more new music coming out soon, fans are super excited for what’s next for the band.

BTS’ first members were recruited through Big Hit’s “Hit it” auditions in 2010 and 2011. The original lineup went through several changes before the final group of members was established in 2012. Half a year prior to debut, the members began building their name and creating a relationship with fans through Twitter, video blogs, fancafe posts, and by releasing various song covers via YouTube and SoundCloud.

Most artists who emerged in the 10s issued close to 0 compilation, same with music videos. The incredibly dedicated fanbase of BTS implies a completely different catalog management yet.

However, Big Hit recently beat out JYP in revenue , according to Koreaboo, meaning that the traditional hierarchy is no longer certain. Many ARMYs appreciate Big Hit for the personal and artistic freedom they give their acts, which is not always a given in the K-pop industry.

Following the establishment of their Love Myself anti-violence campaign in partnership with UNICEF , BTS addressed the United Nations 73rd General Assembly and became the youngest ever recipients of the Order of Cultural Merit from the President of South Korea due to their contributions in spreading Korean culture and language.

They obviously have no signature song with both DNA and Fake Love being less than 20,000 EAS apart from streams. The former is bigger in both main Asian countries, South Korea and Japan, while the latter dominates abroad.

BTS, an acronym of Bangtan Sonyeondan or Beyond the Scene”, is a South Korean boyband that is capturing the hearts of millions of fans globally. The members of BTS are RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook. Gaining recognition from their authentic, self-produced music and top-notch performances to the way they interact with their fans, the band is well on their way to becoming a global icon since they debuted in June 2013. While imparting a positive influence through activities such as the LOVE MYSELF campaign and the UN ‘Speak Yourself’ speech, BTS has mobilized millions of fans across the world (named ARMY), topped prominent music charts, sold out worldwide tours including stadiums and have been recognized with numerous prestigious awards like the Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards.BTS

No single member of BTS is its face,” but the spotlight often belongs to 22-year-old singer and dancer Park Jimin. Jimin is frequently positioned as the group’s lead vocalist. He’s also one of the group’s three main dancers, for good reason , along with J-Hope and Jungkook, and one of its most popular members.

There are lots of September birthdays in the BTS fandom. Jungkook’s birthday is Sept. 1, V’s dog Yeontan’s birthday is Sept. 7, and RM’s birthday is Sept. 12. Members of BTS ARMY began celebrating RM’s birthday hours before midnight KST and trended multiple hashtags on Twitter before it was officially Sept. 12.

Tannie, or Yeontan, is V’s adorable dog, who is absolutely adored by both the ARMY and the members of BTS. Seeing as the members are away from home so often, it’s always an event when Tannie makes an appearance on the BTS Twitter , or when, like in the video below, the members get to spend some quality time with Tannie ( Jimin holding Tannie up to the window like a young Simba? Iconic).

In 2018, RM delivered a speech to the United Nations General Assembly with the support of the members of BTS. The speech helped launch UNICEF’s initiative, Generation Unlimited. In the speech, RM encouraged everybody to speak their true selves and to embrace the voice they have regardless of their gender, race, or background.

Born Kim Nam-joon, RM is a 23-year-old rapper and the first member recruited to BTS. It’s not exaggerating to say that the entire band was built around him.

In the following table, all categories display figures that way, e.g. in equivalent album sales. For example, singles from Wings released in digital format sold the equivalent of 1,271,000 albums – 8,470,000 downloads with a 10 to 1,5 weighting.

At 40,760,000 EAS, BTS are the most successful Korean act of all-time. At 8,790,000 pure album sales, BTS are among the 5 best selling artists of all time in South Korea.

BTS Spark was designed for consistently superior performance during times of high volatility. BTS win their first major Korean award for Album of the Year at the 8th Melon Music Awards on November 19, 2016.

This acronym actually refers to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, which was the second era in BTS’ discography , from 2015 to 2016. If you’re looking for the Hs and Ys in there, though, don’t bother: HYYH literally stands for “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa,” which is the original Korean that means the same thing.

To create that band, Bang had to shake up the established precedents for how idol groups are treated. BTS wouldn’t have strict contracts and curfews, and they’d be allowed to discuss the pressures of stardom. Their lyrics would be open about the cultural pressure placed on Korean teens to excel and do well and to repress their anxieties. In short, they would be frank, honest, and natural.

RM , Jin , Suga , J-Hope , Jimin , V and Jungkook are talking all about their music and hopes to return to the Grammy stage. On February 11, sales for Love Yourself: Her surpassed 1.58 million, the highest sales recorded for an album in Gaon Chart history.

The rap line (RM, Suga, and J-Hope) do almost all of the rapping for the group, although Jungkook is a featured rapper on some of their early tracks. The vocal line (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook), on the other hand, cover most of the singing. The dance line (J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) are usually the ones you see in the front during performances. The hyung line (Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and RM) are the older members of BTS, and the maknae line (Jimin, V, and Jungkook) are the younger members.

People like to call fangirls obsessive online all the time, let’s be real, fangirls are the coolest and totally necessary to make the K-pop industry (and any entertainment industry) sustainable, so there. A sasaeng, however, is not OK, and sadly, you may see the word crop up quite a bit.

Songs such as ‘SPINE BREAKER‘ and ‘DOPE‘ including social message based on real problems in Korean society get interests from not only Korean fans but also foreign fans around the world. From foreign fans, they received lots of questions about the reason why they write lyrics about deep social things rather than things related to love, party, and beauty like other idol groups. Likewise, BTS always has been earnest and serious about their music.

Then more recently, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Jin opened up about BTS’ touring plans once he leaves for Korea’s compulsory military service.

First thing first, very different form other K-Pop idols who mainly target SE Asia or Chinese fans, BTS targeted American market directly. Because the half of members are rappers and hip-hop genre is more popular in US than any other countries.

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