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The rappers were all given an eight-measure (or -bar) backing track and a set of lyrics to memorize. Bis even gets to headline this one as “Canibus presents Almighty…”. Canibus’s music inspired me to delve into the underground, and the rest is history.?

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CANIBUSIn the late ’90s, Jamaican-American battle rapper Canibus seemed poised to make a mark in the game with his aggressive, snarling rhymes and hardcore posturing. Before Canibus joined the military, he recorded a whole bunch of lyrics, which would be used by Stoupe of Jedi Mind Tricks to make an album. The Rip The Jacker album was meant as Canibus swan song from the rap game. This was supposed to be his last album so he went all out.

As far as classifying what song has the distinction of being the first rap song. Well it depends on whether you are just talking about a song with a rhyming format in its basic form. If so, then you can cite any of the songs that were mentioned already. Rhyming has been around forever. If however you are trying to essentially determine what the first HIP HOP song was comercially, well then you have to defer to Rapper’s Delight”, as much as I wish it weren’t the case.

If you’re one of the bewilderingly small number of hip-hop fans around the globe who realise that Canibus is one of the greatest rappers of all time, you’ll be no stranger to concepts of alternate realities and parallel universes – that’s the sort of stuff he enthusiastically ladles into his dazzlingly eccentric verses, alongside references to advanced weaponry, ancient civilisations and whimsical musings on why he’s not more widely respected as an MC. And you’ll probably be at least willing to imagine that in another one of the infinite number of worlds very like our own that quantum physics suggests may exist , the artist born Germaine Williams is the biggest star hip-hop has ever known.

According to Premo, in his interview with VladTV, the two had a run in because Canibus passed up on a beat that he had made. The track, which was supposed to be used Canibus’ track, Nigganometry”, was eventually used by D’Angelo for Devil’s Pie”.

Earlier in 2011 there was put new life into the HRSMN project. All four emcees were gearing up to record the first real release by the crew. The emcees were actually in the booth together and promo videos were all over the internet. Early 2012 Ras Kass pulled the plug out the project by stating that he would step out of the crew, saying that he couldn’t handle all the drama that was going for recording the album. M-80 was saying that it had to do with some of the investors Ras Kass was bringing in for the project. Some evil tongues go around that Ras Kass pulling out has something to do with Royce Da 5’9″ and the Shady camp heating up the beef with Canibus once more (with a very late respons to Canibus track dissing them), saying that Ras would rather stick close to the Slaughterhouse camp.

The following month, after numerous delays, Canibus’ seventh solo album, Hip-Hop for Sale , was released, but was panned by critics, who dismissed it as yet another failed attempt to gain mainstream recognition. Additionally, due to the earlier release of Mind Control and the leaking of most of the material in the form of a mixtape entitled The Vitruvian Man, the release date had been pushed back to November, the original date having been May. The production on Hip-Hop for Sale was handled in part by Virginia -based producer Nottz , with several relatively unknown producers handling the remaining tracks after Nottz had cut ties with Canibus due to the appearance of The Vitruvian day of Hip-Hop for Sale’s release, Mic Club Master Volume One, a separate mixtape, appeared in stores, many of the songs receiving more praise than those present on the full-length album.

Funny enough, both Joe Budden and Royce Da 5’9” bigged up Canibus for his past accolades but denounced Canibus’ current dwindling tenure. Maybe, instead of getting mad at younger heads for speaking their opinions, Bis can take an advice or two to better his career.

Canibus enlisted in the Army in 2002 and served in Iraq. His most critically acclaimed album, 2003’s “Rip the Jacker,” was released from prerecorded material. After his discharge in 2004, he went on to record many more albums, and has amassed a considerable cult following. His most recent album, “Time Flys, Life Dies, Phoenix Rise” was released in 2015.

Not feeling good about the results of the album is fine, but severing ties with the former boss man in a openly confrontational way can never be good. Yes, the beats were bad, but ‘Clef still supported Canibus during their partnership. He even made a diss track against LL Cool J titled Retaliation (What’s ‘Clef Got To Do with It?),” to defend his artist. Maybe Clef and Jerry Wonda thought Canibus’ verbose rhyme schemes worked better with flavorless beats that way it makes the words stand out more. Who knows? It is, however, the genesis of Canibus’ feelings catching on to business.

List Rules Vote for your favorite Canibus songs, not just singles and hits. In the late ’90s, Jamaican-American battle rapper Canibus seemed poised to make a mark in the game with his aggressive, snarling rhymes and hardcore posturing.

Is it possible Canibus thought lightning would strike twice (or three times?) and he could simply ride the diss wave to another Gold-certified album? Whatever the reason, this was a poor long-term strategy for the emcee.

Canibus has been played on NTS in shows including guests, featured first on 13 November 2014. Songs played include 4, 3, 2, 1 (E-Dub Remix 6) (Radio Edit), Get Retarded and Golden Terra Of Rap. Freestyle rappers such as Eminem and Philadelphia’s Cassidy make up and bust out rhymes on the spot — a hugely challenging art form. Now, however, researchers have learned how the brain does it.

Just as tennis becomes increasingly harder and faster with each new professional generation, so does battle rapping, but the interim that divides Canibus’s battling heyday from the present encloses an evolutionary aeon. For the first couple of rounds against Dizaster, Canibus’s witless and mostly homophobic rhymes were the lyrical equivalent of a wooden racket, particularly in the face of all Dizaster’s fizzing, dazzling and highly personal spite.

In December 2009, it was announced that Canibus was in the process of releasing his 9th studio album Melatonin Magik 13 Melatonin Magik was released on February 09, 2010, to relatively positive reviews, being regarded as one of his most focused efforts yet. The album included several guest appearances (DZK~PR~ & Warbux), a marked contrast to many of his previous albums in which he kept features at a minimum.

Germaine Williams (born December 9, 1974), better known by his stage name Canibus, is a Jamaican-born American rapper and actor. He initially gained fame in the 1990s for his ability to freestyle, and eventually released his debut album Can-I-Bus in 1998. Since releasing his debut album, Canibus has gone on to release 13 solo studio albums in total, as well as multiple collaboration albums and EPs with other rappers as a member of The HRSMN, Sharpshooterz, Cloak N Dagga, The Undergods, and one-half of T.H.E.M.

Jamaica born, NY based US rapper. Made his name on the underground freestyle & battle circuits, guesting on Cassette & CD mixtapes by DJ Clue and Ron G in the mid 90’s. First spotted guesting on tracks by The Lost Boyz (the infamous “Beasts From The East” classic last verse), Common and LL Cool J.

But Canibus, of all people, made today’s date immortal while taking down LL Cool J in one of the oddest beefs in late ’90s hip-hop. Back in 1997, only a few months after Biggie’s death, LL dropped a track called 4,3,2,1” that featured Method Man, DMX, Redman, and Canibus. When delivering his verse, Canibus rapped the line, L, is that a mic on your arm? Let me borrow that,” referencing the tattoo of a microphone with a crown on it that adorns Cool James’ right bicep.

When Canibus came on the scene in the late 1990s, he made a name for himself by out-shining MCs on their own tracks. Common, The Lost Boyz, and Heltah Skeltah can all testify to those early, devastating appearances. Then, when the already platinum Wyclef Jean got behind the hungry New York City-based lyricist and surrounded him with Refugee Camp All-Stars,” his stock skyrocketed even higher.

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Though he was working at the Group Home Entertainment company, he still wanted to acheive his goal of becoming a rapper. Canibus began making moves in the underground mixtape circuit. In 1997 he hooked-up with California-based rapper Ras Kass , he invited Canibus to be on a track with himself and Heltah Skeltah , the artists were supposed to appear on the Rhyme & Reason soundtrack, but due to a conflict with Ras and Priority Records it never happened, but Ras Kass still wanted to work with Canibus so they recorded the song “Uni-4-Orm” for the soundtrack.

Well, Rap seems to have various styles to the lyrics. Some raps tell stories. Some raps are about beef. Some raps are about having fun. Some raps are about politics. The list goes on and on. You can find examples of this in other music, and you can even see the spoken word being set to rhythms all throughout music from the late 1800’s to 1979 when supposedly Rap was invented.

For the beats on this effort, Canibus turned to the inhouse production of the label, Archives Music, on which he dropped the album. The shit here is even weaker then on Bis’ debut. The only track I was feeling was ‘U Didn’t Care’ and after that it’s all weak beats, that just don’t bang at all. This album just feels like a very weak attempt at going mainstream. Nothing bangs at all and there really is some shameful shit present at that, like ‘Hott Tonight’, which also features some of the most painful lyrics by Bis I ever heard as he tries to sweet talk a lady. Everything on this joint just seems incredibly simplified and even underproduced at times. I admit that ‘Hate U 2’ and ‘Luv U 2’ have their charm with the old school NES beat, but it seems better fit for one short song, instead of two songs (exact same beat). C True Hollywood Stories is a long album too, it just never seems to finish as there really isn’t that much worth your time.

Listening to this album is a very intense experience to me, when I ever put this on, the whole album seems to come to life. Canibus is at his very rawest and Stoupe just brings it home with beautiful beats. Funny thing is that Canibus himself didn’t hear the finished project, until he ordered a copy of his own album (obviously because he was somewhere in the Middle East most likely). I think he must have been very pleased when he first popped this in. I know I was and still am. This is the one album everbody expected in the first place.

The balance of Hip-Hop for $ale undermines its potential for satire. With tracks like Hip-Hop Body Rock”, Take ‘Dat”, and Punch Lines”, the listener begins to realize that Canibus is actually taking this album seriously. Even the press on Hip-Hop for $ale bills it as an attempt to show Canibus’ range by creating a mainstream album. No matter how you cut it, Hip-Hop for $ale is either a halfhearted attempt at satire or a weak attempt to create a successful mainstream album.

Schultes R. E.; Klein W. M.; Plowman T.; Lockwood T. E. (1974). “Cannabis: an example of taxonomic neglect”. Harvard University Botanical Museum Leaflets. 23: 337-367. It would be impossible to pin down the first instance of Rap or Rap style lyrics because it has been a tool used by musicians for as long as music has been around.

This will shock you, dear reader, but this entry contains a factual error. Stan Lives” is the title of the skit leading up to the track where Canibus lashes out at Eminem for abandoning a fictional character in one of his songs and makes-pretend that he found the mythical Stan”, saved him from drowning and became his mentor, collaborator and best friend.

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His subsequent releases, 2000 B.C. and C! True Hollywood Stories also fell on deaf ears, but it was his fourth album, Mic Club: The Curriculum, which put him back in good graces with the critics and fans who originally championed the rapper. Doing the unpredictable and joining the United States Army in 2003, Canibus recorded a batch of songs that would ultimately be his fifth album, tiled Jack tha Ripper, which was released while the rapper was with the military and praised as his finest body of work to date.

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