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Why do Cats” like this, and especially, why do Cats” like this now? I was not thinking straight, and it seemed like it would be entertaining if they kicked in even stronger about an hour into the film.

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cats movieKeep track of all the jellicles—from Jennifer Hudson to Taylor Swift—before the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical heads to the big screen. Critics gave Cats brutal reviews , with a combined 21% score on Rotten Tomatoes Audiences weren’t too happy with the musical as a whole either, giving it a 53% audience score and C+ Cinemascore. Cats does have the love-to-hate angle going for it , considering its star-studded cast donning strange feline-human hybrid looks and it’s tone veering on erotic.

Cats the Musical is the touring production of the smash hit show that played on Broadway and in London’s West West for over 20 years (almost 17k shows combined). Demand for Cats tickets on the current tour remains strong as the show will visit over 40 cities in North America in the year ahead. One of the big draws of Cats the Musical is that it is a family friendly show that children as young as 5 can attend even if the show does run 2 hours and 20 minutes (including intermission).

There’s not much overlap in the Venn diagram of our professional lives — at least not until the release of a certain feline spectacular. Tom Hooper’s Cats sauntered into theaters this December, bringing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s fever dream of a musical to the big screen and hiring actors including Judi Dench , Ian McKellen , Taylor Swift , and Jennifer Hudson to cavort around pretending to be cats.

However, it’s never explicitly said in the story what the Heaviside Layer is. All we know is that the cats believe a Jellicle is given a new life once they enter it. And every Jellicle really wants to go there because they’re in a loving tribe and not in an apocalyptic cult.

Courtney Hoffman is one such attendee who found her enthusiasm surrounding Cats impossible to curb. The costume designer for films like Baby Driver and The Hateful Eight (who now has projects as a writer-director in development with J.J. Abrams’s Bad Robot Productions and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment) block-booked tickets for a 35-person group to see Cats during an opening-weekend matinee. (This was before the movie was pulled from theaters and hastily reedited by Universal to reportedly add more refined visual effects.) The group pregamed” at a friend’s nearby apartment, because obviously, the No. 1 rule was no one can be sober,” she recalls.

This doesn’t seem to be of concern to the director of Cats, however. Hooper plans to use “astonishing new technology to transform his cast members,” per Universal’s recent announcement We don’t yet have details on how heavily the film will lean on CGI; it’s possible that it will merely supplement makeup and other low-tech means of transformation.

In the movie Cats, a tribe of cats called the Jellicles must decide yearly which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new Jellicle life. Taylor Swift , Jennifer Hudson (Grizabella), Idris Elba (Macavity), Ian McKellen (Gus The Theatre Cat), Judi Dench (Deuteronomy), Rebel Wilson (Jennyanydots), and Jason Derulo (Rum Tum Tugger) star in the film based on the popular 1980s Broadway musical of the same name.

Interesting word choice with “plot,” but yes. A bunch of Jellicle cats show off their Jellicle talents under the Jellicle moon until one is chosen to ascend to the Heaviside Layer, presumably to 1) die, 2) be reincarnated. As the choice for the new song suggests, Victoria plays a larger role in the movie, serving as the audience’s window into the Jellicle realm.

While some semblance of gravitas is preserved for the film’s emotional fulcrum — when Jennifer Hudson delivers her tearful, snot-nosed rendition of show-stopper Memory as the outcast ex-glamour cat Grizabella (and finally bags herself that Idol top prize) — this scene is quickly swallowed up in the bombastically hyperreal mélange that is Tom Hooper’s Jellicle Ball.

Look, I understand the musical is about cats — it’s literally the title — but the meowing and hissing really seemed unnecessary. When the cats want to express their admiration for another feline during the Jellicle ball, they lift their paws up and meow — not unlike real cats. Ian McKellen, as Gus, the Theatre Cat, also gives several memorable mews.

The major stars are credited: James Corden, is heard saying “Here we go!” as he dives into a trash can; Judi Dench is seen inside, then walking in the street while the ensemble Cats bow to her; Jason Derulo fills the frame in the chaotic neon-lit Milk bar; Idris Elba laughs, as he is perched on an Egyptian cat statue, he throws his hat and disappears into dust; Jennifer Hudson peeks around the corner; Ian McKellen is seen having pulled back the curtain; Taylor Swift is seen dancing on a bar; Rebel Wilson says “Don’t mess with the crazy cat lady” as she is seen in a pink waistcoat, wildly swinging a chain around which hits her in the face; “And introducing Francesca Hayward” is seen onscreen followed by a shot of Victoria decked out in pearls, earrings and a large (or tiny – the same size as a pearl) watch. We see Jennyanydots dancing on the kitchen counter.

There is one big holiday movie release that has everyone obsessing about spoilers. It’s not Little Women, based on a 19th century novel, and it’s not Cats, which has been around so long that Prince was trying to get tickets to the original Broadway run back when he toured through New York in 1982.

Directed for television broadcast, this production was restaged on a new set and was not filmed with an audience. 6 8 Significant cuts were also made, with the film having a running time of slightly under 2 hours, compared to the 2 hours and 40 minutes running time of the stage show. 2 8 The entirety of ” Growltiger’s Last Stand ” was cut, 2 along with parts of “The Jellicle Ball”, “The Old Gumbie Cat”, “Mr. Mistoffelees”, “Macavity: The Mystery Cat”, and “Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer”.

Cats has been a film years in the making. The most recent release is the current run, which is a musical fantasy film based upon the stage musical of the same name by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The stage play was derived from a poetry collection from T.S. Elliot that was released in 1939. An animated adaption based on the musical was in talks in the 1990s but was shelved after the studio who was set to produce the film closed. Webber began making plans to bring the musical to the big screen again in 2013 and over the next few years, casting was announced.

His Cats” isn’t the same kind of bad, though, even as Hooper remains a terrible director of movies dependent on the effortless combining of song, performance, and movement. For all I know, he may even secretly hate musicals. But this Cats,” rather than being some mistreated classic, is mostly a bizarro version of an already risky show that — unlike the Jellicle eventually chosen for ascendant rebirth in its threadbare narrative — never achieves lift-off.

Hooper, who scored dozens of awards and nominations for his feature film adaptation of another popular long-running musical Les Misérables, is back to inflict his style of intense close-ups on Cats. This will be Hooper’s first film since 2015’s The Danish Girl , and his first musical since 2012’s Les Miserables.

The cast includes Dame Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, James Corden, and Sir Ian McKellen. So, why have these A-list stars donned digital cat suits of fake fur? It could be because of the Cats musical’s iconic global reputation. When it premiered on Broadway in 1982, it quickly became the golden destination for New York tourists – a must-see experience. And whether you enjoy the show or not, it will retain the triumph of being one of the longest-running musicals on Broadway (currently fourth).

One of the longest-running shows in West End and Broadway history, the stage musical Cats received its world premiere at the New London Theatre in 1981, where it played for 21 years and earned the Olivier and Evening Standard Awards for Best Musical. In 1983, the Broadway production became the recipient of seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and ran for an extraordinary 18 years. Since opening in London in 1981, Cats has continuously appeared on stage around the globe, to date having played to 81 million people in more than fifty countries and in nineteen languages. It is regarded as one of the most successful musicals of all time.

Francesca Hayward as Victoria in “Cats,” co-written and directed by Tom Hooper. Oscar-winner Dench portrays the wise matriarch of the Jellicles – the tribe of cats. She chooses one of the tribe to be reborn into a new life. Cats,” the feline fantasy based on the 1981 Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, was never going to please everyone.

Played by Jennifer Hudson, she sings the musical’s most renowned song, Memory. As you might have worked out by now, Cats is less about plot and more about the cast of wacky Jellicles. We’ll leave it up to you whether that’s a good thing or not.

Judi Dench playing Old Deuteronomy mirrors Andrew Lloyd Webber ‘s similar casting choice in Starlight Express The role of Poppa , similarly the father figure whose deep, rich voice was integral to the score, was changed gender to Mama. This change was part of a massive overhaul of Starlight Express which sparked controversy among many fans.

The words “One Chance” are shown. The cobbled street is shown with the neon “Milk bar” in the distance. Old Deuteronomy speaks to Victoria, saying “I haven’t seen you before”. Victoria is then seen in front of Mistoffelees and various other Cats in the street. Deuteronomy turns and enters the building, followed by a swarm of Cats. Grizabella is seen in the street, singing “Memory” that we have been hearing, as Victoria follows the others through the doorway.

Cats the Musical is the touring production of the smash hit show that played on Broadway and in London’s West West for over 20 years (almost 17k shows combined). Demand for Cats tickets on the current tour remains strong as the show will visit over 40 cities in North America in the year ahead. One of the big draws of Cats the Musical is that it is a family friendly show that children as young as 5 can attend even if the show does run 2 hours and 20 minutes (including intermission).

A trio of New Yorkers has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $15,000 for HousingWorks , the NYC nonprofit that offers a healing community of people living with and affected by AIDS.” But that just scratches the surface: If they hit the goal, they will subject themselves to watching the 2019 movie musical and box-office bomb Cats” for 24 hours straight.

And, they had the faces of Dame Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen, Idris Elba and Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo and Jennifer Hudson, James Corden and Rebel Wilson … a veritable litter of stars, as motley as the Jellicle cat collective they were contracted to depict, for undoubtedly very handsome sums.

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