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I’ve lived here for four years, and I choose to live here because I love that I can work with people pretty much constantly. Even Boom Clap”, the album’s smash hit, was originally written for Hilary Duff (whose people told Charli it wasn’t cool enough).

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CHARLI XCXCharli XCX is set to executive produce a Netflix series about an all-female indie band. Since her earliest singles, Charli’s voice has provided the key emotional linchpin to her songs, and that held true on Thursday, even when it was run through processing to make it seem slightly out of this world. Gone,” her quick-stepping collaboration with Christine and the Queens, combines portrait-of-an-outcast lyrics with a smooth groove, but its scales are tipped into sympathy by the slight catch in Charli’s alto; the lyrics to the minimalist Official,” for which Charli requested a singalong, have an affecting specificity as they describe a connection being forged at full speed. These moments were counterbalanced by clamorous, speed-of-light bangers like the hyper Vroom Vroom” and the glitching 2099,” as well as Charli’s stage presence; she’s long been a dynamo in concert, and the tonal shifts on Thursday seemed to give her extra energy.

Charli XCX came to power via PC Music, the perverse electronic crew that played gene therapists to pop’s essential DNA in the early 2010s. Charli XCX is, in many ways, the most realized and successful visionary of this distorted musical philosophy. She shouts out to PC Music founder A.G. Cook early in the show, and the crowd shrieks at the mention of his name.

To create this album, Charli rented a house just up the street from where we’re sitting, and recorded over three months, starting at the top of the year. It was there that Charli went deep on wax, and longtime producer A.G. Cook was present for those moments. The kind of bond they’ve built over the years helped make Charli her most intimate album.

To better unleash that vulnerability, XCX created a recording environment that felt free” for everyone involved. For eight weeks this past spring, she lived in a Los Feliz studio house where she and Cook wrote all but one of the songs on the album.

Charli XCX’s new album is a perfect blueprint of the new album landscape. Chatter about the album first started in late May when she tweeted, your mother is about to feed you new music for 5 months straight.” Shortly after, the album was officially announced on Instagram. From around that time up until the album’s release date of September 13th, she released about half of the album’s songs, including Blame It On Your Love” feat. Lizzo and Gone” with Christine and the Queens. On top of that, she also released tons of singles not meant for an album, like a Spice Girls remix with Diplo, a track for BTS’s new mobile game, and club bop Flash Pose” with Pabllo Vittar. And they’re racking up hundreds of millions of streams across platforms.

That was the stand that signaled that the pop star was growing into an unapologetic version of herself. Like many women in music before her (and her contemporaries as well), many people criticize her style , calling it “racy” and inappropriate. But unlike singers and rappers such as Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, who have come under the same fire and haven’t said much about it, Charli XCX is clear that women “should be able to do what the fuck they want ” — including with their wardrobe. That outlook freed Charli XCX to break the rules of pop and release the songs she wanted.

I think that actually Pop 2 was very good at capturing that voice. The reason I think that is that was the period I felt the most connection with my fans, and I feel like they really cared about what I had to say on Pop 2. I think it brought us closer together, because they realized I was being extremely true to myself and true to what I loved. I think they really loved that. That felt like a very authentic moment and voice, and I’ve really continued on that journey since then. Hopefully they will have the same sort of feeling towards this next release.

Charlotte Aitchison, aka Charli XCX, has become one of the hottest creators of her generation and is the multi-award-winning talent behind the multi-platinum and global No.1’s Fancy” and I Love It” and UK Top 10 Boom Clap”.

Aitchison describes writing Senorita” for Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes. There was never a consideration I would sing it,” Aitchison laughs. I’m never going to be able to be as good as some esteemed artist making straight-up pop — I’m just never going to be convincing.” Charli’s present reality is complicated. The holistic vision she embodies for songwriting, execution, curation, and aesthetic means she wears far more hats than she gets credit for. But with Charli, there’s no hesitation and no ambiguity Here and now, it’s crystal clear: Charli knows exactly what she wants.

Since that period, she’s found a fruitful partnership with PC Music founder A.G. Cook as well as the rest of his PC Music team, including Sophie and Hannah Diamond. They helped better highlight the pop star’s future-forward pop vision, first working with her on the EP Vroom Vroom. That vision became more fully-realized on the pair of 2017 mixtapes XCX dropped: Number 1 Angel and Pop 2. Both saw her not only say fuck it” to pop trends, but they also helped solidify her status as a brilliant curator. Rising artists like CupcakKe, Kim Petras, Dorian Electra, and Pablo Vittar received top billing as featured guests alongside more established pop stars like Tove Lo and Carly Rae Jepsen. When it came time to make Charli, she had learned from the critical acclaim and fan consensus that weirder means better for her sound.

Even though Charli XCX often cites Britney Spears as an early inspiration, her path to pop stardom straddles chart-topping dominance and critical, niche success. Her highest charting U.S. single for her solo work, the sprightly Boom Clap,” came off a 2014 album. But, Charli also helped write some of the biggest hits of this decade: Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello‘s Señorita” took the No. 1 slot this summer, and her feature on Fancy” propelled Australian rapper Iggy Azalea to the top in 2014.

Opening act Tommy Genesis has been on her own rise, one that is also egocentrically branded. It’s an effective approach. One of the most potent songs on her recent album, Lucky, is simply called Tommy.” In the live setting, she ends the song screaming her own name while falling to the floor. It’s disturbing. and it’s one of the evening’s highlights.

Details of Charli were revealed on Amazon on 13 June 2019. 113 The album was released on 13 September 2019, by Asylum and Atlantic Records 114 The album has 15 tracks and also features collaborations with Troye Sivan , Lizzo , Christine and the Queens , Sky Ferreira , Kim Petras , Haim , Cupcakke , Brooke Candy , Pabllo Vittar , Big Freedia , Tommy Cash , Clairo , and Yaeji 115 On 17 July 2019, the previously performed song “Gone”, with Christine and the Queens, was released as the third single from the album. The first promotional single , ” Cross You Out ” featuring Sky Ferreira , was released on 16 August, 116 followed by the second to fourth promotional singles, “Warm”, featuring American pop rock band HAIM , on 30 August; 117 February 2017”, featuring Clairo and Yaeji , on 6 September; and “2099”, featuring Troye Sivan, on 10 September.

In July 2017, she released ‘Boys,’ the first single from her third album. It entered the charts in multiple countries, topping a few of them. Moreover, in 2018 Charli XCX released the songs; 5 In The Morning”, “Focus”, “No Angel”, and “Girls Night Out”.

Charli XCX is both a cult anomaly and major pop star. The 27-year-old musician, vocalist, producer, songwriter, and music video stalwart has been a key contributor to the ongoing acceleration of pop into outer realms. Since the release of 2013’s True Romance, Charli has occupied a central yet contingent place within the modern pop music landscape, both ubiquitous in her collaborations and musical output and also given necessary space to adapt as a recording artist.

This is the moment Charli XCX has waited for since she was a teenager. She finally has the platform she needs to change the game, both musically and socially. And there’s little risk that she’ll become another music industry “puppet.” This time, we’re all playing by her rules.

As a songwriter and collaborator, she helped create some of the biggest pop singles of the 2010s, including Icona Pop ‘s 2012 smash “I Love It” and Iggy Azalea ‘s 2014 chart-topping hit “Fancy.” As an artist in her own right, her work spanned the edgy sounds of her 2013 debut album, True Romance, to the more straightforward territory of 2014’s follow-up Sucker, which featured the U.S. Top 10 single “Boom Clap.” As the decade unfolded, she only became more prolific and more eclectic. Along with founding her own label, Vroom Vroom , she issued EPs and mixtapes, including 2017’s Pop 2, that allowed her to combine the different sides of her music in a fittingly freewheeling way – a direction she continued on 2019’s Charli.

Charli XCX looks at everything as if she’s already got a plan for it. It’s not a weird stare and it’s not uncomfortable to be around. But it’s undeniable, from the moment you make eye contact with her, that Charli XCX is always coming up with ideas. For herself and for other people, for artists on the same label and artists who aren’t.

Charli’s last LP feels like a lifetime ago. Not because Sucker is weak (far from it), but because it represents Aitchison’s songwriting at its most pliable. After this record, Charli would go on to write for pop stars like Selena Gomez alongside all time legends like Blondie, and Sucker contained several songs that she wrote for other people that they didn’t take. Even Boom Clap”, the album’s smash hit, was originally written for Hilary Duff (whose people told Charli it wasn’t cool enough). But with follow up EP Vroom Vroom, Aitchison made a statement she unambiguously intended for herself alone.

Charli XCX kicked off her career in 2007, and the pop songstress quickly made her mark with impressive songwriting and catchy hits praised by critics and concertgoers alike. Her first international successes came as a writer and contributing vocalist on Icona Pop’s I Love It” and Iggy Azalea’s Fancy,” but Charli XCX soon earned fame as a lead artist with 2014’s Boom Clap.” When you buy your Charli XCX tickets at Vivid Seats, you’ll get to see this U.K. synthpop vocalist sing selections from her groundbreaking debut, True Romance,” along with her freshest material in person.

Charli XCX had great control over the crowd. Despite the frenetic nature of her songs, no mosh pits broke out and the crowd was peaceful. It may have felt like an oven inside the venue, but her personality was able to cool down any complaints of the temperature.

The album is studded with collaborators on nearly every song, and features longtime friends like Brooke Candy (who appeared on Charli’s debut True Romance), established names like HAIM and Sky Ferreira, and some of 2019’s rising stars, such as Lizzo and Clairo.

Also that month, XCX released the single “Boom Clap,” which introduced a more straightforward pop sound. Featured on the soundtrack to the film adaptation of the young adult novel The Fault in Our Stars, it charted in the Top Ten in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia, becoming her biggest solo hit to date. The single also appeared on the full-length Sucker, which arrived that December. Along with “Boom Clap,” the album spawned several more singles, including “Break the Rules,” “Famous,” and ‘Doing It,” featuring Rita Ora Sucker reached the Top 30 on the U.S. Billboard 200, and peaked at number 15 on the U.K. albums chart.

Charli XCX is famous for her albums especially: collaborations I Love It” alongside Icona Pop, and Fancy” with rapper Iggy Azalea. Charli started to write songs when she was in her early teens. Her parents wanted to support her and gave her some money for the development of her creativity.

Charli XCX was born on 2nd August 1992 in Cambridge, England, the U.K. Her birth name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison. With a handful of singles under their belt already, we now get to see how it all started, with a brand new six-part Netflix series set to land on 15th November.

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