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His career lost momentum in the mid-1990s when he and his then manager had a disruptive split, but Chayanne came back with a vengeance with the appropriately titled Volver a nacer (To be born again) in 1996 and he hasn’t looked back.

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CHAYANNEChayanne is a Latin American pop singer and member of the Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet. Ticketholders can access 601 from Gates 5 or 6, from the P2 Parking Garage S.E. Elevator or the Xfinity East Plaza. Concert Ticket required for entry. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more.

For the first 10 years of his life, Elmer Figueroa Arce led a conventional life in San Lorenzo – a town southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico – with his four siblings and his mother, a teacher, and his father, a distribution manager.

His career lost momentum in the mid-1990s when he and his then manager had a disruptive split, but Chayanne came back with a vengeance with the appropriately titled Volver a nacer (To be born again) in 1996 and he hasn’t looked back.

In the dozen or more years since he started bringing his high-energy shows to Tucson, he has consistently drawn sold-out or nearly sold-out crowds to the AVA, a 5,000-seat venue that has proved to be a perfect stage for Chayanne and his cadre of dancers.

Born Elmer Figueroa Arce in San Juan on June 28, 1968, his career spans an arc over many different eras and tastes in Puerto Rican history. Chayanne’s not just a great singer, he’s an inspiration, an icon and a successful business man At this point in his career, there seems to be little Chayanne hasn’t done.

Chayanne is celebrating his 51st birthday today. As a number of online tributes attest, he is one of the most acclaimed singers of his generation. Be prepared for your teenybopper to hit up the family rainy-day fund: Chayanne’s coming to town, and hormone hell follows with him.

Chayanne’s duet with Jennifer Lopez , Dame (Touch Me), is featured on her second album, which is now atop the pop charts. But Chayanne’s biggest move into the American market is yet to come. He plans to release his first English-language single, Alive, which he has recorded in three versions: English, Spanish and Spanglish. If all goes well, he’ll issue a full-length album in English. The singer is booked tonight at Miami’s Knight Center.

Every June 28th, Iberia-American pop music icon, Chayanne, celebrates his birthday with the Red Cross by spreading the word that blood donors are always needed, especially from the Latin community. That’s because Latino-Americans are more likely than other Americans to have Type blood, which can be given to any recipient. Plus, in some cases, better medical outcomes are obtained when the blood donor and recipient share the same ethnic background.CHAYANNE

During the dynamic two-hour performance, the singer alternated love ballads such as Desde el Centro de mi Corazon” (From the Middle of My Heart”) and dance-pop songs such as Fiesta en America.” His six-member band exhibited talent on the softer selections, but the high-tech instrumentation’s artificial sound was incompatible with the songs that had tropical rhythms.

Both Isa and Lorenzo are constantly gushing about their mom and dad, and even consider themselves each other’s best friends-and there’s honestly nothing better than that. Having a close-knit family is something that no amount of money or awards can compare to, and we are glad that Chayanne has found that with his wife and his babies. Scroll through to take a look at the most precious photos of Chayanne and his family through the years.

Irene Mahía (August 19, 2007). “Flash!”. Chayanne: En tierras españolas (in Spanish). Puerto Rico: El Nuevo Día. p. 95. He didn’t move any differently than when he was younger, either, as he flew across the stage and strutted to songs from the 21 albums he has released.

His latest album, last year’s Sincero, (Sony Norte) has generated chart-burning hits, earned a Grammy nomination and triggered a massive tour that began in early March in South America and will run through at least October. Press dispatches from Uruguay, Argentina and Chile so far describe his shows there as enthralling. The tour stops in Miami on today at the Miami Arena. Fans can expect new choreographies and soft-rock arrangaments that are edgier than his traditional pop sound, he says.

The 38-year-old Latin heartthrob, born Elmer Figueroa-Arce, entered showbiz at age eleven when he joined the Puerto Rican boy band Los Chicos. The group set its sights on overtaking Menudo and came close, eventually settling on playing second-banana to their rivals. Along the way there were five albums, a weekly TV show, and a made-for-TV feature film.

On November 1, 1988, Chayanne released the eponymous second self-titled album, Chayanne This album included several hit singles including Honorio Herrero’s “Tu Pirata Soy Yo”, José María Cano’s “Fuiste un Trozo de Hielo en la Escarcha”, and “Este Ritmo Se Baila Así”, composed by Pierre-Edouard Decimus, Jacob Desvarieux, both members of French Caribbean band Kassav’ , and Roberto Livi. At the same time, Chayanne became a spokesperson for Pepsi , with the airing of the first Spanish speaking advertising spot broadcast on national television coast to coast during the 1989 Grammy Awards telecast.

Born Elmer Figueroa-Arce on June 28, 1968 in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, the singer began his career in 1979 at age 11, when he joined the Puerto Rican boy band Los Chicos. Designed to rival Menudo, which was the preeminent boy band of the era, Los Chicos failed to reach a comparably feverish level of popularity, though they were commercially successful enough to warrant a made-for-TV film, Conexión Caribe (1984), as well as a weekly TV show on Puerto Rico’s WAPA-TV. Los Chicos released five albums – Para Amar (1980), Puerto Rico (1980), Viva el Amor (1982), Bailando al Ritmo de la Lluvia (1983), and Conexión Caribe (1984) – before ending their run in 1984.

The singer opened with his current hit, the love ballad Provocame” (Turn Me On”), immediately sparking hysteria among his primarily female fans. He generated even more response during the frenzied songs in which he shook his hips and removed his shirt.

It could go down as one of the most unique instruments to grace the stage at Club Congress when Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Shilpa Ray pulls out her harmonium Tuesday, Sept. 8, as an opener for Philadelphia pop band Man Man.

Chayanne went on to enjoy regular success, releasing hit albums roughly every two years: Tiempo de Vals (1990), Provocame (1992), Influencias (1994), Volver a Nacer (1996), Atado a Tu Amor (1998), Simplemente (2000), Sincero (2003), Cautivo (2005), Mi Tiempo (2007), and No Hay Imposibles (2010). Each sold better than its predecessor, for the most part.

This is also an audience that appreciates a little nostalgia. Latin pop charts today are constantly dotted with new releases from ’80s and ’90s big-timers such as Marc Anthony, Thalia and Mana — all artists who are older than 40. Chayanne falls happily into that camp. His newest album, En Todo Estaré,” shows that age hasn’t loosened his hold on the airwaves and that his mix of ballads and dance tunes can still get the fan girls and fan aunties swooning.

Chayanne is a charting Latin pop singer from Puerto Rico. He has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and landed seven albums in the Top 200. Allegation #3: Famous since age 10, he avoided the hell many former child stars end up in by their mid-30s: a divorce lawyer on speed dial, gold membership in a rehab facility and a ruined career.

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Not sure how he will dress up the AVA stage, but in earlier performances he created a multimedia show with gigantic screens behind him that showed close-ups of his dance moves as well as scenes from music videos.

After Los Chicos called it a day in 1984, Chayanne immediately set to work building a solo career, releasing Chayanne Es Mi Nombre for RCA Records. Sangre Latina followed two years later, but stardom still eluded him. It wasn’t until he parted ways with RCA and hooked up with Sony that he hit on the right formula, scoring a hit with 1989’s “Fuiste Un Trozo de Hielo en la Escarcha,” from his second self-titled album. Big on monster ballads and danceable Latin rhythms, Chayanne continues to fill huge venues to this day, despite his forties bearing down on him.

After releasing 2 new singles (Que Me Has Hecho Ft. Wisin and, Choka-Choka Ft. Ozuna) 2018 is calling Chayanne back into the studio to continue the recording of a new album, along with that project he is fully concentrated on the pre-production of a new world tour Desde El Alma” which will start the second semester of the year and will take him on the road for 2 long years.

Desde El Alma Tour” empezó su recorrido a mediados del mes de Agosto con conciertos en Estados Unidos y desde entonces ha visitado, además, Colombia, México y Chile. Arenas, auditorios y estadios todos tienen el común denominador de Sold-Out”. El éxito no se ha hecho esperar para el cantante CHAYANNE® quien acompañado de su banda, bailarines y equipo de profesionales está dando que hablar en todo el mundo.

That Grammy-nominated album, released October 2000, stayed in the Top 10 of Billboard magazine’s Latin chart for months. The single Yo Te Amo (I Love You) hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks. His newest album, the greatest hits package Grandes Exitos, was released in March. It’s currently No. 2 on Billboard’s Latin chart, and features the No. 1 single Y TM-z Te Vas, which peaked at the top spot in early June and has been either No. 1 or 2 in subsequent weeks.

Chayanne went solo while still a teenager and, despite his modest vocal range, reached colossal levels of international fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s, thanks to his knack for recording catchy songs, his ability to do justice to both ballads and up-tempo tunes and, most importantly, his electrifying live presentations, a showcase for his considerable dancing talents.

In the dozen or more years since he started bringing his high-energy shows to Tucson, he has consistently drawn sold-out or nearly sold-out crowds to the AVA, a 5,000-seat venue that has proved to be a perfect stage for Chayanne and his cadre of dancers.

Being married to Venezuelan former beauty queen and lawyer Marilissa Maronesse for almost 30 years and having a close relationship with their grown children Isadora and Lorenzo, who are now college students, makes Chayanne feel fulfilled. How does he recharge when he’s not on stage or in the recording studio? “Sharing time with my family and friends, enjoying a nice sunny day in the ocean. I’m Caribbean so the sea always calls me ,” says the singer, who lives in Miami and enjoys his boat.

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