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He told Cher he liked what she’d done with his song. In 1965, Cher released her debut solo album “All I Really Want to Do” and in 1966 she had her first live performance with Sonny Bono at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

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CHERCher is back! Cher’s solo career operated in tandem with that of Sonny and Cher and her take on the Dylan song was actually released just prior to the duo’s breakthrough hit I Got You Babe”. Bob wasn’t too impressed by Cher’s version, which inhabits the middle ground between the mocking tone of his original and the Byrds’ featherlight cover; however it stands up well thanks to wall of sound production and a terrific vocal.

The singer tweeted her outrage over the firing of Marlon Anderson saying she was willing to help him financially if he decides to take legal action against the school board that terminated him. Anderson was fired under a zero-tolerance policy the district implemented after six district employees were fired or forced to resign for using racial slurs in front of students in recent years.

Immediately after her divorce from Sonny, Cher was unable to work as a performer due to contractual entanglements from their business relationships and took on gigs as a model. She later credited executive David Geffen for helping her navigate financial matters and take control of her career.

When music legend Cher heard about Marlon Anderson, who was fired from his job last week for defending himself against a child who called him the N-word, she did what any icon worth $360 million would do: she offered to pay for his legal expenses should he choose to sue his former employer.

In 2018, Cher returned to the big screen in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!, the sequel to the 2008 adaptation of the popular Broadway production, which reunited her with her old co-star Meryl Streep. The artist released an accompanying tribute album, Dancing Queen, and embarked on the Here We Go Again Tour in September.

Madison schools have a zero-tolerance policy on racial slurs and fired Anderson. Last week, Anderson was let go from his job as a security guard at a high school in Wisconsin after he asked a student to please stop calling him the N-word.

This doesn’t mean Cher is apolitical – she’s a self-styled progressive independent” who makes both Trump and Boris the butt of the joke on her current tour. She’d bring her fabulous sense of humour to the Pyramid Stage, along with a voice that’s still strong enough – pun intended – to turn any song into a fist-pumping anthem.

The kooky couple became icons of the late ’60s “flower power” scene, wearing garish garb and outlandish hairdos and makeup. However, they found a way to make it trendy and were embraced around the world. TV musical variety and teen pop showcases relished their contrasting styles – the short, excitable, mustachioed, nasal-toned simpleton and the taller, exotic, unflappable fashion maven. They found a successful formula with their repartee, which became a central factor in their live concert shows, even more than their singing. With all this going on, Sonny still endeavored to promote Cher as a solo success. Other than such hits with “All I Really Want to Do” (#16) and “Bang, Bang” (#2), she struggled to find a separate identity. Sonny even arranged film projects for her but Good Times (1967), an offbeat fantasy starring the couple and directed by future powerhouse William Friedkin , and Cher’s serious solo effort Chastity (1969) both flickered out and died a quick death.

Welcome to 1999 Music Week , a celebration of one of the most interesting, vivid, varied music years ever. Join us as we count down the best singles and albums of the year , remember the days of scrubs and the girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch, and argue about which albums stood above the rest.

Madison schools have a zero-tolerance policy on employees saying racial slurs. Anderson was fired Wednesday. Doug Keillor, executive director of Madison Teachers Inc. union, said Tuesday two other district employees are appealing after having been fired or forced to resign in similar scenarios.

Throughout her various guises she had always craved progress and her Artists Direct albummercial (released as a reissue on Universal Music Group site Bravado), though a puzzler at first, eventually reveals a slew of fine songs, not least of which is her tribute to Kurt Cobain , (The Fall) Kurt’s Blues”.

A black security guard at Madison West High School was fired Wednesday for using the N-word to correct a black student who was repeatedly directing the slur at him. The incident has spurred outrage in the community, including a school walkout Friday that drew more than 1,000 people, and has caused district officials to review their zero-tolerance policy about language like that used by staff. Here’s a look at all of the coverage so far.

Then came the offer. “If You Want To sue MMSD Ed.Board I Will Incur Your expenses.” The tweet concluded with a dove emoji—generally used to denote peace—and the letters EC. “MMSD” refers to the Madison Metropolitan School District, Anderson’s former employer.

Pop star Cher offered to cover the legal expenses for a black security guard if he decides to sue a Wisconsin school district that fired him from his job because he repeated a racial slur while asking a student to stop calling him the same slur.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public at 10 a.m. on Friday, September 14, at and , the Spectrum Center Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets or by phone at 800-745-3000. Citi® is the official presale credit card for the HERE WE GO AGAIN Tour. As such, Citi® cardmembers will have access to purchase U.S. presale tickets beginning Wednesday, September 12,at 10 a.m.until Thursday, September 13, at 10p.m.through Citi’s Private Pass® program. For complete presale details visitU.S. and Canadian residents who purchase tickets online will be able to redeem (1) physical or digital copy of Cher’s new album Dancing Queen.” All albums must be redeemed by May 19, 2019.

The Academy Award winning actress and Grammy Award winning singer has offered to cover the legal costs for a black security guard who was fired from a school after telling a black student not to use a racial slur against him.

As for the albums – the first four are immaculate sixties pop productions. All I Really Want to Do , The Sonny Side of Cher (where you’ll find the definitive version of Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”, Chér and With Love, Chér all adhere to a successful template, mixing Bob Dylan protest, Sonny’s Spector-esque compositions, carefully chosen songwriter material and a few standards.

The first thing that struck you about Cher’s O2 extravaganza: wow, her voice sounds great. Who cares if it wasn’t always coming out of her mouth. This is Cher World, where nature is your enemy and nothing is fake if you paid good money for it. And second, how exactly did she manage to transplant the multicoloured glitz of Las Vegas to the granite grey industrial zone of North Greenwich? It is one thing to do a costume change per song, but to do an entire set change per song? That’s impressive.

The one and only Cher has officially announced that music legend Nile Rodgers & Chic will be special guests on the Here We Go Again Tour”. The outing will hit the road beginning January 17, 2019 in Ft. Myers, FL and include a stop at Little Caesars Arena on Tuesday, February 12 at 7:30 p.m.

Marlon Anderson said a disruptive student at Madison West High School used the racist term on Oct. 9. Anderson repeated the word as he admonished the student, who is also black, not to say it. A Wisconsin security guard was fired earlier this week for telling a student not to use a racial slur. Now, Cher is offering to pay for any lawsuit he may file.

At first Cher sang solo with Sonny behind the scenes writing, arranging and producing her songs. The records went nowhere. Sonny then decided they needed to perform as a team so they put out two songs in 1964 under the recording names of Caesar and Cleo (“The Letter” and “Baby Don’t Go”). Again, no success. The changing of their names, however, seemed to make a difference and in 1965, they officially took on the music world as Sonny & Cher and earned instant rewards.

The singer offered to pay for Marlon Anderson’s legal expenses over Twitter on Friday if he decides to sue the Madison Metropolitan School District, where he told NBC News he worked for more than a decade, for the firing.

She’d spent the last several hours in a recording studio, putting the final touches on Dancing Queen,” her new album of Abba covers , which will be released Sept. 28. It was inspired by her return to the big screen in the movie musical Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” in July, and precedes the debut of The Cher Show,” the Broadway musical about her life, with performances beginning Nov. 1.

As West High School students walked out of school Friday to protest the firing of a black Madison security guard for using the N-word to correct a student, the former employee got a major boost from an unexpected corner.

A few years later, reunited with Cher, Holt remarried and gave birth to a girl named Georganne. Like her mother, Georganne had blond hair and light eyes. While everyone else in her family looked like Sandra Dee, Cher recalls that she was always the dark one. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin.” In her 1998 memoir The First Time, she recalls that her looks were a source of insecurity amid the squeaky-clean, whitewashed stereotypes of the 1950s. It wasn’t just that the blondes were the pretty ones,” she wrote. They were also the good ones. Women with black hair like mine were either evil queens or witches in all the Disney movies. In the real films they were always the ones who lost the man and got their just desserts in the end.” This was Cher’s first understanding of herself as an outsider, an identity she’d never quite shake, but one she’d eventually turn into a unique strength.

After a couple of failed singles under the more exotic Caesar and Cleo moniker, Sonny and Cher hit paydirt with this brilliantly produced piece of folk-rock with Phil Spector-like flourishes, which sold over a million copies and topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. Written and produced by Sonny and trading on the duo’s carefully cultivated image as love’s young dream in the burgeoning hippie era, the song’s simple but optimistic message resonated across the airwaves and even managed to briefly cross the ever-widening generation gap of the times.CHER

Cher’s solo career operated in tandem with that of Sonny and Cher and her take on the Dylan song was actually released just prior to the duo’s breakthrough hit I Got You Babe”. Bob wasn’t too impressed by Cher’s version, which inhabits the middle ground between the mocking tone of his original and the Byrds’ featherlight cover; however it stands up well thanks to wall of sound production and a terrific vocal.

Security guard Marlon Anderson, 48, said he was responding to a call Oct. 9 about a disruptive student at West. He said the student, who is black, called him obscenities, including the N-word. Anderson said he told the student multiple times not to call him that, repeating the slur during the confrontation.

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