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While Sonny on stage played the ineffectual object of Cher’s stinging barbs on stage, he was actually the highly motivated mastermind off stage and, amazingly enough, his foresight and chutzpah really paid off.

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CHERSeptember 7, 2018-The one and only Cher is set to hit the road with the HERE WE GO AGAIN Tour beginning January 17, 2019, in Ft. Myers, FL and will play Charlotte’s Spectrum Center on Tuesday, January 29. The upcoming tour was officially announced during Cher’s appearance on Ellen today. A section dedicated to Cher’s film career took the audience through a medley of tracks, first from her recent appearance in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again After covers of Abba’s SOS, Fernando and Waterloo, came The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss) and Welcome To Burlesque.

Launching her career in the 1960s as part of Sonny & Cher, the iconic star made unprecedented strides in what had long been a male-dominated industry. A worldwide superstar for more than six decades, Cher has sold more than 100 million records and conquered more challenges than a handful of other talents combined – recording, concerts, film, Broadway acting, television and directing. Cher’s three-year 325-show world Farewell Tour” from 2003 to 2005 played to more than three million fans and became the most successful tour ever by any female artist.

Marlon Anderson, a 48-year-old black security guard at a Wisconsin high school, was fired for repeating the N-word. He said he used it in order to tell a student not to say it. The student, who is also black, called Anderson the slur along with a number of other expletives.

District officials vowed Friday better education on the use of the N-word and the harm it causes along with a review of policies that led to the West High School security guard being fired. Real goosebumps kick in as she duets with Sonny on the big screens for a massive crowd singalong of I Got You Babe. When that voice hits those big notes it is still quite extraordinary.

This doesn’t mean Cher is apolitical – she’s a self-styled progressive independent” who makes both Trump and Boris the butt of the joke on her current tour. She’d bring her fabulous sense of humour to the Pyramid Stage, along with a voice that’s still strong enough – pun intended – to turn any song into a fist-pumping anthem.

I don’t like my voice that much. I think I’m a much better actress than singer. Singing is like going to a party at someone else’s house. Acting is like having the party at your own house. When you go to someone else’s house for a party, it’s not your responsibility at all, but when you have the party at your own house, there’s a lot of responsibility. Everyone has to have a good time. So for me, acting is deeper.

Marlon Anderson was fired by the Madison School District last week, setting off a firestorm of outcry that reached international heights – including from the 73-year-old Academy Award winner and longtime musician.

But Lambert said getting to honor Cher by singing one of her most beloved songs was personal for him. The 37-year-old singer told Azzopardi that he bought Believe, her 1998 album of the same name, when he was still in high school,” after purchasing his very first car during his senior year.

In 2018, Cher returned to the big screen in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!, the sequel to the 2008 adaptation of the popular Broadway production, which reunited her with her old co-star Meryl Streep. The artist released an accompanying tribute album, Dancing Queen, and embarked on the Here We Go Again Tour in September.

In 1976 Sonny and Cher attempted to “make up” again, this time to the tune of a second The Sonny and Cher Show (1976). Audiences, however, did not accept the “friendly” divorced couple after so much tabloid nastiness. After the initial curiosity factor wore off, the show was canceled amid poor ratings. Moreover, the musical variety show format was on its way out as well. Once again, another decade was looking to end badly for Cher.

Last school year, at least seven Madison School District staff members resigned or were fired after using a racial slur in front of students. Students at a Wisconsin high school are skipping class to protest the firing of a black security guard who was fired for repeating a racial slur while telling a student not to call him that word.

MADISON, Wis. – After a black security assistant at Madison’s West High School was fired Wednesday for using the N-word to ask a student to stop calling him by it, American singer and ‘Goddess of Pop’ Cher tweeted that she would incur expenses for anyone who sued Madison Metropolitan School District Education Board.

During one such hotel-ballroom gig, a CBS executive happened to be in the audience. By the summer of 1971, Sonny and Cher had taken their lounge act to a bigger and even more lucrative stage: national TV. The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour was a monocultural phenomenon, pulling in the kinds of ratings that network television is likely never to see again. Thirty million people tuned in each week during its initial four-season run to see them sing, bicker, and ham it up in wacky variety show skits. The Comedy Hour was how Cher finally got over her stage fright and developed her chops as a character actress. Laverne, her leopard-print-clad housewife, is nothing if not a proto-Kristen Wiig character.

A 2002 Rolling Stone article estimated her wealth at over $600 million. Since then she has embarked on a hugely successful farewell tour that is still going and released a greatest hits CD that has spent weeks in the the Billboard Top 10.

Although the Byrds’ version outperformed Cher’s in the UK, the 19-year-old’s eclipsed the folk-rock pioneers in the all-important Billboard charts, no mean feat considering the Byrds’ singles either side of All I Really Want To Do”, (Mr Tambourine Man” and Turn, Turn, Turn”) both topped the charts.

Cher gained popularity in 1965 as one-half of the folk rock husband-wife duo Sonny & Cher after their song “I Got You Babe” reached number one on the American and British charts. By the end of 1967, they had sold 40 million records worldwide and had become, according to Time magazine, rock’s “it” couple. She began her solo career simultaneously, releasing in 1966 her first million-seller song, “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”. She became a television personality in the 1970s with her shows The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, watched by over 30 million viewers weekly during its three-year run, and Cher. She emerged as a fashion trendsetter by wearing elaborate outfits on her television shows.

Marlon Anderson said a disruptive student at Madison West High School used the racist term on Oct. 9. Anderson repeated the word as he admonished the student, who is also black, not to say it. A Wisconsin security guard was fired earlier this week for telling a student not to use a racial slur. Now, Cher is offering to pay for any lawsuit he may file.

For those of you who’ve been stuck on a radio-less desert island for the last two months, the single in question is Cher’s dance hit, ‘Believe’, which spent seven weeks at the top of the UK charts and — at the time of going to press — had already achieved sales of 1.5 million and rising. What’s less well-known is that it was produced by two London-based producers Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling, in their own studio.

The singer tweeted her outrage over the firing of Marlon Anderson saying she was willing to help him financially if he decides to take legal action against the school board that terminated him. Anderson was fired under a zero-tolerance policy the district implemented after six district employees were fired or forced to resign for using racial slurs in front of students in recent years.

The real breakthrough in the late 1980s is Heart of Stone , packed with hits and bolstered by a tour that assisted sales of over 4 million. Although she’d never been away one might say she was back! The slow burning If I Could Turn Back Time’ reintroduced her epic vocal power and became a feminist anthem. That track was the title of her 1999 Greatest Hits package.

Marlon Anderson, a 48-year-old black security guard at a Wisconsin high school, was fired for repeating the N-word. He said he used it in order to tell a student not to say it. The student, who is also black, called Anderson the slur along with a number of other expletives.

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