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Since the release of his debut album, he’s dropped the Chet Faker moniker and made his debut under his own name with the brooding 2016 single Fear Less,” with follow-up single Stop Me” premiering in mid-2016 and Missing Link arriving in spring 2017.

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CHET FAKERSinger and multi-instrumentalist Nick Murphy recently made a big pivot; deciding to release new music under his real name after a string of success performing as Chet Faker. Chet Faker: Lo-fi for sure. Lo-fi is the key word there. I recorded it in a garage with a tin roof, I couldn’t record if it was windy or raining. The rain would make a noise and the wind would make the trees scratch on the roof. It was pretty rudimentary, really pieced together. Crap. I remember my soundcard blowing out smoke one day when it died. That was pretty funny at the time. It’s funny man, I had this really weird idea of what a balanced mix was back then. It’s changed now, probably just from spending so much time in the industry and listening to other music, I have a more normal perception of a mix with a full bottom end. Thinking In Textures, there’s no bass on the whole release.

It’s a question worth asking and no doubt a personal challenge the Melbourne-raised musician has had to overcome in making this week’s Feature Album , Run Fast Sleep Naked. Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker, at the Paradise, Friday, at 8 p.m. Tickets $31 at the door.

Obviously, though, appearance is not enough to justify these confused feelings of raging arousal and genetic affinity. What first brought Chet’s paradoxical powers to my attention was his voice. It’s male and earnest and engorged with emotion all at once. It sings of longing and lust, but also hesitance and withdrawal, ebbing and flowing like a Schrodinger’s Dad in a flux of earnest contradictions. Can a man be at once post- and pre-partum — ready to bear youth with the youth he has borne? Let’s take a closer look at his music to get inside this dad’s head.

Due to the wide array of sounds that peppered the 9:30 Club that night, it felt like Murphy is still trying to figure himself out. And I’m totally okay with that, as long as we all get to join him for the journey.

The album will be Murphy’s first full-length release since 2014’s Built On Glass, which was released under his former moniker. His 2017 EP, Missing Link was the first project released under the name Nick Murphy.

Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, has announced that his new album, Run Fast Sleep Naked, is set to be released on April 26 via Downtown Records. Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, still rocks his signature beard.

The track went viral and helped launch Murphy’s career. Several well-received EPs followed, including 2012’s Thinking Textures and 2013’s Lockjaw with Flume. In 2014 Downtown Records released his full-length album, Built on Glass, which debuted at number one on the Australian ARIA Charts.

While first sparking the world’s interest via his much blogged cover of ‘No Diggity’, Melbourne artist Chet Faker has gone from strength to strength, with sell-out shows across the country and at SXSW off the back of his debut EP ‘Thinking in Textures’. The album undeniably lives up to the hype. From the pure feeling of ‘Cigarettes and Chocolate’ to the sexy ‘I’m Into You’ it’s hard not to hear the lo-fi sound of nights spent in Nick Murphy’s home studio. ACCLAIM caught up with the man on his new release.

What I like about Americans is if it’s good music, that’s the only thing that matters. I’ve been touring around the world since my album came out and a lot of people need to understand my music before they like it. As in, if they don’t understand my music, it’s too risky for them to enjoy. But that’s not true for Americans. Their first question is: is it good? And if it is, that’s enough.

Run Fast Sleep Naked is certainly the product of a guy who’s challenged himself to hear, see, and experience more. An artist whose restless creativity spills out into extensive journals and sketches , not just music.

At 28 Murphy has done a lot. Emerging in 2012 with the Thinking in Textures EP, Murphy took Chet Faker international with the release of his self-produced 2014 debut LP, Built on Glass. Rumour has it, Nick Murphy is touchy about his former stage name, inspired by American jazz trumpeter Chet Baker.

With major acts like Cut Copy and Empire of the Sun emerging from Australia’s electronica scene, it’s no surprise Chet Faker hails from Down Under. Creating the perfect music to chill out to, his soulful vocals are the highlight of his shows and add an organic twist to music based on looping beats and synth keyboards. Chet Faker’s 2014 headlining tour in support of his debut album Built on Glass will have fans dancing to his seductive beats all night long.

Technically I’ve played more shows in Texas than in Australia. Well, I did seven shows while I was in the US so all up, with the band; I’ve done ten shows. It’s a bit ridiculous. But when these offers come along, you can’t control when you get an opportunity so you’ve just got to go with it. I was a little bit nervous, but I’d played once before in the US and I think the main thing was not knowing whether the Americans would like the sound – but once I’d played in LA I didn’t feel as worried about it. We’d been practicing every week and I felt confident the live shows were representing the songs to the level of quality I wanted. So I was a bit nervous, but it’s kind of like running a race – beforehand you’re nervous, but once the gun starts, your nerves are out the window and it’s pure adrenalin. So as soon as I landed in the US it was like ‘game time’.

In the making of his sophomore album Run Fast Sleep Naked, Nick Murphy spent four years traveling the world solo with a microphone in his suitcase, recording his vocal tracks in whichever spaces and environments most inspired him.

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Its success, creatively and commercially, proved he could. In early 2015 Murphy moved to New York and began stockpiling new ideas. By early 2016 he’d sketched out the beginnings of a second Chet Faker album, and flew to Rick Rubin’s Shangri La studios in Malibu to begin work. Then, a hitch.

There have been other changes in Murphy’s life as well. He’s left Australia and now lives in New York. And he’s grown away from the electronic soul sound that he had as Faker. On his new album, Run Fast Sleep Naked,” he offers a headier brand of orchestral pop that brings maverick artists like Jeff Buckley, Terry Reid and Van Morrison to mind.

Check out the photos of his set below. Run Fast Sleep Naked is out now through Future Classic. On Wednesday, the Australian singer kicked off a three-date tour to release his long-awaited second album, Run Fast Sleep Naked, under his real name.

Nick Murphy has played sold-out shows and taken part in several international festivals such as Coachella, Glastonbury and Primavera Sound. Nick Murphy’s new album “Run Fast Sleep Naked” has familiar vocals and experimental riffs.

Nick and Dave talk about the relationship between space and making music, plus the up-coming Nick Murphy Vivid Live show. With a catchy new single out, an album on the way, a massive European tour to begin this summer, and a new name, the future looks more than promising for Nick Murphy’s introduction to the world.

What’s in a name change? Melbourne-born songwriter Nick Murphy made his breakthrough five years ago, under the name Chet Faker (a play on jazzman Chet Baker, whom he admires). He switched back to his real name in late 2016, and for him it was a musical moment of truth.

Enhanced by visually stimulating graphics decorating the background, Murphy’s show felt like a full-body experience, one that commanded all the senses. Backed by an impressively talented band, there was rarely a silent moment, with expertly crafted ambient chords floating from the stage, filling the few empty gaps in the crowd with soft synth.

Nick is on tour in the United States as he speaks on the phone. He sounds level-headed. “The first day was a little rough, we had an hour and a half flight that got cancelled. So that was a 16 hour travel day with a 4AM check-in. Everything else has been alright.” I think he might always sound level-headed. He speaks about being involved in the Melbourne underground house scene while not making underground house music. He speaks about his EP with Flume. He speaks about a new EP with Flume. Nick has conviction regarding laptops on stage. There’s measure pride in Australia’s music, measured pride in being self-made. He says it all with a level head. I like that.

Then, after much anticipation, out walked Nicky Murphy and his four band mates for a dynamic, eclectic, high energy performance of songs from Nick Murphy’s latest album Run Fast Sleep Naked, a few old favourites from his Chet Faker days, and even a track from his collaboration with Marcus Marr.

Chet Faker is dead. Long live Nick Murphy. Australian pop phenomenon Chet Faker has reverted to his birth name of Nick Murphy. But why? We got the lowdown. The official music video for Gold, taken from Chet Faker’s debut album ‘Built On Glass’.

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