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Then there’s a late album flourish, The Road,” which, through pinwheeling repetitions beamed into four­-on-­the­-floor framework — from Tycho drummer Rory ‘Connor — folds vibrating wavelengths into a symphony of fragmentary energies.

chet faker tour canada – 24th Oct @ Manchester Academy 2, Manchester

CHET FAKERIt has been a long, long time between drinks for Nick Murphy , formerly known as Chet Faker , but now he’s finally got some new material and is taking it on tour across the east coast. The album will be Murphy’s first full-length release since 2014’s Built On Glass, which was released under his former moniker. His 2017 EP, Missing Link was the first project released under the name Nick Murphy.

Murphy came to prominence with his 2012 EP Thinking In Textures, which included his version of Blackstreet’s classic “No Diggity,” a cover as smooth and charming as it was patently ridiculous. He followed up with Built On Glass, featuring the runaway hit “Talk Is Cheap.” Murphy is known for fusing an idiosyncratic production style with soulful vocals, and his music betrays heart with effortless poise.

There have been other changes in Murphy’s life as well. He’s left Australia and now lives in New York. And he’s grown away from the electronic soul sound that he had as Faker. On his new album, Run Fast Sleep Naked,” he offers a headier brand of orchestral pop that brings maverick artists like Jeff Buckley, Terry Reid and Van Morrison to mind.

Murphy’s show at the 9:30 Club reflected this duality, with a performance where the setlist felt genre-less, jumping between the more electronic, synth-heavy tunes of Built on Glass to the dialed back, indie tracks dominating on his 2019 release Run Fast Sleep Naked.

I want it to be a sacred space and when I step onto it, make it look and feel soft and inviting. I painted a vase that sits atop my piano. I also bring my own piano on a tour which I really enjoy. I have fresh flowers every night t the sho. I’ve actually have been inviting fans to bring flowers to the show and I put them around the stage. It’s something I really enjoy. It’s literally life. It’s creating intense life on stage. Also burning incense. Simple things you would do at home to feel more comfortable. I guess I’m trying to create that home on stage and invite them to engage with it. I found it makes a difference with the music.

I think that Built On Glass gave me a lot of confidence in a way. Finishing it did. When I started I didn’t know if I had the skills to produce the sound that I wanted. I was chasing this sound. Built On Glass is a far cry from Thinking In Textures, especially in terms of production. Remembering that it was only two years apart. It was a lot of work, as a producer. I think by the end of Built On Glass I knew that I was a producer. I knew that I could focus on something, figure it out, and get it. That’s what a real producer is. A producer isn’t somebody that can only do one sound, that’s just some fucking dude with a laptop. Before I started Built On Glass I wasn’t sure which one I was, because I’d done this one sound but I wasn’t sure if I could set a goal, and chase it and reach it and learn how to create that world. Built On Glass was pretty big for me from a production side.

During that time, the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer immersed himself in intense self-examination, a process aided by his reading of Joseph Campbell’s theories of the artist’s shaman-like role in modern society.CHET FAKER

Absolutely. Really fast. I put No Diggity up on YouTube in February last year. So it was very fast. Which made pretty nervous to begin with. But like I said before, you can’t decide when these opportunities happen; they come when they come and you just have to go along with it. A big thing for me was to try and legitimise the hype behind my music, so getting the EP out was a really good thing and a step in my head – just to put out a lot of my own music and just the one cover, to let people know I can write my own music. It’s been received really well, which is cool which is an amazing feeling. So it has happened really fast, but I’m just focusing on the music side of things as best as I can.

Nick: It’s usually just who I meet personally, people i came across in my life. I think with collabs they are something i have to have a personal connection with those people. Whether it be Harley (Flume) or Kay or Bonobo all these people I have met at festivals or shows and we just talk about music and stuff like that. I don’t really like working with strangers it has to be pretty personal, i like to get along with someone. Sometimes i get in a room and im like get me out of here, if im not feeling that connection.

Run Fast Sleep Naked is certainly the product of a guy who’s challenged himself to hear, see, and experience more. An artist whose restless creativity spills out into extensive journals and sketches , not just music.

Chet Faker is dead. Long live Nick Murphy. Australian pop phenomenon Chet Faker has reverted to his birth name of Nick Murphy. But why? We got the lowdown. The official music video for Gold, taken from Chet Faker’s debut album ‘Built On Glass’.

It’s a question worth asking and no doubt a personal challenge the Melbourne-raised musician has had to overcome in making this week’s Feature Album , Run Fast Sleep Naked. Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker, at the Paradise, Friday, at 8 p.m. Tickets $31 at the door.

The songs were rarely played exactly as heard on the albums which kept the audience on their toes. There was plenty of space to jam and experiment between tracks, which made it feel like the show was something not to miss out on for any fan of Nick Murphy’s music. It was like getting completely new and unique content. Everything about the concert was full of passion and care, and as a fan it hit both the comfort of the familiar and the excitement of the new. With its dynamic nature anyone could find something to love about the show, and I left feeling like I had been a part of something truly special.

The music world discovered him in 2011 thanks to his cover version of No Diggity by Blackstreet, which went super-viral. Back then, he went by his inspired stage name, Chet Faker, in honor of one of his jazz great inspirations. Three Eps and an album later, the Australian singer, driven by the desire to showcase his musical evolution, resumed using his real name, Nick Murphy. This spring, back from a transformational four-year nomadic journey, he launched the spellbinding Run Fast Sleep Naked, a testament to his authenticity and dedication.

What’s in a name change? Melbourne-born songwriter Nick Murphy made his breakthrough five years ago, under the name Chet Faker (a play on jazzman Chet Baker, whom he admires). He switched back to his real name in late 2016, and for him it was a musical moment of truth.

What I like about Americans is if it’s good music, that’s the only thing that matters. I’ve been touring around the world since my album came out and a lot of people need to understand my music before they like it. As in, if they don’t understand my music, it’s too risky for them to enjoy. But that’s not true for Americans. Their first question is: is it good? And if it is, that’s enough.

The growth of Chet Faker’s standing as a producer is documented with Built On Glass, the 2014 debut full-length album reaching into bolder, more experimental territory. The move paid off. Built On Glass sold platinum in Australia. “Talk Is Cheap” was voted number one in the 2014 Hottest 100 (“Gold” and “1998” placed top ten). The album was an creative and commercial success, resulting in heavy touring (over 200 shows) since the album’s release.

Its success, creatively and commercially, proved he could. In early 2015 Murphy moved to New York and began stockpiling new ideas. By early 2016 he’d sketched out the beginnings of a second Chet Faker album, and flew to Rick Rubin’s Shangri La studios in Malibu to begin work. Then, a hitch.

Several years after ditching the moniker that saw him rise to fame, Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker tells Marty Smiley why he had to burn his alter ego, how he got over on-stage anxiety attacks and what his parents think of his profession.

Since carving a slipstream with “No Diggity”, Chet Faker – the solo project from Melbourne’s Nick Murphy – has flourished in a mercurial form as a songwriter, producer and performer. Initial shows saw Nick planted behind a piano, beanie on head, in recital mode. As his festival billing swelled in font sizes both at home in Australia and internationally, an indeterminable transformation began to take place. There is grand space between instrumental performer and festival producer, and Chet Faker floats within that space. The recital element remains, but Nick now at times resembles producers you might find at dance festivals, standing behind an array of gear, moving with the music as samples are triggered with wireless mic in hand. A freedom, of sorts.

Opening band, Beacon , complemented Murphy’s sounds with their chill, Tame Impala inspired, psychedelic tunes. Sounding like something that could be found on Spotify’s Bedroom Pop ” playlist, Beacon opted for the shadows, letting their music do the talking for them.

But now, five years after his debut release, Murphy is showing his true self with his sophomore album. His new music is different. Personal. More dialed back tonally, yet the strong songwriting still shines through.

Co-produced with Dave Harrington and mixed by Murphy and Phil Weinrobe, Run Fast Sleep Naked is the latest in a series of widely acclaimed releases including 2017’s Missing Link EP and Murphy’s 2014 full-length debut Built on Glass—a platinum-selling effort that won him seven ARIA Music Awards, including Best Male Artist and Producer of the Year. Although Murphy captured his vocal performances in spaces across the globe—including his grandmother’s living room, a studio in Tokyo, a vacation rental he shared with his family in New Zealand, and his own New York City apartment—the musical component to Run Fast Sleep Naked was mainly recorded at Figure 8 in Brooklyn. And in sculpting the album’s shapeshifting sound, Murphy enlisted over 20 session musicians and a full orchestra, embedding each song with unexpected textures and wildly varied tones.

While first sparking the world’s interest via his much blogged cover of ‘No Diggity’, Melbourne artist Chet Faker has gone from strength to strength, with sell-out shows across the country and at SXSW off the back of his debut EP ‘Thinking in Textures’. The album undeniably lives up to the hype. From the pure feeling of ‘Cigarettes and Chocolate’ to the sexy ‘I’m Into You’ it’s hard not to hear the lo-fi sound of nights spent in Nick Murphy’s home studio. ACCLAIM caught up with the man on his new release.

It’s these details that make the first few spins of Run Fast Sleep Naked feel like the work of a completely different artist – more cinematic in scope and organic in sound than 2017’s Missing Link EP, more capable of wedding his experimental, electronic leanings with stronger hooks and more memorable moments. And then there’s that voice.

Check out the photos of his set below. Run Fast Sleep Naked is out now through Future Classic. On Wednesday, the Australian singer kicked off a three-date tour to release his long-awaited second album, Run Fast Sleep Naked, under his real name.

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Overall, the show felt unexpectedly dialed back, relaxed, and soulful, rather than the sexy and electronic sounds I typically associated with Murphy. I felt like I was rediscovering an artist I’d been listening to for half a decade. With his iconic vocals paired with the powerful presence of the saxophone and bass, Murphy’s show was both delightfully surprising and personal.

Unapologetic perfectionists, Chet and Goldlink are used to a healthy musical isolation-a fact that makes collaboration, or friendship, come as a surprise. Then, a guilty grin spreads across Chet’s bearded face, as he dishes details of a woman he’d just met in Vancouver. Goldlink leans in, he’s heard this story before, and told it a few times too. We’re just bonding over that shared experience of women because you know- we all suffer,” Chet laughs. This moment- just two guys talking about a girl- cements their understanding and lays the foundation for their collaboration, a song about a girl.

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