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The deal would cover three albums for Keef and could potentially be worth as much as $6 million (before taxes, managers fees, lawyers and expenses). Yet crediting nihilism” for this distancing feels imprecise.

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CHIEF KEEFEarlier this year, Chief Keef teased a collab with Lil Uzi Vert that has yet to be released. For one, Keef had a reputation of being wild. He’s from the south side of Chicago, which in 2012 was considered the murder capital” of the nation, logging over 500 homicides that year. Keef comes from those trenches, and the violence he grew up around, including his affiliation with the 300 gang, also known as the Black Disciples, certainly influenced his gritty brand of street rap. His house arrest stint during the I Don’t Like” shoot, for instance, came from a charge of unlawful use of a weapon. Rumor had it that Keef had shot at the police from inside a Pontiac Grand Prix.

Keef made his name in Chicago, aided by a Kanye West remix of one of his early tracks. Since then Keef moved to Los Angeles. (There were experiences of what might be called overzealous policing.) Many point to Keef’s disaffection, his weirdness, and his raw social-media activity as being a kind of template for where hip-hop is today.

We’ve been riding around in his convoy (a GMC Denali, a Mercedes truck, and an Escalade, which together carry about 15 people) all day, watching Keef get grilled on his sudden rise to fame, Kanye West remixing his song , and his extravagant deal with Interscope The label gave him his own imprint (making him the youngest major-label boss in history), his own Beats by Dr. Dre headphone line called Beats by Keef, and a biopic. In the back of the Escalade between interviews, where the carpet is covered in ash, Keef takes Instagram pictures of himself with his money.

In June 2014, Chief Keef was evicted from an apartment after failing to pay $11,000 in rent over a period of several months. In July 2014, a bench warrant was issued for Chief by a judge in Cook County, Illinois for failure to pay child support.

Hours after he was nearly shot at outside a Midtown hotel , rapper Chief Keef told The Post that all is well — now that he’s 3,000 miles from the Big Apple. His song “I Don’t Like” reached the #15 on the U.S. Rap charts in 2012.

We at King Ice, are proud to bring you this exclusive collab from Glo-Gang and Chief Keef and King Ice. Chief Keef is a well known fixture in the hip-hop and rap community and each piece is designed to make you feel how his music does, LIT. It represents a cross section of both hip-hop and fashion.

Since then, Cozart has moved out of Chicago and into a safer environment. He’s still had occasional run-ins with the law over the years, however, from a parole violation in 2013 to a 2017 home invasion charge that was dropped earlier this year. All these altercations with the law have urged him to make some changes to his lifestyle. On a Viceland series called The Therapist, he describes how messing around with paintball and video games helped him kick his problematic love of guns. He started his own paintball league called Glo Navy, then turned it into a gaming channel on YouTube. If you were to take a look at Keef’s Instagram and scroll through, you’d notice a plethora of arcade games and Xbox consoles set up in his living room.

In 2015, two men were found fatally shot in a Compton marijuana dispensary that bore Chief Keef’s name. But the rapper’s manager denied that he had any formal ties to the dispensary, known as the Chief Keef Glo Shop.

Chicago rapper Chief Keef has pretty much turned his living room into Dave & Buster’s. The hip-hop star hit up social media this week to deliver a sneak peek into just how awesome his crib’s entertainment room is in 2019.

In May, footage obtained by TMZ appears to show Tekashi alluding to having a got a 30 pack” on Tadoe, Chief’s cousin after exchanging heated words on Facetime. The slang references a $30,000 murder contract taken out on an enemy.

Chief Keef also admitted the two have multiple songs in the stash. He truly became a superstar when Love Sosa” was released. People all over the country, not just Chicago, came to love his music. CHICAGO — Before Chief Keef got a shot at hitting it big in the rap game, the Englewood teen star was the target of shots — bullets fired at him by police — that missed, Chicago has learned.

And while the new stuff sounded otherworldly — an especially warped rendition of Glatt” allowed Keef to explain what it’s like to feel like a wizard” in enigmatic mumbles — the old stuff clearly came from the streets of Chicago. In 2012, Keef’s rhymed threats moved in strange directions, seemingly absorbing more energy than they gave off. But hearing the spring-loaded deadpan of I Don’t Like” and Everyday” peal across a nightclub in 2018 felt like a reminder that countless contemporary rappers have adopted Keef’s stylistic approach as standard operating procedure. The songs themselves? They sounded like classics.

If Walker decides Chief Keef violated his probation, the rapper could be placed into custody. In that scenario, it’s unclear where he would serve time. In some cases, 17-year old juveniles are detained with adults at Cook County jail, authorities said.

The Cozart is Keef’s latest, and his most experimental to date. It feels like a high-art project from Tru TV’s Impractical Jokers, the mixtape being a prop used to embarrass one of the four comedians with its weirdness. Across 17 tracks, Keef raps, sings, brings in other people to sing, and mumbles in increasingly off-kilter ways. “Soldier” is perhaps the biggest offender of traditional Keef fandom. Never before has Keef stepped in the direct opposite direction of contemporary rap. Largely clear of bass, “Soldier” incorporates a tantalizing techno structure underneath its gaudy grooveline. Keef bounces like never before, an element of goofiness making its way into his latest. The track has garnered its fair share of laughs and ridicule, but it’s indicative of one of the more flexible artists in the contemporary rap landscape.

That comment is being investigated. TMZ reports that the feds are using those videos as evidence to investigate whether a hit was placed on Keef’s cousin. A shooting took place in June and where Keef was shot at. He was not injured in the incident.

GloToven features a guest appearance from Lil Pump, who tapped Keef for a feature on Whitney” from his own self-titled studio debut in 2017. The release is notably credited to Keef’s own independent RBC imprint Glo Gang, rather than FilmOn, the label run by Greek billionaire Alki David, whose A&R skills have produced such oddities as The Cozart’s dance-rap abomination Soldier” In a press release, Zaytoven said collaborating with Keef stretched his limits. It’s one of my favorite albums because it challenges me to produce with youthful, unorthodox creativity,” he said.

Since then, his tactics have veered from cold-eyed annoyance to weirdo braggadocio to unforeseen singsong and back around the corner again. The breadth of his everlasting songbook should have made Keef one of rap’s biggest stars, but instead, it turned him into his own rogue planet — that rare kind of artist who can really be compared to only himself.

Chief Keef (birth name Keith Cozart) was born in Chicago in 1995 and is a rapper and record producer. He began his journey in rap at the young age of 5, using hisusing his mother’s karaoke machine and blank tapes to record his rhymes. He honed his craft for many years and in 2011, the hard work paid off when he started to get recognition in Chicago’s South Side community with his mix tapes, The Glory Road and Bang.

In June 2013, Chief Keef signed a potentially very lucrative contract with Interscope Records. The deal would cover three albums for Keef and could potentially be worth as much as $6 million (before taxes, managers fees, lawyers and expenses). As part of the contract, Interscope paid Chief a $440,000 advance plus $300,000 to cover recording expenses to produce a commercial version of “Finally Rich”. He also received a $180,000 advance for his record label Glory Boyz Entertainment and $200,000 to cover record label overhead expenses. There is also a stipulation that would allow Interscope to cancel the deal if “Finally Rich” did not sell 250,000 copies by December 2013. The album sold 150,000, but so far Interscope has not moved to drop Chief Keef’s deal. Update! In mid-October 2014, Chief Keef was officially dropped by Interscope.

When officers gave chase, Chief Keef — who was 16 at the time — twice turned and pointed the pistol at the officers, according to the police report. The officers discharged their weapons” but missed, according to the police account.

The 24-year-old, real name Keith Farrelle Cozart, was shot at outside Times Square’s W Hotel, but he escaped unharmed. Keef, 22, whose given name is Keith Farrelle Cozart, told The Post he’s been feuding with 22-year-old Bushwick-born rival Tekashi 6ix9ine , whose given name is Daniel Hernandez.

Five years ago, ‘Finally Rich’ established the blueprint for a generation of Mumble rappers. Keef’s next project The Dedication” is set to be released Fall 2017, marking the third project he has released in 2017 thus far.

For many artists, being not-Keef was a benefit; for others, emulating his blueprint would benefit them, too. The only rule was that they should not be him. In actuality, his rise coincided with his fall, and the fall of his city. Before the 2012 drill boom, Chicago was painted by Obama-phobic right wing commentators not as a locus of violence, but of corruption and left-wing politics, of Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers. When Keef burst from obscurity, the script was rewritten, and Chicago became the source of a national pathology of violence. As Ta-Nehisi Coates would put it, Chicago became code for ‘black people’” —a deceptive racist shorthand, a method of creating an undifferentiated mass of uber-violent criminals against whom America could define itself. It wasn’t just the political right who bought into this idea; they might see Keef as a monster,” but he was as dehumanized by a consensus view that saw him as a product of forces beyond his control.

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