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No contest is a plea that allows a defendant to not admit to the actions, but allows the court to treat him as if he entered a guilty plea. Largely clear of bass, “Soldier” incorporates a tantalizing techno structure underneath its gaudy grooveline.

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CHIEF KEEFSIOUX FALLS,S.D. — A judge says a rapper arrested in Sioux Falls in 2017 after marijuana edibles were found in his carry-on bag can avoid jail time if he stays out of further legal trouble. More recently, the rapper has said he’s changed. Chief Keef, 19, had billed the performance as a Stop the Killing” benefit concert, meant to raise money for Marvin Carr, a fellow Chicago rapper who died in a shooting this month, and Dillan Harris, a 13-month-old child killed by a vehicle fleeing the scene of that shooting. The rapper opted not to appear in the Midwest in the flesh, citing outstanding warrants for his arrest, stemming from two child support cases.

Chief Keef, whose legal name is Keith Cozart, pleaded no contest Friday to possession of a controlled substance. The plea isn’t an admission of guilt but is treated as such for sentencing purposes. KEEF: Well, Keef’s been my rap name. You need to call me Sosa, though. Everybody calls me Sosa.

When officers gave chase, Chief Keef — who was 16 at the time — twice turned and pointed the pistol at the officers, according to the police report. The officers discharged their weapons” but missed, according to the police account.

Chief Keef was born Keith Farrelle Cozart and grew up in the most dangerous neighborhood of Chicago, Block,” on 64th street and MLK drive. Aceto, Matt (October 20, 2013). “Review: Chief Keef’s “Almighty So”” Hot New Hip Hop. Retrieved March 24, 2015.CHIEF KEEF

Hours after he was nearly shot at outside a Midtown hotel , rapper Chief Keef told The Post that all is well — now that he’s 3,000 miles from the Big Apple. His song “I Don’t Like” reached the #15 on the U.S. Rap charts in 2012.

Bang Part 2 was met with negative reviews, kick-starting Chief Keef’s sharp decline. The following October, he was dropped from Interscope amidst legal issues and diminishing popularity. Over the next twelve months, Keef released seven projects, including his second studio album (Bang 3) in August 2015. As each subsequent offering was met with less favorable reviews, Keef’s stranglehold on hip-hop increasingly lessened. After teasing retirement in 2016, Keef resurfaced in January 2017 with a new mixtape (Two Zero One Seven). Although the mixtape was his most-critically acclaimed project since his debut album, it failed to resonate, for the genre had passed him by. More than anything, it was evident that at only 22 years-old, Keef was nothing short of a prodigy.

Born Keith Cozart, he has gained a large fan base with his mixtapes and his debut album, Finally Rich, which was released at the end of 2012. He is also the CEO of his own record label, Glory Boyz Entertainment, and he fronts the rap group Glo Gang.

Kanye West, a fellow Chicagoan, remixed Keef’s single ” I Don’t Like ,” raising his profile. Former rising rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has summarily sealed the coffin shut on his career as he continues to snitch on fellow Blood gang members in court, according to and The Blast.

As was reported ad nauseam, Chief Keef, 24, barely escaped gunfire when he and his crew returned to the W Hotel in Midtown Manhattan from an event in June 2018. Tekashi was almost immediately suspected as a culprit in the shooting, but authorities could not prove it concretely. Until now.

Keef’s on-and-off relationship with celebrity has often been at odds with what feels like growing troll-like music. He largely stays off the radar aside from releases, features, and tours. His music grows more arrogant and farther away from what we traditionally define as hip-hop. It may read as a beckon for public attention, but time and time again, he skirts away from it. His experimentation worked a tad bit better spread out across entire mixtapes; when an entire body of work is a set of trials, it’s a little harder to swallow.

The hole being dug for rapper Tekashi6ix9ine seems to keep getting deeper. A rapper arrested in Sioux Falls in June 2017 after airport security found marijuana edibles and blunts in his bag pleaded no contest to possessing a controlled substance Friday morning.

For one, Keef had a reputation of being wild. He’s from the south side of Chicago, which in 2012 was considered the murder capital” of the nation, logging over 500 homicides that year. Keef comes from those trenches, and the violence he grew up around, including his affiliation with the 300 gang, also known as the Black Disciples, certainly influenced his gritty brand of street rap. His house arrest stint during the I Don’t Like” shoot, for instance, came from a charge of unlawful use of a weapon. Rumor had it that Keef had shot at the police from inside a Pontiac Grand Prix.

In 2016 Keef temporarily retired from making music since he had ongoing issues with his label at the time FilmOn , however, in 2017 Keef returned from his retirement by releasing, Two Zero One Seven which released New Year’s Day and his long-awaited project, Dedication which released December 1, 2017.

An influential figure in the 2010s drill scene, rapper Chief Keef pulls inspiration from the Chicago streets, delivering hardcore rhymes that often focus on inner-city tales of violence and drugs. Kicking his career off at the age of 16 with the street single “I Don’t Like,” he was a hit on Chicago’s high school circuit before mixtapes and viral videos led to a contract with Interscope. His official debut, 2012’s Finally Rich, was a hit, peaking in the Top 30 of the Billboard 200. Following a pair of 2015 albums, a prolific Keef issued a string of mixtapes – five per year in 2017 and 2018 – including Two Zero One Seven, Thot Breaker, and Mansion Musick.

In June 2013, Chief Keef signed a potentially very lucrative contract with Interscope Records. The deal would cover three albums for Keef and could potentially be worth as much as $6 million (before taxes, managers fees, lawyers and expenses). As part of the contract, Interscope paid Chief a $440,000 advance plus $300,000 to cover recording expenses to produce a commercial version of “Finally Rich”. He also received a $180,000 advance for his record label Glory Boyz Entertainment and $200,000 to cover record label overhead expenses. There is also a stipulation that would allow Interscope to cancel the deal if “Finally Rich” did not sell 250,000 copies by December 2013. The album sold 150,000, but so far Interscope has not moved to drop Chief Keef’s deal. Update! In mid-October 2014, Chief Keef was officially dropped by Interscope.

Closing in on the fifth anniversary of Finally Rich, Chief Keef’s demise has coincided with his growing influence across hip-hop. While Keef’s following may have moved on, the genre sure has not. Hip-hop’s young-guard, a generation of rappers (Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, and Kodak Black) viewed as the pioneers of ‘Mumble Rap’, are forever indebted to Keef. Ironically, three of today’s most-popular rappers (Quavo, Uzi, and Savage) are between one and four years older than Keef. And yet, the man who, at 17 years-old, inspired them, is already considered to be washed.

Cozart’s attorney Michael Goldstein said officers broke down part of a wall to gain entry to the rapper’s home. He said officers did not recover a gun during the search. The first single from Chief Keef’s debut album Finally Rich. Sosa’s most popular track by far. The spoken intro is only featured on the album version.

Chief Keef performing in September 2013 at San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino. Sosa sat down for an interview with Kerwin Frost that was published on Friday (Sept. 13). During the one-on-one, the Chicago rapper spoke on his highly-anticipated track with Uzi.

Chicago rapper Chief Keef, also known by his given name Keith Farrelle Cozart, has released seven full-length projects this year. Some tapes reveal updated or recycled versions of unofficially released songs previously unavailable for streaming. Greek billionaire Alki David ‘s handling of Keef’s career leaves fans to guess if these projects are simple data-dumps manufactured to capitalize on the streaming era or albums stocked with new curated material. Just last month, David boasted about the popularity of Keef’s mini-hit Soldier” in a bizarre interview The original version of Soldier” sounds nothing like the demonic EDM mutation dedicated fans have been subjected to, and it begs the question of just how much control Keef has over his output.

Chief Keef (birth name Keith Cozart) was born in Chicago in 1995 and is a rapper and record producer. He began his journey in rap at the young age of 5, using hisusing his mother’s karaoke machine and blank tapes to record his rhymes. He honed his craft for many years and in 2011, the hard work paid off when he started to get recognition in Chicago’s South Side community with his mix tapes, The Glory Road and Bang.

Gangster rap has been a scapegoat of media members and lawmakers since Philadelphia rapper Schoolly D invented the style in 1985. Black Entertainment Television (BET) banned Keef from performing on their network. Former host of the BET’s show, 106 and Park,” Shad Moss, also known by his stage name Bow Wow, confirmed that the network banned Keef in 2016. Although 106 and Park” was established to project black artists , they exercised gatekeeping techniques and took aim at the entire Drill scene , Chicago’s iteration of trap music that is bubbling out of the city’s struggling neighborhoods. The general competition among artists coupled with local conflicts is intertwined with the death of several young rappers Yet, Drill still hinged on allowing artists to express themselves through music and a shared local language.

Chief Keef was charged with four felonies — three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm on a police officer and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. He also was hit with a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest. When he was collared, police noted that 16-year old had two tattoos — “Fast” on his right hand and “Life” on his left hand.

For many artists, being not-Keef was a benefit; for others, emulating his blueprint would benefit them, too. The only rule was that they should not be him. In actuality, his rise coincided with his fall, and the fall of his city. Before the 2012 drill boom, Chicago was painted by Obama-phobic right wing commentators not as a locus of violence, but of corruption and left-wing politics, of Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers. When Keef burst from obscurity, the script was rewritten, and Chicago became the source of a national pathology of violence. As Ta-Nehisi Coates would put it, Chicago became code for ‘black people’” —a deceptive racist shorthand, a method of creating an undifferentiated mass of uber-violent criminals against whom America could define itself. It wasn’t just the political right who bought into this idea; they might see Keef as a monster,” but he was as dehumanized by a consensus view that saw him as a product of forces beyond his control.

I done got indicted selling all white,” Chief Keef raps on the song featured on his debut album Finally Rich,” which sold 50,000 copies in the first week it was released. White” is street slang for heroin.

Chief Keef, whose legal name is Keith Cozart, pleaded no contest Friday to possession of a controlled substance. The plea isn’t an admission of guilt but is treated as such for sentencing purposes. KEEF: Well, Keef’s been my rap name. You need to call me Sosa, though. Everybody calls me Sosa.

Kanye West, prior to his idiotic shenanigans involving our Celebrity-In-Chief , was looked at as one of the most innovative rappers in the genre’s history. He largely keeps the same flow, but plays with the construction of the song around it. Whether it’s incorporating Auto-Tune or keeping the kind of samples that he uses in a constant state of flux, Kanye’s been applauded for the same kind of creativity that Keef’s been lambasted for. Keef regularly steps out of his comfort zone, and, lately, in increasingly larger doses. It’s arguable that he’s shown an even larger propensity for change than his collaborator; Keef mixes and steps outside of genres while Kanye merely observes them. Maybe that’s what attracted Kanye to him in the first place – Keef’s fountain of untapped, explorative potential reminded him of Ye’s own creative energy.

More than five years since the Chicago rapper’s debut album, it’s impossible to deny his immense influence on modern-hip-hop. B., Jarrett (July 7, 2012). “Chief Keef “Finally Rich” Artwork” Hip Hop Wired. Retrieved August 3, 2012.

Police believe the shooting may have been a result of the musician’s feud with Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine. Instead of striking the 22-year-old Keef, whose real name is Keith Farrelle Cozart, the gunman’s errant 5 a.m. shot struck the side of the W Hotel on Broadway near West 47th Street, the sources said.

Keef’s breakthrough single, Don’t Like,” was often described as nihilistic.” Nihilism came to stand in for everything: his music, his attitude, his person, his politics. It suggested he lacked an ideology, a belief system, or agency. He was a product of forces outside himself; his importance was a weightless, symbolic kind, a canary in the coalmine of the system’s moral rot. This isn’t entirely an accident; Keef’s attitude on Don’t Like” purposefully creates a chasmic distance between listener and artist. Even as he utilized populist tools (catchiness, bluntly direct lyrics), this attitude keeps listeners at a remove, in parallel with how his art received arm’s-length treatment in certain spaces. Yet crediting nihilism” for this distancing feels imprecise. Say what you will about them, but interest in authentic merchandise, affirmation of a familiar criminal code, and the ever-present armor of violence — a trope of street rap since N.W.A. — are not nihilistic values.

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