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And so began Perri’s charmed odyssey. Her second EP, A Very Merry Perri Christmas, was released in October 2012. The raw, emotional quality of her performance connected with viewers and catapulted the 24-year-old Philadelphia native into the public eye.

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CHRISTINA PERRIAt just 23, Christina Perri has already lived a handful of lives. Carmella doesn’t have a playlist yet, so she can’t choose the songs I sing laughs, so these are my favorites, the songs that feel the warmest to me while I’m nursing her and hanging with her. These really are the songs she and I share. This album was so easy to put together.

Perri, 31, wed Costabile in December at New York’s City Hall, four years to the day they met, and just a few months after she announced the pregnancy Costabile popped the question in June and wrote on Instagram that it was love at first sight.

Christina Perri has been waiting what feels like a thousand years to dedicate her voice to a daughter. But on occasion, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter has been more reserved with new relationships, almost to the point of overthinking them.

Well, that was really fun. I did probably about 40 writing session with all different people. I was home in LA and my manager who used to manage Jack said, Hey. I put Jack in your schedule today for three hours. You only have three hours till he gets on an airplane and leaves on tour with fun. for a year. So you might not even write a song but I just want you to hang out with him because I know you both so well and I know you guys will be friends.” So Jack came to my house and we literally nerded out for probably two and a half hours about being OCD and being hypochondriacs and about my manager. We just kind of became friends over this time and then looked at the clock and were like, Oh my God. We have 30 minutes; let’s just try and write something.” And within 30 minutes, we’d written I Don’t Wanna Break” on a voice memo on our phones.

Christina Perri loves to surprise. Perri is also know for the single “A Thousand Years” recorded for the soundtrack of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2”. Christina Perri, most known for “A Thousand Years” from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, posted about their pregnancy journey on Twitter on Saturday.

Born Vanessa Brown in England, she began her career co-writing the Pussycat Dolls’ “I Don’t Need A Man” for their 2005 PCD album. Her debut single “Whipped” appeared on the soundtrack for the NBC TV series “Las Vegas,” billed as Vanessa Brown. As a solo artist, she emerged as V.V. Brown, a genre-bending R&B singer with roll-up bangs and a novel approach to music that puts her in a similar camp to another noteworthy new star, Janelle Monáe. Her debut album, Travelling Like The Light, is an adventurous hybrid of soul, rock and pop ripe with fresh sounds and attitude.

Rihanna ‘s GRAMMY-nominated hit ” Stay ” featuring Mikky Ekko has sold nearly 8 million units worldwide, and was among the best-selling global singles of 2013. Earlier in 2010, Christina Perri’s hit ” Jar Of Hearts ” clocked 31 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, and to date has sold more than 3 million digital copies in the United States. More recently, A Great Big World’s hit ” Say Something ” featuring Christina Aguilera charted at No. 4, bringing the duo from obscurity to Top 40 fame.

Pretty amazing. I spent a year and a half making the album and trying very hard to make sure that I loved every single piece of it — every note, every melody, every tone, every sound, every lyric — so that when it finally did come out, I would just be okay with whatever happens. And that’s kind of what did happen. I just let it go and released it. I’m always on the Internet and I’m very connected to everybody on social media so I’ve been seeing wonderful things. I’m really proud of it.

A: Eat and spend time with my giant Italian family. My niece is the love of my life. My brother and his wife had a baby about a year ago, so every minute I’m home I like seeing her. I also love just being quiet. My life is so out loud. I’m always in hair, makeup and meeting people, and not only playing shows but being around live shows all the time, so when I have off time, I just like being sort of quiet.

Perri spends a lot of time interacting with fans via social media, providing behind-the-scenes pictures and snippets of new music while she’s recording and on the road. Twitter chats are a lot of fun, Perri says.

Difficult, inspirational, very Americana. It was fun because I was writing on set for somebody where there was a love interest so I got to think about my own personal life as I was doing it. I got to relate it. Everything I wrote I was able to relate to something personal.

It was definitely a cool thing. We had our friend Paul Miner engineer it and he’s always awesome to work with because he is a fun loving dude and it’s always a fun time at his studio. I think it was one of those things where we’ve just been a band for so long now, I feel like we know how to write our songs. Before we went into the studio, we had all the songs done and we actually called up Neal Avron who produced our last few records and we just wanted his opinion. He had like one note for one song, which was awesome and it was a really big confidence booster, to be able to know that we can go in and not have another cook in the kitchen.

For now, Perri says she’s taking a break from love. These days, life is too hectic to focus on a relationship, anyway. Perri: “Jar of Hearts” I feel like just has its own little life, you know, with the strings and the piano, and it’s just perfect for dancing, and that’s really kind of going to be its own thing.

Hillsdale native Paul Costabile of iHeartRadio and New York Live and singer-songwriter Christina Perri welcomed a baby girl. Costabile posted on his Twitter account that his daughter Carmella Stanley Costabile arrived today and both mom and his “little principessa” are doing great.

Perri had been a waitress by day and was recording demos at night when her best friend, Keltie Colleen, gave her “Jar of Hearts” demo to “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographer Stacey Tookey, which ultimately landed the 24-year-old artist’s song in the national spotlight.

Because it’s been a while since we’ve been on tour and it’s been a while since we put out a real record, we wanted to do something special for the tour that would be fun and would give people a chance to get the record early and hear some of the songs stripped down. The most fun for us that we have is being plugged in and on stage and sweaty and just going off, but it’s also kind of cool to be able to hang out and play a couple of songs acoustic too.

A: In life, really it’s my family, my mom and my grandmother. But in music, I would say the top three people who inspire me are Paul McCartney, Chris Martin and Ryan Tedder. I really admire them as songwriters, as performers, as human beings.

While the “Jar of Hearts” singer may have taken a momentary hiatus from putting out new tunes after the release of her 2014 album Head or Heart , it turns out she had signed her voice over to motherhood Perri and her husband Paul Costabile welcomed their first child, a daughter named Carmella Stanley , on Jan. 17, shortly after they tied the knot on Dec. 12, 2017, in New York City.

Please do not ask for strumming patterns. Sharing online how to literally play a song (i.e. strumming, rhythm and tempo) is not allowed by the MPA (Music Publishers Association) because of copyright issues.

A couple of weeks ago, Christina Perri took to the airwaves of Orlando radio station Mix 105.1 to announce an upcoming acoustic concert at Full Sail Live. The concert – which was only open to the Full Sail community and those who won tickets by listening to Mix 105 – took place last night, and was a pretty incredible experience for those who got to attend. Perri performed an intimate, acoustic show, playing acoustic guitar and piano, and interacting with the enthusiastic crowd. One of the highlights of the show was when Perri previewed a special acoustic version A Thousand Years” for the crowd. The song is set to debut in a couple of weeks on the soundtrack to the upcoming film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, but the crowd at Full Sail last night was able to get an early listen.

Joe Perry just added author” to his ever-expanding list of artistic endeavors. The co-founder of Aerosmith decided that it was time to finally share his side of the story. The esteemed guitarist has gone through a variety of record labels, management deals, and turmoil with his four founding bandmates — he even left Aerosmith for a stint in the late ‘70s to pursue his own band, the Joe Perry Project. Despite the ups and downs, Perry has made a lucrative career doing what he loves — playing guitar and creating music. Armed with a lifetime of knowledge about the ins-and-outs of the music industry, the rocker has recently churned out a rock and roll autobiography with the help of David Ritz titled Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith.

Returning to the So You Think You Can Dance” set to perform Burning Gold” was an emotional experience for Perri. I almost cried,” she said this week from Los Angeles. I was singing this up-tempo song about how I wouldn’t stop until my dreams came true. I was on the stage that ignited that whole dream of mine. So I had a full circle kind of ah-ha, whoa moment.” A music star since 2010, Philadelphia native Perri still has difficulty believing that she’s a multi-platinum award-winning artist.

It’s made us closer than we’ve been. Writing this record was probably one of the easiest records to write. We’re all on the same page as far as what we wanted the record to be about because we were all affected by some of those situations that we’ve been dealing with. And honestly, when we did the record, we pretty much had everything done before we even got into the studio, which has never happened before. It was a really good experience.

Overall the best concert I have ever attended. These women owned that stage and had the audience from note one. I was surprised to hear Christina live and discover that her voice is so much better in person! Her energy and passion were unsurpassed. She gave it all. I traveled 2.5 hours to attend the show and can say every minute was worth it. Even the “small talk” in between the songs was inspirational. I came away with such a great feeling.

CP: Yes, for sure. It is certainly my most exciting stop on my tour. And playing at the Electric Factory feels incredible, too. I think I’ve seen every single one of my favortite artists perform there. Even my brother Nick, who plays in the band Silvertide , has played there. It’s home to me, it feels real.

Interview: Christina Perri shares her thoughts on Head or Heart,” writing for The Twilight Saga,” Jar of Hearts” and more. Q: It’s awesome that the song you wrote about vampires gets played at people’s weddings.

While Perri has been writing music since the age of 15, she says that it’s impossible for her to predict which of her songs will have broad appeal. She didn’t think Jar of Hearts” would go anywhere, Human” came close to being left off the Head or Heart” album and the success of A Thousand Years,” from 2011’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1,” was a total surprise. A Thousand Years” was an instant hit, debuting on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. A new version was recorded with Steve Kazee for Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” and the song has gone on to score more than 4 million digital downloads and CD sales. It also is a popular request at wedding receptions.

CP: Oh, yes, big time. I was a huge Twi-hard. I read all of the books. I still can’t believe they asked me to write a song for the movie. You never know if you’re song is going to be chosen, and it was. It’ s still my best selling single and one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to be a part of so far.

Christina Judith Perri (born August 19, 1986) is an American singer and songwriter from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After her debut single “Jar of Hearts” was featured on the television series So You Think You Can Dance in 2010, Perri signed with Atlantic Records and released her debut extended play, The Ocean Way Sessions. Her debut studio album, Lovestrong (2011), followed soon after and has since been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Following Perri’s stripped-down piano performance on July 15th, Jar of Hearts” continued its meteoric rise. After landing at No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and at No. 1 on Amazon’s digital singles chart, the track sold 200,000 downloads in three weeks. Suddenly a hot property, Perri signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and is in the studio finishing up her debut album, with an eye toward a late fall release. She will also hit the road for a handful of shows in late September to perform with Jason Mraz, one of her all-time favorite artists.

And as Sleeping At Last plots an extensive tour behind the album (following on the heels of road time with the diverse likes of Switchfoot, Yellowcard, Something Corporate, Zwan and even Alanis Morissette), identifying with fans remains the band’s primary focus.

Putting out new songs that I sang to her all year feels so authentic and genuine as to where I’m at in my real life. I am a huge fan of when people are authentic of where people are at,” she tells PEOPLE about her album Songs for Carmella: Lullabies & Sing-a-Longs , which is set to be released on Carmella’s first birthday.

Christina dated John Anderson from December 2010 to November 2011 (he worked with her on her debut album, performed with her on tour, and appeared in her Arms music video). Christina Perri has been sober for seven years, but it hasn’t been an easy journey for the “A Thousand Years” singer.

Mixing. You record it with the producer, who is basically an artist too, and then you bring it to a kitchen full of businesspeople. Everybody’s valid and kind of right, but you all have to come to an agreement where you kind of like it. Ultimately, I didn’t get into any major fights. I was waiting for the big fight – there were some very heated discussions, but no fights. I think the biggest thing was that we had the time to go back and forth. We did 18 versions of “Be My Forever” and went back to the original. But if we didn’t do that, if we didn’t have the time to do that, we might have made a wrong decision.

While Christina Perri’s personality comes through in her music, on social media and on stage, there’s plenty that fans may not know about the 29-year-old singer-songwriter. Perri’s success continued with her debut album, lovestrong,” an international Top 10 hit. Follow-up single A Thousand Years” duplicated Jars of Hearts’ ” sales of 4 million.

Perri, 31, wed Costabile in December at New York’s City Hall, four years to the day they met, and just a few months after she announced the pregnancy Costabile popped the question in June and wrote on Instagram that it was love at first sight.

I used an untraditional combo as a simile for bluegrass – two violins, one cello, a percussionist and a piano playing the melody. The piano was inspired by kind of an Elton John-ish type of feel. That is what separated my score from the traditional blue grass concept which is usually guitars, mandolins, bass, and percussion. The piano is that distinction.

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