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With Cody Jinks, there’s a lot of spit but very little polish in his engaging barroom laments, most of which revolve around the outlaw-appropriate subjects of mistakes, missteps and searching for answers in bottles and bad company.

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CODY JINKSSo many times when we talk about a band’s new album the long wait since their last must be addressed. Where 2016’s I’m Not the Devil set a template for how a real, modern honky tonk record might sound, it did so with a more restricted sonic pallet, traditional, in its own way. Lifers expands that pallet, broadening the styles of southern and south-western music it is drawing on. Tex-Mex loper Desert Wind in a great case in point, a twanging canyon-ride in search of Pancho Villa’s gold.

Jinks cut 10 new songs for After the Fire, including an updated version of Think Like You Think,” which originally appeared on his 2008 debut Collector’s Item. On the day of the album’s release, he’s set to perform a show in Corpus Christi, Texas, and will also open concerts for Lynyrd Skynyrd in September.

Jinks has been touring his latest album, ‘Lifers’ since it’s release back in 2018. He’s been all over the country, playing shows everywhere for his dedicated fans, who have declared their fan group’s name to be ‘Flockers’. But before all of this, Jinks had a sort of unique musical background. After being taught some musical skills by his father, Jinks started a Metal group called ‘Unchecked Aggression’, which stayed together until 2003. After they broke up, Jinks took some time away from music, but by 2008 was releasing music under the country genre.

Thanks for your reply. I think running a blog (however great the blog is) is a very different animal from running a recording and touring career, but I see your point. Still, just because Jinks wants to keep everything in house” doesn’t mean he’s not still beholden to the same traditional modes of sales, distribution, and press like everybody else.

Wearing a baseball hat, T-shirt, and swim trunks, Jinks is drying out from an afternoon of rafting with his family and a rain storm that lashed the sleepy hamlet in the Texas Hill Country. The night before saw his first show back after a two-week hiatus, with a second to come in a few hours’ time. Then it’s right back to what Jinks does best, and not a second too soon given that his latest LP, Lifers, is out on July 27th, his first with Rounder Records. This time, however, he’ll hit the road with a slightly different perspective.

Have the sales so far from After the Fire” matched the sales from Lifers”? If so, that is impressive considering he withdrew major label support. I’m proud of Cody either way because I enjoyed Lifers” for the album that it was.

Bastille and the band’s North American tour, Doom Days Tour Part 1, will come to Virginia Credit Union LIVE! at Richmond Raceway on Saturday, Sept. 28 at 7:30 p.m. The tour is in support of the band’s third studio album, Doom Days Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday, May 10 at 10 a.m.

Cody Jinks has previously been signed to Thirty Tigers and Rounder Records, but chose to handle the release of his two new records totally in house this time through his management company, True Grit Presents. Cody Jinks is commonly named in the group of independent-minded artists that continue to prove that country music can be made and supported without the aid of mainstream radio or major labels. Jinks regularly sells out his concert dates, including a performance this summer at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

The industry has changed. It’s no longer a matter of being locked into a draconian major label deal, or nothing. Independent artists now have many more options and resources than ever before, to compete with majors label artists.

Joining Cody Jinks this August is another Texas-native artist, Sunny Sweeney! Sweeney has been giving us her soft take on country music, with heartfelt tracks like “From a Table Away.” Check it out. As Friday night arrives, Cody Jinks’ After The Fire” is the best-selling new release — and overall album — on the US iTunes store.

Indie artists without a label have bragging rights about keepin’ it indie” and might be keeping a few extra dollars from sales, but few artists have the bandwidth to do the art AND the business. They have to outsource key duties to family, friends, and temporary intermediaries to do the things that a label can and should be doing. So, product gets delayed, fans don’t get their stuff, press doesn’t get access, retailers don’t get stock, etc. etc. The artist can burn out or plateau very easily.

Shortly after its release late Thursday night, Alter Bridge’s new album Walk The Sky” improved to #1 on the US iTunes sales chart. 2) Unlike Whiskey Myers, Cody Jinks did not take advantage of a ticket bundle, meaning selling albums with ticket packages to boost debut sales.

With his latest album, Lifers, Jinks reaffirmed his commitment to creating music with purpose and passion all while turning out songs overflowing with indelible hooks and unbridled energy. The follow-up to I’m Not the Devil – a 2016 release that hit #4 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart – Lifers also deepens the spirit of solidarity that’s long guide his every endeavor.

That’s what I just witnessed and entertaining it was! I could swear I heard him do a Rage Against The Machine Cover(I’m not positive as the sound was muffled from being backstage). The Jet also came back on stage to play a few songs with Mr. Jinks. including the new single and Waylon Jennings Cover Waymore’s Blues ” featuring Cody Jinks.

With Cody Jinks, there’s a lot of spit but very little polish in his engaging barroom laments, most of which revolve around the outlaw-appropriate subjects of mistakes, missteps and searching for answers in bottles and bad company. There’s a cathartic emotional honestly and craftsman’s approach to performance that always revolves around serving the song, be it an electric rocker or soft-served acoustic ballad. Those are hallmarks Jinks has clearly gleaned from Waylon, Willie and the boys. It also seems unlikely that he would ever include himself in any sort of now-model-outlaw movement, which might be the most outlaw thing of all.

He can’t even afford to tour with his own band, is getting very little press, and I can’t say for sure but his album sales must’ve plateaued already. True Grit should be putting way more resources into an artist like Godwin, but they don’t seem to be doing that. I don’t get it.

That one was a tough one to write, to be honest with you. Artists are all kind of weird in their own way and we all kind of live in our own heads most of the time. I wrote that song right after Chris Cornell passed away; he was a big influence of mine. At the same time, Scott Copeland was in jail, so that’s where the line, All my heroes, they’re all dying or sitting in a cell” came from. Questioning your own sanity is a tough thing to do. It’s even tougher to do when you’re in front of an audience. But that’s really been a song that we’ve had great response from. It’s kind of been a sleeper song that everybody has kind of gravitated to, which I did not expect at all.

In this day and age, it’s not impossible to land a favorable label deal where you keep total creative control and the rights to your music, while benefiting from the professional distribution, marketing, sales, and other logistical functions only a competent label seems to be able to provide. The indie” vs. evil label” dichotomy is a bit disingenuous these days, and having the right label and management team behind an artist can help propel them to where they need to be commercially.

When searching for cheap Cody Jinks tickets, keep in mind that the price listed is for 1 ticket. All seats are located side by side unless otherwise noted. Its closest competition comes from Cody Jinks’ new album The Wanting.” Jimmy Eat World’s new Surviving” directly follows at #3.

Listen to this record and you’ll find no tailgates, no tight jeans, no beer on a Friday night. Just the truth. And isn’t that what country music should be? Raw, honest emotion. I’ll leave others to sort out the debate over what is and isn’t ‘country’, but if you’re looking for real, world weary songs, crafted with true finesse and heart-aching honesty, this is it. Take a bow Mr Jinks. You’ve done it again.

Last month, Cody Jinks found himself in the middle of a nightmare. The problem: He couldn’t play a show. Two of them, in fact. The Texas singer-songwriter was on stage in Omaha, Nebraska, when he was struck by a bout of vertigo. Dizzy, sweating, and unable to hear or see properly, Jinks was rushed to the hospital with high blood pressure after only playing a handful of songs.

Between his dedicated fans and his infectiously easy-going energy, Cody Jinks’ Concord debut is going to be nothing short of excellent. Get ready for the August 22nd show with this setlist from when he performed in Milwaukee this past May.

It’s a familiar narrative: Jinks grew up on country music, learned to play country guitar from his dad, found metal and rebelled. After Unchecked Aggression broke up, he went back to basics and started writing country songs on an acoustic guitar. With time, he began to discover his voice. While early albums like Less Wise and 30 feel closer to standard Texas country singer-songwriter fare, seeds of his current sound were starting to appear on Blacksheep. By 2015’s Adobe Sessions, he’d really found his stride, taking a more defiant approach with songs like Cast No Stones” and appealing to the live-and-let-live sensibilities of regular folks.

That fierce loyalty has worked out to the benefit of artists like Sunny Sweeney, who played a series of shows with Jinks in 2016 after spending years in the nearby orbits with the Texas music scene. She immediately felt a warm response from a crowd who hadn’t come there to see her and likens the experience to sharing the stage with fellow Texan Randy Rogers.CODY JINKS

Hailing from the Fort Worth suburb of Haltom City, Texas, Cody Jinks has forged a sound that bears strong links to fellow Texans like Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. But even though classic outlaw country is a huge influence on Jinks, he actually started out as a rocker. Long before he ever became a country singer, he was the frontman for a metal band called Unchecked Aggression in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. He tapped into his deep country roots and reinvented himself in the late ’00s, but the raw, rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll will always be a part of Jinks’ musical makeup. He released his first album in 2008 and gradually built up a grassroots following over the years. By the time he put out Lifers a decade later, his audience had grown to the point that the record made it to the No. 2 spot on the country charts, proving there’s still a place in country music for rough-hewn individualism.

Country fans, it’s your turn to take over the dance floor. On August 22nd, Texas-native Cody Jinks is stopping by to give us a night that we will certainly remember, because this will be one of the first country shows at Concord Music Hall.

Richmond Raceway (Richmond) and AEG Presents will welcome Cody Jinks with special guest Ward Davis for a night of outlaw country music at Virginia Credit Union LIVE! at Richmond Raceway on Saturday, Aug. 10 at 8 p.m.

Fort Worth’s country-and-western hometown hero Cody Jinks is set to make his Grand Ole Opry debut at 7:30 pm Wednesday, August 28, in Nashville. Jinks returned in October 2019 with a pair of new albums: After the Fire and The Wanting , both released on his own imprint, Cody Jinks Music.

With his latest album, Lifers, Jinks reaffirms his commitment to creating music with purpose and passion all while turning out songs overflowing with indelible hooks and unbridled energy. The follow-up to I’m Not the Devil—a 2016 release that hit #4 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart—Lifers also deepens the spirit of solidarity that’s long guided his every endeavor. Rooted in a relentlessly vital, rock-and-roll-steeped country sound, Lifers takes its name from those portrayed in the title track as the struggling strifers working long after the day is done…It seems they still dream.” With his powerful yet nuanced baritone voice and lyrics that instill so much truth into one single line, Jinks attests to the work of self-preservation in an often unbending world, and ultimately leaves the listener with a profound sense of courage.

As with politics, country music has its vocal supporters that demand change and a leader who can deliver it. In the present moment of unrest, Cody Jinks is their man. TULSA – Rising superstar Cody Jinks is bringing his powerful and passionate form of country music to The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa on Sept. 7.

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